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Jennifer Garner @ VMAs 2007

Jennifer Garner (in Temperley) arrives at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards held at The Palms Hotel and Casino on Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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  • bessett

    What’s J-Lo doing with Jamie Foxx?? Kidding. But you know that it’s one of the benefits for Affleck marrying a white La Lopez….bitchezzz

  • melissa

    And she’s there….why?

  • Dayna marie

    She looks so gorgeous. i love her. her new movie looks pretty good!

  • any

    love the make up i didnt knew she has green eyes!

  • adri

    She looks gorge.

  • shellinpea

    She looks amazing!!! Love the hair and makeup!

  • WhereSheShops

    Jen looks fantastic! Wow! Hot momma!

  • mike

    she is there because her new movie had a showing in vegas last nite, and she is there to promote it

  • rowis

    she’s gorgeous i love her. but what was she doing there?

  • Eli

    She’s always so cute, I love her!

  • patty

    now this woman is gorgeous.

  • Incripacu

    Ohhh she looks so good!!
    She’s stunning!! I love her dress, hair and make up!!

  • anon

    What does it matter why she was there? She was there to promote her movie as someone said above. But another thing I would like to say is, she is actually famous for something. She’s an actress. Why was Paris Hilton there? What has she really done to be there?

  • any

    love her make up…

  • yanksin07

    Jenn Rocks, she looks great..and jamie well no comment

  • lolllipop


  • Bekki

    Omgosh, motherhood has been great to her, she looks amazing!!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    where’s rihanna and chris brown’s performance?

  • lula29

    Without covering her faces with tons of make-up and covering her ears with her hair she looks like hell. She got a new stylist, make-up and hair people good for her because she really needed it.

    Too bad that she’s not attractive in real life though.

  • Ashley

    BEAUTIFUL!!! She looks better than everyone else at the VMA’s. Love her!

  • yanksin07

    Jamie was so drunk.lmao.

  • pinky

    She is amazingly gorgeous AND classy. Brit take a lesson you dont have to wear a skanky bikini to be sexy.

  • Ken

    She looks old and worn out. Her PR people must be posting those “wow, she is gorgeous” lines.

  • Nana


  • MoniKah

    She looks so CUTE on that dress and that dress is B-E-A-utiful also she looks so happy, Violet should be proud she has a Hotmamma and Ben a hotwife…..JenGarner ROCKS!

  • Kira

    Agree…. Gorgeous Jennifer Garner! Would like to see just a bit more of she and Ben together–lucky man!

  • Jane

    The makeup looks great, Jennifer always looks good but I’ve this is her best hair/makeup/clothes look yet.

  • another mama

    There is nothing amazing more than a responsible loving Mom who is also able to maintain her success without sacrifying her child in the process.

    Jen did not choose her career before her child and look at her…Soccer mom by Day, Hot Hollywood chic by night. Who can say Motherhood is bad???

    Jen is a great example to show those Hollywood famewhores: who need to abandon a great family in order to have a great career?

  • cindy l.

    That was funny when P. Diddy was talking all the way through Jamie’s and Garner’s presentation.

  • da hulk

    Drag queen

  • Robert

    She is the most beautiful white woman at MTV VMA Awards!

  • jordan

    it is weird,Ben was in Toronto but he didn`t go with her in her pre and then he still is there with his brother and she is in Las Vegas.

    I hope everything is fine with them but they seem rarely with each other.

  • ol

    Ben was at the première, but they were not pictured together.
    Ben attented 3 events in Toronto, a movie produced by Matt Damon, the première of “Jessie James” to support his brother Casey, and Jen’s movie.

  • Rachel

    dayum, she looks gorgeous. one of the hottest moms in hollywood.

  • ver

    Prettiest and classiest girl at the awards show, hands down.

  • jd

    Garner looks really great here.

  • pity

    She should’ve been born a man, her features would make a good looking man.

  • joe


  • Hayley

    I agree with melissa…why? WHY? is she even there?!!

  • ?

    one of my friend was at her premiere in Toronto and said that Ben was not there and also said Ben was at charity work last nigh with Matt so he is not there with her.

    Is everything fine between this two.

  • angie

    she looks stunning for her age. i love everything she’s wearing that night including the hair and makeup! she looks so gorgeous and she sure is one hot mom and wife!

  • l’invidia…..chebruttabestia!

    #41…In various posts I read that Ben was at the premiere and they were seated together! A person that was there who was seated near them said that he seemed really proud of her, considering that the movie got a standing ovation!
    Obviously you are free to believe what do you prefer! I wasn’t there so I can’t be sure of anything but if I read that more that one people saw him at the premiere and there are also pics of him there….why say the contrary?
    I don’t know if they are happy or not….they don’t seem so miserable so maybe things between them are ok!
    For sure he is not in Las Vegas since he is still in Toronto!

    Regarding her look…I liked everything: dress, make-up and shoes!
    #39…you are so damn right! ;-)

  • Emilie

    She’s totally BEAUTIFUL!

  • marsha

    SHE LOOKS FANTASTIC! Never better. Lula29 she didn’t get a new stylist she just doesn’t use one every single day like Nicole Richie and Lopez. Her days off are her days off & she’s not “on” or working it all the time. She invited everyone to see her movie at the Universal tent. Shes in a movie with Jamie fox, (the Kingdom, Sept 28th they kept saying) & it had a showing near the VMAs thats why she was there turkeys. She looked turned off my Sara Silverman as was I.

  • Renee

    She looks beautiful

  • marsha

    Also #41 if you are so worried about her and Ben check this out:

    She was with Ben after The Assisination of Jesse James premiere, I don’t blame her for not attending that it was a mad house with the Bradgelina bunch
    Plus he DID go to her premiere

  • blablabla

    OMG she was so fucking embarassing!she is full of make-up and still ugly but tumps up she covered her big dumbos!shit she looked so fucking stupid on stage and she flubbed up announcing the winner of best new artist sooooo and my friends were laughing all the time!britney and garner were the bomb!and marsha WTF is your prob?get it you´ll never get to know of they love each other.who is interested if ben was at her stupid Juno premiere?he should stand next to her because they are married there is a difference between making out on red carpet and suppoting your partner!ben is annoyed by this bitch and you can see that in his face all the time!

    A person that was there who was seated near them said that he seemed really proud of her, considering that the movie got a standing ovation!
    sure is was that person i sat on afflecks lap and he kept whispering in my ear that he wants to fuck me because his wife has a penis!

  • Jill

    I’ve always liked Jen…..she’s beautiful and she is a great mommy.

  • Vivianna

    She looks beautiful and you can see her commercials on TV for Neutrogena because she does have nice skin without make-up.