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Britney Spears @ VMAs 2007 Rehearsals

Britney Spears @ VMAs 2007 Rehearsals

It’s Britney, b****es.


Spoil yourself by watching the rehearsal video below or wait until tomorrow night for Brit‘s triumphant return to pop stardom!


Britney Spears rehearses VMAs 2007 performance
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  • cheeky monkey

    this better be good… :P

  • teresa

    Girl can’t dance anymore

  • [~Famous~]

    ROTFLOL. nothings changed.

  • diane

    I sure hope she moves better than that tomorrow! She looks like an amateur and I KNOW the girl can dance. She can’t sing for shit, but she can move. Or at least she use to be able to!!

  • Just Jared

    Well, she isn’t dancing all out, of course. Tomorrow, she is going to bring it.

  • shoes4life

    Not looking too good so far.

  • jacy

    did she lose self confidence in her dancing??? She use to dance the best out of all her dancers.. at one point she kinda looked to the side and thought for a second to remember the next step.

    all she did was show her private parts, and drunk like a fish and left her kids alone every night and she gets to open the VMA’s??? What an disgrace….

  • daniel

    hot bod!!!!!! weird tanning thought … her dancing is not the best but 24 hours from now britney we’ll be back unless she looses her wig on stage or i don’t know … flashes her poonani live …

  • daniel

    are we sure that’s britney ?????????? having a second thought it could be a girl passing as her … the glasses and the hat look a little suspicious


    HATERS SHUT THE F*CK UP! she is BACK, and YOU H@es can’t handle that!
    She is just practicing.But not fully.If she showed u everything, then you wouldn’t be suprised! HOLD YOUR HORSES! HATERS!

  • daily

    When Mariah Carey release The Emancipation of Mimi, it was labled the return of the VOICE. What’s it going to be on Britney’s album? the return of the LIP-SYNCHER. I can’t believe people out there are rooting for this no-talent hack. She never had talent except for good looks and some racy dance moves.

  • im curious

    she got the same style of the ” me againt the music PR”

  • ivi


  • b

    some of u people criticizing her are ridiculous. its called rehearsal. Get over urselfs.

    Shes talented and hot. Get over it. if u hate her so much quit watchin and readin up on her! Britney cant wait for ur Cd. KICK ASS TOMORROW!

  • !!!!!

    It’s getting so exciting now im not a britney fan but damn i want to see it y’all b*tches !

  • Courtney

    I love her!! Shes going to be amazing!!

  • ????

    Is that her body ??????

  • krungkrung

    i like gimme more but that cold as fire is horrible, everytime i listen to it, it makes me laugh and i switch song in the middle of it, i betcha brit will lip sync tomorrow, yah know the usual..

  • No Talent what so ever

    You mean gag and blind ourselves and have a barf bag near. No matter what she does from here on end for me she’s trash! Line backer neck ,rat nest weave and fat azz gut. Acne caked face she’s gross ,gross ,gross,,and smokes around her kids.


    ^^yeah right! THE GIRL HAS BODY! broke @ss haters! I can’t believe that your mother’s didn’t get abortions while they were knocked up with you(s)

  • Kelly

    Y’all Haters rehearsal is not doing the whole dance it’s practicing your positions and going through the rouitine..if you put all ur effort into it you will have nothing for the performance! Yeah Brit!

  • Madonna, Queen of Pop

    I’ll have one of the help record it and I’ll watch it later to have a hearty laugh. If she doesn’t screw up too badly, I’ll congratulate her by sending a big bag of Cheetos and cases of Yoo-hoo and Red Bull. Good times.

  • Rockmelon

    Same moves she’s made in the past. Boring girl

  • Ashley

    Britney always loosely dances during rehersals. When it’s actually live, she always brings it. I’m gonna admit I was a HUGE Britney fan back before K-fed and not much of one since. With the questionable parenting, shaved head and non panties, it’s been exhausting watching Britney fall apart. Honestly though I hope she really kills it at the VMA’s. If anyone can do it, Britney can.

  • ray charles lettney

    Is his freak a blind gardner?? Why hide the infested bird nest weave??/ Her belly is nasty and fat..

  • Stella

    I can’t wait until tomorrow. I haven’t watch the VMA’s in three years. I only watch clips posted online. But I won’t miss this for anything. I agree with #25 Ashley; this is just warm up and Brit will go all out when she performs. I’ve seen previous Britney (and others) rehearse and it is never like when they perform live.

    #25 Britney’s stomach is not fat nor is she. She is not as toned as she was before two kids but fat, please.

  • ShimmeringDew

    I hope she pulls it off – I am not a big fan of hers but I do lipsync to her music when it comes on the radio. She don’t deserve any worse than the next person out there. So I say GO BRIT!

  • Yily

    Looking good, Britney. Her performance is going to be hot.

  • mandi

    Let’s be real, this white trash loser never had any talent except some bad dance moves and lip synching and most of her fans were little kids. She sucks, her career is over and she is too trashy and lazy to work to sing live and actually be normal.

  • http://JustJared Janet

    I’d be surprised if she doesn’t get booed by her peers. No one respects her anymore. And she still doesn’t get it…

  • Nathan

    Why doesn’t she say, “It’s Britney, niggers” or “It’s Britney, kikes?” Oh, right because that would be bigoted, even hate speech. If the n-word–defined as ignorant or lazy black–is a slur then so is the b-word as it also includes misbehavior and ties it to gender. If calling someone whose cowardly or weak a faggot is wrong, then so is using the b-word as a generic insult.

    What hypocrites.

    Besides, the fool can’t sing worth shit. And she’s a worthless mother. Pray for the children…as such.

  • Sami

    she looks great:O:D
    he body is slammin:P

  • Nando

    Oh man… :(

  • bindy

    I’ve got a feelin’ where gonna see a short haired Britney revealed…I think that’s gonna be her new look for this up coming album “Short Hair”…and she’s only been saving it for her comeback performance!!!!

  • Naomi

    she’s gonna ruin it anyway. i bet for 100 euros with a friend (i’m gonna rake in that cash!)

  • Dan

    This is soooooooo OLD. What is she trying to prove?

    Get the hook, pull the bitch OFF the stage, and let someone NEW have a turn.

  • Eric

    She better not move too fast on stage. ANOTHER BABY MIGHT POP OUT.

  • Dan

    Let’s hope she wears underwear.

  • Eric

    If she does not let’s hope she at least shaves.

  • Paulie

    After reading this article linked below, my expectations are even lower. Oh how the mighty have fallen when MTV is lecturing you about your behaviour.

  • gini

    she’s back!!

  • omg

    Loves IT!

  • Nonnie

    Too much HYPE already. The producers got what they wanted–all of us
    talking about Britney’s comeback, so they could make more money. This distracts from the performers who really deserve the limelight.

  • BU


  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • SCHoli

    to be honest I am kinda excited for Britneys comback performace!! always thought she was an awsome live performer and I think it will be a great! can’t wait!!!

  • SCHoli

    to be honest I am kinda excited for Britneys comback performace!! always thought she was an awsome live performer and I think it will be a great! can’t wait!

  • Mandy

    Someone please bcak me on this one….Does anyone ever notice (NOT ONLY WITH BRIT) that celebrities can look thin at an event and then the next day it looks like they gained ten lbs. Brit in recent pics (evening going out for a burger last night) looked a little heavier than she did in this clip – and the camera is supposed to add ten lbs! I don’t get it. Maybe it’s all about the “illusionist” helping her!

  • hill billy

    From link: She doesn’t seem to care how this goes. She’s been drinking a bunch and not putting her all into rehearsing.

    These are the same tired azz moves she always has done. This biz is crazy. I’ll tivo it so I can laugh later. I agree with #48 tv helps them somewith appearance- high definition- tv mine anyway, does not -but the cameras don’t lie. Her red bull belly and alcoholic tummy is yuck -so are her udders. She will definitely dress up as herself -a redneck -white trask -ska.nk hoe -non educated hick. Horrible mother.

  • msguidedmama

    nothing new or entertaining.