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Kate Bosworth for Calvin Klein

Kate Bosworth for Calvin Klein

Kate Bosworth attends the Calvin Klein 2008 Fashion Show during NY Fashion Week Spring 2008 on Tuesday in New York City. The 24-year-old actress also attended the CK after-party, posing with designer Francisco Costa and actress pal Julianne Moore.

You can see Kate‘s two different colored eyes really well in this picture. She was born with this condition known as heterochromia– her right eye is hazel and the left one is blue.

20+ pictures inside of Kate looking fashionable for Calvin Klein…

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Photos: Peter Kramer/Andrew H. Walker/Getty
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  • Susan

    Kate Bosworth is very unattractive. I don’t know who she is, but she doesn’t seem worth posting her picture. Why does she keep wearing her hair that way? YUCK!

  • Yily

    She’s beautiful but nothing special. There’s a million girls like her.

  • jaya

    fabulous! i love her style, it suits her and it never looks like she’s trying too hard. i wonder who her stylist is. if she even uses one! compared to the other starlets out there, she’s up there with the likes of natalie portman et al as far as class and poise. for sure a lot of people will say how dare i compare her to natalie, but when we’re bombarded with talentless attention grabbers like paris and the rest of them, kate is a shining star.

  • jaya

    p.s. i love julianne moore, she’s beautiful and oh so talented, but she must never go blonde.

  • Jaxon

    I think she needs some bangs to cover that giant forehead. Giant always shiny forehead. Powder girl, powder! Keeps that oil slick in check.

  • Yily

    You compare Kate Bosworth to Natalie Portman?? HAHAHAH! Now that’s a joke. Kate has no talent whereas the superb Natalie is compare to Audrey Hepburn. Kate can’t act. She’s never been in a good movie beside Blue Crush and that was only decent at best.

  • Tash

    I think she would look beautiful with a few pounds/kilos added to her frame – tired of watching the starvation fascination in celebrities. They look sick and think they look gorgeous. Whatever happened to curves, looking healthy and actually eating a meal once in a while?

  • Kacky

    ew, what’s the matter with her forehead?

  • Regina

    Julianne Moore is 47 and Kate Bosworthy is 24. Julianne looks much better than Kate!

  • Regina


  • ricky

    Geez, climb out of her ass already.

  • ZzaRaZza

    My, what’s happened to Jullianne Moore’s hair! Another accident involving slippery floor and a bath full of bleach (Nelly Furtado)?

  • Dieter

    thanks for Kate Bosworth and her beautiful ass !!!!

  • ashley

    Kate is charming for sure! Her smile is so sweet and adorable.

  • Katherine

    There is just something wrong/off about Kate. I thought it was the pulled back hair but she just has the most simpering/vacant expressions I have ever seen. It’s like the only thing going on in her mind is a hula dancing mouse like Homer Simpson would imagine. She has no spark or fire whatsoever, and that totally translates to the big screen because she is a horrid actress.

  • Pete

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  • Pete

    This girl is hot… check out these pic of Kate

  • juliana

    OMG, who the hell wears white bras underneath a gauzy RED dress?? Those are so horrendously glaring, I’m almost blinded. Does she actually think she’s beautiful?? And for the info of those who don’t know, she doesn’t have one hazel and one blue eyes, they’re BOTH blue, she’s just looks like she’s got a little bit of shit stuck in the right one. Sheesh!!

  • Sienna

    Kate looks beautiful but those dresses are uglier than hell. And what the hell happened to Julianne Moore? Did she age about 57 years in few months???

  • Les

    She needs to look into a new hairdo. That slicked back off the forehead look is horrendous.

  • Maritza

    She definitely needs bangs to hide that big forehead of hers, other than than she is pretty cute. I agree Julianne should stay away from blonde, her natural red hair is looks much better.

  • Gemma

    Kate looks a very shy person, not striking but there is something catchy about her. Loved the red dress, absolute class and beauty, if i had the sterling Id def be buying me that

  • mkkkk

    Her anorexia has made her boobs saggy and gross…they look like old lady boobs. Too bad. Don’t starve yourself ladies or u will have saggy boobies in your 20′s too!

  • Regina

    For people commenting on her hair, Julianne Moore recently wrapped up Blindness, a movie which she dyed her hair for.

  • Ida

    I LOVE Julianne!

  • fat guy in a little coat

    She certainly is proud of that massive fiftyhead of hers, I’ll give her that. Other than that, she’s just not attractive. She used to be, but whatever she did to herself in the years between Blue Crush and now killed her looks. The press trying to sell her as some Helen of Troy-like beauty is an insult to our intelligence.

  • selwyse

    wow, Francisco Costa is an oldie but hottie a la Tom Ford . .. .

  • deb.

    I want her eyes.

  • KC

    Bobble Bobble Bobble Head!

  • ~*Leah*~

    My god, The Moore is total hotness but I can’t WAIT till she goes back to feisty red… the blonde’s for a movie.

  • Shancie

    EWWW!! THAT FOREHEAD IS MASSIVE! she thinks shes something speacial! ok confidence is sexy but she thinks shes a queen! shes nothing speacial all the girls who arnt full of themselves ARE sexy, kate isnt


  • Sue M Murawski

    where can i find the coat Kate is wearing in the March Calvin Klein ad in Cosmopolitan?

  • anen

    gosh she is soo unatractive to me and her weird mutated eyes creep me out her forehead is huge and her head looks to big for her body not only that but her body looks like a boys she has no waist or hips broad shoulders ect. OMG!!! ugly