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Britney's VMAs Performance UNCENSORED

Britney's VMAs Performance UNCENSORED

HAHAHA! So wrong but sooooooo funny.

Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme more
Gimme gimme more
Gimme gimme more

Enjoy!!!!! Poor Brit Brit. But that’s okay, 7.1 million people tuned in to watch the VMAs on Sunday. That’s up 23% from last year!

If you missed Britney‘s real performance from the VMAs, watch that here.

Britney Spears‘ 2007 VMAs “Gimme More” UNCENSORED VERSION
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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • ~*~Get Real~*~

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!!! too funny : ) thanks jj

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • joy

    THis was a waste of air time. SHe was not a good performer, whatsoever. I wouldve preferred Kanye West over Britney Spears.



  • jo

    I love it :) thanks !!!

  • IDENTICAL performance..omg

    YAYYYYYY!!..Looks Just Like her..he mimick her performance and look PERFECTLY!!!..YAYYYY!!

  • Caro

    N’importe quoi ces amerloques ! Britney ferait mieux de vivre en France , ou elle serait tranquille ! Regardez chez vous au lieu de regarder la vie des autres !

    Fuck nolife

  • sarah

    tht was reallly suckyy… seems lykshe was lip singing and her moves r really bad

  • sarah

    tht was reallly suckyy… seems lyk she was lip singing

  • DOC

    I feel sorry for Brit but that was HILARIOUS! and gross:-o

  • depeche

    This guy looks hotter than Brit muhahahaha

  • Lisa

    Why is everybody making fun of her? She is still human. I heard she had cried backstage after the performance because in her eyes, and unfortunately 7.1 million other pairs of eyes, she had failed. Is that really something to joke about? This poor girl is on a downward spiral and everybody thinks its funny. THINK ABOUT IT, IF YOU ARE EVEN A HUMAN BEING YOURSELF. Along with Mary J. Blige, I was hoping she would come out of it unscathed and perhaps help boost her self-esteem even just a bit.

    P.S. I’m not a fan of Britney but I am a human being.

  • racy lacy

    I liked that better than what was actually shown on MTV>

  • de Cosmos

    HaHa!! Too much, but please,
    “Leave Britney ALONE!”

  • tina

    laissez la tranquille la pauvre
    vous etes tous pathetique

  • that manbrit gots talent

    12 Lisa : 09/11/2007 at 5:14 pm
    Why is everybody making fun of her? She is still human. I heard she had cried backstage after the performance because in her eyes,
    I read she went out that night and partied hard…again..don’t worry,,her millions will pick up her spirits..along with her,alcohol, free se.x and pills..

  • OReany!

    that would have being a lot better than her real performancee!!

  • pape


  • Souhila

    @ Tina : qu’ELLE , elle nous foute la paix , et arrête de polluer nos ondes, nos écrans et nos magazines. Cette fille a un problème d’ordre psychiatrique , et sa place est dans un hopital , pas sur une scène internationale!

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    Gosh she really has come back, good for her

  • Kim

    At least I found him amusing :D and he looked like he actually tried :D

  • Alberto

    JERKS !!! but funny. haha
    still jerks !

  • any

    at the end is really funny went they show 50 and diddy’s reaction!:D

  • Ag

    Raaaaaaaaaaah les français(es) je vous adore, enfin des gens qui défendent BRIT !!!!!

    Nan mais sans déconner, d’ou elle est grosse ?? Faut arrêtez là, elle était sublime.

    C vraiment le bouc émissaire du moment et c souvent très (trop) injustifié, ça m’énerve !

  • Ag

    Souhila a écrit : “qu’ELLE , elle nous foute la paix , et arrête de polluer nos ondes, nos écrans et nos magazines. Cette fille a un problème d’ordre psychiatrique , et sa place est dans un hopital , pas sur une scène internationale! ”

    Alors autant je peux concevoir qu’on aime pas la musique de Brit, ni la personne, chacun ses gouts même si ce ne sont pas les miens… Mais bon, qu’elle envahisse les magazines, et bien, Souhila, je vais t’apprendre une chose : c pas Britney qui le décide de paraître dans les magazines. Je crois même qu’elle s’en passerait volontiers d’être autant traquée par les paparazzis. Même si elle a un très bon rapport avec eux et est toujours aimable.

    Ensuite polluer nos ondes et nos écrans… Bah écoute, ces dernières années on peut dire qu’elle s’est faite absente la ptite Brit (au grand regret de ses fans) alors comment peux-tu trouver qu’elle pollue les ondes et les écrans ???

    Quant à son problème d’ordre psychiatrique, alors là, comment peut-on écrire de telle chose ? D’ou tu connais Brit pour la juger ? Nan mais tu te rends compte de la débilité d’un tel propos ?

    Arrêtez vous laissez influencer par les médias et apprenez à réfléchir un peu plus par vous-même. Parce que là ça devient vraiment mais vraiment ennuyeux.

    Sur ce, sans rancune.

  • JKE


  • malibumom

    The worse thing we can make for ourselves is an excuse-I will not sympathize with her-She is no different than the millions of teenagers who totally f’ up their lives after being told that they need to get an education and take care of themselves-but instead they decide to do something different and when it doesn’t work out, they want to be rescued and they want sympathy-She needs to do what she was told a long time ago-leave hollywood, go somewhere and properly rear you kids-but she is not going to do that-she doesn’t know how to do that-if she were poor, she would be just another statistic-

    Raise the standards-set the goals high and push for excellence and nothing else-You may not reach the moon, but if you fall, you’ll fall among the stars!!!!

  • Ray


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Way better and hotter than britney! LOL xD

  • JO

    The only reason I watched VMA was to see Britney. I felt very sorry for her. It didn’t work out and she knows it. Everyone should show a little humanity. Well, VMA got what they wanted … increased veiwers. Who are they going to sacrifice next year to keep the viewership up? Brit was set up, just look at the B—- who was on next. Kept flipping back and forth to see if VMA improved after Britney – didn’t. Sunday night football was much better.

  • Émilie

    LOL, funny AND very realistic.

    Et les françaises, fermez-donc votre gueule.

  • the_original_nika

    omg LMAO.

  • Eli



    You people are sickening!

    1st) she is not fat!
    2nd) this sh*t isn’t even funny!
    3rd) you make your living talking about her life, she don’t make her living talking about yours!
    4th) If you posters think that you can do some much better, why haven’t we heard of you yet? what is taking you so long?
    5th) she need to go home and make amends with her mother, If she had someone that was strong behind her, then she wouldn’t of lost her confidence! This year was different..because she didn’t have her mom behind her! I stronglt feel that way!

    I think that she should have taken her time! She actually looks good for having babies back to back!

    i think that it makes losers feel better about themselves to put another down! You see that she is feeling bad, and you f*ckers keep pushing the knife deeper, and deeper! you are no better than k-fraud! he is a lame @sshole!

  • Jaxon

    I don’t feel sorry for her! She didn’t rehearse. She choose on purpose an outfit that exposed way to much of her flab, against other recommendations. She knew she didn’t put herself into her performance so why did she even accept the work if she wasn’t going to do the work?

    The person I feel sorry for is her mother. You know she wept as she watched her daughter throw it all away like a bored spoiled little brat.

  • Hille Koiz

    I don’t like Brit’s music, but it’s ridiculous make fun of a person who is in a bad situation. She needs her fans’ support.

  • Cynthia

    I hope she is bringing in her sons birthdays, it’s the only right thing to do Shitney! Be there for them on their birthdays biatch!

  • Blanca

    LMFAO!!! Brit, U ROCKED!! Jajaja uhm, and Brit, where can I get ur outfit? xDDDD

  • Realism

    I never thought….that I would feel so sorry for her. Seriously, all she needs to do is become an artist. A real artist with substance. Dress like you have confidence. And by confidence I mean dress classy, and own it. You don’t have to show off your body in order to look “sexy”. Hell, baring everything isn’t sexy, it’s TRASHY. And its said that she thinks trashy is sexy. Come up with some awesome routines that showcase your strengths as an amazing dancer. Hell Madonna can’t sing nor dance in my opinion…but she still is probably on of the most successful women in the world…ugh! She could do soo much with the opportunities given to her….ugh!

  • Ken

    # 12 Lisa- Why is everybody making fun of her? She is still human. I heard she had cried backstage after the performance because in her eyes,

    Why are some people making excuses for her. Why is such kindness for the wealthy and unworthy. Cut some slack to other girls out there in the world who do not have Britney’s kind of money to get help. Just stop feeling sorry for someone who is leading a fun filled, irresponsible life but still will be o.k. at retirement time. there are enough people in each of our neighborhoods who needs this bleeding heart, humaniztic sympathy. Help those pople out in any way you can.

  • melissa

    Tiens je ne savais pas qu’il y avait des francais qui lisent ce site. Ca serait marrant d’ecrire des tonnes de messages en francais…juste pour faire un peu chier le monde.

  • Hayley

    My mum and i were on another site last night, and the site said that Britney was looking ‘herendously out of shape’ we nearly died! She was a perfect shape and for someone who has just had 2 babies, that comment was TOTALLY unnecessary!

    Too many people are bagging Britney, just leave her alone and let her get her life back on track. The VMA’s performance means shes trying to win back our respect…she just needs a little more time and support from us, even if we’re not her fans!

    Thanks for posting!
    The pics are great :]

  • natalie

    LOL that’s the funniest shit ever.

  • KrungKrung

    i know brit brit’s body has changed since she popped 2 adorable kids , she’s a lil chubby, and i know lots of people are pickin’ on her weight now, i hope and pray to buddha that she won’t go anorexic or skin and bones the next time we see her, why don’t the media and especially the papz leave her alone.

  • KrungKrung

    i do like her song “gimme more” it’s very danceable and more disco music like but the rests of her songs i don’t like, i heard two more so far, gimme more is the best of all, i hope.

  • sasha


  • dania

    OMG it’s perfect! I love it! Actually more entertaining than the white trash cow trainwreck! lol

  • lisa

    How can anyone feel sorry for or defend this disprespectful trainwreck? She is digusting with her behavior just doing photoshoots. Let’s her dog crap on clothing, steals things and walks out, and fires everyone at the drop of a hat!

    She totally deserves to be beaten down and bashed. She was gross and ridiculous and finally she was stupid enough to really show the world what she has been like in all of her stupid photoshoots and encounters.

    Her only career is flashing her flabby coot around with no panties or showing off her butt cheeks.

    She doesn’t give a crap about anyone but her own needs. She is a selfish pig who totally trashed what rehab is, and mocked everyone who was trying to help her by making some stupid mocking video.

    So she is getting what she deserves.

    She is too stupid, lazy and untalented to be more than the white trash loser she is.

    I love the video, and I think everyone in the media is being way to nice to her.

    She is flabby and out of shape and at her best she cant even sing anyway. The low life has a mike on her for nothing.

    Keep the parodies coming!

  • Yily

    Jared, that’s not very nice. Britney is not fat. A lot of women would kill to have a body like her. Posting this video really show an ugly side of you, Jared. You don’t kick somebody when they’re already down.

  • ray

    She was a disgrace ALL THANKS TO HER silly fans who wanted so much her BIG COMEBACK. If is anyone to blame will be those who call themselfs FANS. The girl was never ready, you were keeping her on the spot light by saying lies about her how good she looked, how well she was doing..ect. This woman has big problems sense she dismiss all her old friends, family, and her own kids!!and you were soporting her craziness. Brit this year just give birth and you couldn’t help yourselfs on PUSHING and PUSHING her to comeback. YES BRIT FANS WELL DONE FOR DISTROYING HER AND KEEP MAKING EXCUSES FOR HER YOU ARE THE ONES TO BLAME AND BRIT HERSELF FOR LISTENING TO YOU AND NOT HER REAL FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!

  • dany

    poor britney….