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Vanessa Hudgens: Sister Sister Workout!

Vanessa Hudgens: Sister Sister Workout!

High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens goes for a late Wednesday afternoon workout at a North Hollywood gym with younger sister, Stella, 11, and another gal pal.

Vanessa, 18, and company spent around 30 minutes in the gym heading home. She kept hidden under a cap and wore a double-layer wifebeater on top and brown wide-leg sweats on bottom.

Unfortunately, Ms. Hudgens canceled her appearance on tomorrow’s episode of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. We hope she’ll be invited back another time soon!

FYI: Vanessa IS wearing the Kuuipo “LOVEship” ring she and Zac Efron normally wear on their right hands.

10+ pictures inside of the Hudgens sisters getting their fitness on…

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vanessa hudgens working out 01
vanessa hudgens working out 02
vanessa hudgens working out 03
vanessa hudgens working out 04
vanessa hudgens working out 05
vanessa hudgens working out 06
vanessa hudgens working out 07
vanessa hudgens working out 08
vanessa hudgens working out 09
vanessa hudgens working out 10

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  • quen

    aww, she looks sad, and kinda lost…

    no worries hun, it will all blow over soon,
    we still love u!

  • Emme

    Poor girl.. I feel sorry for her.. I think she’s learnt a very valuable lesson though..

  • hunnibun

    first! she looks so depressed. i feel so bad for her. shell work it out and eventually it will work in her benefit.

  • Risa

    Aww.. It’s okay Nessa! :D
    You’ll be okay.

  • Stephanie

    she looks sad and sorry. I LOVE ZANESSA, but honestly…to be honest with you…i think they POSSIBLY broke up :( i know i hate that too, but lets face it guys..zac and Nikki are bestfriends and are holding hands at the red carpet stuff. This is the first time i’ve seen Vanessa’s FACE after that scandal. I LOVE VANESSA. I AM SUPPORTING HER 110% and if there was such thing, I WOULD SUPPORT HER 2000% like no other. I hope she’s ok.

  • Silvis


  • Whatever

    I hope that lil sis doesn’t grow up and be s k a n k y like her older nudie picture loving sis.

  • liz

    aw how sad i feel really bad 4 her i totally support her i freakin luv her shes great she will soon get pass this…..Um wheres zac or ashley or all those others who said they were her friends!!!!!!
    I am also a zanessa fan but i dont really know watz goin on wit them right now?????????

  • DJ

    well, everyone makes mistakes. its not really her fault. i hope V gets better! she was my idol, and still is my idol. V, dont let some pictures ruin ur life. that would be even a grater mistake than the pictures.

  • ann

    slut. career is over. go home. Your acting sucks and your dating a gay boy. your life really sucks.

  • Le

    i hope she’s ok with zac.. :[

  • a

    kinda sad how she just doesn’t care ha. what morals. what good morals.

  • Vanessa

    I feel so bad for her!

    I LOVE YOU VANESSA!!!!!!!!!

  • a

    9- “not really her fault”. i mean, yeah, i’m sure while she was posing for a nude picture WITHOUT clothes on and smiling at the camera, she had no idea the picture would ACTUALLY be taken.

    “not really her fault” is not her taking responsibility.

  • sanam

    awww she looks so sad i personally don’t think zac and Vanessa broke up because their both still wearing their rings in recent pics of them

  • brianna

    we adore you v be strong but id suggest keeping a close eye on zac BALLOONSKY is trying to make a move theyve been holding hands and hugging and thats how zanessa started so watch out cause we would hate him if he broke up with you so be on the look out we adore you v dont be so sad its not like you knew the pics would come out we love you your still baby v!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    She looks kinda sad. She is also with two of her best friends though so that should make her happy!! Also, don’t worry… Zanessa didn’t break up because she is wearing her ring.

    Don’t worry hun, this thing will all blow over really soon. Trust me, it’s already starting to!

    I hope the poor girl has learned her lesson though.


    (go zanessa)

    lolz i just had to add that

  • Carol loves JJ

    Feel better BBV. You will get through this.

  • hunnibun

    zac is not with nikki people! so what if theyre best friends… they also made out on tv and that didnt break zanessa up.. vanessa was photographed at the australie premiere of hairspra w zac and both she and zac are still wearing their commitment rings. i dont know whether or not those pics were for zac… but im sure he already knew of them. all this will blow over soon… but i feel sooo bad… u can tell shes been crying her eyes out.

  • Nellie

    I love you Vanessa! I wish you well. :-)

  • mylabs

    Poor girl. Looks like she’s been crying.

  • Kaitlin

    I feel so bad she looks so sad in those pics. I can understand why too. i don’t think it is because of Zac though because they both are wearing their rings but its because the pap won’t leave her alone. These pictures seriously make me want to cry. i feel really bad for her. People just really need to leave her alone.

  • emma

    awww she looks cute, but really sad. =(

    things will get better..

  • Jade

    BUT if he even tries to cheat dump him first then make him jeleous with another hollywood hunk and use your assets to let him kno he lost his chance but also flirt a little taunt him alot!! and you kno make him wish he had never thought about it but this is only if he tries to or does



  • lana

    V looks really really sad! But everyone who thinks Zanessa is over she is still wearing her ring and so is he so there is hope, and he is on tour to promote hairspray so he has to be close to nikki! I just cant see him changing girlfriends this quick i am sure he knows it will ruin her. Also when he was in australia and this nude thing was going on he only left his motel for interviews and appearances cos vanessa was there… SHE LOOKS SO SAD! If we all stay loyal Vanessa fans she will come through on top!

  • suzy

    She looks sad. hope everything works out for her. stella is so cute.

  • Mina

    I can’t stand to see her looking like that! I hate the asshole that leaked her pics! I love you Vanessa! Please be strong! Many of your fans are still here and will continue to support you! :-)

  • jo

    i hope that those photographers werent shouting obscenities against her, haters be rational, she made a mistake years ago…move on, she’s already extremely embarrassed about it.

    Stay strong V.

  • chay

    just keep that head up girl!


    I LOVE NESS![/B]

  • niki fan

    to bad so sad niki is hitting that now go niki you are a true talent and zac is lovin it.

  • Babysis

    her little sister is like a little her!

  • Carol loves JJ

    I can’t wait to see the awesome smile that she has again. Keep your head up BBV.

  • stillthereforme

    I think it’s good that she is going out and doing what she normally does. Good for you V. I support you!

  • sss

    We love you baby V! Stay strong! You’ll get through this!

  • krisy

    its good to see her with stella and her friends. thats obviously means that she has the support of her family adn friends. and i honestly love vanessa shes a great role model. EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES. don’t put her down unless you’re clean, it’s just not right. I really hope to see more zanessa soon because i’m really worried about them. I really hope this all blows over


  • MS

    She looks so very sad! I really hope she is okay.

  • Raquel

    She is really sad! Just can’t wait to see her beautiful smile again… She is strong, and i know she will get through this. Because she is an amazing young woman and she have her family, her real friends and fans with her. STOP THE HATE & LIVE IN LOVE!


  • Christa

    I still don’t like her completely, but she does look sad.

    If Zac and Vanessa broke up, I’d be fine with it. It’s not my life, it’s theirs and if it isn’t working out then they shouldn’t be together. I love Nikki too so whatever Zac wants to do. :]

  • Yeah?

    I don’t get it.. why is everyone feeling SO damn sorry for her.. it looks like such a publicity stunt its sad.. i doubt someone like that doesn’t read gossip blogs.. everyone said it doesn’t look like her and didn’t believe that it was even her but yet SO quickly her publicist goes and gives a statement saying it real.. then she quickly admits.. her sister looks like she loves it right now with all the attention.. and Vanessa is just putting up a front to look upset (its not hard i can easily make myself look sad).. i mean how do personal pictures just leak like that.
    AND no im not jealous in any way.. Truthfully.

  • Nana

    Aww she looks so down :(
    Be strong V!

  • eira

    she loook sad…
    poor vanessa.
    do worry honey,were here for you..

  • duh

    #30…Nikki wishes!! Zac wouldn’t hit that big a**

  • Veritaserum♥

    aren’t the pics of her child pornagraphy?

  • Carol loves JJ

    #39 jealous much?

  • Mina

    OMG! #39- I hope that you weren’t brought up to not learning what compassion means! How can so many people hate her so much! That’s what truly sad! People hating her when she did not do any of you harm! Ugh!!!!!!!!!!

  • [~Famous~]

    fug without make-up. she looks pathetic, no wonder zac is dating that big girl.

  • jake

    she looks so sad. how can you say that’s not real. Baby V, your fans got your back. Stay strong!

  • http://justjared Bri

    Zac loves her and they are still going out how can you say that about V I hope all you haters burn in Hell.