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Ja Rule to MTV: Stop Promoting the Gays

Ja Rule to MTV: Stop Promoting the Gays

Kanye West isn’t the only one hating on MTV.

Rapper Ja Rule recently made a please to MTV to stop promoting homosexuality in a recent issue of Complex magazine:

“We need to go step to Paramount, and ****ing MGM, and all of these other mother****ers that’s making all of these movies.

“We need to go step to MTV and Viacom, and lets talk about all these ****ing shows that they have on MTV that is promoting homosexuality, that my kids can’t watch this ****.

“Dating shows that’s showing two guys or two girls in mid-afternoon. Let’s talk about **** like that! If that’s not ****ing up America, I don’t know what is.”

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  • Neela

    Wow. What a homophobic pig.

  • josephine

    How disgustingly narrowminded.

  • Val

    How about your profanity is screwing up America – and your kids. To quote Alanis Morrisette – Isn’t it Ironic…

  • shannon

    I think a bigger problem with America is that a man who uses grammar like that is as rich as he is. He’s worried about homosexuality influencing his children? Try saying a sentence without a cuss word.

  • He is Right

    He is right but the way he said it is kinda messed up….television has become to liberal and gays need to cramped!!!!!

  • London

    I agree!!! What’s up wit all these reality shows??? I THOUGHT MTV STANDS FOR MUSIC TELEVISION???

  • anonymous



  • (LOVE- J )

    I used to watch MTV everyday,now on and off.

  • kfed

    He might of said that in a pretty rude way, but he has a point. What you do is your own business, but dont put it on tv that our children see. Its just not right, we have the right to raise our children, and not have media completly influence them and tell them that homosexuality is perfectly normal…umm..its not. In case you havent noticed there are men and women for a reason. If God wanted just men to be with men then he would have made it that way..BAH! stupid society

  • edge

    damn he is so right, it isn’t gangsta rap promoting,drugs,violence,murder,spousal abuse and racism. its those damn gays with their dating and companionship, THEY MUST BE STOPPED!!!

  • Darren

    what an idiot

  • dancingqueen

    His music sucks, as does most rap music these days, but the content on the channel is the reason I just can get into watching MTV anymore.

  • [marie]

    And when is the last time you had a hit Ja…? 6…7 years…? Your face looks like a roach man…

  • Michelle

    Those of you here that are referring to “those types of shows – are you referring to gay content or simply their lack of content and mindless set-up? If you are referring to the gay content than you are just as much of a retro-active pig as this man. Sorry, but the world is changing for the better. I am sure you can find issues that are more pressing to protect you and your children from. Homosexuals are hardly a threat to society. If anything they are an essential part. Sorry some of you have not learned to be decent human beings.

  • Belle

    good points.

  • EM

    Aw, he just wants attention. What an insipid, talentless, moron. There are many things wrong with the world, but gay people are not part of the problem. lol

  • YUCK


  • Tom

    Then maybe MTV should stop promoting blacks, jews and females…..I am sure that it is all offensive to someone. There are many other options out there change the station.

    These shows are all done in fun unlike most of that rap music.

  • T

    Why are people like this allowed to speak publicly about anything?

  • what a dumbass

    my thoughts exactly, edge! hah, what a complete dumbass. yes, the reality shows are awful, but i’d think the “gay content” (whatever that may be) is the least of our worries.

  • gus

    if i didnt have one reason to hate him.. man, now i have!!
    Cant understand why him, being a black guy, doesnt understand a thing about such issue.. wake up, man!!

  • Souhila

    There have always been an antagonism between gays and rappers , no news !

  • elise

    what a total dipsh*t. watch your kids then instead of letting the tv babysit them. i hope all of his kids end up gay and disown him.

  • Susan

    Jared, you should post his entire comment. He’s actually talking about how Congress is going to hold hearings on music and its use of words like “b*tch”, “h0″, “n*gg*r”. He’s saying that if music is being brought before Congress, then TV and movies should be brought before Congress too. He made a big mistake bringing up homosexuals, but he’s got a point.

  • Brad

    Disgusting homophobic imbecile! Learn to speak English first and then poison the media with your repulsive opinions. Otherwise don’t utter a sound, you savage Neanderthal.

  • David Reid

    What a bigot. If his children are gay or Lesbian it would be good for them to see that other people are gay and Lesbian, to have some role models, so that they don’t feel isolated or like they are the only people in the world. While nearly all heterosexual parents would prefer their children to be straight, Gay men and lesbians are born mostly to straight parents. He seems to intend to make them feel as bad about themselves as possible. As if life isn’t tough enough already for most people. Dissaproval and stigmatising gay and lesbian people affects their physical and mental health, it is unacceptable.

    Homosexuality is part of the normal range of sexual orientation and desire. People do not choose their sexuality and it is not going to go away. Treating gay men and Lesbians badly because of their sexual orientation and expression of it is just like treating people badly because they are black or have a congenital disability.

  • iris

    What was it ?
    Be the change that you want to see in the world. If your kids would talk like that, what would you say ? You can’t talk like that?

    I agree that all these sexual (hetero or gay) shows in the afternoon aren’t ok for kids, but then again don’t parents control what kids watch on tv ?

  • Len

    Speak the truth JaRule. Who wants to see two men or whatnot, dang, the world is really going to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep that ish on public access or something, MTV sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    I agree 10000000%

  • LOL

    i don’t agree with him, but damn i can’t even watch MTV anymore.. too much stupid reality show/dating shows!

  • Sexy Mama

    That elf-eared homophobe. His kids can’t watch stuff about homosexuals but they can listen to thugs raping prostitutes and doing drugs?

  • j.dizzle

    im not gonan lie..hip hop is pretty explicit but hes right in a way..i turned on mtv the other week and i saw 2 guys straight up makin out on next or of those shows at like 3pm.i dont wanna see that..mtv is not even a music channel anymore and it just confuses kids even more

  • Erica

    GEEEEE, someone sounds like a HUGE HOMOPHOBE!…hmmm, maybe HE’S GAY! and shouldn’t his kids be in school MID AFTERNOON! and why are they watching MTV? oh right, he’s a rapper, he even has to show himself off to his KIDS! DUMB ASS!

  • Caley

    LOL wow.

  • Teddy

    Yeah I’m really sure hes worried about his childrens upbring. Seeing as like every needed to be bleeped out.

  • Anonymous

    What an idiot!! Why is anyone even listening to Ja Rule?!! Who gives a crap what this irrelevant hater says.

  • [~Famous~]

    Ja Rule shouldn’t be taken seriously, he’s a nobody! seriously! LOL

    I’ve watched MTV dating shows – I sometimes watch the episodes w/ girls dating girls (when their HOT) but I (without a doubt) change the channel when dudes date dudes. *no-homophobic* gays rock! straight – gay – to each is own. But those gays on MTV be OD’n… They turn the gay up 10 notches. LOL

    But Fcuk Ja he’s irrelevant to the world.

  • From the block

    Haha. Look how everyone’s fretting. Like he can’t have an opinion.

  • John


  • Regina

    Did he seriously say this?! Twát patrol, deserves to die for saying that. Shít rapper, too.

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    Agreed. He should have said it differently though.

  • lana

    I agree with everything he says. There should be less gays on tv. I don’t agree with the way he says it though.

  • Jae

    So its worse for his kids to see a homosexual on MTV but its ok for his children to see him and every other rapper objectifying women and treating them like loose pieces of meat? Those are the things we want our children to see? And like everyone else mentioned, the language? Whether he likes it or not, homosexuals are in the world, we don’t only come out after 10 o’clock at night, so why can’t we be on TV before then? Your children are going to encounter gays in their lives, you can’t shelter them forever…

    now if these people hetero or homo are being perverted or overtly sexual on these dating shows (i don’t watch so idk) then yeah it needs to be moved to a later time slot

  • Adam

    A person can have an opinion but when it’s an offensive and bigoted point of view it should be kept to his or her self! How would he feel if someone said something equally as racist and hate-filled about black people. There’s nothing wrong with being gay! And as for the type of programming in the afternoon, who can’t find any kind of heterosexual pornographic activity on TV in the “afternoon?” Like that isn’t f**king up your kids and the kids of the U.S.!

  • tony

    This so incredibly sad. I blame religion, our rapidly descending culture(can you believe someone who expresses himself in such a way has a platform?) and to address J-Rule personally and in his own language, “YOUR MAMA!”. She raised a bigot!

    And to all of you who agree with this pig, read his statement again and be proud you can claim him for your side. Shame on you.

  • BRAD

    I think he’s right on!!!!!!!! but i must say the grammar is horrible…..

  • camilla

    Ja Rule is right but he needs to filter his mouth.

  • Darby

    He’s disgusting, but the idiots agreeing with him are even worse. He’s such a closet case. Probably just like a lot of his supporters on here.

  • Tad

    MTV is just doing what HIP HOP Won’t do! YOU INFERIOR RACIST!
    OH! AND, I’m black so do be offended Umm Hmm Which clearly speaks for it’s self why MTV is a multi Billion dollar indusrty and “HIP HOP” Well let us just hope the cd doesn’t become extinct I mean who is really buying CD’s anymore. Choke on that one [FLAPPER] Rapper “HAS BEEN”!

  • Smakris

    I agree that these kind of programs shouldn’t be shown before midnight but he is such a Fucking Bustard! I believe that America is Getting Fucked Up by a certain BUSH and by stupid rappers who promote the Get Rich or DIe trying shit and doing drugs! I kinda wish his children become Gay when they grow up!LOL