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Angelina & Zahara are a Laughing Matter

Angelina & Zahara are a Laughing Matter

After dropping off Maddox at school, Angelina Jolie shares a laugh with daughter Zahara, 2, before entering the Mary Arnold Toys Store on NYC’s Upper East Side on Tuesday morning.

Wonder what all the loud-laughing was all about between the mother-daughter duo!

Angie wore a gray texured skirt, a white trench coat and nude flats. She also toted around her favorite Valentino braided leather shoulder bag. Princess Zee wore a white tee, black pants and Lacoste shoes. Cute pigtails!

FYI: On the menu at Maddox’s school: “Roasted Beef Au Jus with Mushroom Gravy,” “Dijon Crusted Pollack with Vegetable Medley” and “Seared Fillet of Salmon with Herbed New Potatoes.” Not bad for kindergarten lunch fare!

20+ pictures inside of Angelina and Zahara laughing up a storm…

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angelina zahara laughing 01
angelina zahara laughing 02
angelina zahara laughing 03
angelina zahara laughing 04
angelina zahara laughing 05
angelina zahara laughing 06
angelina zahara laughing 07
angelina zahara laughing 08
angelina zahara laughing 09
angelina zahara laughing 10
angelina zahara laughing 11
angelina zahara laughing 12
angelina zahara laughing 13
angelina zahara laughing 14
angelina zahara laughing 15
angelina zahara laughing 16
angelina zahara laughing 17
angelina zahara laughing 18
angelina zahara laughing 19
angelina zahara laughing 20
angelina zahara laughing 21
angelina zahara laughing 22

Photos:, Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • hi angel or aka ida

    ida/angel How’s Atlanta? Is it still hot?

  • angel

    47 says,please someone already gave a reasonable explaination,we want peac

  • matt


  • hi angel or aka ida

    We want true fans to be honest and not pose with phony new names.
    Are you ashame after how you treated piper. Just say sorry to piper. Do You, and stop posing, makes it crazy with all the trolls daily.


    Notice that she is wearing bigger tops and now a coat yet Z has a T-shirt.

    I dont think its that cold in NY.

    Keeping the baby bump watch alive.

  • good morn

    I miss Shiloh.

  • angel

    51 says,why does everyone think am ida?for real,is it that hard to change identity,are you a regular?

  • rg

    angelina looks like a man in this picture

  • angel

    okay, its ida,i have a different email and a different name,the vaccation was excellent,i had fun,i no longer use ida,so call me angel,please,Atlanta is still hot

  • zzzz

    Zee is gorgeous beautiful features. Where is her white haired blonde beautiful little sis Shiloh she is missed .

  • piper, with a low

    43 sharon : 09/11/2007 at 11:59 am

    I read that too, and to say the least, it’s very upsetting and disconcerting. I thought that woman camping outside of Paris Hilton’s house with her toddler was bad.

  • angel

    51 says,how did you know it was me?some of the haters also kinda knew,that is why i believe some of them work for tab rags

  • regular

    57 angel : 09/11/2007 at 12:11 pm
    51 says,why does everyone think am ida?for real,is it that hard to change identity,are you a regular?
    ———— —————
    No doubt in this world you are ida. I’M A REGULAR LURKING.
    You are ida, only ida posts are worded exactly the way you post.
    If you are going to pose, need to do better.

  • angel

    energy,i am also on bump watch,all the signs are there

  • sara

    These pictures were taken after they dropped off Maddox at school. I guess they decided to drop by the store before heading home.

  • Francophile

    awww !

    That little girl is a joy of life and must run the Jolie-Pitt household !

    She has so much personality, energy, fierceness, mischieviousness, smartness and guts ! She is so stupidly genuine, shows how she feels wether angry or joyfull, whenever she wants to. I remembered reading that Z is yelling while being stunned when Brad is dancing (LOL)

    She is the most interesting of all celebrity children and it’s a delight to see her grow and maturing into an instinctive, smart, responding little person.

  • papi


  • piper, with a low

    Aww… Angelina and little Zee.

    Personally, I suspect that Zahara was at the root of the laughter. And I loved that the paps didn’t disrupt her giggling jag.

  • angel


  • London

    How cute! Love them! Bless them all!

  • jps fans????haha

    Wow and they say we trolls are loozers -when they poze too haha.hehee.

  • aaa
  • good morn

    Zahara is full of personality.

  • angel

    did you guys watch inside edition yesterday,they showed (pitt porn,as lainey says)brads hand on angie’s butt,also angie said she was proud with the movie and pitt’s win at venice

  • Hottest Couple Ever

    Absolutely adorable. I love them all so much.

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    Princess Zaharar and Mommy smiling is too cute.

  • angel

    66 says,i think they said something about it in an interview,z is just too adorable

  • angel

    am trying to post the video but i can’t,sorry

  • angel

    i will try and post it later,i have errands to run


    That Zahara is a stone gas, I could see photos of her everyday.

  • Seriously

    75 Hottest Couple Ever : 09/11/2007 at 12:24 pm
    Absolutely adorable. I love them all so much.
    Do you have ANY idea how crazy that sounds??????

  • the real tita

    Stop asking where is Shiloh. She’s at home and enjoying the peace and quiet. It seems everytime she is out, people go crazy. You trolls keep saying Angie doesn’t love Shiloh but do you see Brad taking her out by himself except for that one time in New Orleans (when they needed her for a role in daddy’s film)? They are protecting her as parents should.

    She only comes out when the family is moving from one place to another…when of course she has to. Resign yourselves to not seeing much of her because the parents won’t be taking her out where there are going to be crowds gawking at her or where somebody could actually hurt her.

    Their other children don’t arouse that much reaction as Shiloh so they are always out with them. Plus they’re at that age where you have to entertain them more. When Shiloh gets a little older or when the interest in her has gone down (good luck with that! don’t think so, but…) then maybe they will take her out more.

  • hkn

    Angie looks happy to be living in NYC.

    She’s never this happy in LA.

    I think NYC is a great place for them because the UN headquarters is there. I t makes it easier for Angie to attend the meetings at UN.

    I feel she hates Los Angeles. Also, her dad and Brad’s ex live there. In NYC she doesn’t have to worry about running into either on of them.

  • fan

    best mom/daughter duo

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Guli, is today your birthday? If so please have a happy birthday. I know your are ageing beautifully. Peace.

  • sharon
  • zzzz

    We all want to see how shes doing. Shiloh needs to be out more.


    87 zzzz : 09/11/2007 at 12:35 pm
    Don’t care for Shiloh

  • zzzz

    How can you not care for her. I like all da kids. I was just wondering if she is walking.

  • B

    Zahara is such a pretty little girl!


    Hello Everyone.

    This is very reflective day in America. I am here trying to remember all the souls that have been lost since this day happened. 9/11 is one of the saddest days in America and will remain that way forever.

    Please people no drama today. Lets keep fighting to a minimum.

    For the people asking where is Shiloh. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I wish EVERYONE well today. I pray for your families and your loved ones. I know everyone around the world is going through something my prayers and well wishes extend to you as well.

  • casey

    it kills me to read some of your stupid defenses for these two and their not taking shiloh out. each one of these kids are gawked at the same. there is the same number of paps following them no matter which kid or kids are out with them. and if they are “protecting” shiloh (which they’re not), then they should protect them all seeing as a rude pap is a rude pap is a rude pap.

    no, what we have here (for Brad & Angelina) is simply a case of politically correct, liberal guilt…with a little hate thrown in (on AJs part). The child is old enough to be able to take things in and see and look and experience. With Z as a precedent, there should be no reason to leave Shiloh behind as much as they do and the only reason to explain why they do is that they are scared to leave the public and media with the impression that they love the white child any more than the others.

    So to make that point, their baby (not by possession but by age baby) must suffer and go without as much attention as she should have and know that the family, HER FAMILY (!) is constantly leaving her and she is staying behind.

    So sad.

  • NaNa

    44 Pink_driven JoliePitt : 09/11/2007 at 11:59 am
    The last laugh is Angie’s and Zahara’s LOL

    Link above will bring you to many more pix of our dynamic megastar duo. This pic is especially cute because Brad took the time to say hello to a very young fan…BRAD AND ANGIE ARE THE SWEETEST IDOLS TO THEIR MILLIONS OF FANS!!! Love ‘em to pieces!

    There are more pictures and video of the scene.
    It seems they were leaving their hotel, Brad was in front pulling Angie (video is in JJB). Angie was not moving, so Brad turned around and saw that she was holding the boy’s arm and gesturing if he wanted to take pictures (there are pictures of these). Then Brad turned around to touch the boy and pulled Angie again. It seems Angie just loves kids and also Brad.

  • hey LA

    LA, you just started blogging here a coupe of months ago,,don’t go telling us ‘REGULARS HOW TO BLOG’ or RESPOND TO OTHERS.
    When we vote a ‘BLOG POLICE’ poster ‘in’ which we won’t..they will be a REGULAR,,a 2 year Poster.
    So be nice and stop being so BOSSY. You need to CHILL..

  • DDDD


  • tabitha

    It’s nice to see Zahara all smiles.

  • Di Na Natuto

    thanks Jared! can’t wait for more pics.

    Mommy and Zee time. so adorable! hey Zee forgot her matching valentino bag. :)

    43 sharon : 09/11/2007 at 11:59 am … wow. Brad and Angelina is really capable of mass hysteria. that was scary. i hope the child is okay.

  • PinkRose

    Yeah, new shoes for baby Zee!!!



  • Chan