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Jessica Simpson @ Just Cavalli Launch

Jessica Simpson @ Just Cavalli Launch

Jessica Simpson is simply delicioso in a stunning halter mini at the Just Cavalli flagship store launch party during NY Fashion Week Spring 2008 on Friday.

Other pictures include Jessica on Wednesday (in black) with her new personal assistant and her trusty hair stylist Ken Paves at the Entertainment Weekly And Bravo Celebrate Tim Gunn‘s Guide To Style Party at The Soho Grand Hotel (check out her calves!!!!).

Also below is Jessica (in fuchsia) arriving at an office building on Madison Avenue on Thursday. On Friday, she was seen leaving her downtown hotel wearing a floral ruffled top.

25+ pictures inside of Jessica looking simply delicioso…

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Photos: Workum/Gardiner Anderson/Bauer-Griffin, Rob Loud/Getty,
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  • jy

    Trying too hard with the poses. LOL

  • SaRaH

    2 nd

  • duh

    Oh lord!!! She needs to go away!!! That gold dress does not flatter her at all!

  • SusiQ

    agree with #1 & #2!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WTF

    She is the typical stupid blond with big boobs. Isn’t her 15 minutes long over?

  • Regina

    Why does she try to look all serious with her poses? It makes her look even more fug than she already is.

  • fred

    i bet j.lo was happy that someone even more desperate looking then her came along. what the hell is up with jessica simpson???? she’s so sad and pathetic. it’s like looking at a weird indescribable car accident…..

  • pancakebottom

    goodgawd, her calves are bulging.

  • Gingerot

    She stands as though she’s about to fall over backward! hehehe… She’s trying very hard to stick out her flat butt as much as she can.
    And I CANNOT stand these celebs who poses and walks with their freaken hands on their dayem hips!! Try not to do it so damn much especially on every event there is!!

  • jan

    She looks hard..used and ignored

  • caa

    As exhibited by the expressions of the people in the background: who cares? She should go away…has been on the premises.

  • mel

    Say what you will about Jess but she is a true fashionista, very consistant and she is not flashing her cooch, getting DUIs or getting coked out and rehabbing. Plus she gives to charity. That is why I like her. Don’t ever change Jess.

  • Lillianne

    Ken Paves did that hair? I wear my hair exactly the same (slicked back in a bun) and it’s free.

  • boring

    We know she’s short, but I wish she’d quit trying to look taller by wearing too long jeans. It’s pitiful.

  • BBperfume

    I think she should pull down a few notches on that work out regime of hers. Her calves and arms are getting hideous and manly

  • caa

    Did anyone notice Cavalli didn’t take a single picture with Jessica but took a series of pictures with Mena Suvari..ouch.



  • vveto

    She’s very attractive, but tries way too hard and end up making herself look like an idiot.

  • iris

    Her poses are very unpleasant to look at. She was not a looker to begin with and now her body is so masculine, body builder type. and at 28 her boobs are starting to sag, probably by over exposure.

  • fred

    she doesn’t get into trouble because no one invites her ass out anywhere!!!! LOL

  • Clementines

    Quack quack!

  • jken

    Who taught her how to pose? She looks like a man.

  • [~Famous~]

    dis-gus-ting-ly pa-the-tic.

  • Cynthia

    She is getting prettier by the day, but I hate the way she poses too sometimes. Why must she expand her shoulder blades like that? Stop acting like a tomboy Jess, and pose WITH YOUR SHOULDERS RELAXED AND ARMS AT THE SIDE OF YOUR BODY, THEN MAYBE PEOPLE WILL STOP CRITICIZING YOU SO DAMN MUCH!

  • Kira

    I’d rather see her than the alternative….

    Trustingly, she will meet a wonderful businessman not involved in the entertainment industry who will continue to ground her and provide a nice companionship and Cancerian home environment in the future.

  • TG

    Jess seems to show up at these events, but as #16 noted, Cavalli didn’t take any pics with her. At the Cannes film fesitval, Jude Law was overheard asking “Why is she here?”. And I have read an interview with Tim Gunn saying about Jess that she was photographed alot, but he wasn’t that impressed with her, or her style. So what the hell was she doing at his party? She seems to be trying so hard to fit into the A-list crowd, but I think she is seen as a joke; can’t act, and is just another big-boobed blond wannabe.

  • anon

    Totally, agree with TG. I can’t stand her but even I’m starting to feel sorry for her. She would save herself a lot of grief if she just stayed home. She has become a joke and will ever fit into the a-list elite crowd. She looks desperate and pathetic.

  • TG

    I agree with #16, Cavalli did not have pics taken with Jess, but he did with Mena and with J Lo. Jess is desperate to be on the A-list, but I think she is seen as a joke. Take Jude Law overheard upon seeing her at Cannes, “Why is she here?”. And I read an interview with Tim Gunn and when asked about Jessica, he said he noticed she was photographed alot, but he was not impressed with her or her style. So why the hell was she at his party? Shes trying too hard, and as we all know she cannot act to save her life. When Major Movie Star bombs, hopefully we will be spared of seeing her so much!!!

  • Stella

    26 TG : 09/08/2007 at 4:22 pm
    I agree. Jessica is a lovely girl with an eye for fashion (yes, she needs to work on the posing) but she is letting her people over expose her. I don’t know who is handling her career but they are doing a disservice to her image. She needs not accept every invite she gets. On a brighter note, I do love her hair, makeup and outfit at the Cavalli opening. The fuchsia dress is very flattering.

  • lj

    Her poses are laughable. i’ve seen her cooch from when she first started out, it was all over the internet. She was stupid enough not to wear any underwear while wearing short shorts and standing at the edge of the stage. I don’t feel sorry for her, she did this to herself. She’s pathetic, always trying to get attention.

  • Colorlessworld

    She looks prettiest in the rose colored dress. Her pulled back until it hurts hair makes her look harssh.

  • julia

    everything she does is soooo boooring..
    and she always looks TRASH

  • tcgutierrez

    She is sooooo annoying. She’s so fake. I can’t stand it… PUKE!!

  • madison

    I love her, but she doesn’t look too hot here… – get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun! – where fashion and music meet!

  • Dylan


  • Sara Lee

    When you’re ugly inside, it shows on the outside. She’s greedy and a skank, and now it shows!

  • j

    She’s as alist as anyone else and is beautiful!

  • j

    oh please she’s still alist and beautiful!

  • Shari

    She is so stupid looking standing like that. She is such a joke in Hollywood. I so agree that she is overexposed that it’s funny.
    At this rate she will be out on her a$$, because people are getting tired of her popping up every where-she is very overexposed you would think the people handling her would know better. She has desperate stamped across her forehead.

  • (‘@’)

    She looks much better dressing down. The black dress is nice on her.

  • ii

    She was never A-list even at the height of her celebrity…she’s D-list at best.