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Rachel Bilson is a Flat Tire Fixer

Rachel Bilson is a Flat Tire Fixer

Rachel Bilson grabs lunch with her sex therapist mom, Janice Stango, at The Mustard Seed Cafe on Friday afternoon. She wore Rose Drainpipe in Wonder by Siwy Jeans, Nation Ltd. Burnout V-Neck tee in White and Tom Ford’s Buckley sunglasses in Wood Havana.

After lunch, Rachel, 26, noticed she had a flat tire, so the former O.C. actress stopped off at a local gas station and used the air pump to fill the tire up.

Rachel has been M.I.A. from NY Fashion Week these last few days, let’s hope she makes it to the tail end of it!

Fun quote of the day: “When it comes to nudity onscreen, unless I have a love scene with Johnny Depp, I plan to keep some clothes on.” Johnny, ya heard?

10+ pictures inside of Rachel, the flat tire fixer…

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rachel bilson flat tire 01
rachel bilson flat tire 02
rachel bilson flat tire 03
rachel bilson flat tire 04
rachel bilson flat tire 05
rachel bilson flat tire 06
rachel bilson flat tire 07
rachel bilson flat tire 08
rachel bilson flat tire 09
rachel bilson flat tire 10

Photos: FT/Flynet
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  • lauree

    woohoo first!! um yea.. it’s not a gal pal it’s her mom :)

  • jen

    Yeah, it’s her mum:-) Thanx for the pics Jared, I’m so glad to see new pics of her. yay! she looks great!

  • charlotte

    they almost look alike, haha.
    rachel looks so simple and plain but its no a bad thing. anyone know what she’s been up to lately since the o.c?

  • tessa

    Thanks Jared !!

    I love Rachel

  • lina

    Rachel is beautiful

  • Regina

    I found her very whiny in The OC, but she looks good and isn’t an attention whore, so she’s fine by me,

  • peter

    ohhhhh! My Rachel!, Thank you

  • Pinky

    She is adorable! Hope she breaks up with Hayden soon and gets back with Adam!

  • rst

    Yesssss Rachel and Adam for ever, Rachel so cute

  • milo

    Enough with the Adam and Rachel forever fans. Let her live her own life.

  • Lyl’

    Thanks a lot Jared, she looks pretty beautiful on the pix :)
    We can’t wait to see her back with Adam.. But what about Brit’s performance ? Did it happen, anyway ? Thanx for your great website, I’m totally addicted to

  • jenny

    I like Hayden for her

  • Khatie

    i agree with #8

    i love rachel!!!!
    she’s not as annoying as vanessa hudgens with those scandals!

  • sandra

    She’s lost so much weight since the early OC days just like so many actresses.

  • chrischdi

    lol at milo.

    It is too true. let her live. and If it is over between rachel and adam, it is over…

  • tessa

    She has always been thin as her mother, but she lost weight after her break-up with Adam

  • tzy

    thanks jared…kep postin pics of her!:)

  • suzycat

    She’s a doll…always looks so good, and thankfully hasn’t gone fake blond… she knows how to carry herself…

  • Bee

    She’s so beautiful… Even natural she stays amazing… That’s our Rachel!
    Love her!

  • madison

    Whoops! – get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun! – where fashion and music meet!

  • Stella

    I like Rachel. She seems to have her own sense of style and is not a red carpet/event w h o r e. The other celebrities at the Fashion Week are playing dress up for the designers. It’s press baby. If you don’t have anything to promote. Don’t go!

  • marta

    Thanx Jared

    Perhaps she this with Zac Posen in NY Fashion Week,is her friend and she likes his clothes and bags

  • the_original_nika

    Love rachel.

  • nesa

    she is the best dressed for me! no need to flaunt it cause she have it!

  • Monch

    Jeeez, she called the paps again. What a pathetic twat!

  • Dahl

    If that her mother?! Makes no wonder that she’s just as fug & shorty as she is…

  • sterl

    What makes anyone a fan of this troll? I have tried (genuinely, with effort and everything) to find some good in her and I always come up empty. Nothing she does is considered significant when she always just gracing the nearest coffee shops & shopping malls…

  • steph

    at least she hasn’t post nude in the net, and if she has money for shopping why can’t she shops!!!all of you are just jealous because she has a zac posen bag and chanel dresses…give yourself a break and post nude, and maybe it’ll give you money to buy what you can’t buy for yourself!and if nothing good came from her…maybe you’re just any geek or looser who haven’t seen any fashion magazine such as teen vogue or cosmopolitan where she has 4 covershoots taken…yeah and maybe you are just a bitch who does not drink a coffee for once in your life cause if you do, they’ll just tell you you haven’t done significant!!

  • Dirty Cougar

    She’s doesn’t look any thinner! Geez! She always been tiny! I like her. Her mom still is a looker! Besides, If she was carrying around a behind like J Lo or Beyonce then, she’d be too fat! There is no pleasing you twirps! Rachel looks just fine! She’s looks a tad sad though. Hope all is well.

  • Mintz

    @ # 11 -We can’t wait to see her back with Adam…


    Career wise, Bilson wouldn’t go back w/ him, not just “yet” probably. She’s enjoying every minute of media attention that she’s been getting lately when she hooked “again” w/ another co-star. Just another bite of her shrewd antics to stay in the headlines…

  • merced

    She’s always been tiny but watch the old episodes of the OC. She had boobs and curves back then. Her fans aren’t willing to consider she might have health or eating issues because she’s so cute and adorable and she and Adam are the perfect couple etcetera etcetera.

  • Searl

    @ # 13 : she’s not as annoying as vanessa hudgens with those scandals!


  • steph

    if she wants to be in headlines she’ll flaunts every minute she’s with hayden.. did you see any papparrazi pics taken that she was really pda making with him…she doesn’t want to be in the headlines when it comes through presonal life like before with adam, she never admitted anything and did not comment..besides media is so busy covering the scandals of britney, paris or vanessa!go on attack me, attack my sentences and pronounciations just like in the other threads for your info i’m an asian and i’m really trying hard to write better english!

  • Kay

    She’s going to turn into “Eva Long-whoria”. in 5 years, mark my words…

  • Larkin

    Career wise, nothing is really going on w/ her. The media is just given her these attention & hype just because she’s been hooking-up her every co-star that she’s been w/ though the latest one just looks soo bogus no matter what they do. That’s all there is!

  • tmc2007

    She looks horrible!

  • Gilmorie

    Thank you again Jared for continuing with your publicity drum-up non-story about this non-significant non-looking celeb!

  • Jinn

    She looks so filthy, used and ignored in this pics… Tsk… being a “has been” really sucks out of life…

  • jen

    oops that’s a lot harsh words there!!just bec. she’s not in the limelight for this past months doesn’t mean she “has been”…it’s her choice if she does not accept offers to do teeny movies or sitcoms…i heard from popsugar that she loathe offers…as so was adam brody to do pushing daisies and chuck…media hasn’t given her attention..she is scandal free…midget,troll and non-significant,fug and shorty…prooved to me that you’re all tall and beautiful if that’s true…do yourself a favor and look at the mirror and see if you see any difference from what all you said..and quit judging celebs like her…eva longoria has a latin hetirage and her father is small, vanessa hudgens’s mom is a filipina!!!why the prejudice!!!perfection is overrated!!!

  • Kerr

    She looks like a ‘chucky doll” in that inserted close up pic. Yeeech!

  • Kris

    She fixed up that flat tire herself?! Why don’t she seek help from those paps, she obviously (as always) call them anyway isn’t it?!. Such a show-off…

  • Finn

    Since she still jobless as it looks like. Why dont she just audition on that Ugly Betty show. She and America Ferrera could play sidekicks in there and might change its title into “Ugly Betties” And that would fit to the max so how’s that? LOL!

  • Rhea

    Those big sunglasess wasnt much of a big help. So can we just put that “bag” all over her head and call it a day?! That’ll be quite relieving…

  • Jolenz

    OMG! There she goes again! Didn’t she really considered herself now an A-list just becoz her PR agents is well connected to Just Jared & Popsugar? Keep on dreaming!

  • lola

    Arrived the girls jealous and ill

    Rachel is beautiful and she does not sell her life private

  • Ryan

    Rachel is my favorite girl, Thanx Jared

  • Jools

    And there goes those OC zealots on her defense as expected… goodluck w/ that!

  • Ellis

    She’s freakishly tiny, homely looking, and not a big name in Hollywood (and don’t think that she’ll ever be and as her PR agents oppositely depicts her to be). So there’s NO reason to hate or be jealous of her. Just stating the obvious…

  • yam

    oh god! people are so judgemental…. of course her fans will defend her..don’t you think every celeb who is feature here will always be critisize…jobless,nude pic,dui and all..celebs including her will not please everybody!justjared post this because he knows she has still solid fans who track her everymove..if you don’t agree with me google her name and you will see about 3 or 4 fansites from just page 1…justjared just needs to be fair with every people who visit his site…sure hsm cast are big stars today how about to the next 3 yrs?the o.c. cast was big when it hit 2003 but that was it, they have parted ways i’m sure that’s what happened to dawson’s creek and beverly hills 90210 but look at them now michelle william s even got an oscar nod and katie holmes married tom cruise after dawson’s creek departed it was about a year when they were out of the limelight but didn’t all of them returned…so just to be fair all to all the fans jusjared post this kind of stuff for them..even though you call her names such as midget,troll or jobless, has been or co-star’ll never get anything from that,,,her fans won’t be affected, they will still continue to do her fansites,forums and stuff and no one will be affected…”BEING A FAN IS NOT ALWAYS BEING THERE WHEN THEY’RE FAMOUS,BEING A FAN MEANS YOU’RE THEIR FOR THEM EVEN THOUGH WHEN THEY’RE NOT”….go on attack me..say all the bad words you can say about her if that makes you happy, but be sure to pray before you go to sleep cause you might get nightmares over the bad things you say on a good person like her that hasn’t done anything wrong to you…

  • Niles

    I thought that she would disappear just like her show but her “rented” paparazzi still follow her everywhere by just doing nonsense. Why doesn’t she just do a reality show as she’s got a droll face & a peewee frame after all and or just get over it…