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Kanye's Backstage Meltdown @ VMAs 2007

Kanye's Backstage Meltdown @ VMAs 2007

Watch. this.

Kanye West, whose album drops today, had a complete meltdown backstage at the 2007 Video Music Awards. The rapper goes completely haywire, hating on MTV for using Britney Spears to open up the show and losing in all five categories that he was nominated for. Kayne‘s so fumed, he even canceled his appearance on TRL today, missing out on a chance to hype up his new album.

Here’s Kanye‘s rant transcribed but watch/listen to the video below!!!

“**** MTV. Y’all heard what the **** I said… Five nominations. I ****in’ lost to Black Eyed Peas last year, man. I’m never coming to MTV. Ya’ll find Britney. Get Britney. Get a real ****in’ artist. Get Britney Spears. I ain’t ****in’ with this pop ****. God****. Give me a ****in’ chance. Give a black man a chance. I’m tryin’ hard. I got the ****in’ #1 record. I’m tryin’ man. I don’t even get a ****in’ chance. They don’t want a ****in’ black man in that position.”

Kanye West‘s Backstage Meltdown @ 2007 MTV VMAs
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112 Responses to “Kanye's Backstage Meltdown @ VMAs 2007”

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  1. 76
    Mia Says:

    oh yeah i can totally see him winning one in the near future now. haha.

  2. 77
    Blanca Says:

    He’s too cocky. I hate him! L-O-S-E-R-!-!-! xDD

  3. 78
    Deb Says:

    All he wants is a freaking award? what about just enjoying making music?

  4. 79
    Idlemess Says:

    Lets not make this about a black or white thing. Sure Kanye mentioned that “can’t a black man get a break” but I am sure that it is not a racist comment because he said black man. Maybe he was referencing himself as a black man to get a break. RIGHT!!!!

    Comments from some of you here (Ann and etals.) were pretty much more generalized (all Black people do not play the race card, unfortunately that is a major misconception and that is what starts a lot of trouble with people speaking out of context and making blatant remarks)that is what I hate more than Kanye having a titty fit.

  5. 80
    Colorlessworld Says:

    Is he okay?

    Poor baby : (

  6. 81
    mike Says:

    kanye i feel your frustration but there’s better ways to go about it as others have said rather than going all out like that… But stay focused and keep doing what you do, because you love music, not because you love what you get in return…Getting whats in return will come when it’s earned, not sought out remember that….I still love your music though man…keep it coming

  7. 82
    mickey Says:

    What a stupid person. For his sake I hope he was joking. I have never seen anyone get that upset over a fake award. No award that MTV gives out makes one bit of difference. Nobody even remembers who wins them. What a whiny little imbecile. He must be really insecure if he needs validation from MTV.

  8. 83
    hehe Says:

    MTV Video music award is lame anyway. why’s he so worked up?

  9. 84
    Kevin Says:

    I believe members of the BEP are black?? right?? hmm sounds like they’re giving a black man a chance, more actually

    so sad

  10. 85
    **** Says:

    I can’t help but agree with him. I mean I’m not his hugest fan but Jesus Christ, he lost out to The Black-eyed Peas. Just think about that for a second. I’d be shocked if even someone as **** as Britney Spears lost out to them. No matter what Kanye tries he just can’t catch a break. Atleast he’s a winner when it comes to sales and that’s where it counts. Someone should sit him down and explain to him that awards mean **** all; where are Moonmen recipients Michael Penn and Jesus Jones today?

  11. 86
    Nele Says:

    He’s actually sooooooo right about it. MTV knew how britney’s performanence would have turned out (hence: rehearsels!!). They should have done something about it!!

  12. 87
    Cherri Says:


  13. 88
    Iris Says:

    He never fails to embarass himself everytime he opens his mouth. Can someone please bring this fool back down to earth before his ego causes his head to explode? I still can’t seem to erase his cringe-worthy behaviour on Punked from my mind as if that wasn’t bad enough!

  14. 89
    JR Says:

    Now I’m a serious Kanye West fan, but getting mad because you didn’t win a moonman? Are u kidding me? U won a damn Grammy. MTV adwards rock, but they don’t compare to a mutha F’in GRAMMY! Drink a 7up and get your smile right b!*ch.

  15. 90
    Emilie Says:

    It’s true in a way! He should not have told it this way but why didn’t he performed on stage? He’s number 1 with his single! I mean even fall out boy should have performed on stage! They’ve had like 3 to single and nothing on stage? MTV screwed up!

  16. 91
    April Says:

    Biggest crybaby award goes to Kanye West give that black man a MTV moon man trophy so he can shut up!

  17. 92
    me Says:

    The MTV video music awards are huge friggin’ joke. Kanye shouldn’t be upset about not having won that craptacular award anyway. In so saying, I do understand why winning a moonman would mean a lot to him. If you think about it, Kanye’s generation grew up with the MTV video awards being the pennicle of cool and success. To win one of those meant that you were accepted, but accepted in a way that wasn’t as establishment as the Grammy’s. The entire rant could have been stated differently, but had that been the case, then it wouldn’t have been a rant in the first place. Kanye although he was acting prickish seemed to be genuinely hurt by the fact that he was snubbed 2 years in a row even though he has been consistently putting out good music. The only good point he made was in questioning the producers of the award show for having put Britney Spears on as the opening act even though she didn’t appear to be taking her rehearsals seriously.

  18. 93
    WHATEVER Says:

    Ugh, he’s so full of himself and please the race card is used way to much! Also, last time I saw the Black Eyed Peas, whom he mentions in his meltdown, I thought a saw a couple black guys in that band?

  19. 94
    Nab Says:

    LOSER!!! No class. Just accept that there are winners and there losers – nothing to do with colour moron!

    Just an annoying observation because I am a “visible minority”. Whenever something goes wrong it’s always easy to make claims that failure is due to him/her being a black person. It never fails. I hear so often I’m sick of it. There are plenty of successful BLACK people in the world and colour did not stop them from becoming successful. Your pitiful minds and lousy attitudes imprison you.

  20. 95
    Nab Says:

    BTW, Kanye makes more money than many white people in this industry so he’s not getting any sympathy here and no one should feel sorry for his black ass. Perhaps we other folks should start using the race card more often.

  21. 96
    April Says:

    What a freakin baby!! Little do you know it has nothing to do with black or white, nobody likes you bacause your a freakin idiot! You play that poor black race card, and man there is nothing left to play on that anymore. These days you have every opportunity the same as anyone else. It depends on what you do with it that matters. As far as I am concerened, Kanyes gone as far as a whiney,n baby can go. good ridance

  22. 97
    ewww Says:

    i hate him. he is so cocky. im buying 50′s slbum. fukuck kanye!

  23. 98
    alex Says:

    aaw. poor kanye. i love him. he should’ve won!

  24. 99
    Ang Says:

    LOL. Oh god, I’m sorry, but he made a comple fool out of himself getting upset about this. It’s not like it’s the Grammys.

  25. 100
    Cindy Says:

    #35 LOL!!!!
    It’s unfortunate people speak before they think (especially when angry) I agree with Kayne about the Britney thing. She was not ready for the come back – anyone but her. If they asked Whitney it would have even made better ratings. ANYone but Brit. No one – not even her 2 fans left takes her seriously. Everyone knows she can’t sing – why her?? I would be just as pissed at MTV – by the way MTV does suck – they hyped that Brit opening like an astroid was coming to earth “a must watch” MTV columnists should be ashamed of themselves. They knew what to expect. Justin is also right – they need to play more vidoes – did we all forget? It’s called “Music Television”!!!!
    I love Justin – I just wish he would stop talking like a wigger.

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