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Keira Knightley @ 'Silk' Premiere

Keira Knightley @ 'Silk' Premiere

Keira Knightley (in Erdem) is joined by co-stars Michael Pitt and Sei Ashina at the Silk premiere screening during the Toronto International Film Festival 2007 held at the Elgin Theatre on Tuesday.

She was recently asked by Entertainment Weekly if getting nominated for an Oscar in 2006 has changed things for for her. Here’s Keira‘s response: “No, not really – apart from the fact that it was a wonderful kind of pat on the back. I know that sounds like nothing, but it was actually really needed at that point. Before Pride & Prejudice, I’d done Bend it Like Beckham and Pirates, and they were incredibly successful films, but I think people were very much looking at me going, ”Oh, she’s a pretty face, there isn’t much else to her.” And I was incredibly aware of that. I think you’re aware of everything that’s written about you when you first start. And then you learn not read all that. [Laughs] And I knew people had thought it was ridiculous that I was cast as Elizabeth Bennet. So when the reviews came out, it really helped.”

25+ pictures inside of Keira looking silky in Erdem…

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keira knightley silk premiere 01
keira knightley silk premiere 02
keira knightley silk premiere 03
keira knightley silk premiere 04
keira knightley silk premiere 05
keira knightley silk premiere 06
keira knightley silk premiere 07
keira knightley silk premiere 08
keira knightley silk premiere 09
keira knightley silk premiere 10
keira knightley silk premiere 11
keira knightley silk premiere 12
keira knightley silk premiere 13
keira knightley silk premiere 14
keira knightley silk premiere 15
keira knightley silk premiere 16
keira knightley silk premiere 17
keira knightley silk premiere 18
keira knightley silk premiere 19
keira knightley silk premiere 20
keira knightley silk premiere 21
keira knightley silk premiere 22
keira knightley silk premiere 23
keira knightley silk premiere 24
keira knightley silk premiere 25

Photos: Malcolm Taylor/Getty
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  • Regina

    Beautiful! Style icon of the future!

  • Anthony

    I love her,she always looks amazing,she’s classy and gorgeous

  • H

    hmmm no, i won´t pay attention to her

  • Dancer

    Love the dress, but not on her. She rarely has a fashion mistake, but this doesn’t do anything for her skin tone and it makes her head look big (or it could be the photo).

  • Christie

    great pix, thanx

  • Osaka

    She looks great. When Keira wears dresses that cover her torso she looks healthy and toned. She just is flat and has a very narrow waist but her arms and legs aren’t skinny toothpicks. *shrugs* I don’t know but I think it’s her body type and she probably isn’t starving herself.

  • Regina

    hmmm no, i won´t pay attention to her

    Too late. You already did when you replied to this thread. You idiot.

  • natalie

    I think she looks pretty.

  • rose

    It doesnt do anything for her skintone!!?!!! Are you serious? She looks like one of those french belles that she plays in the movie. Its a far better look than orange tans and pinky/red skin.

  • pipi

    Love the kimono and Michael Pitt actually looks clean!

  • and

    as usual.

  • liza

    She always looks so beautiful.

  • Shrugging an atlas

    Mmm now there is a Mr.Pitt that I fancy! ;)

  • mkkkk

    that guy was henry on dawson’s creek…lol! Keira looks very pretty in these pics.

  • the_original_nika

    I hate her sense of style.

  • the_original_nika

    but a good actress.

  • Maman

    Why does she have to pout in all of her pics???

  • Maman

    Why does she have to pout in all of her pics?

  • KrungKrung

    lovely dress but not her heh.

  • nonsense

    please no more academy award nominatinos. girl cant act bleh.

  • TheGaminGamine

    Michael Pitt looks so much like my friend that it’s uncanny, and wuite scary…

  • christina

    aww. how cute.
    she thinks she’s got a “pretty face.”

  • Tathy

    Thanks for the pics Jared!! She is lovely ^^

  • Fia

    Actually, I think Sei Ashino is much more beautiful than Keira is.

  • Michaela

    she IS starving herself..don’t care how much she defends against the eating disorder accusations. I know, I’ve been there and I wanted my legs to be razor thin and starved until they were. She did the same thing because she had thicker legs compared to the rest of her body. Now her legs are skinnier, but from the waist up she is terribly gaunt and sickly. Without make-up on she probably looks like a ghost. This will all catch up to her and she will be sorry. She will age very quickly as a result. I hope I’m wrong, but because of my first-hand experience I have this dreaded feeling of what’s most likey going on in that lolly-pop sized head of hers.

  • O.K

    who is that beautiful asian chick?? Hotttt!

  • Amanda

    Michael Pitt looks good, can’t wait for this movie!

  • John

    Okay, she needs to fire her stylist. What’s her name- the one that dresses Lindsay Lohan?

    Keira doesn’t seem to have a personal style and when a person doesn’t have that they just look awkward. Keira has looked awkward at all the premieres she’s been attending, even though one or two of the dresses were beautiful. This dress, the high collar and the design are too childish for her. They exaggerate her flat chest (not an insult) and make her torso seem shorter than it is.

    Sei Ashino is gorgeous. She looks comfy and elegant. Michael Pitt always looks like he needs to bathe, to me anyway.

  • liz’

    sometimes celebrities go overboard in their fashion.all they think or care is the designer..but nevertheless they don’t look good..and the worst is she model chanel perfume..she is not a consistent fashionista.. and it gives shame to fashion industry..i doubt if this coco chanel per fume would make it well to the market..i always like that chanel no5 commercial endorser actress ms kidman..the commercial was a success..the epitome of a femine scent goes along with the perfume..if this is the kind of endorser which is worst than a holocoaust survivor to look at..then its time ofr designer to think twice.indeed she is a good actress but never be fashionista.

  • angie

    keira should really learn how to take photos without pouting. its getting really old. keira looks very beautiful in the photos whatsoever but that dress does not look good on her! it just doesn’t seem to fit her but her face is flawless.

  • pioupiou

    her dress is amazing !! wouahhhh ! love it !

  • Kealyn

    I really do love her. She’s a beautiful woman, and has a truly amazing smile. May good things happen to her.

    And love the dress! She’s looks good in it :).

  • xy

    classic beauty

  • jefflrich

    yeah, i too think she’s a lovely girl. her smile is so genuine and honest and that’s what makes her so pretty, in my opinion. i know she’s getting knocked about for being thin but i have a feeling it’s a natural thinness due to her body type (boyish) and her schedule (obviously she’s been filming almost none stop for a couple of years now as well as traveling extensively promoting two different films. i’m sure it’s not easy to eat well and constantly with those sorts of demands), as well as the fact that she’s still a rather young woman (21, right?). i don’t know, i just like her and her choices in projects so i’m all for keira.

  • ray

    #3, you are (paying attention to her)!! lol