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Britney Spears Has a "No Underwear" Policy

Britney Spears Has a

Oops, she did it again!!!!!

To make matters worse, there are new pictures of Britney Spears once again going commando. This time, Brit is seen getting out of her car in her black post-VMAs dress and entering the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Before dumping her underwear though, according to Us Weekly, Britney was spotted “crying badly [backstage]. She’s devastated. She was really nervous and knows she screwed up.” will not be publishing Britney‘s underwear-free photos here, but be wary of lurking around the Internet if/when you come across them. All I can say is, shield your eyes. And if you were wondering, yes, it still fits Sarah Silverman‘s description of it.

Thanks, Jay!

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  • dumbass

    Hey Britney you’re a mom!
    Wear some fucking underwear bitch.

  • nO eXCUSE

    The video on TM-Sleaze shows the brother geting out of the car, looks back and hurries and looks away. She is disgusting. Probably sat there with her legs apart and hick like with no care in the wotld on the drive over.

  • angie

    Okay, so the show bombed, so she has to resort back to getting attention by flashing her goods? There’s nothing left anymore…she had questinable talent before, but she’s just a total loser now.

  • Here’s The Deal

    She could have had one of the best comebacks ever, but instead she blows it and makes herself look like an idiot. She didn’t even TRY to do good.

    I do feel bad for her, though. Obviously something is wrong “upstairs”.

  • Brit-Lover

    I don’t care! I Still Love her! Nothing Will change that!

  • eira

    BRITNEY,im sick seeing ur pussy.!

  • Clementines

    Sarah Silverman’s brave chastisement of Britney verbally abusing her sons as “mistakes that ruined her marriage” also was timely public humilation. Hopefully Britney will grow up and learn from this awful night and her crappy life.. but she is pretty much labeled a vulgar, selfish loser to everyone now.


    she needs to lay off the Ambien before she hits the stage. Check out the nsfw pics here:–brand-new-the-pic-not-the-crotch

    thanx jared!

  • madison

    I love Britney!! bless her xx – get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun! – where music and fashion meet!

  • dania

    She is a lazy no talent who couldn’t even pull off lip syching for christ sakes! She is gross and a stupid slut with a bad attitude.

  • Veritaserum♥

    What shocks me is that even most of the “haters” are feeling sorry for her…is that a sing of how far she has let this go..?

  • Hot Chicks

    I don’t feel sorry for her. She has had a charmed life so far. She has experienced being young and beautiful and rich and famous all by the age of 25. She is a multi-millionaire. She can do anything she wants with the rest of her life. Most of us are just struggling to get by.

    She could try giving back and doing something for someone else for a change. To be feeling so sorry for yourself when you have everything before you is worse than pathetic.

    Why not spend the rest of your life running your own foundation for a cause that you believe in and actually do some good with it?

  • April

    I had enough of these MTV/VMA award shows, they killed rock n roll!!!

  • daniel

    wow … that was sadddd … everything last night on mtv was horrible … britney, needs to disspaear for a couple of years…

    before the awrds mtv ( mtv latino here in colombia ) was showing an special about performer’s outfits and they said that paula abdul’s carrer in music ended after one performance she made at the vma’s years ago … i think the same thing happened to brit yesterday

  • Veritaserum♥

    these pics are so violating and degrading towards women…How is it not illegal to take pictures like these?!?!

  • Marie

    Just Jared – as always, one of the classiest websites around! Thanks for NOT showing.

    Hey – I say we all stop watching MTV. They lost credibility years ago and offer so little when it comes to real entertainment – never mind music! Seriously, where is the g/d music? People my age grew up with the music and have been pissed about its disappearance. I watch The Hills and little else.

    MTV programming is an insult to our intelligence and they should just fold. I’m ready for somemthing new.

  • Cierie

    Most thinking people were already disgusted with the trashy, incredibly stupid, uneducated, brainless sleeze, except the people who she’s used, abused, walked all over (her family, etc).

    She thinks hanging her fat rear out of her underwear that she occasionlly wears, is going to make up for her lack of talent, brains, personality, conscience, inner goodness.

    The only worse laughing stocks are the ones who are promoting her.

    I used to feel sorry for her, but she crapped on everyone who gave up their lives for her. She needs more than a visit to a church on Sunday morning with her non spiritual, equally sleezy sex toys. She needs a complete inner makeover. The outer makeover sure hasn’t brought too much real joy and love. (Nor has it worked).

    You want love Britney, learn to love yourself for being a good person (which you aren’t now, but can learn with some real spiritual pursuits) and learn to love others. Sorry, sex, drugs and rock and roll do not bring happiness. Get your priorities straight. Then your kids might have a chance too.

  • malibumom

    I would not be surprised if she takes her life and the lives of her children and leaves all, and I mean all, of her money to Charity!

  • Dirty Denise

    I do not feel for this sl*t. And she is laughing all the way to bank because you dummies keep giving her money.

  • Dirty Denise

    This bears repeating.
    45 Ken : 09/10/2007 at 2:33 pm

    Stop making excuses for her. She is an adult. Other girls who fell like this with single parenthood, drug use etc picked themselves up by working monstrous hours at Walmart to feed the kids. She has millions of $$$. That is the one reason why she wouldn’t stop partying, alcohol and drug abuse. She could afford re-hab and mental counselling and she chooses not to do it. Feel sorry for people out there in homeless shelters who cannot afford any of these services (and the govt. services suck)

  • neil

    She should just STOP, look around and say to herself, WTF!
    I’m set for life! I don’t need to please mom anymore! I’m off to Rio and y’all can go f**k yourselves.
    At least I’d have more respect for her then.

  • neil

    Oh by the way, Sara rocks! You may hate her and be disgusted with her, but if she didn’t say anything her sister and brother comedians would have been down on her. Comedians more than anyone else know that they swim in shark invested waters and if they aren’t the sharks they aren’t anything.

  • heather

    Hands down a horrible performance last night. But, do we have to make comments about her shape or weight. I mean let’s face it she’s had 2 babies by C-section in the past 24 months. I deliver babies and beleive me most women who have 1 baby don’t look that good 1, 2 years later if ever. When you have a section they cut your abdominal muscles to get where they need to be. I’m not saying she doesn’t have issues, b/c clearly she does, but this stuff about her shape and weight compared to when she was 18 and calling her kids “the 2 cutest mistakes you’ll ever see” is just hitting below the belt. Let’s hope for her sake this worldwide live embarassment will be what pushes her to become a better person and more importantly mother.

  • Jaxon

    If she had enough energy to bawl backstage why didn’t she put that energy into her performance?

  • meow

    poor brit but will some one declare her over

  • Bruna Gabriella

    i have no words to say how sorry i feel for britney spears. this girl is so completely lost. what happened to her? i can imagine what she’s been through. i can understand how she got so lost. what i’ll never understand is why isn’t anybody trying to help her? where did her family and friends go? we can clearly see she’s fucked up. i can’t envy her at all, her life hasn’t been easy. you’re a small town beauty, then you grow up as fast as you get famous, you have to be mature to deal with fame and fans and so much money, you start being so huge around the world you can’t understand how and why you got there, life offers you so many possibilities, some seem dangerous but they are so attractive you just don’t care. you make some wrong choices and don’t get enough help, you have people trying to knock you down all the time, you can’t differ friends from enemies anymore. you fall in love with a man who doesn’t love you back, you have 2 kids and have to deal with SO much at the same time, probably postpartum depression, all the media pressure, you try to ease your pain with alcohol and drugs and one day you look in the mirror and you are just not yourself anymore. and how can you deal with that? everybody is gone and you feel so alone and depressed that all the money you have is just useless, no matter how hard you try, no matter where you look or where you go, you just can’t find peace of mind, there is just no personal satisfaction, joy of life, or happiness at all. you fail to be a mom, you fail to be a singer, you fail to be a woman. how can you go on with your life when everybody wants to see you down? how can you ask for help if everywhere you go you find people laughing at you? how can you live in a hell like that? she’s just a person! come on!!! give the girl a break. she needs some help desperately. she needs someone to believe her and encourage her to go on, to get a life, to recover from the walking wreck she has become. i believe somewhere in the bottom lies that amazing girl we saw to bloom into a strong woman. britney, let us help you! let your fans cheer you up. i just want you to know that there are people who root for you, people who believe in the great person you can be.

  • lukas3000

    and the saga continues………………


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    BRITNEY, NUMBER 1 OF WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dania

    YOu people feeling pity for this arrogant little lazy ho are hiilarious. She is out showing her coot again while you worry about her. She is too freaking stupid to even get what happened. She will be boozing and screwing men and thinking she somehow is talented once again.

    She has all the opportunity to get help, get a trainer, get a voice coach, but she is a lazy pig who parties all night and doesnt’ have an respect for anyone but her own selfish needs.

    I am glad she flopped, she totally deserves it.

  • Galia

    I think that this stupid woman Sarah Silverman said the bad things about Britney after her performance and in this case they couldn’t be a reason that Brit performed so bad. Anyway, i start to wonder about her intelligence, because it is not normal to be a mother and to live in this way.

  • Mash


  • Liz

    It’s just sad. It’s like watching a trainwreck. I don’t care if she is responsible for much of what she has become, her situation is tragic. I’d feel the same if she was a homeless person or a relative. I don’t care if she has money. She’s out of touch with reality to put herself in a situation that could only lead to public ridicule and disaster.

    What pisses me of the most though are the bloggers who are calling her fat. She might not be a size 2 like most starlets and video vixens but she looks like an average woman who has had two kids. One’s body changes after you give birth unless you make it your sole job to get back in shape (paging Posh and Jennifer Garner) or you have plastic surgery. She’s the size of an average woman. Sorry if it doesn’t match everyone’s fantasy of “sexy” any more.

  • Miriam
  • Matt

    I would eat her sweet cherry pie! I would run my tongue all up in it. Yall just haters

  • KrungKrung

    where can i find the video of the pantyless brit brit with her brother escorting her? ne1?

  • KrungKrung

    vma is getting worse and worse every year, it used to be good, i mean, it’s not only about brit brit, the whole show itself suks, when i was watching vma the other day, i didn’t really pay much attention cuz it really really suks big time.

  • Do

    It is so stupid of all you people to protect Britney… Britney gets PAID a LOT for her being a popstar!!! More then we will ever get paid as teachers, nurses, clercs and so on (and hell, these people work hours and do something for society!)! When you are a popqueen you know that you are in the public eye, so do not complain! You must be a professional, just like all responsable people with a job!It is her job to deliver good music and dancing, not to party… that is her private thing. Britney is a spoiled brad that needs to grow up and face reality. She doesn’t take her motherhood seriously, nor her job. And we? We sponsor these kind of losers by buying their albums. I wonder how her two children experience her absence all the time. Mummy is partying, on boose, on drugs.

    Come on people!!!

    Be real!

  • fyi

    it’s pretty obvious that brit is on drugs…she probably wasn’t aware that her privates were showing….and the vma performance…drugs again….why doesn’t someone get this girl that help that she needs quick….and she really doesn’t need to go on tour in this condition…she probably takes drugs to cope and of course for social but she’s probably in alot of pain between her family and k-fraud she needs to go on an island and enter re-hab there….with her kids in tow cared for by nannies to give her the motivation to see it through…

  • gross

    told ya so, she just wants to be neck and neck with vanessa hudgens

  • grrrr….

    i read in the latest issue of Life and Style mag that mtv was pissed at brit for her awful performance. other’s close to her also chimed in on their thoughts, and the opinion was unanimous…ugh!

  • zhu


  • Marwa

    ohhh my God how can u guys be sooo mean!!!
    i think brit needs to take some time off
    to get ready again and be pop queen as always
    she had very bad times…i really think this was’t the time for her to come out public…she needs time and im sure she’ll be the same or best then b4!!!
    i guess a mother can act the way she want’s
    at the end of the day she is the mother not u people
    and she’s out of shape ok!!!, to hell with it she had 2 kids

    u rock brit!!!

    luv u

  • Aniken

    hello briteny I love you mach and I love your songs:):):) and I hope you hava grate life:):):)
    an I hope you kan come to norway:):):)
    der I live and I em 10 years old
    and I hope I kan meet you and
    you autografp hihi
    hog Annien Larsen

  • Warrior

    Get a life guys, why dont u just leave her alone!!!!

  • Quinn

    Normally when you google some female star’s name and attach “no underwear” on the end, you’re going to get a lot of sexually explicit, upskirt google returns. Not so with Britney spears. The FIRST returns upon googling “britney spears no underwear” yeild words like ‘gross’ ‘horrible’ ‘disgusting’ and ‘put that skunky thing away’.

    Not one person on the internet finds her pantslessness sexy. not one. because if a search can in any way possibly yeild porn, it will always be the first thing to show up.

    Wow. That’s pretty humilliating. I’d really hate to be her right now. In fact, I don’t think there has been a single celebrity in the history of the world who has been a bigger joke than she.

    The world is rightside up again.

  • luciano

    q chota q es esa mina.. es re fea.. encima sin ropa interior me hubiese gustado verlaa… -(baba) me oy haciendo la paja ahora jojojijojojojijojoijojj

  • luciano


  • luciano

    no qiero a britney spears

  • juan

    i think that ll of you are a group of lossers,you care about other people’s life because your life sucks,if someone don’t like using underwear,or like to consume drugs,who are you or the paparazzis to make fun of it?you are nothing,and the prens in nothing
    you suck,lossers

  • Rhdj

    She’s not my type