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Zac Efron @ 'Rove Live'

Zac Efron @ 'Rove Live'

Zac Efron and Nikki Blonsky sit down with Rove McManus on Australian talk show Rove Live to chat up their movie Hairspray.

Rove pokes fun at Zac for not wearing socks with his shoes. Both of them pull up their pant legs to show their “hairy legs.” Watch the video below!

Hairspray opens in Australia September 13th.

Zac Efron & Nikki Blonsky – Australia’s Rove Live, 9/9
For more of Zac & Nikki on the show, click here.
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Credit: Zac-E
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  • ellyradyl

    He’s not Brad Pitt hehe
    He’s ok



  • omg


  • Nikki

    hey jared,

    where is that pic from? do you know when zac is expected to return to the states? or where he’s going next?

    thanks…loving your posts.

  • kat

    wow they looked great, thanks for posting!

  • a


  • Nessa

    zanessa shippers…happy day! =)
    ring =)))
    thanks jared =)

  • Sam

    Aw, ROVE!!!!!! I’ve missed out on all of this season (bar the first episode he did after Belinda died) because I haven’t been in Aussieland, so this totally made me homesick. Hee. I frickin’ love Rove!!

    Oh yeah, and Nikki and Zac are really adorable. Hee.

  • el

    cute! ring is on! there is also an article on saying Vanessa is with him in Australia check it out!

  • anthony

    of course zac doesnt answer the gay question he doesnt have to :P i love them both

  • kat

    was that daniel radcliffe on the other couch? zac is hot

  • sarah

    Zac looks a lil tired but the interview was hiarious..

    Funniest moment= Rove- “Was there any tounge action in ur onsreen kiss?”
    Zac-(immediately says)- “Yaaa”

  • kat

    whoah daniel and Zac on the same show? kudos to the host! put those together and you have Screaming girls galore!! LOL

  • Charlene

    Rove is fantastic im a little annoyed that Rove didnt press on his famous/trademark question “who would you turn gay for”, oh well maybe next time. But great interview Rove is always great with his guests :)

  • lilly


  • Milany

    Hairspray had a premier in Australia but it looks like Zac didn’t draw too many fans to the premier compare to Daniel Radcliffe’s premier December Boy who was mod by fans yesterday at his movie premier, girls fainted and kids were pulled out of the crow because it was a chaos, too many fans, there were more than 1000 girls wanting to see Dan compare to Zac, it looks like Dan is big internationally and Zac is only big in the states, I guess Europeans love people who can act compare to just made out pretty boys.

  • Hayley

    I’m Aussie!
    So i watch Rove all the time!
    It was soo funny!
    I taped it aswell!
    ANd i loved how Rove, Zac and Daniel were all part of the ‘Hairy Leg Club” haha! Very funny!
    And Daniel had socks up past his knees, and Zac wasn’t wearing any! Very funny stuff!
    And when Rove asks ‘Who Would you Turn Gay for’ Daniel said Albert Einstein, Nikki said “Tracy Turnblad (her character in Hairspray of course) and Zac never answered the question lol!

  • bettybaby

    he is hot!!!!!!!!!!!
    love this pic and i hope there were more shots taken. this why us cougars love him.

    when was this taken?

  • Kae

    LMAO!!!! the host was hilarious. I’m not a big Zac fan but that was a funny interview. Daniel was there? Awesome! Thanks Jared!

  • Mikaela


  • maria

    i saw the ring!!!! its obviussss! are you blind or something?? he is wearing the ring :D

  • April C.

    LOL. Zac Efron might be a cute couple with Nikki Blonsky, too. Haha…I dont know…just my opinion…He actually looks good with everyone… =’)

    Much love,

  • 2985

    Rove isn’t that funny IMO, and please all those who posted before me, it’s not a personal attack on you guys, mmkay? Get that straight. He’s average and his shows come across as forced. The only reason he managed to get both Zac and Daniel on his shows is because we don’t have many talk shows of that variety, unfortunately. It’s not like other countries where these actors’ PR people can advise their clients which talk show to appear on. It’s really overdue someone comes with an actually funny show with a host on our screens really. With only channels 7, 9 and 10 I guess it’s asking too much to have competition for the mediocre Rove.

  • belle

    i wanna no hu zac will turn gay for

  • Lisa

    i love how Zac totally avoided the ? of who he would turn gay for lol

  • Zac’s girl

    Thanks for posting, Jared!

    Wow, Nikki looks so good tonight! Love the little knee pat Zac gives her. cute.

    He didn’t end up having to answer the gay question, but I wonder what answer he had prepared?

  • Zac’s girl

    Oh, also, if you go on You Tube, there’s another 2+ minute clip after the interview, where they sit with Daniel etc. and chat a bit more lol.

  • Daniel

    I respect both Zac and Daniel. But Zac Efron will go on as an entertianer while Daniel Radcliff will become a has been.
    Zac will play his Big worry-about-typecasting role a grand total of 3 times. He’s also proved he can do another role thanks to Hairspray and Summerland. Daniel has already done 5 harry Potter movies. Studio’s will ask “Can He play another role?” and they’ll decide no.

    Also Zac has the advantages of: not having an accent to overcome to do American movies (where the big money is), staying in the Public eye as Zac Efron and not a character, and the Backing of Disney.

    Daniel is a good actor but in the end, He’s just going to be Harry Potter.

  • asma’a

    he’s sooooooo beautiful .

  • Fairyfloss

    Daniel, have you not heard of the critical success Dan Radcliffe had in the West End smash hit play “Equus” earlier this year? And it is very arrogant to say that success in American movies is everything. Good on Dan for choosing an indie film.

    Plus, he did “David Copperfield” when he was 10, then “Tailor of Panama” when he was 11 – not to mention “Extras” last year. And “My Boy Jack” which is due to be screened in November in the UK.

    Dan is versatile, doing tv, stage and screen work. And he improves with every new venture.

    Do a bit of research before you make sweeping statements.

  • Lydia

    Number 16- Are you kidding me??? I was squished by fans (all of them teenage girls) trying to get Zac Efron’s autograph at the end of the carpet…

    LOL I watched ROVE as well. In one shot, you can clearly see the zanessa ring and I was like…awwwww!!

  • MIlly

    Daniel, I like Zac but he cannot act, yes he is cute for the Disney kids kind of movie but the guy cannot act, and what movies he’s doing, teen kind of movies, none of those movies are artistic movies, Dan apart from the Harry Potter movies which are good for a bluckbuster, he has done one art indy film in December Boys, a masterpiece theater in Equus (acclaim but critics) and he just finish another art movie in My Boy Jack, so all I have seen Zac done so far are singing and dancing movies, his next project is going to be footlose another signing and dancing movie base not in the movie version but on the theatrical version, so far Dan has done more artictic films compare to Zac and so far Australian fans are crazy mad inlove with dan compare to Zac.

  • MIlly

    Lydia I was there too for the premier of Hairspray, it was done in a small settings and there were not even a thousand people there, I got Vanessa and Zac’s autographs, and Zac even said it at the Rove show that in Australia he is more anonimous that in USA; yesterday I went to the December Boys premier and I couldn’t even get in front of the row, people were pushing the barriers, some girls fainted and were taken to the hospital, it was a complete chaos, and this premire was done outside on the street, there were people on both sides of the street, there were thousands of teenagers, and no so teenagers screaming for Dan, there is no comparison on the number of girls that turnout for these premier, Hairspray was very small and December Boys was a chaos and huge too many fans for my like.

  • irem


  • kath

    i love rove, he’s so funny and such a nice interviewer!

  • Iris


    I agree that Rove’s show is not as funny as it used to be. I guess it works on a light entertainment level in the Sunday night time slot as a nice wind-up to the weekend now that people don’t go out as much for the Sunday session because of the winter weather. Most people either love him or hate him. I actually respect him as a person and an entertainer. He seems to personify the quintessential 30-something Aussie male and I respect his devotion and the courage he displayed during this late wife Belinda’s long battle with cancer. I guess all the stations are trying to save money which is why there are not so many competitors on Australian television in this field. I’d imagine because of the high cost of production, it would be too risky for the stations to justify making such a show, especially if Rove has the majority of viewers. It’s hard to convince people to switch if they are already familiar with something.

    Anyway, cheers mate, and have a great night!

  • bettybaby

    jj, gotta get the news regarding zac and v.

    keep on posting. oh, and again, loooooooooove this pic!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Daniel

    Okay so apparently I’m very wrong about If Daniel Radcliff or Zac Efron or better actors. But Here’s a few things to think about: As critically acclaimed as Equss is, It’s a play, and since you have to be there to see a play, it doesn’t help him establish himself as an actor to other studios. Also Radcliffs other artsy Films Bore the average audience in america. the average american doesn’t care about artsy films.
    I’m an American and So I only truly care about how stars do in America. Daniel Radcliff is only known for Harry Potter here in America and frankly once that’s overwith we’ll never care for him again. Daniel might be a better thespian (I took 5 years of Theatre) but Zac is a bigger Star in America.
    Also We Americans have no respect for anyone british except James Bond, He’s the only exception to our rabid stereotyping. I apologize for that but to be honest as soon as the word british enters an americans mind they either think of Alfred from Batman, or Mary Poppins. Similarly when Australian enters our mind we think of Steve Irwin (may he rest in peace) and when Austrian enters our mind we think Arnold Swartnegger. It’s who we are.

  • Franc Vistas

    please tell me what kind of music zac like, and what clothes marks he use, please please please!!!!

  • Franc Vistas

    zac is awsome, he have a cool hair and clothes, I just don’t understand one thing, Vanessa send the nude photos to Zac , or to the other guy????

  • Deborah



  • Miih ~*

    Oh i totaly looove zac !


  • peanut

    Daniel, it will be excellent and lovely when you are proved wrong in your opinion of Mr. Radcliffe. Which will happen over… and over.. and over again. You’ll see. We’ll all see. And while you’re spending time telling us how he’ll never be successfull outside of Potter, we’ll be spending time in the theatre enjoying his varied and fascinating role choices. Cheers!

  • Iris

    #39 Daniel

    I’m not even going to attempt to convince you to like Daniel Radcliff or Zac Efron because you are entitled to have your opinion about them as actors and if you don’t like either of them thet that’s cool, that’s your prerogative. But you kind of made me cringe when you said “I’m an American and so I only truly care about how stars do in America etc etc”.

    I am almost certain that many Americans (I speak of those that live in the USA) might find this insulting and would disagree with you. And those that do agree with you, I suggest that you stop thinking of the US as the centre of the universe. It’s a huge world out there and far more interesting and unique talent exists beyond your cultural bubble.

    I don’t beleive you when you say that you can’t help it because it’s ‘who you are’. I believe it’s because it’s who you CHOOSE to be. You live in one of the luckiest countries in the world with an abundance of opportunities and information so if you still insist on believing and accepting stereotypes, this can only be your fault. I know this applies to other cultures as well because I come from a European background and my parents come from a country where narrowmindedness is prevalent.

    No hard feelings Daniel, I just hope you have a chance to step outside the square one day and abandon these stereotypes and learn to appreciate diversity. Peace.

  • http://fsdfsd angie

    I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luanna

    -meu marido neh gnt…..

  • katyshoes

    Zac’s really hot…
    but Daniel’s really talented.

  • addy

    That interview wasn’t quite ‘hilarious’ as previously commented.
    I was excited to watch it, but it came out rather awkward :S
    On the other hand Daniel Radcliffe’s appearance on the show was a total highlight.

    daniel > zac

  • Lauren

    Zac you sexy person every time i see you on tv i want to faint you are the sexiest person on earth