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Justin Timberlake Snubs 'The Hills'

Justin Timberlake Snubs 'The Hills'

Justin Timberlake‘s hatred for reality TV became very apparent during Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards when he repeatedly asked MTV to ditch reality TV and play more music videos.

The girls from The HillsLauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port — were supposed to present Timberlake with Male Artist of the Year but after Lauren announced Justin as the winner, things got a little strange.

A fourth female mysteriously showed up on stage to join The Hills girls to hand the moon man to Timbaland, who in turn gave it to Justin. Justin did not give eye contact or thank any of the presenters, as most winners do.

“Play more dayum videos. We don’t want to see the Simpsons on reality television,” said Justin, referring to sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. “Play more videos.”

And then when accepting the award for the Quadruple Threat Award, Justin reiterated, “I want to challenge MTV to play more videos.”

Watch the video below and see for yourself!!!!!

Ironically, Justin is one of Lauren‘s celebrity crushes.

Justin Timberlake snubs The Hills
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  • MMjt

    That was disrespectful.


    I Agree MTV should play more videos, but there is no reason to be rude to those girls, he’s no better than anyone else.

  • Jenn is sick of whores

    Ok I had to have my say in this! He IS RIGHT! In my opinion anyway. I think that anyone who says he is wrong is lame and doesnt have a life. That is why reality shows are so popular….people dont have lives and they rather watch some 16yr old snobby whore…whore herself and her snot bag cunt friends around and be bitches…..for some reason people want to watch this shit. MTV should pay more music….thats what they are known for so why did they have to put on all of these reality shows of losers who always over due their 15 mins of fame……dime a dozen cunts. Anytime I turn on mtv now i get so annoyed….I am only 22 so it’s not like I am out of the age group. MTV constantly plays lame shows of rude/thoughtless/snobby people and as long as people want to live their lives through douche bag cunts then reality show will keep coming. Anyone who likes this shit it so fucking lame!!! It is one thing to watch “The Hills” if you want to laugh at retards who think they are special but when u watch this and make these cunts the topics of ur hs sleep over well then GET A FUCKING LIFE I HATE FUCKING REALITY SHOWS THERE IS ALWASY NEW ONES COMING OUT WITH COOKIE CUTTER CUNTS!

  • cindy

    I agree 100% He just said what everyone else is thinking. And these so called reality stars are only famous for being stupid hoebags!

  • Kim

    I dont get it with this guy. Talk about UNTALENTED! He samples songs, nevers writes his own, and hooks up with talented people so that he APPEARS talented. He is an egomaniac. Doesnt he realize his only fans are the teenage girls who watch the Hills and The Simpsons etc. He dogged on his cd buying fans =(

  • Kim

    He should have put his $ where his mouth is and ban MTV is he doesnt like what they show. It takes a little man (and not a moon man) to have a station give you an award then accept it but dog on their playlist? Hypocrite!

    Funniest thing was when he accepted award for Prince and he bent down to be short likej Prince-um hello could JT be any shorter or skinnier. Pot calling kettle…

  • posh mini me

    Wow..well I’ll agree that he is right about not enough videos being shown. BUT, I don’t think he should have put those girls on blast like that…even though he said the simpsons, those girls were right there and he kinda, by association, pointed at them. I don’t think it was very respectful. And to me, some of the “music” out there is NOT music. MTV used to be rock and now-a-days they’ll put anyone on; my opinion;-)

  • mary

    Justin has turned into a complete snob. I don’t understand how people don’t see this. I agree that I’d like to see more music videos on MTV but he doesn’t have to be so rude. I used to like him but I am no longer a fan.

  • audrey

    justin is such a douche. he didn’t need to be that rude to them. he thinks he’s such hot shit.

  • tina

    i don’t think justin knows, but the hills is one of the most watched tv series.
    and yes i do not want to watch music videos all day!
    there is a channel for that in the 900 channels he probably has.
    and mtv should not play more videos please!!
    they do that in the morning anyways!
    he does not know bbecause he’s too busy complaining about it!

  • Dena

    The snub did not seem intentional. I think it was more Timbaland’s fault b/c he took the awards from the girls while Justin still making his way to center stage. By the way, does anyone know who Justin was talking to at the top of the stairs on the far side of the stage (before acccepting the award from Timba?

  • megs

    He’s such a conceited jerk. I thought that was rude of him last night. Has he ever stopped and thought that maybe people would rather watch reality shows than his crappy videos?? (Did anyone see his HBO special?? Lame!) Thats probably why he’s pissed. So over him.

  • The Hills is shit

    Who cares if The Hills is watched by many (yeah right)..probably not as many as you think. It’s scripted much like all reality tv and the everyone on that show will be a has been..”whatever happened to” caption in a year or so…Kristin Cavawho anyone??? LOL…

  • The Hills is shit

    Forgot to add…if you think this show is the need to step outside your box and travel to say Europe or Asia or even NYC. Anyone with a life and at least an undergrad college education will realize that the people on this how…most uneducated or degrees from fly by night schools are not people you want to emulate.

  • yoyo63

    JT did the same thing to Olsen twins at MTV music award 5 years ago,,haha..

  • ana

    hahA he’s AMAZING AND soooooooo right !! love him ” HE IS NUMBER. 1.

  • me!


  • janz


  • tanya

    i officially LOVE JT

  • claudy

    Its true though, we need more music vids!
    I love Justin, but I think that he Over did it.

  • Lisa B

    I didnt see if anyone went here yet—I want to clarify my thoughts on something here… When Justin said “We don’t want to see the Simpsons on reality tv’ i think he was referring the stereotypical casting you find on “REALITY TV” and was referencing the well loved Fox cartoon, “The Simosons” not in fact the Simpson sisters. MTV should just drop the M and add a CP– Cut Price TeleVision. They don’t have to pay artists, or actors, or writers initially. Most of our dumbasses are so astounded by mere thought of ‘The Good Life” we willing sign up to be unpaid and overexploited, selling our dignity and respect for a chance to party it up on MTV. After all, this is what our generation is associated with so frequently. What a cheap was to exploit MusicTeleVision… and the perception of our generation!

  • Shooks

    Wasn’t JT on the Micky Mouse club? Who is he to talk? I agree that MTV should show more videos but he shouldn’t be the one to make that comment. If his boy band had been created just a couple years later he would have been on a reality TV show. It’s not like NSYNK was some great band touring on their own and writing their own music and just happened to be found by Perlman after toiling on the road paying their dues. He was created just like the persona’s of the Hills girls were created. He needs to remember that in order to continue making videos to be played on MTV he needs to respect his fans and if any of the Hills girls were fans of his before I think he just lost 3 and many more who viewed his rudeness on the show.

  • Mily

    He’s so rude a total jerk
    I think ex boy bands members should stop pretending to be actors

  • Amandaaa

    He’s right.

  • Carly

    Ok i agree with him because bascially the only videos mtv plays is on trl but that didn’t make any sense for him to say the simpsons because both of them havent been on mtv for almost two years and they never show reruns. Im so sick of people dissing ashlee he should have dissed his ex-girlfriend for that lame excuse for a performance!

  • Lynn

    I loved it. Who are those girls? Those shows are worse than A Simple Life, trying to make “stars” out of attention seeking, self absorbed, narcacists. I’m so tired of it. It’s called MUSIC television.

  • random thought

    i think justin probably said something like that cause the girls’ attention were in timbaland when in fact he is the winner…you will notice that after viewing the video repeatedly. he probably felt humiliated and to get back at the girls and redeem himself of the humiliation he said something bad. you know when people are feeling awkward you kinda do something to yourself like touch your nose or your chin or your ears or flatten out your clothes or something…well in justin’s case he looked at his heel or his legs or whatever and then uttered those words. well you can’t blame him he probably thought “the girls didn’t congratulate a big celebrity like me? do they actually think they’re a bigger celeb than me?!” i kinda thought about that cause there’s nothing that would make justin say those things…really! i mean nothing bad has happened between him and another reality star prior to this for him to loathe them. but he is right though too much shows on mtv and less music. but i like pimp my ride haha!

  • ginersnap

    damn he got cocky but it is the truth it should be rtv…reality television instead of the m for music.

  • Ironically

    and guess what??? Justin was on that show,,what’s the show’s name?,,the one that that he let his homeboy,ashton kutcher play prank on him?

    i mean, come on, it’s hollywood…all they do is putting people on tv!

    and just the fact that he said something like that,,it’s just not a very nice way of treating people. Let’s face it, the reality shows on MTV are there regularly; moreover, VMA is hosted by MTV, and JT was saying something like that on MTV stage,,what if MTV decided not to play any of his music at all!

    come on now, BE NICE!

  • B

    I don’t think he snubbed them at all… he went up and accepted his award, made his speech, and left the stage. It’s not like one of them tried to hug him and he blew them off, they were all clumped on the other side of the stage.

  • Ashley

    That’s funny because when I saw that on the VMAs I thought Lauren subbed him. He looked like he was going to try to hug them, but you see Laurn like run to the right real quickly. I just thought maybe she didn’t like him. Judging by that little scene you wouldn’t know that she has a crush on him.

  • Barb

    I don’t think I’d watch more of MTV even if they did start playing more videos. I dunno. I think that MTV is kinda jurassic now. Everybody I know watches music videos online. Even when MTV does play videos, chances are, you won’t like all of ‘em. Maybe 4 out of 10 or something. Why watch those other 6 pieces of shit you don’t want to see… or even worse, waiting and waiting for your favorite video, when you can just hop onto to Youtube or whatever and watch whatever you want, whenever you want, and as much as you want?

    MTV needs to change their name to match their programming. They should take out the “Music” in “Music Television” and change it to something more suitable.

  • lolo




  • random thought

    well if you watch the video again i think it was the other way around…it was really the girls who snubbed justin. cause after checking out his shoes he looked at lauren and the girls but their backs were turned at that time and he waited for a short while like he was thinking “uhhh and then what?” then he laughed.

  • christle kilburn

    Music Videos can get tiring quickly. I think the reality shows are a nice break for them. The Hills is certainly a leading one, I think some people are just getting jealous that they’re not getting the play time that they’re big egos feel they should.

  • Robin

    Right or wrong that was just rude. I wonder if it even occurred to him who was standing on stage with him. He came off looking careless and conceited.

  • whatever.

    um, you know what.
    justin can do whatever he wants.
    quite frankly, it’s nice to see some reality shows every once in awhile but it’s kind of disturbing when they freakin’ play it the whoooooooolllleee day.

    NO MUSIC. nothing, TRL does not count.
    that’s a freakin’ crappy show that doesn’t let the videos play all the way.

    The Hills is a stupid show, Lauren did look sad but i could give two shits about her.
    she causes her own drama because she’s always so negative.

    her style is butt ugly and not original.

    the only reason she’s famous and whatnot is because of laguna beach.. which is shit
    who shows rich promiscuous teens party and make out all the time.

  • ashleytisdale1992

    The Hills rox.Justin is an idiot.Music and reality tv shows is what make mtv so good!

  • i

    don’t let it get to ur head, Dumbass Justin


    You can watch music videos any time of the day without commercials… it’s called the INTERNET. Who sits and watches music videos for more than a few minutes? I love music as much as the next person but reality television can be pretty damn entertaining. They need to spend more time making shows that are quality. Timberlake is talented but he seems so arrogant. Fame shot right to his head. I always find it comical to see him trying to act ‘gangsta’… he is a white boy from Tennessee who ‘designs clothes’, sings and dances. He needs a trip back down to earth. He isn’t even all that attractive. That was very rude of him to shun the gals from The Hills (but I did laugh). Poor Whitney was probably so disappointed. She is always saying how much she has loved and supported him over the years.


    That’s what the internet’s for.
    Honestly. Since MTV refuses to play music
    until the wee hours, then I decide to Youtube music.
    But I’d be one very happy woman if they beheaded Lauren, Spencer, Heidi. Live on TV. It would be brutal but funny.

  • Peachy

    eh..what did she expect him to do fall in love with her?
    Self center sluts..

  • oo

    okay,i agree with him that they should play more music videos. But still, he should have acted in a nice way,he’s like an uncivilized person, he didn’t even thank the presenters. And he did this,not once.. but twice,oi VMA 2003. He’s soo full of himself! who the hell does he think he is?!! he’s not special!!!


    I barely watch MTV anymore because it’s so full of reality shite. I gotta watch MTV2 to get all the good stuff instead.

  • plumpy

    go justin go go i love you. lauren sucks she need to work hard in order to get famous

  • plumpy

    go justin go go i love you. lauren sucks she need to work hard in order to make it in the industry.

  • ?

    is Justin lost in showbiz, where is that mans manners? Clearly he needs to go away just like his ex and remember where he came from.Its probablly too late now, the public have paid his wages and now we have to pay the price, Lauren take your albums back now!