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Zac Efron: Nikki Blonsky is My Best Friend

Zac Efron: Nikki Blonsky is My Best Friend

Zac Efron admits that Hairspray co-star Nikki Blonsky is his best friend in an interview with Aussie cinema site YourMovies. Best friends apparently kiss each other on the lips on live TV too!

When asked if their onscreen chemistry is a little bit real, Zac answered, “Well, there’s no one better to work with. We honestly became best friends. It’s cool that there’s all these great older actors, but it’s not like were gonna go, “Let’s go hang out with Chris Walken, let’s go to the mall”. [All laugh] You don’t do that. Also, her family was so nice to me, they were like my other parents.

Nikki added, “[We're] just one big happy Hairspray family.”

Hairspray opens in Aussie theaters on Thursday, Sept. 13.

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  • http://yahoo Yes

    I think i like Nikki

  • From the block

    so? lol.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    BAMPZS’s have fun at their thread!!! lol

    Melissa, Ellen, Missouri Fan, briseis, starting college tomorrow they wont be many postings from me.

  • christy

    *sigh* i love them together.

  • cor

    this kid needs to stop being all over every girl in the world and start paying attention to his girfriend


    He is such a layer

  • [~Famous~]

    chubby chaser.

  • john

    he reeks of fakeness…you can see it all over his face

  • Sandy

    Why is he a layer? they are sweet together.

  • Sandy

    He is hot!!!

  • Lissa

    Nikki seems like a very sweet girl but I still think that Zanessa are adorable. It is not a crime for him to be best friends with Nikki (it does not make him “a player” or “a chubby chaser”) that last comment is very mean by the way! Nikki is a beautiful girl and the fact that she is comfortable with her body makes her that much more beautiful. But I am still all about Zac and V!

  • Amy

    He should dump Vanessa and date Nikki. Zanessa’s relationship appears only physical. Nikki and Zac seem to have a deeper connection.

  • Callie

    What’s wrong with being best friends? I think it’s great! They had fun co-starring in a movie together. What’s so wrong with that?

    Give them a break, people!

  • You Know Who I Am

    If he wants to be friends with a big girl then let him, he’s not hurting anyone. Though, I don’t think his girlfriend would be very pleased with him kissing her on national television!

  • Nancy

    They are a cute couple

  • el

    i like zac but he is yet to show that he cares about whats happening to vanessa..I mean yeah they were together in australia, but look at all the other posts from the vanessa headline, a lot of people think he broke up with her! its not true of course, but i just think he needs to show something or say something! geezz, I think chris brown was right when he said “she has a boyfriend who is too busy pretending they are not together to defend her.” I got this from one of the other sites they said its from an article where he was asked about the whole scandal…and it made me realize how true it is..

  • Opal

    Zac can say that he’s “best friends” with whomever he wants. The fact remains that when he’s back home in Cali, it’s Vanessa we always see him with and not Nikki. Enough said.

  • Callie

    That “kiss” is being blown out of porportion, in my opinion. It was in response to a dare by a Canadian TRL Host. It wasn’t even on TV in the States.

  • Laura

    Haha what a flirt.

    I feel bad for Vanessa though

  • Nando

    They would be nice together.

  • Liz!

    Im pretty sure nikki is a nice girl but…i just donr see thecuteness he has with Vanessa…They r so adorable!heha. It’s true Zac might not pay Vanessa much attention right now but hes been traveling the world for Hairspray.I’m sure she understands!
    Luv Zac
    Luv BBV (no matterwhat)
    and Nikki is alright!

  • Liz!

    Im pretty sure nikki is a nice girl but…i just donr see thecuteness he has with Vanessa…They r so adorable!heha. It’s true Zac might not pay Vanessa much attention right now but hes been traveling the world for Hairspray.I’m sure she understands!
    Luv Zac
    Luv BBV (no matterwhat)
    and Nikki is alright!

  • stacy

    el said
    I think chris brown was right when he said “she has a boyfriend who is too busy pretending they are not together to defend her.”
    hes rite i read that 2 even her friend miley cirus
    has shown to be a friend in time of need
    i’m not judgeing zac but
    this teaching a life old lesson you know who are your true friends when ur in need and we all find ourselves sometime in our lives in need od compation and encouragement
    “power to the peaceful”

  • zac fan

    i think its great that there best friends

  • Jennifer

    WHat article does Chris Brown say this? I know from a past interview that Chris has a crush on Vanessa….

  • Bower

    he tries to get attached to every girl so no one will suspect he’s gay.

  • bettybaby

    harsh, harsh, harsh!!!

    i do wanna see the love from zac though. they should be appearing together in australia for hsm2 premier!!!!


  • bettybaby


  • Stina

    I think it’s so sweet that he considers Nikki his best friend. :)

  • j;li

    yea what’s up with zac not defending his girl. i think chris and v would make a cute couple though. at least chris brown can dance lol

  • Kae

    sweet of him. Guys can have girl best firends. it’s like his relationship with Ashely. he still has Vanessa. i have guy best friends it doesn’t mean i like them in that way.

  • http://justjared Bri

    Alot of people are saying how Nikki and him have such a deep connection,even more than V but I think that they wouldnt show thier feelings for each other because that would give a easy clue. Im sure you would be suprised to how they act to each other in private and anyway I bet they have even more fun wih eachother. And its NOT just a physical relationship.


  • Donna

    That Chris Brown comment. But, I was just thinking the same thing. Why isn’t Zac defending her? It’s starting to look like he does not even care for her. He could easily say Yes, I’m with her and end it right with I am not going to talk about it though. end of story. It’s not like Zac will be hated by his fans or not gain new ones, after all he is a great actor and a cutie. Plus, he had nothing to do with Vanessa pics. Maybe Chris Brown should be who Vanessa is dating. He sounds more confident in himself, thus make a better boyriend than maybe Zac will ever be. I’m just saying….

  • eloisa

    i have a feeling he has more in common with nikki than vanessa…if i had a bf who would admit that anothr girl was his best friend i would get totally jealous…nad their recent pics in australia showed more closeness than any zanessa pics i’ve seen…and zak admitted that he made out with nikki in malibu beach…so is that what best friends do to each other…now can i be his next best friend….

  • LOLA


  • Daniel

    Zac and Vanessa are probably still going out. But if your all worried you only need to worry for two days. If they break up Vanessa will tell Jay Leno thursday night.

    And I don’t blame Zac for not talking about this.I’m willing to Bet that Zac doesn’t want to talk about it because it’s a real weird thing. If my girlfriend had naked pictures and people were ripping on her, I’d just say “I don’t Want to Talk about it”.
    Nobody is rushing to Vanessa’s defense publically, so far only the Cyrus(s) have said anything. Ashley hasn’t said anything and they claim to be best friends!

  • Joel

    Man, If that was my girlfriend. I’d be freaked if she was out there without me by her side! She had Nude photos for all the world to see-she could be hounded by perverts that want to cause her harm! ZAC EFRON does not give two licks about VANESSA. I say she should dump him and get a REAL MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    Wouldn’t it be wild if Ashley or Zac was the one who released the pics? Ashley because she’s competing with Vanessa for the spotlight and Zac becuase he really wanted to break up with her??

    Oooooo. That would be a major scandal. The possibilities are endless!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • zzz

    Great Zac…you’re really helping Vanessa with that quote.

    Chris Brown is right. Zac spends too much time denying his relationship with Vanessa, and too little time acting like her boyfriend.

  • kat

    here’s an old article i found but chris totally had a crush on V even when she’s was dating zac….actually now that i think about it chris and vanessa would totally make a cute couple. i love me some chris brown

  • monica

    as for getting a real man i say zak must have done something right to make vanessa happy…she wouldn’t pursue him like that if he was all mixed up inside…she’s a very young girl who cannot fake her feelings i would say…so the answer to that naysayers is zak efron knows how to please a woman and make her feel good inside…those hawaii pics are a giveaway to how they feel…

  • stacy

    i have to agree
    ryan seacrest said he has a crush on vanessa
    i’m sure he would step up
    remember the idiot is still out there who leaked these
    vanessa needs her guy to step up and be there 4 her
    zac whats it gonna be dude!!!!
    i geuss everyone is waiting to see what happens on leno but
    it were my friend you’d hear my voice
    i support vanessa
    vanessa really check on the people you
    call friends!!!!

  • stacy
    heres ryans stating he has a crush on vanessa

  • Daniel

    I have a crush on Vanessa. It doesn’t mean s##t.

    Zac was wearing the promise ring in every interview i’ve seen of him including 1 from 3 days ago. whene the scandal was at it’s peak.
    Zac doesn’t want to talk about it while promoting Hairspray. Once he gets back to the States he’ll probably talk. Also heres somthing. you know how Zac always seems more comfortable at premires with Nikki then Vanessa? That’s because with Vanessa around Zac is thinking “if i say or do anything stupid I’ll embarrass my Girlfriend” whith Nikki around he isn’t afraid of embarrasing her. whenever they’re together with minimal papparazzi Zanessa is as cute as can be, Zac just doesn’t want to embarrass her at premires and stuff.



  • Carrie

    Awwwe, Chris said his nickname for her is V-Nessa. That is so cute! Did you see his performance at the VMA’s. He is yummy.

  • bettybaby

    Let me see if i’m missing something:

    so a guy is out at an event for work, and a reporter shoves a microphone in his face and asks about his gf posing naked and the pics are on the internet:

    bf responds: duh, i don’t want to talk about it. why would he!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i saw a interview where the anchor showed zac a pic of the two of them relaxing by the pool at his apartment, and he was stunned into silence. what reaction can we expect him to make.

    Regardless, however, i do wanna see some support. i want to see how the hsm cast behaves at the aussie premier.

    SHOW SOME LOVE!!!!!!

  • zanessagirl

    How could zac say that ugh he didn’t even defend Baby V
    I like Nikki but i’m a zanessa supporter. But if he won’t even defend or pay attention to baby v.Chris and v do make a good couple.bay v desearves better!!
    !Proud Baby V Supporter!

  • anonymous

    He was probably just saying that ’cause Nikki was there.. look:

    “Let’s go hang out with Chris Walken, let’s go to the mall”. [All laugh]


    Damn I’ve been really pissed off with Zac since the Hairspray promotions started to be honest.

    Don’t start yelling at me.