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Halle & Gabriel Go Baby Clothes Shopping

Halle & Gabriel Go Baby Clothes Shopping

Halle Berry and model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry spend over an hour picking out clothes for their baby at NoMi Boutique on Monday.

Like a true gentleman, Gabriel opened the car door for her leading lady.

The 41-year-old Academy Award-winning actress officially announced to the world that she was three months pregnant last Tuesday.

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  • carmen

    Happy for both of them…

  • helen

    first……..your beautiful Halle

  • Amy

    41 is a high risk age for a first pregnancy. I’ll keep Halle in my prayers.

  • kate.

    omg 4th!!

  • anonymous

    They’re BEAUTIFUL together. This baby is going to be gorgeous. Gabe is so fine and she is so pretty!

  • um

    this is not true love its lust but halle has her baby so he leaves he goes.

  • Regina

    Don’t you mean his leading lady?

  • Laura

    The baby is gonna be gorgeous, they make a great couple!

    I’m happy for ‘em.

  • Tammie

    In the first pic she looks a tad bit like Jessica Alba. Not bad for a 41 year old! :)

  • April

    the older you get its harder to have a baby, so right 41 is a high risk age for a first pregnancy. Halle looks in fine shape but its physically and emotional draining after the baby is born.

  • sorry

    Sorry, but I saw the video of these pics! They were not that lovey dovey – in fact Gabriel barely looked at Halle — there was no holding of the hands and he was very quick with the opening of the door – barely made sure she was inside. I think this relationship is of convenience. Halle NEEDED a baby period. She even said it herself, it could have been with “WHOEVER” and she still would have wanted a baby. PLUS, I think it’s hilarious when people say they are this “perfect” couple and Halle claims he’s this “perfect” man and then says “I’ll never marry him though.” I think people think she’s this perfect guy because he’s white – and we all know they’re perfect (being sarcastic).

    Plus, for the record, Eric use to open the door for Halle…obviously this is not an indicator of a “great” man. If you ask me Gabriel is quite aloof and controlled! he’s Halle’s stud — cooks for her and impregnates her — SHE’S THE QUEEN AND KING OF THE CASTLE!

  • sorry

    Plus, they were riding with their interior decorator as well this day. So let’s stop with ALL THE HYPE! The other shoe I can already see is going to drop SOON!

  • natalie

    Cute couple. Congrats to them! Halle deserves some happiness after all she’s been through in her life. She’s beautiful, classy, and a survivor.

  • Mediterranean

    She looks more than 3 months to me but she says 3 months, it should be 3 months.

    She might end up being like Salma by the end of her pregnancy.

  • E


    How many relationships have you been in and things just did not work out? EXACTLY. Please stop with the constant judgement a nonsense when it comes to this women. She doesn’t say anything bad about anyone, tries to do the right things, yet people in and out of the entertainment business still have something to say about her…..Someone said she has low self esteem…. if I was judged as much as her, i’d have low self esteem too.You need to stop that. I have seen the video of them.Gabriel looked so pissed off because of paparazzi. I don’t blame them. Leave them alone..

  • E


    I forgot to mention something. I think you are the same person who obsessed with them. (You said they won’t have a baby.) Get a life..

  • A Certain Smile

    Oh, please Jealous and a racist to boot. These pictures don’t show anything of what you are saying. they are out shopping and being followed by paps. these 2 have been together for 2 years. $41 is not that old to have a baby. Her diabetes is more a factor than her age. You must be a bunch of 12 y/o who act as if 41 is elderly. She takes good care of herself and has for years. The only women w/ problems are those who have not taken care of themselves before and during the pregnancy. Marcia cross just has twins and she is doing fine. You need to take your negative racist crap elsewhere.

    these two are doing fine and neither needs to be in a fake relationship. If they wanted to be somewhere else they would be.

    She looks great. When your sorry a$$ is 41 you certainly won’t.

    As long as they follow their doctor’s orders, Halle and Gabriel will have a healthy baby.

  • mel

    Absolutely gorgeous baby on the way. I predict it will come out looking more white than black as Halle is bi-racial – nothing wrong with either by the way. For a model his chest sure is hairy he must not have walked down the catwalk for a minute.


    Well whatever they are to one another, that should be one good looking baby.

  • Mediterranean

    What’s wrong of being 41 and pregnant? Who writes negatives comments, they have no idea or they are teenager who doesn’t know what anything about it.

    It’s true that 41 of age is risky for pregnancy but many woman who are in their 20s have a baby who is not healthy. I am sure that she and her doctor will do their best to make her have a healthy pregnancy and baby. We do live in 2007, don’t forget that.

    Halle, good luck!

  • Ruth

    I assume that most of the posters commenting about Halle’s age are around 12 years old otherwise why on earth would anyone assume that a woman of 41 is too old to have a child! Of course Halle is a diabetic so she will need special attention during the pregnancy plus, of course, all of the usual tests done for older mums-to-be. Otherwise, hopefully, she will have an event-free and easy pregnancy and birth. I have a new granddaughter from one of my daughters who gave birth to her (first) child at the ripe old age of 40 and she had a wonderful pregnancy. My congratulations to Halle and Gabriel and every good wish for a healthy child.

  • liz

    She’s only three months pregnant and she’s already shopping for baby clothes? At 41, I think she needs to be a little more superstitious about buying stuff like that too soon. There’s plenty of time in the 9th month to be buying baby clothes, or even after the child was born. She seems to think that 3 months means a healthy pregnancy and child are a sure bet.

  • A Certain Smile

    I think she is in her 4th month if she is due Valentines Day but it does seem early to be shopping for clothes. Also, this is a guess maybe they are buying for someone else? or like to be positive?
    either way, hope she has an uneventful pregnancy.

  • star

    ohh her shades r cute any1 know where they r from, shes lukin gud as well. im luvin it!!!!

  • Go Halle!

    I’m tired of arguing with any haters and racists here. They exhaust me. Already been there and done that BEFORE she got pregnant. It’s no use. You cannot argue with hatred because hatred isn’t sensible, especially in this case. They’re such a beautiful pair!

    The People magazine article said Gabriel is sweet and gentle. Oh be still my heart! What is more gorgeous than a physically beautiful man who is quiet, confident and sweet? He doesn’t need to push his way into the forefront. He is secure and allows Halle to shine to her fullest.

    I love these two. This is so exciting. I hope JJ follows her pregnancy all the way.

    Any predictions?

    I keep thinking Halle will have a girl. I think a girl would be great for them. Can’t you picture photos of Gabriel and Halle walking together with Gabriel holding their pretty little girl an perhaps giving her kisses? Maybe it’s because he’s Canadian and has a thick accent, I don’t know. I think of him as quietly full of passion. I think he is going to go crazy with love for the baby when it comes.

  • HalleGabriel

    I agree with everything you said. Let me offer an opinion: if the baby is a girl, she should be called Gabrielle or maybe Angele.

  • Gabriel Aubrey Lover

    I couldn’t agree more people are saying mean things to Halle and Gabe because they are not happy with themselves they are so insecure and they don’t have a life so they keep on obssesing about Halle and Gabe.I will just keep on praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby for them and always remember good always triumpht over evil.Take that Haters Losers Sickos

  • Go Halle!

    Yes, those are beautiful names for a daughter!

  • so bored

    hey, where did you see the video from this day. can someone please repond with the link to it…many thanks… one more thing… if you people believe what people magazine says then I have nothing more to say… hasn’t the past shown us that the most beautiful are often the most insecure? the ones that look like they have it all are often the ones who do something crazy like committ suicide? nothing is as it seems people, the bad times between them or the good …

  • E

    so bored-

    you can find a video at

  • so bored

    Thanks but that site is only for professionals and that I am not, just a bartender, any suggestions anyone on how i can see this video? thank you.

  • E

    you can click on “guest” .

  • so bored

    That site is only for professionals and that, I am not, just a bartender..does anyone have any idea how else I can see the video…thanks.

  • E

    I said, you can click on “guest”… why you really want to see the video? I am telling you it’s nothing. Gabriel looked so pissed, which is understandable.

  • so bored

    right you are…but I didn’t think that was unusual… he always looks pissed, they look normal for two years together…they’ve been joined at the hip and I think all the lovie dovie can also be fake… I don’t know..not a big deal either way… guess I really don’t care.. good night…

  • E

    so bored-

    Ah, you are one of those haters.. Good night…

  • so bored

    where did you get that from? no matter cause now you’re starting to sound like Gabriel himself… believe me when I tell you it would be just like him to call the paps and then act pissed… this whole thing has been one great acting job and I thought he was a no talent little shit….

  • E

    What do you think? because many people are so ******** negative about them. How do you know he was a no talent little ****? Can you give me an example? I am sorry. I think you are jealous, bitter, and so on.

  • so bored

    yes, you’re right…I’m jealous of her lack of a father, her well documented psychotic episodes and many miserably failed romances and now her ultra planned deserate mode pregnancy to go along with her dignified tabloid feeding romance with, a male model, both uneducated, both from broken homes, who most likely had to sell their souls along the way to reach the top of their respectively dirty and degrading professions…. hey buddy, not everyone wants to be famous. Not everyone is craving for so much attention that they come out about their great romance and pregnancy to a tabloid. There are some of us that think Hollywood is a sick and twisted world of pimps and hos with or without Oscars and with or without yet another young boy or sugar mama on their arms… p.s. I heard he can’t act, talk, sing, or golf and if the invitro story turns out to be true, well then that’s one more thing he can’t do…

  • so bored

    one more inside tid bit for you.. her x husbands friends had a nick name for her…Halle Scary! get it? or do I have to dumb it down for you?

  • E

    *yawn*…. you are dumb as a bag of rocks. Have a good night.. Au revior

  • so bored

    good night Gabe…

  • A Certain Smile

    Typical BS from some little person who thinks they have some insight to a celebrity’s personality. Halle’s problems have been all over and like everyone else magnified by the media to sell to losers like you. Show business is just that a business. If Ms. Berry was so flaky as you say she would not have become the internationally famous movie star that she is. every one who has worked with her has only positives to say. She is known for her work not party antics like some celebs. Excuse me, ex-husbands are always negative that is why they are ex-husbands. Of course their friends would say stuff about her. People always talk crap to bartenders. Go back to the bar and drink yourself silly. Halle will be just fine, Gabriel will too and they will have a healthy baby. You will remain a loser.

  • team player

    Yawn? yes it would be time for bed for you at 7:30 pm since you became a house wife… and oh… fyi … I think there were a few guys before you who had her and didn’t want her and gave her back…so relax you’re not the first one to get there and chances are you won’t be the last, but the baby plan is brilliant.. you’ll forever be known for it, just like K-fed…can’t wait to see you in pics pushing a baby niglet in a stroller!

  • so bored

    Oh trust me…he likes bartenders….

  • E

    so bored-

    How do you know? Do you know him personally? not

  • E

    team player-

    are you “so bored”? I think so… You don’t know what the heck are you talking about…

  • Gabriel Aubrey Lover

    Enough with the negative comments already you guys don’t have life you have to spend the whole day posting negative things in here don’t you sleep or work it so sad what a lonely life you have.Btw Halle Berry Kinda look like Eva Longario as well as Jessica Alba

  • team player

    what’s sad is Gabe sitting here checking and responding to blogs about himself!!!! poor baby, is there a gag order in Malibu? will your Mammy get upset if you talk for yourself in public?

  • E

    Gabriel Aubrey Lover – my name is spelled Aubry