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Miss Iran is Andy Baldwin's New Girlfriend

Miss Iran is Andy Baldwin's New Girlfriend

Now we know why US Navy Lt Andy Baldwin called off the engagement to Tessa Horst. He had another woman in his back pocket!

The Bachelor hunk was spotted getting cozy with former Miss Iran, Sepideh Haftgoli, in a Los Angeles park on Sunday.

Andy, 30, proposed to Tessa, 26, at the end of the reality TV show The Bachelor: An Officer and a Gentleman but called off the engagement last month.

Haftgoli reportedly dated former Friends star David Schwimmer several years back.

15+ pictures inside of Andy getting his PDA on with Miss Iran

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andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 01
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 02
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 03
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 04
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 05
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 06
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 07
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 08
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 09
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 10
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 11
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 12
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 13
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 14
andy baldwin miss iran sepideh gaftgoli 15

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116 Responses to “Miss Iran is Andy Baldwin's New Girlfriend”

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  1. 76
    Robbie Marlowe Says:

    Andy and Tessa were together at the Louisville Ironman (Sept 1) and the Best Buddies Bike event (Sept 8). I think they are still very much a couple and that it’s irresponsible for the media to promote gossip and rumors. The photo of Andy and Miss Iran could have been taken for an number of reasons. Notice that he isn’t leaning into her at all, or even looking at her. I don’t buy it.

  2. 77
    pat medford Says:

    I hope what Ashley and Jess said in their comment that Miss Iran and
    Andy are friends and she needed a supportive shoulder to lean on because
    she had a loss is true but i wish Andy would write to the public to say
    exactly if he had broken up with Tessa just like he did when he broke off the engagement. It would be awful to know that on that same weekend he was with Tessa and then the next day he was with Miss Iran. This guy
    moves fast. If he and Tessa are still dating and she accepts this then that is fine. The public is wondering if he is stringing along Tessa. I really feel for her as she is a very private and reserve person. U cannot
    blame her for that. Andy likes being in the limelight that is fine but the public is always wondering.. I would hate to see them break up. Tessa and Andy make a great couple. Keep us posted on these recent photos.

  3. 78
    Lana Hazen Says:

    It is good that Tessa knows about Andy meeting with Sepideh. However, he needs to use better judgment as to how many times he has to hug, and put his hands on his other lady friends in one visit. A little is enough. After one has seen continous pictures of him hugging his other girl – friends, it gets a bit old and comes off as lack of respect for Tessa.
    He is mature and educated well enough to practice proper etiquette. The internet is full of pictures of him embracing his former girlfriends along with other women who are friends.

    He should reserve his ‘hands-on’ for Tessa. It appears he craves affection from other women too. This may wear thin with Tessa in the future.

  4. 79
    rose Says:

    Thank God Tessa came to her senses….this guy is sooooo in love with himself! Always posing for the cameras…

  5. 80
    joyce Says:

    Soory to hear about tessa I think they were very cute together, but this girl, you need to think ANDY!!!!!!!!!!11

  6. 81
    lillian Says:

    she reminds me of salma hayek. someone put a link to her myspace page and those pictures are gorgeous of her. she has a lot of snapshots on there too. pictures with her friends and other people these pictures are ok but it looks like the sun is hitting them in the eye or something cause shes squinting. you can tell from all of her pictures that she is a beautiful girl. nice job Andy!

  7. 82
    locknkey Says:

    Who knows what happened with tessa and him. maybe she fucked up. maybe these two are good friends, maybe not, maybe they use to date, maybe their friends that just started to date. point is, why does anyone care who another person is dating and what is going on in their personal life? the girl has a right to privacy. its sad that we think we can give our opinion as to who dates who just because they are in the public eye. since when does that give anyone the right to give their unasked opinion? people assume they should expect it. give me a break. that is what is wrong with our society. I say, more power to the two of you. i hope it works out

  8. 83
    vim Says:

    Tessa dumped him as soon as she saw the pictures .. she is WAY BETTER OFF WITHOUT THIS TRASHY JERK..andy made the most horrible mistake in his life when he decided to behave like this with this Iranian piece of trash ..Andy you lost a GEM …YOU WILL NEVER FIND A GIRL LIKE TESSA !

  9. 84
    numerouno Says:

    you don’t even know her you dip **** vim. to me you sound ******* racist. persians have more culture than your ******* right thumb you ignorant idiot! it’s people like you that make our society so ******* stupid and like white trash. if you knew anything about this girl, you would know she’s intelligent, classy and respectable and beyond beautiful. my friend personally knows her and raved about her like i never heard someone talk about a girl! i won’t stoop to your level and call tessa trash since i don’t know her..but i think you are personal friends with tessa and are upset he left her for someone that is much better, in fact andy doesn’t even deserve her. get a life.

  10. 85
    blah Says:

    WOW! He’s really into ‘exotic’ chicks! No wonder he picked Tessa.

  11. 86
    lyn Says:

    sorry, they are not cute together:) no affection i can see to both:) sorry:)peace :)

  12. 87
    opinionated Says:

    I have seen this girl before. The pictures dont do her justice at all. I can vouch for that for sure cause I have seen her in person. She is breathtaking. Her features are very exotic and strong. Persian beauty.

  13. 88
    jANET bUTTIMER Says:

    My daughter Tonya and I saw Andy and this THING at the Rainforest Cafe here in Dallas. Both were wearing Spandex (WHY?), and BOTH were showing Camltoe! It was NASTY.

    She’s super hairy, too.

  14. 89
    rd Says:

    Tessa was with Andy in Dallas. He was not with Ms. Iran while there. Many people saw he and Tessa as well as Tessa by herself in Dallas. They are still together. Ms. Iran is just a friend.

  15. 90
    Sarah Says:

    When is he suppose to be deployed?? The navy has to wait until he is done with all these women. So sad the navy lets him keep doing this!!!

  16. 91
    J buttimer Says:

    It definitely was not Tessa we saw Andy with. Maybe he was seeing both women in Dallas, but he was with Ms Iran at the Rainforest Cafe. Busy guy.

  17. 92
    CHewy Says:

    What a piece of work this clown is. He describes his name as Lt Andy Baldwin MD. Most physicians aren’t that desperate or egotistical to have to inject medical doctor after their name so as to make it a seem as though their profession is one they were born with as part of their given birth name. I know because I am one and hope that I don’t ever come across as being so insecure that I need a profession to define me. And which humanitarian keeps repeating that they’re a humanitarian? How lame.

  18. 93
    loverboy Says:

    The “hairy” girl you say you saw in Dallas was NOT Ms Iran. I know her and she’s never even been to ******* Dallas. Why do people insist on lying. Apparently it was Tessa who was with him. That is the THING you saw you ******* idiot. It’s people like you who don’t get their facts straight and butt their probably obese ugly ass in other people’s business because they have no life of their own and their jealous they don’t get enough attention that makes this society one of no substance.

  19. 94
    og Says:

    MISS IRAN IS SO HOT. i just saw her out randomly and wasnt sure if it was her but now after seeing the other pictures of her on her site i am sure it was. she is stunning

  20. 95
    Shawn Says:

    Hope all is well. I just want to notify and correct your mistake on the recent article you had published about Miss Iran. I am not sure who your sources are, or if you do any type of research before giving the title to whom ever claims that they are indeed who they are?
    Your article about Sepideh Haftgoli being former Miss Iran, is false. Ms. Sepideh Haftgoli is not a former Miss Iran. She did however participate in the Miss Iran Pageant 2004 and was not chosen even for the top 5. She also fell and hit her dance partner head to the stage area while performing her talent for the Miss Iran Pageant. The winners were Shila Tavakkol (first place) and Tala Roshanravan (second place) back in 2004. for more information, pictures, videos, or proof of winners you can contact me us any time.

  21. 96
    og Says:

    hahaha. Shawn??? You represented yourself as “Shila” on other sites and said the same thing you idiot.

    sepideh is the only one mentioned in an official article about the pageant. And that was LA WEEKLY.

    because she was the only one worth writing an article about. all the other girls TRIED to act like they were smart, but when it came to the questioning…they were idiots…morons

    plus i watch persian tv. and the guy that ran the pageant had her on as a host on her own show on his network, also interviewed her a year or two after the pageant and introduced her as miss iran. you can’t argue with the man that threw the thing in the first place

    the funny thing is, she is such a sweet and classy girl and wouldn’t want to be mixed up in all this gossip talk anyway. i met her a couple times, and she has such a good heart. she would probably tell me to not even bother responding. but i felt the need to put this “Shila” now “Shawn” girl in her place. “Shawn” hahahhahahha.

  22. 97
    sia Says:

    Take It easy
    There are so many
    beautiful girl(s) in iran
    F*ck Ahmadi Nejad

  23. 98
    kinilana Says:

    Andy is such a player he doesn’t know how to commit he wants to screw every girl he can. As far as Tessa in all of her photos with Andy she never shows any affection even on the show. Andy always had to pursue her after a while a guy probably gets tired of it. Tessa is a head case too many issues.

  24. 99
    Kinilana Says:

    Andy sure knows how to pick them…. no wonder why he is still single he goes for crazy girls.

  25. 100
    carmen Says:

    ****! i just hate men like Andy Baldwin. i was hoping that he and Tessa would last, but i must be dreaming though. love sucks and so does life. men are pigs. heck, so true.

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