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Miss South Carolina @ VMAs 2007

Miss South Carolina @ VMAs 2007

Miss South Carolina, Lauren Caitlin Upton, is still famous!!!!!

After flubbing up the Miss Teen USA pageant, MTV invited her to the Video Music Awards to… talk up their MTV remix show of the VMAs. Watch the video below!!!!! Here’s what she said:

“Hi, I’m Miss South Carolina Teen USA, Caitlin Upton, your favorite girl from the Internet. Now that you voted for Best New Artist, you can go to After the show to see all of tonight’s performances… your favorite E VMA moments, your top choices will air in a VMA remix viewers’ pick show . But this show airs only one time because I personally believe that Nevada Las Vegans don’t have fun because some people out there don’t have meat. And I believe they should. Over here in the South America, we should help the Iran, the Pakistan and everywhere like such as the Wu-Tang Clan, so we can better our future. Such as.”

Miss South Carolina @ 2007 MTV Video Music Awards
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Photos: Matt Sayles/AP
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  • wtf

    seriously…i don’t get what she’s trying to say!
    she slurs….

  • hee hee

    good sport. 15 minutes…. up!

  • Lillianne

    That took a lot of guts. If she can make fun of herself after that big public humiliation you gotta give her credit.

  • Madi

    This whole thing is ridiculous.

  • kiki


  • This made absolutely no sense. I was like WTF the whole time. What was MTV thinking?!

  • [~Famous~]

    she’s really pathetic, doesn’t she have any self respect?



  • NJS06

    Well isnt she slick… spinning her mess into 15 mins!

  • Ugh

    She is an idiot. that was so lame.

  • Amy

    The whole “making fun of her stupidity” thing is getting old. It has moved from being almost endearing to just plain annoying.

    Go away already.

  • Maria

    I think she’s majorly stupid and needs to go away. What was she thinking talking like that? She’s not funny. So don’t try to be funny. Your 15 minutes are up and you can stop trying to be funny.

  • miamifl

    She is so DUMP!!! UNBELIEVABLE
    lack of self-respect…..Miss Carolina : MOVE ON

  • shark

    lolz. dump?


    its dumb btw.

  • me

    omg what was that idiot thinking??

  • me

    omg what was that idiot thinking??

  • required

    terrific. so now she qualifies to be a full fledged famous celebutard.

  • ver

    Anyone can be famous at this day and age, which is sad.

  • JJ

    well at least her dress is cute.
    does anyone know who designed it?

  • Jessica

    omg lol look at those shirts

  • Common Sense

    this didn’t make sense, if she wanted to prove she was smart she should have said something smart duh!!

  • joe

    the dumbing of america

  • Galia

    She was trying to show us that she is a smart girl, why the hell she is making the things worse again ?????

  • jasss

    gosh her voice is so annoying

  • Nele

    Why is she famous anyway? What’s up with her? And what is with her saying every word with ‘the’. She made everyone angry with her: vegans, geography teachers, diplomatics…

  • (‘@’)

    Famous? Please!! A Jessica Simpsons wanna-be. God help the youth of nation, please….Our future can’t be depending on such dumb people…sad.

  • healey

    Precious! She IS a smart girl (high school grad with 3.5 GPA) with the ability to laugh at her mistakes while looking exquisite! Loved it!

  • Regina

    Ahaha. Annoying her 30 seconds, are we?

  • http://asd Anon

    The thing I find the most funny is that they put her back on TV thats the biggest joke of it all!!

    Pretty much that is all she could say give her speech a little humour twist because she knows she can’t actually speak on TV because she is dumb / inarticulate on the camera.

    You can tell she was already f*ing up before that little “make fun of myself” thing.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • hahha

    hey miss teen carolina just please shut up…. you suck

  • eira

    dump that girl.!

  • Cipher

    Good job Miss S. Carolina! She’s smart for riding on the publicity and having a sense of humor about it.
    The next thing would be going on SNL ASAP.

  • Soozy

    I can’t believe this kind of crap is encouraged. Would someone please raise the bar?!!

  • Maximisses

    Her and Jessica Simpson should do some double act or something. Maybe sell some proactive.

  • me!


  • angie

    Okay, I kinda get them trying to play off of her embarrassing pageant moment, but what I don’t understand is what is she trying to prove in the pictures? That she’s “hawt?”

  • gina

    Oh lord, its the next Jessica Simpson. Stupid, desperate, has no shame!

  • Unknown

    I think how it is soooooooooooo stupid that they made her say “The Iran, the Pakistan..”
    It isnt called THE!!! It is a country and say it with respect.
    it really pissed me offf because it was her, and because she talks soo fuckin annoying!

  • Rose

    You guys are all dumbasses too… if she is so annoying and pathetic, then why are you wasting your time on this page, watching the clip over and over, and replying. And you wonder why she is so famous… because stupid people like you, made her famous by talking sh*t about her all over the internet, thats why! Everybody makes mistakes, let it go. If any of you idiots are ever on national television and are asked to answer a random question in front of millions of people, I hope you bomb it too. At least she can take a joke and have fun with it. You have to at least respect her for that. And who the hell cares what she is famous for? At least she was invited to the VMA’s… how many of you “smarter” people were invited? Go ahead, keep talking about her, make her even more famous, and then keep complaining about it.

  • selwyse

    Rose, you do know you sound even stupider getting worked up over the people who posted .. .right? I guess you didn’t or else you wouldn’t have written that long ass post.

  • Doug

    we’re not laughing with you bitch… we’re still laughing at you.

  • unknown

    the fact that people actually watch this crap is proof that our society is totally ‘F’ ‘d

  • someguy

    i want to go to wu-tang clan and listen to 36 chambers and then go to rza and see his brain create classics that will haunt the mainstream and make them cream their pants

  • caites sister

    ok so you people need to stop being so mean and jealous. Caite was nervous at miss teen usa and did not even hear the question. And then she has a contract with the miss universe orgamization so she had to go to the movie awards and say that for pagent place. The stuff she said there was scripted so its not like she had a choice but to say that stuff. And she really is smart, you only have seen thirty min. Of her life. You dont know her or live with her. She is the smartest and nicest person i know and she deserves credit for trying. I bet you couldnt have done all that after having a meltdown on national tv like that. You would prob. Hide. So give her the credit she deserves and stop being so mean. You dont even know here, so how can you judge her when you have seen thirty min. Of her on tv.
    thanks – her sister

  • jim bob

    dude first of all she is fine secondly she will get jobs after this thing. i thought it was funny as hell. I am also damn sure she got paid like a bi bi.

  • Rose

    selwyse… rediculous… im stupid for defending someone that obviously doesn’t deserve to be completely destroyed over this? wow… you are the stupid one. “STUPIDER”?! nice grammer, dumbass… it’s “more stupid.” and by the way… your post completely made my point. so thank you for that.

  • Dolun Yue

    This is the shape of the future to come? …. such as …. Oh puleeze !

  • Nickbd

    Nice!! :D

  • Stinky

    I think, miss Teen S. Carolina, and such as, in the South Africa, is like, such as, really fucked in the head and such as.