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Justin Timberlake Snubs 'The Hills'

Justin Timberlake Snubs 'The Hills'

Justin Timberlake‘s hatred for reality TV became very apparent during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards when he repeatedly asked MTV to ditch reality TV and play more music videos.

The girls from The HillsLauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port — were supposed to present Timberlake with Male Artist of the Year but after Lauren announced Justin as the winner, things got a little strange.

A fourth female mysteriously showed up on stage to join The Hills girls to hand the moon man to Timbaland, who in turn gave it to Justin. Justin did not give eye contact or thank any of the presenters, as most winners do.

“Play more dayum videos. We don’t want to see the Simpsons on reality television,” said Justin, referring to sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. “Play more videos.”

And then when accepting the award for the Quadruple Threat Award, Justin reiterated, “I want to challenge MTV to play more videos.”

Watch the video below and see for yourself!!!!!

Ironically, Justin is one of Lauren‘s celebrity crushes.

Justin Timberlake snubs The Hills
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  • Casie

    I thought Justin was RUDE to those girls. He did not need to ignore and embarrass them during an awards show. I actually agree with him, but he rude about it. He is arrogant! If he wants more music videos then take it up with MTV, not those girls. Their show is saving MTV right now.

  • gemma

    i agree with justin i wanna see music on a music channel not some blonde non talented people doing nothing. mtv should get rid of these programs or put them on at midnight when nobody would watch them then we wouldnt be complaining. it’s meant to be a music channel


    Justin is right, way too many reality shows on MTV, that it should be renamed as RTV.

    Reality series SUCK.

  • tiff

    justin cocky? yes, but we all knew that already. frankly he kinda has a right to be cocky considering he’s an actual musician accepting a best male artist award (again for music) at a (music) awards show. wouldn’t you rather accept an award from a fellow MUSICIAN? but no…..instead he got mtv’s spoiled little baby rich girls, who have absolutely nothing to do with music, handing over the award. not! great swoop timbaland!! hahaha!

    it’s about time a celebrity was an a**hole to these girls and not kissing their asses. and in front of millions no less. priceless.

  • Ms Katie

    hes not dissing The Hills..hes simply stating the obvious..they show antm, the hills, and real world all day long and only show videos during TRL. They should change the name to RTV Reality’s a music station and they should be playing MUSIC VIDEOS!!! Justin was saying what a lot of us normal people are thinking..

  • Ms Katie

    hes not dissing The Hills..hes simply stating the obvious..they show antm, the hills, and real world all day long and only show videos during TRL. They should change the name to RTV Reality’s a music station and they should be playing MUSIC VIDEOS!!! Justin was saying what a lot of us normal people are thinking..

  • Katie

    for all of you hermets who are saying justin is full of should go work a week at taco bell to get your $100 and go buy a ticket to his concert..then you can see why hes soo proud of his music..he puts on a freaking awesome of the best you will ever see….i don’t see where or when justin acts just all want him to act insecure and like a little boy..just like all of you still want britney to be a virgin..seriously life goes on and people grow up..if you opened your eyes you might see that..move forward and stop looking back!! but yes MTV does play too many videos..

  • Katie

    i still dont see what the big deal all are making something out of nothing..seriously hes not dissing the girls..hes talking about MTV fucking A

  • joe

    yeah, true, play more videos. but jeez, get over yourself, don’t disrespect people who just announced you as a “winner”. what a do uch e.

  • Jamie

    LOL! He thought the Hills girls were the Simpsons. Yeah, MTV needs to play more videos. The 10 video, 1 hour time block in the afternoon is getting really old. They only play videos early in the morning.

  • justins stupid

    Maybe he doesn’t realize that reality TV MAKES MONEY! I doubt MTV is gonna trade its millions of dollars they generate from reality TV to play videos that people can SEE ON YOUTUBE ANYTIME they want!!

    that is for MTV 2,3,JAMS,HITS, and all other MTV subsidiary brands are suppose to do.

    Music videos do not make money for a network. So STFU Justin, no ones gonna listen to you!

  • n

    the mysterious 4th girl who brought the moon man on stage did that for all the awards that i saw (didn’t watch the entire show). i don’t think mtv wanted the announcers to hold the moon man as they were announcing…BUT the way justin pretended to fix his pants instead of greeting/thanking the girls was lame.

  • omg



  • star

    woteva he shuld hav still thanked the girls good manners go a long way!!! GO HILLS i love those girls to cute for words!!!

  • Iris

    How rude! Clearly, audiences aren’t interested in seeing more videos considering that the ratings for reality TV are so high. There is no excuse for ignoring other presenters. It’s the executives who keep the show running, not the actors. I bet he’s feeling like a fool now for doing what he did. Me thinks he might be on a bit of an ego trip.

  • Emilie

    Justin may be right but he should not have done this to the Hills cast! It was really rude!

  • Sarah

    If he doesn’t like realities shows, he should boycott MTV, not the girls. He should be angry with MTV for that. The Hills might stink, but the girls are just doing their thing and they aren’t treating anyone with rudeness like mr. Timberlake. MTV is the one to guilt.

    Anyway, i don’t know why he’s complaining. They play his music. It’s not like he has a garage band or something and MTV doesn’t give him any space. His pocket is full of cash and he’s talking trash!

    I know MTV should play more music, but that doesn’t give you the right to act like a douche. But hey, this is JT, what else can we hope for? The guy thinks he’s the king of the world. He treats his fans like trash, even spit on them. This behavior is not shocking at all.

  • J

    I actually thought that was a pretty decent way to put it on live tv. It’s not like he cursed someone out about it. And it’s true, I don’t watch Mtv anymore because of their ridiculous shows. Oh well, hate Justin all you want, but he’s keeping it real.

  • Flisbeth

    Couldn’t agree more

  • maddie

    i dont think its so much that he was rude (although he seemed to be a little bit too ‘ego’) why the hell dod timbaland have to go up before justin? then take the award from the girls? then feel the need to re present it?

  • Jackster31

    J. is sooooooo fxxxcking right!!! MTV damn sure ain’t what is used to be about….which was music video in all its splendour. Now it’s crowded with bs reality shows which no selfrespecting mf would wanna be watching. JT wasn’t rude at all, at least he had the balls to stake a claim…..
    And further more, he’s won 4 VMA’s so I guess to me that gives right to speak….
    Keep it coming J, I say…..:-)

  • ils vont…

    I am not sure who to dislike more, JT ot LC. Maybe if people still gave a shit about music videos they would play them on MTV. I place a lot of blame on JT and his mostly awful music for the lack of videos.

  • katie

    justin timberlake totally right

  • Malibu Barbie


  • mandy

    lauren confessed on the after show of the second episode of the hills that she has a crush on JT. perhaps whitney does too but lc is the main one. she said she had posters of him in her bedroom growing up.

  • mandy

    oh and i really wish they would play more videos. here here justin!! i like the reality shows, but i don’t think it is neccesary to play the same show 15 times a week. and the marathans of america’s next top model??? wtf does that have to do with music? and don’t even get me started on those lame ass dating shows with parents and all.

  • JD

    I think what he said was right, but I think what he was trying to say that there were too many reality shows on MTV period. And come on, let’s get real…some of them sux. We can keep The Hills, Real World, Road Rules, or whatever but get rid of shows like Parental Control, Next (OMG I hate that show), Date My Mom, Pearl Harbor, Exposed, etc. Those shows are really pointless. Stick to the ones that actually draw viewers.

  • suzy

    lol. But what he said is true the M in MTV stands for music so play more music.

  • Regina

    Not a big fan of Justin but he is right. Stupid talentless cows, at least he is ACTUALLY famous for something.

  • Mia

    That was very rude of him to do that to the girls, he should be
    pisss ed at MTV not the girls! But he’s right, MTV rarely plays videos anymore, it’s all reality or dating shows, cribs etc, and with him being a artist, I can understand his frustration, artists want to get their music out there and videos is a great way to do it. I honestly can’t remember the last time I turned on MTV and there was a video playing! Although Justin had decent videos, I honestly I started to get sick of certain videos, the images they portrayed, I thought they were disrespectful to woman and not a good influnece on the younger generation of today! The quality of the videos has gone downhill too much, it got to be who could have the most naked girls in their videos who could wear the most bling, have the most expensive cars.
    I think MTV gets more viewers who rather watch the shows than who would want to watch videos. MTV knows where their bread is buttered.

  • Mia

    Sorry I meant half naked girls not naked lol

  • CocoBrown

    Justin needs to shutup he has become such a jerk since his NSYNC days. He has no class at all those girls did nothing to him to be treated that way. He may have been right about MTV but the way he expressed his feelings was wrong. Now if someone where to bring up how much of a punk he is for letting Janet Jackson take all the blame for the Superbowl incident he would of humbled himself quickly.

  • Marta

    I totally agree with him

  • CocoBrown

    Justin needs to shutup he has become such a jerk since his NSYNC days. He has no class at all those girls did nothing to him to be treated that way. He may have been right about MTV but the way he expressed his feelings was wrong.NOW IF SOMEONE WHERE TO BRING UP HOW MUCH OF A PUNK HE IS FOR LETTING JANET JACKSON TAKE ALL THE BLAME FOR THE SUPERBOWL INCIDENT HE WOULD HAVE HUMBLED HIMSELF QUICKLY.

  • Jen

    Justin is so right!! I watch shows like the hills, but Justin has a point!! TOO many reality tv shows on MTV and no music!! and like someone said even on TRL, all they play is like 10 seconds of the music videos on the contdown!!

    I think they do need to stop making a reality tv show about everything and they should start playing more music videos!!

    Proud of you Justin!

    btw i thought it was helarious that he said what he said while the hills girls were right in back of him!! Genious lol!

  • Sephie

    I agree with JT. It’s called MTV, it’s stand for Music Television, Not Reality Television.

    Drop the reality show, put music video.

  • KATE

    His EGO has gotten way out of control…

  • goldend

    everybody keep talking about the trainwreck that is Britney but if we pay attention JT isn’t in much better shape, he always look stoned, drunk or being a douchebag, but as he is a single man people think he’s cool.

    he looks crazy in that picture!

  • andrea

    I agree with him 100000% lol

  • jess

    i don’t like the hills girls, they are freaking atupid….but justin is an a**hole for doing what he did. does he seriously think his opinion matters THAT MUCH?? he is heading downhill, his attitude sucks, and he is a classic case of a great singer getting a swelled head so that pretty soon no one cares to listen to his music because his rude actions outshadow his talent. kanye west anyone? i won’t buy kanye’s cds ever again because the guy is an idiot….and actually justin now falls into that catecogry in my book now.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]




  • Zoe

    Hahahahahha The Hills bitches got dissed. I love Justin.

  • Meredith


  • alia

    i agree with justin..and i agree with # 27..what happened to the good times??? FUCK REALITY TV..i dont want to see that shit and for those who do..GET A LIFE


  • caa

    I totally agree with him and thank God he said it.

    MTV needs to get back to its roots i.e. music and music videos instead of a breeding ground for no talent, bleached blond and brainless reality stars and I use the term “stars” loosely. If anyone should have a say it should be JT, who has talent and has worked hard for many years since his days on MMC (Disney). Why the hell do we give credence to little or no talent people like the Simpson sisters or the girls from Hills..

  • may

    Justin has become so full of himself, his MTV performance was so mediorcre. He really is not a good singer and his dancing is not so good, after watching Brown dance he made Justin look like crap up there. I don’t see what some girls see in him he is quite punie…EWWWWWWWWWWWW

  • Tara

    This is soo dumb! hello.. there is always someone that brings out the award before it’s given to the winner, the presenter doesn’t normally walk out with it. It happens at every award show, the same girl was on stage through out the night. It’s so frustrating when people make things up about celebs- stop trying to cause drama!

  • Devilish Southern Belle

    I’m with Timberlake on this one.

  • nellie

    Finally agree with something Justin has said. Those girls are lame anyway. Once again why are they famous, for a scripted TV reality show. Play more videos with new different artists from around the world..