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Mary-Kate Olsen on 'Weeds'

Mary-Kate Olsen on 'Weeds'

Here is a full scene of Mary-Kate Olsen on the Showtime series Weeds. She plays “good Christian girl” Tara Lindman, Silas’ (played by Hunter Parrish) new love interest.

Mary-Kate‘s character utters to Parrish‘s character: “I can see your boner. Don’t be embarrassed. That’s part of God’s love too.”

Watch the video below of Mary-Kate‘s bonerific appearance on Weeds!!!

Mary-Kate Olsen on Weeds
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  • Caley

    I haven’t heard her speak since back when I was 12 and used to watch the movies like “Our Lips Are Sealed”. That was bizarre.

  • ashley


    she did good! i wish i had showtime

  • Phoebe= )

    Mary-Kate sounds drouzy and drunk.I don’t know her anymore!!!

  • From the block

    she was good. Haha, she sounded a bit too tipsy though, like a hippie from the 60′s that was stoned.

  • Mia

    godammit! why dont they play weeds on aussie tv anymore.. =( booooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Sara

    I thought she was great. I like that she is branching out & trying to diversify her acting image; not bombing on stage in sparkly panties…

  • suzy

    love if i want to smoke weed i can tell people God made it so it’s all good.

  • Fattie

    Hey! I’m not american and I don’t know what’s a boner … help?thx

  • selwyse

    hey . .she was pretty good! well, Go mary kate! I’m pleasantly surprised. .



  • matt

    she sounded so much like drew barrymore

  • shopgirl

    Great job. I can’t wait till next Monday : )

  • sharlene

    i love her! im so glad they gave her that role! cant wait to watch the whole season. love you mary-kate!!!

  • Izzie

    I love Weeds, tonight’s epi was so hilarious, but I don’t know how I feel about Mary-Kate’s character yet, will have to watch a whole epi with her in it first.

  • Miss Tacky News

    ooh she looks great and it’s weird hearing her speak!

  • True

    I think she did good! And she’s supposed to sound like that. She’s a little stoner. But it’s good to see her on her own without Ashley. I liked it!

  • Lily-Kay

    Wow. The twins are separated. That was actually quite good, since all I’ve seen of M-K was from New York Minute and Full House… definatley a new change from that.

  • madison

    She’s so hot, i love the twins! – get on in the CLUB if u wanna have fun! – where music and fashion meet!

  • amy

    @ Fatty

    boner isnt American
    it means a hard on or stiffy

  • *~*Jinny*~*

    “I can see your boner. Don’t be embarrassed. That’s part of God’s love too.”

    LOL – CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING. I think I might like this show but I don’t have Showtime, is this show (full episodes) on the internet anywhere?

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Barbie

    am I the only one that didn’t think she was good?? She has her lips perched the whole time, the same way she does when she smiles.

  • Mia
  • Bree

    hahaha! really really bad except that she 100% talks like one of those overly chill stoner teens who talk in an over-the-top 60s stoned way. but actually a step up from all of those cheesy kid videos she used to do, so there you go.

  • su

    What is a boner ? i really can’t understand
    ps: i’m not american

  • verafy

    “i can see your boner” hahahhahahahahahah that was awsome
    gotta sya i lvoe the stoner mary-kate being a stoner myself :)

  • kim

    yeah she did do a really good job!!! i wish i had showtime )=
    uhhh for those who don’t know what a boner is ummm just google it & youll find out… haha