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Brad & Angelina @ FAO Schwarz

Brad & Angelina @ FAO Schwarz

Jetsetters Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie drop off son Maddox, 6, at the Lycee Francais de New York school on Monday morning.

Later in the morning, Brad and Angie took their middle children — Pax, 3, and Zahara, 2 — to FAO Schwarz in New York City.

FYI: The Jolie-Pitts were in Canada over the weekend for the premiere of The Assassination of Jesse James at the Toronto Film Festival. Angelina wore the same gray shirt to a Toronto toy store yesterday.

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829 Responses to “Brad & Angelina @ FAO Schwarz”

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  1. 51
    ashby Says:

    49 sharon : 09/10/2007 at 1:07 pm

    yes, i think she is pregnant. She wore this kind of loose cloth when she was pregnant with Shiloh.

    Maybe but… she just had on a very tight dress at the TIFF. Time will tell.

  2. 52
    to 52 team Says:

    thats the same thing your mama said about you but she wasnt misquoted and she left your azz at the orphanage,,bizch!

  3. 53
    what a dummy Says:

    52 Team SHILOH

    Shouldnt you be in school?

  4. 54
    Skinny Min Says:

    50 Yawn : 09/10/2007 at 1:08 pm
    Never mind the marshmallow brigade everyone . They are going about their business.

    Nobody is interested in any other celebrities.

    ~That’s bull and you know it. There are plenty other celebrity couples out there that have the papps droolin. This is the only one that tips them off though. People are becoming less and less enchanted with Brangelina, and when the media attention dies, so does this “relationship”.

  5. 55
    wondering? Says:

    Where are the kids in the first picture?

  6. 56
    appetizing Says:

    Baby # 5 is underway.

  7. 57
    vickifromtexas Says:

    i don’t know why anyone wouldn’t admire them. they have so much love to share and they do just that, you see it with the way they are with one another and with their children and with their goodwill causes. i wish them all the best.

  8. 58

    I’m a fan and have never had a post on the first page. It’s ssoooooo funny to see that many haters are always on the first page! :))) They stay here all day looking for B&A threads!! I admire Pitt and Jolie a lot but have much other things to do with my life! But I’m ok with their presence: it just show how great stars they are, that they have these freaks obsessed by them. Of course that can be dangerous (remember Jonh Lennon…). When I see a post with the name sam, curious, famous, etc, I just ignore. Specially if it’s too long. Some times if it’s small I can read to see if it’s funny. Generally they are really hilarious with their lunatic lies and their desperate attempts to bash the Jolie-Pitts. Like I said some weeks ago, I know it’s not nice laughing about sick people mental illness, but it’s hard avoiding it.
    And by the way, if you know a hot grandpa like Pitt who may want a hot latina woman to be his childbride, I’M TOTALLY AVAIABLE!!! I’m not this young, but neither is Angelina, so… A hot grandpa like him can keep me under his sight 24/7 if he wishes…He can do almost anything he wishes…In fact I would beg “grandpa” to do EVERYTHING he wishes…Oh, my! I’ll have sweet dreams with the hot grandpa…My boyfriend isn’t going to like this…
    Well, I’m not chubby but my legs aren’t as skinny as Jolie’s, but if this “hot grandpa” like my legs to be like hers I would do surgery, diet, starvation, anything…Just kidding :)) The woman has Brad Pitt! And he seems to like her skinny legs! I have better looking legs (in my humble opinion…), but I don’t have Brad Pitt!! So, **** me and my legs! Have a nice day fans!

  9. 59
    Team SHILOH Says:

    55 what a dummy : 09/10/2007 at 1:13 pm

    Shouldn’t you have stayed in school. Then maybe you could so something other than sit on your fat ass all day and cyber stalk Joly-Pitts?

  10. 60
    dina #1 Says:

    Several threads back I posted comments stating that I thought that the trolls/haters were not random haters spewing their sh@t. I honestly believe they work from prewritten scripts that change everydady depending on what is happening in the AJ/BP lives. Or what they feel is a vulunerablity with the fans on the site. Cliniqua had posted that they were paid. Their were sseveral others who posted similar ideas and theories. My theory was that Sam and Famous were the “leaders”. Then you had the “poi’s” of the group. the broken,pidgin, English, bad grammar,whinny, persistent, repetitive,and very annoying person. They swarm in like locust. Especilly when the thread is weak and under staffed. The few fans that are here have to mount a very brave, courageous and defensive fight until the calvary comes. The locust then stage a slight retreat, maybe lunch time. They regroup and stage another assault. But by then the thread is pretty full of regulars armed with facts, pictures, articles, all types of historical information to refute their bogus lies. I have a new theory. I believe that there is a morning crew and an evening crew. They still pursue the same topic using the same scripts, but they seem different, at least to me. Today the script is, Brad is too old for Angie. They will ride this pony until tonight, unless they change horses in mid stream. Notice the western analogy, homage to Jesse James. . This is my theory and I am sticking with it. Peace.

  11. 61
    ashby Says:

    I spy neck hickeys!!!!!!! lol

  12. 62
    q Says:

    Does the V Magazine really exist? I have been to my local Borders and Barnes & Noble Bookstores. Not a single copy. And I don’t ever seeing one before? Is it a fairly new magazine?

  13. 63
    to 56 Skinny Min Says:

    Skinny Min is so stupid you have to dig for her IQ.

  14. 64
    can't fool us Says:

    56 Skinny Min

    ya fool you are interested or you wouldn’t be here.

  15. 65
    Prue Halliwell Says:

    #39 Skinny Min: Seriously! What other celebrity couple do you see EVERY FRIGGIN DAY?? Why? They tip off the press every place they go.
    So what if they tip off the press … the papz bother to go there everyday. If they didn’t care, and didn’t sell, you think that the papz would bother to go? Ha ha ha. And you bother to go their thread and spew your bile …YOU ARE SO OWNED BY BRAD AND ANGELINA. Me, I hate the Cruises and Britney, so I don’t go to their threads, spewing my hatred. What a waste of time! So Britney and the Cruises do not own me at all.

  16. 66
    Dina #DUH Says:

    “The few fans that are here have to mount a very brave, courageous and defensive fight until the calvary comes”

    Uh, Dina….get a hobby. This is a gossip blog, not WWIII.

  17. 67
    to Skinny Min Says:

    Skinny Min your’e so dumb you took an umbrella to see Purple Rain.

  18. 68
    65 and 66 Says:


  19. 69
    dina #1 Says:

    Please stop responding to the haters about Angie’s legs. Someone please find those pictures of Angie sitting straddled in those chairs with her legs looking glorious. This will shut them up. Also Brad is a hunk, a hunk, a hunk of a man who is in great shape. He will look better than Micheal Douglas when he reaches Mike’s age. Hell if Angie was attracted to BBT, and he was old as dirt, I wouldn’t worry about her loving Brad. When Brad can’t cut the mustard, he can always lick the jar. Hehehehehehehe Peace

    Report Abuse

  20. 70
    carolina Says:

    zee is so beautiful! i´m ansious about baby nº 5

  21. 71
    ashby Says:

    64 q : 09/10/2007 at 1:17 pm

    Does the V Magazine really exist? I have been to my local Borders and Barnes & Noble Bookstores. Not a single copy. And I don’t ever seeing one before? Is it a fairly new magazine?

    LOL I know… I’m starting to think the magazine and Brad interview is just an urban myth!!

  22. 72
    Skinny Min Says:

    Dear Coward,

    so stupid you have to dig for her IQ.
    so dumb you took an umbrella to see Purple Rain.

    Weak! Very weak. If you can’t be original or clever, at least be silent.

  23. 73
    to Skinny Min an num70 same poster hater Says:

    >>70 65 and 66>>>> is aka Skinny Min


    Skinny Min wrong name you have cause you know your’e so fat that when Gawd said “Let there be light,” he told you to move your fat ole as.s over.

  24. 74
    Meli Says:

    You’ve got to see this!!! I did not know Brad fell in the Deauville festival!!!Here’s the video

    Pd: Even if Brad falls he still look hot:::

  25. 75
    sharon Says:

    Angie always looks sexy, thin or curve, she just has that sex appeal no body else can match. She is a sexy goddess.

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