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Katie Holmes Gives Fan Photos

Katie Holmes Gives Fan Photos

Katie Holmes gets in some alone time by visiting some art galleries in Paris on Tuesday.

After having lunch on her own at the Hotel Costes, Katie walked around in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, located around the church of the former Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.

Ms. Holmes was stopped on the street multiple times by fans and gladly posed (and smiled) with all of them. She must have long arms because she even took the photo of herself and a fan… but it looks like she totally missed herself!

Hubby Tom Cruise has been busy in Germany filming WWII flick Rubicon, formerly known as Valkyrie.

More Katie Paris pictures inside…

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Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Bite me

    the happy pills are your friend Kate

  • daisygal

    kudos to Katie…. she is living the life! Glad she took time out to have her pic taken w/some fans. Most ignore them!

  • natalie

    oh no.. she looks frumpy! she’s YOUNG, why is she dressing like a 50 year old? she never looks that happy anymore

  • myself

    she seems to be more often in france than in germany with her husband
    i don’t blame her paris is an interesting city

  • Lynn

    She’s just happy she has A fan!


    I like her new look, it’s much more sophisticated. But it hs also aged her.

  • run

    grandma ,she is dressing way to old and looking that way too.

  • koala

    i don’t mind the outfit, but that haricut really ages her. IF she still had her long straight hair, she could look really chic in this outfit, but the hair just makes her look frumpy!

  • KarenA

    She looks awesome. I love her new look too. Very classy and thank gosh she’s not trying to compete in trendy clothes, but opts for the classics. Thanks, Jared.

  • christyjolie

    I hate the way she dresses and her hair she was a very pretty girl now she looks like a librarian in 1967.

  • mel

    Can someone say AMAZON! How tall is this woman.

  • Dancer

    Does she ever do anything other than shop? I agree with everyone about the clothes. This woman cannot dress herself. She has a good body, nice coloring and she picks drab, dowdy things to wear.

  • libraesque

    the three sizes too big trench isn’t workin’. SHe really is one of the FEW natural beauties in the biz, but she has looked tired and worn out since she’s been abroad…..nice that she had alone time

  • libraesque

    #11, she’s 5’9

  • lei

    She looks like my older aunt with that short hair. The clothes are ok ,but she is in her twenties. Toms looks like an ex-reject Beatles with his hair do from da sixties, that buzzard nose of his, and he has Katie dressing like an old conservative blah mom. Most moms I know who are older than Katie dress classy and stylish & too.

  • pink

    #12 Read the caption. She wasn’t shopping, she was visiting art galleries. Anyway, when you’re visiting a foreign country there’s not really much to do besides shopping and sight-seeing.

  • JAck

    MRS. Cruise.

  • BBperfume

    is she walking without security, then what does it mean dining alone?
    O is the security waiting outside while she eats haute cusine?



  • Ali

    It must be awful to be always pursued by photographers, and not have space to just be. I wish she had a sister or a girlfriend with her to enjoy her free time in Paris away from Suri and Tom. She looks a little lonely in these pictures, but we can’t see what is going on in the surroundings – whether people are screaming and pushing around her, and whether she is just trying to be by keeping her head down.

  • carol

    Katie, should at least spend some money and send for her Ohio family & friends. She just looks soooooo,lonely. Where’s Tom 2 older kids? Summer camp is over? With private jets, they could at least flown in for the weekeknd or something. This family relations are very strange. First having photos taken with the kids all the time, to never seeing them together. Tom Cruise is sicko.

  • carol

    Katie, should at least spend some money and send for her Ohio family & friends. She just looks soooooo,lonely. Where’s Tom 2 older kids? Summer camp is over? With private jets, they could at least flown in for the weekeknd or something. This family relations are very strange. First having photos taken with the kids all the time, to never seeing them together. Tom Cruise is sicko.

  • libraesque

    I don’t think she alone requires much security, but it appears the man in the grey suit is with her. Not many people period can go to a restaurant alone, much less a celeb, I think it’s great

  • [~Famous~]

    she looks nice.

  • libraesque

    ALI, it’s quite clear she is NOT being pursued by crowds of people, it looks as though she only has one security person, and he’s not fending off anyone. Like I said, she alone doesn’t draw the crowds…….it’s the kid and cruise, and even then it’s minimal

  • libraesque

    carol, the alomost daily photo ops at the soccer field were just that……I’m sure his PR was very aware that the public had never bought into their relationship, and it was all show, to “prove” how lovey dovey they were….after suri was born, the other two kids and their public extra curricular activites weren’t needed anymore for props

  • Regina

    Why are people saying she is dressing like a 50 year old? This is fashion, people. This woman knows how to dress!

  • jim

    Katie you look so confused my girl. Tom has really changed your life for the worst in some ways…

  • LOVE

    She looks older than my grandma.

  • Vic

    Why would someone even want a picture? What in the world is she “famous” for – a silly little TV program?

  • Karen

    So many of your comments are cruel and uncalled for. How about being happy for her…or keeping your crass mouths shut.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    What happened to playing the Fashionista, and why isn’t she at the Fashion Week with BFF Posh? In the beginning she was attending all the fashion shows, and now what? I guess she’s not really into morphing like Posh, but Tom was pushing her to follow David Bechkam’s wife and now she grew tired of keeping up…I agree, Kate needs to be herself!

  • painfully fug

    Katie looks like a middle-aged soccer mom. Isn’t she only 28 or so? Every picture I’ve seen, even beachside in France, she looks older than she should.

  • Mmmmmm

    KATE IS A BIG P.H.O.N.Y!!!!

  • http://myspace cr7

    She’s a young women dressing like an old lady.UGH! Well i guess Tom’s work of turning Katie into an unattractive person is done. A+ TOM!

  • Dancer


    Don’t these art galleries sell art? Having been to Paris many times and having visited many of their galleries, most of the art in them is for sale.

  • MARK


  • boohoo

    I feel so sorry for her.I feel even sorrier for her family and friends.It must be a nightmare watching her be under Toms control. robbot wife!

  • sick of her

    Gos she’s ugly old looking b*tch.

  • Maniston

    She looks old and worn. And walking around in those heels is ridiculous.

  • Dean

    She really looks so sad and lonely. I guess it’s true… CAN’T buy you happiness.
    The only thing it buys is a pretend body guard.

  • Tealeaf

    She looks like a 45 yr caseworker.

  • nicole

    so chic,so beautiful,so simple. she’s adorable

  • Dean

    libraesque, I guess Tom thinks we are too stupid to remember all of the PDA soccer and pop warner photo ops from last summer.
    That was when he had to keep then toddler Suri hidden under lock and key for fear of her being kidnapped. And now they let her run wild in a foreign country that turns a blind eye on such happenings

  • kiti

    Tom Cruise made her famous, for the wrong reasons.

  • Poor thing

    Objectively, I like what she has on but I just feel that it’s a business woman or executive’s attire.

    Also, I do feel uncomfortable looking at her…like she is not herself. It’s just that glow she had, even at the begining of their relationship who isn’t there anymore. Like someone who list her illusions. She just seems to have endorsed a character losinh her soul and seems resigned.

    I hope I am wrong but if I am not, I hope she doesn’t waste her youth in a marriage that doesn’t fulfill her or makes her someone she is not.

    I really hope she isn’t unhappy but if i’m right, she must find the courage to be the one to dump him and that she fonds another younger man with her youth to be dump before reaching the 10 years of marriage.

  • Megan

    Is she trying to emulate Jackie O? If so, she needs a lot of work because she’s nowhere near with her frumpy, poor posture look. Whatever happened to the real Katie? How come her grandma is posing as her? And what’s up with the 24 hour stilletos. Making up for Tom? Geez! Hollywood is so weird and overrated.

  • scientology hater :


  • libraesque

    Dean, what I found to be a huge joke was that they said they were protecting her from the media, not “hiding” her (because the world knew they WERE in fact hiding her because you can’t fake a 3-4 month old with a “newborn”) then where does she make her public debut???? At the media frenzy of the year….their “wedding”

  • ????

    She looks bored, lonely, abandonned, without any real interest besides Suri and especially, she looks like someone who has lost her once zest for life ! She isn’t even 30 yet !