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Pitt Wins Top Venice Award

Pitt Wins Top Venice Award

Brad Pitt scooped up the Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival for his role as America’s most notorious outlaw in The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford.

“I was stunned,” Brad said. “My first reaction was, ‘Huh?’ I did not expect it. It’s a great honor. I am honored to be part of the list of actors who won this award. I’m still processing this.” Congratulations, Mr. Bradley!

Pitt‘s Babel co-star Cate Blanchett also picked up best actress for her role in the biopic of Bob Dylan, I’m Not There. Both Brad and Cate couldn’t make it to the awards ceremony.

Ang Lee‘s Lust, Caution won the Golden Lion for best film, just two years after winning with Brokeback Mountain.

Put on your dancing shoes, it’s time to party!

Pictures below include Angelina Jolie picking up son Maddox, 6, from his French school in NYC’s Upper East Side on Friday afternoon.

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angelina jolie carrying maddox 01
angelina jolie carrying maddox 02
angelina jolie carrying maddox 03
angelina jolie carrying maddox 04
angelina jolie carrying maddox 05
angelina jolie carrying maddox 06
angelina jolie carrying maddox 07
angelina jolie carrying maddox 08
angelina jolie carrying maddox 09
angelina jolie carrying maddox 10

Photos: Francois Durand/Getty, Brian Flannery/Flynet, Fpix/Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • spunky

    123 Missouri Fan : 09/08/2007 at 4:45 pm

    Thank you very much. :)

  • guli

    Thanks coal I’l going to check it out now…

    HCE—well BLD celebration party is on October 2nd, we haven’t decided on a time yet :lol:

    Hiya Frency, real tita, anustin–how are you all today ready have some fun tonight???

  • Missouri Fan

    138 guli : 09/08/2007 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for the link.

  • http://deleted Lady G

    143 watever : 09/08/2007 at 5:00 pm


    What in the heck are you talking about?

    You need to get your facts straight before trying to step up to me!

  • Miss Tacky News

    uhm..nice mugshot.hehehe

  • anustin

    hello der mayor guli!kaway to real tita,MF.its 5;15 in montreal,cant wait!

  • Ameena

    Please ignore this “why” poster, she is also Poi, she was here a few days ago with the same drivels, asking the same ridiculous questions.

  • watever

    155 Lady G


    I was agreeing with your post and adresing HMMM post in it, typo

    I should have reread my post before posting.

  • Marie

    I’m so excited! He is such a talented actor!

  • jordan

    I think most of all we should thank Angie because she with her good news about baby is on the way made him more happy to do such as this good performance.

    congraduation to both Brad and Angie.

    I think brad will be so happy tonight in RC.hope Angie will be there too.Maybe we will be able to see some good smooth tonight.

  • the real tita

    #106: how do you know this? Did Angie confide in you personally?

    What you would do and what she would do are two different things. You are very insecure and not very bright (it’s the writing style or the way you want to be perceived, so suffer!). Angie is smart and very secure. She doesn’t have to act like a wounded kitty cause she can fight back like a tigress if she wants plus she trusts her man. Now do you get why she will never act the way you expect her to?

  • Missouri Fan

    157 anustin : 09/08/2007 at 5:13 pm

    3 more hrs there?

  • guli

    Thanks Ameena—ITA…

    BAMPZS Fans—I said this on the last thread when we heard the great news, so the offer still stands…

    Drinks are on me today, so put in your order now b/c I am not making 10 trips especially after the pics start coming in :lol: :lol:

    Psssst, YO Jared! do you think you can pitch in a bit, I know these ladies and gents this could get a tad expensive :lol:

  • anustin

    hopefully,just hopefully if, anjie get a nom.i’ll go with anjie,hands down.cate is good.but im lovin my jolie!lotz of karma with the JPs.

  • thedifference

    Brad Pitt has always been underestimated as an Actor. I am happy for him, we have a while till the Golden Globes and Oscar, but I hope he gets nominated. He deserves it.

  • http://deleted why

    161 jordan : 09/08/2007 at 5:20 pm
    I think most of all we should thank Angie because she with her good news about baby is on the way made him more happy to do such as this good performance.

    congraduation to both Brad and Angie.

    I think brad will be so happy tonight in RC.hope Angie will be there too.Maybe we will be able to see some good smooth tonight.


  • Sheri

    Hiya ladies! Just stopped in to see what is happening with our fav family! guli, coal, MF, ameena, Lady G,anustin, spunky, Marie, please, hope you are all enjoying your day! Congrats to Brad!!!

    Sorry running out again, problem with living in a cold weather state, you have to pack alot into the short summer time! Have a great night! Might be on later since I see some of you are here till very late at night…coal, guli yes I’m talking to you.

  • LAM

    Congratulations Brad, Cate and Ang Lee. I know Brad is missing his family already. I think he will also attend a fundraising in Toronto too with George and Matt.
    Thanks JJ. Everybody, ignore the haters. They are desperate for attention and writing nonsense.

  • jordan

    what time is it there?photocalll should be start by now.

  • Sheri

    161 jordan : 09/08/2007 at 5:20 pm
    Have Meli and think positive let Brad fly to Toronto yet, or do they still have him in Greece!? lol

  • cookie


  • cookie

    what time in Toronto now?

  • jordan

    171 Sheri

    I think they are there with him.he made a big mistake last night and he should answer to his mistake by accompaning them to TIFF instead of Angie.

  • :-D :-D :-D


  • http://deleted why

    174 jordan : 09/08/2007 at 5:32 pm
    171 Sheri

    I think they are there with him.he made a big mistake last night and he should answer to his mistake by accompaning them to TIFF instead of Angie.


  • anustin

    #166 yeah….papa pitt was underestimated because of that loser maniston.

  • guli

    Sheri guilty as charged I never denied I was a night owl, but when I first came back from Turkey it took me awhile to get back to normal, well at least for me.

    Can someone tell me who tres’…??? was… OHhh NOT the idiot tres’ jolie. She had this one poem re not being a morning person that cracked me up… :-)

  • Sheri

    176 why

  • lookwhaticando

    Now should we really be surprised, our Brady Daddy is the man these days. Hats of to you Daddy Brad,,, CONGRAULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what a Man

    178 guli

    tres’ hot

  • http://deleted why

    179 Sheri : 09/08/2007 at 5:36 pm
    176 why


    176 why : 09/08/2007 at 5:33 pm
    174 jordan : 09/08/2007 at 5:32 pm
    171 Sheri

    I think they are there with him.he made a big mistake last night and he should answer to his mistake by accompaning them to TIFF instead of Angie
    he made a big mistake last night

    what means this?

  • Grandma

    Toronto’s surprise claim to fame
    Survey that tracks which city events rate international coverage says film fest is T.O.’s technical knockout

    Sep 08, 2007 04:30 AM
    Francine Kopun
    Feature Writer

    The Toronto International Film Festival is the city’s biggest international newsmaker by far, according to a new study by a Montreal media monitoring company.

    Without it, our biggest claim to fame would be the Toronto Stock Exchange.

    “We call it a media eclipse, meaning it’s such a big event that it makes everything else look unimportant,” said Eric Leveille, general manager of Influence Communication, the company that conducted the study for the Toronto Star and La Presse.

    “We would even go so far as to say that while TIFF is going on, it’s an excellent time of year for corporations to announce bad news because no one is going to listen. It’s eclipsing all other news right now in your city.”

    The study examined 50 newspapers from eight countries outside of Canada for articles that mentioned Toronto or Montreal – excluding sports stories. Some highlights:

    Toronto was mentioned 6,000 times. Montreal was mentioned 3,500 times.

    Thirty per cent of the stories about Toronto related to business, with the Toronto Stock Exchange accounting for 13 per cent of mentions.

    Another 30 per cent of the stories about Toronto related to culture. In that category, TIFF was by far the biggest story, accounting for one-quarter of all mentions of Toronto.

    “This is humongous. Twenty-five per cent of a sector is absolutely huge,” said David Lamarche, Influence analyst.

    The indie band Arcade Fire was Montreal’s top culture story, and it accounted for only 5 per cent of stories in that category. Cirque du Soleil and the Just for Laughs Festival were tied for second – each were named in 4 per cent of stories about culture in Montreal. The Jazz Festival, Leonard Cohen and the Montreal Film Festival tied for third place at 2 per cent each.

    TIFF was the most covered topic in the U.K., in the U.S., where it got 10 times more coverage than any other subject in the culture sector, and in India, explained in part by the strong Bollywood connection.

    “Bollywood loves Toronto,” said Leveille. “More and more they’re sending their stars to your city, they’re sending their producers out there.”

    TIFF director Piers Handling said yesterday he knows from first-hand experience that Toronto is known from Houston to Mumbai for the film festival. He argues it’s becoming what the Louvre is to Paris – a cultural icon, inextricably linked to the city.

    “The festival largely brands the city of Toronto. I’ll be so arrogant as to say that to a large extent, we brand Canada,” said Handling.

    Mayor David Miller said he’s not surprised to hear TIFF is such a big news story.

    “TIFF is now the most important film festival in the world. It’s an extraordinary success,” he said, although he stopped short of agreeing with Handling that it should get more funds from any level of government as a result.

    The challenge, said Miller, is to use the strength of TIFF to promote Toronto in other ways – as an international business centre, a great place to make films as well as see them, a great place to visit.

    Other important Canadian news stories included the AIDS/HIV conference in August 2006, and the Canadian mining industry, which is closely watched in Australia and South Africa. The Dawson College shooting was the biggest news story in Montreal during the period covered by the survey – May 1, 2006 to April 30, 2007.

    The arrest of 17 suspected terrorists in the Toronto area did not play as widely or as often as Leveille thought it would – it was the fifth-most reported story about Toronto worldwide, behind TIFF, the AIDS conference, the TSX and Conrad Black. He said that might be because stories about the arrests may have referred to “Canada” or “Ontario” rather than “Toronto.”

    Toronto, the analysts pointed out, continues to enjoy a reputation as “Toronto the Good.” An article in one South African paper, for example, discussed whether or not rumours of a law in Toronto requiring pedestrians to give hand signals before turning were true.

    But when it comes to tourism, Toronto needs help. Tourism accounted for only 1 per cent of stories about the city in the international press, compared to 6 per cent of stories about Montreal.

    The survey also found that the Toronto Star was the most often cited newspaper and the University of Toronto the most-often mentioned university.

    In Montreal, McGill was the university most often mentioned in the international press.

  • Cry Me a River

    Haters = Losers

  • lookwhaticando

    You are so sweet to the Jolie-Pitt fans Just Jared. I mean that in a manly way. Congrats to BP and many more successes for BP, AJ and Plan B. Congrats to all the winners.

    I agree, JJ is the best site going. Thank You Jared, for keeping us lovers of the JP’s happy

  • Sheri

    guli I will be on later with you then! I’m getting dragged out of the door! We are having a party for you, right? Not everyday you turn 30! *wink*

  • Sheri

    182 why : 09/08/2007 at 5:38 pm

    oh I could do this all night!! Ok I’m off getting the look!

  • http://deleted why

    187 Sheri : 09/08/2007 at 5:41 pm
    182 why : 09/08/2007 at 5:38 pm

    oh I could do this all night!! Ok I’m off getting the look!
    I don´t understand what you say, but you can say me, if you was speaking about brad mistake???

  • Sheri

    188 why : 09/08/2007 at 5:43 pm

    187 Sheri : 09/08/2007 at 5:41 pm
    182 why : 09/08/2007 at 5:38 pm

    oh I could do this all night!! Ok I’m off getting the look!
    I don´t understand what you say, but you can say me, if you was speaking about brad mistake???

    I’m in such trouble, but this is fun!

  • jordan

    188 why


    why we should talk to you loser?go play with your dolls.

  • shhhhh

    don’t tell why.

  • coalharbourqt

    Here’s the link to the Toronto Star newspaper that someone was asking for:

    People – help me out here in looking for WEBCAM links to the red carpet in the links I have posted!! Would love to find one but would appreciate your help as I do have some things to get done this afternoon.

    For everyone asking about Toronto time – it is EST – the same as on this site. So you know how it shows’ what time your post is at – that is the time in Toronto. Okay, that’s the last time I’m answering that question…

    Sheri babe! Sorry I missed you! Enjoy the sunshine and come party with us at 8:30 pm if you can!!

  • guli

    now that is the BEST way to respond to ‘why’, if anyone feels the need to respond to the idiot just respond with a ‘why?’ ROTFLMAO

    181 what a Man—thank you thats right it was tres’ hot, where is she????

  • http://deleted why


  • ils vont…

    F*** Brad Pitt and Jolie, what a bunch of shallow desperate losers. I can’t believe how pathetic their followers are.

  • andrea

    congrats!! hope it leads to an oscar!!!

  • Jill

    194 ils vont… : 09/08/2007 at 5:47 pm
    F*** Brad Pitt and Jolie, what a bunch of shallow desperate losers. I can’t believe how pathetic their followers are.

    As Angelina said in “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”: Well, back atcha, baby.

  • lookwhaticando

    KK1 : 09/08/2007 at 3:42 pm
    “My family comes first policy has made making movies more enjoyable,” he confirmed. “I don’t feel defined by what I do and that makes me feel good doing it.”

    Thank you Brad for telling it like it is. FAMILY COMES FIRST!!!

    That is so incrediable, all this man has wanted all his life is a family, children, and a woman to love and help him raise his children. So now he has his dream, I could not be more happy for a man that is so into family. God bless him

  • fun to watch


  • jordan

    TORONTO (CP) – The city of Toronto has temporarily become the heartthrob capital of the world as movie stars George Clooney and Brad Pitt charmed their way through the Toronto International Film Festival today.

    An affable Clooney, wearing a grey suit with a black shirt, took jabs at his famous friend while promoting the stylish thriller, “Michael Clayton” at a downtown press conference.

    The bearded Clooney joked that Pitt was famous for doing nothing and was in fact, “a tiny, little man.”

    Pitt, meanwhile, held court over a relatively subdued press conference that immediately followed, breaking the mood with a goofy pose for photographers by sticking his finger in his ear and pretending to pick his nose.

    Pitt is drumming up interest in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford,” a long and brooding western shot in Manitoba, Alberta and B.C. last year.

    Other stars in town include Jude Law, Reese Witherspoon, Ewan McGregor, Javier Bardem and Uma Thurman.

    Toronto’s 10-day movie marathon is considered among the most important festivals in the world, attracting the biggest names in the business.

    With back-to-back appearances by Clooney and Pitt – close friends since they began shooting the “Ocean’s Eleven” franchise – the star power at the festival reached its zenith today.

    The bearded Clooney frequently had the media in stitches, often making Pitt the butt of his jokes.

    When pressed to identify by name what celebrities he said were famous “for doing nothing,” Clooney replied: “OK, Brad Pitt.”

    “You know, I don’t like him,” he added later. “He’s very short. I don’t know whether you’ve seen him in person but he’s a tiny little man.”

    At one point, he refused to answer personal questions by telling a reporter “next question, have a nice day” and later joked about using a staple gun to control a group of horses in the film.

    “Oh, take it easy!” he said as reporters feigned shock.

    Clooney’s appearance before the media came the day after he showed up an hour early for the red carpet gala for “Michael Clayton,” chatting cheerfully with many of the assembled fans.

    Pitt, who just learned he’d won the best actor award at the Venice Film Festival, talked about trying to live his life under relentless media attention.

    He and actress Angelina Jolie have four children and are constant tabloid fixtures.

    “I know the deal, I understand the tradeoff,” said Pitt, dressed in a white jacket and wearing his signature tweed cap.

    “The only time it has crossed the line is when it’s a full-frontal assault on the kids. Unfortunately, there is no line with family…. And that really bothers me.”

    Clooney’s latest film is a dazzling, smart and suspenseful ride that sees the actor play against type. His character Michael Clayton, a troubleshooter at a high-powered New York law firm, is broke, alone, seemingly depressed and unable to eradicate his employer’s latest headache: that of a senior partner who’s apparently gone mad in the courtroom.

    Tom Wilkinson is outstanding as the lawyer in question who becomes convinced the agribusiness conglomerate he’s defending in a class-action lawsuit is knowingly making products that kill people.

    Pitt returns to familiar territory in “Jesse James” – he’s had success in the past with period pieces, including “Legends of the Fall” and “A River Runs Through It.” The film takes a contemplative look at the relationship formed between James, considered America’s most legendary gunslinger, and the fresh-faced Ford, who is barely 20 years old.

    Casey Affleck is a standout as the sneaky Ford.

  • the real tita

    Hi, guli, MF, coal,sheri, lwicd, and other JP fans. Yeah, can’t wait for tonight. (Please Angie, be there so ariel can see you!)

    I love it that Brad won! Yay…but poor Casey Affleck should have won something too. I didn’t know they’d be competitors for the same award. Why couldn’t they do one leading and one supporting? Oh,well. Didn’t he still have that movie with his brother?

    At any rate, wishing Brad luck in TIFF. Hope he and Angie walk the red carpet tonight. This has more meaning for them cause this is where they shared a lot of good memories. Maybe they can relive some of those after the festivities.

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