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Victoria Beckham Loves Herve Leger

Victoria Beckham Loves Herve Leger

Victoria Beckham squeezes into a glamorous orange Herve Leger dress with metallic Givenchy shoes as she exits her hotel for dinner at Cipriani Downtown in New York City on Tuesday night.

Just the day before, Victoria wore a silver and purple Herve Leger mini for the Marc Jacobs show at NY Fashion Week.

An onlooker that saw her during fashion week said, “All eyes were on Victoria and she knew it. She was turning heads left, right and center and looked absolutely amazing.

“We’re so used to seeing her in head-to-toe black. The bright colors showed a livelier side to her personality. She just about stole the show.”

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victoria beckham herve leger 01
victoria beckham herve leger 02
victoria beckham herve leger 03
victoria beckham herve leger 04
victoria beckham herve leger 05

Photos: Ronald Asadorian/Splash News Online
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  • sasha


  • jm

    wow…she matched her dress to her skin! She should be called skeletor 2.0

  • yara

    i dont like the blond her makes her look older but she is a fashion queen

  • rodberg

    that woman is disgustingly thin, and her head is way too big for her body (does she cry herself to sleep on her HUGE pillow), but her dressing skills are perfection ,)

  • Pete

    Excellent NUDE pics of Victoria Beckham

  • MMM

    I agree she needs some meat on her.

  • Pete

    she is little bit thin

  • laura

    I think she looks beautiful. She has a tiny frame and there’s nothing wrong with that. We all have unique frames and we all work with it to look how we want.

    Rock it Victoria.

  • Lillianne

    I bet Miss Daisy Duke in her red peep toes and tights suddenly felt like a real schlumpa-dump.

  • cali. jail dress

    A Orange Incredible Hulk. Very Masculine and hor.ish. Yuck again.

  • Crazy

    oink oink oink…

  • Renee

    She looks like a bobble head, way to thin.

  • Kelly


  • fuggy

    gross gross and more grossss.
    She needs a meal and a bang.
    And unglue those cateloupes off her chest.

  • Horrid!

    Disgustingly Horrid!

    Get some SUBSTANCE to your life Victoria! All you ever do is shop, pose, attract unwanted attention, preen for the cameras and attend god-awful “fashion” shows… what an un-appealing, BORING life you lead- DO SOMETHING SUBSTANTIAL WITH YOUR LIFE AND YOURSELF! How fullfilled can one actually be by shopping, posing, and preening day in and day out- when one’s biggest “worry” is what handbag goes with what shoes? Unreal~!

  • [~Famous~]

    horrible tan – anorexic – hideous hair.

    she looks absolutely disgusting! how in the world did her head get so big?!?

    its time david leaves her.

  • Eek!

    Someone needs to write a new screenplay entitled “Plastic Woman” and give this one the part. She looks like the Incredible Hulk’s sister.


    She looks likre a doll

  • mel

    Still don’t like her and her fake a*ss self. The boobs are the only thing I see everytime I look at her and they’re as fake as hell all, cant for the life of me figure out why someone would like to look like that.

  • Eathan

    To be honest, she looks good in the first picture, but not in the rest. Why? Because the cameras are above her head and it makes it look like she has a huge head.

    I’m not saying she isn’t skinny, because she is, but camera angles can do miracles, unfortunately in her case they make her look even more skinny than she actually is.

  • From the block

    I agree, her head looks huge compared to her body. She looks so anorexic here, it’s scary. How the hell can anyone say she looks pretty here is beyond me?! If this was Nicole, people would throwing all types of insults! It’s not right, this is not how a women figure should look like.

  • From the block


    ***spell check

  • emily

    I think she’s an attention whore…

  • ..


  • Uggg!

    She doesn’t look nice.

    Another disappointment from someone so into fashion.

    She just tries so hard, and ends up looking cheap.

  • suri

    oh oh oh!

    Victoria is thin ? Masculine?

    What the hell is wrong with you!

    And Angelina Jolie is not that thin, or what?

    Oh, i forgot, when you’re name is angelina jolie than it doesn’t really matter what you do, because all is cute, and excellent and so damn right!

    ;-) ;-) Hi hi hi

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Don’t like the hair. Something stringy about it. Do love the dress. Not even going to touch the weight issue. LOL

  • Jamie

    What hotel is she staying at? I think she looks fabulous, as usual, but a tad too skinny.

  • LJ

    Nice dress, but don’t like colour. And #26 – it’s funny how soma people who say that Angie looks great say that Victoria is skinny..hehe.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Posh looks emaciated! She loooks thinner than she was on her reality show a month ago. I looks like she starved herself for Fashion week, and yet she’s not walking the run way. I believe this woman has an eating disorder. There’s no way she can be looking this size for her age. There’s nothing wrong with being slim and stayiong young, but it’s scary to think of her as a 31 yr-old mother of 3. She’s in fact looking like a 14 yr-old! Can David shag a child?

  • Effortless Style…

    The “secret” to a great fashion sense/ style is being able to pull-it-off effortlessely… something the tragic-hungry-looking VB CAN NOT DO! She wants the world to “believe” that she is a fashionista, but in reality she is obviously a woman dealing with terrible/low self-esteem and paraniod issues as to what personifies “beauty”…(what other mother of 3 thinks it is ok to splash her “goods” all over the place, thinking that it is “sexy”, when in reality it is TRASHINESS that comes across… umm- maybe Pam Anderson or Britney Spears, comes to mind) she needs to realize that true “beauty” is internal NOT external and with her sour-puss expression and attitude looming large, I highly doubt that is a lesson she is poised to take on!

  • Marie

    The only reason all eyes were on her is because she’s scary looking

  • justjazz

    She is Fugly. There is nothing good looking or pretty about this att.wh0re. Really folks,what does she do besides shop? So very boring too.Anytine i decide to pull her pics up to post, it’s always just another dress and a miserable face.
    Won’t be wasting my time again.. Bleh …Boring!

  • Shrugging an atlas

    I’m not even going to bother commenting properly on the skinnyness/boobs/fake tan cos everyone knows it doesn’t look good but I do kind of like the dress…like the colour, like the top half but think it should be a little longer cos it just looks cheap when there’s so much skin on show. Either show the girls or the legs, not both! ;)

  • Sandbitch

    #9 Lillianne : I bet Miss Daisy Duke in her red peep toes and tights suddenly felt like a real schlumpa-dump.


    I thought the same – WTF. Wrong place, wrong time, WRONG outfit.

  • sofy

    she is stylish but she picks that same kind of dress all the time… it’s getting boring!

  • LJ

    LOL,here are lots of ‘home-psychologists’ who thinks that they know what other people feels by watching paparazzi-pictures…

  • Kate

    tired of that boring, upset-looking face. here hair looks terrible (no style at all!), and the whole package looks trashy & cheap.

  • Leah

    BOOO!!!! -Halloween’s coming up! ……….She sure scared me!! LOL!!!!

  • Anna

    Victoria is so beautiful, but she is too thin. She has such an amazing life, why does she look so sad? Her eyes just look dead and empty. It is so sad. She should be very happy. Maybe if she ate then she would have the energy to smile.

  • Geez…

    LJ: Someone who is happy- gives off the appearance of being happy, not too much to conclude from that… VB gives off the appearance of being a stuck up, conceited snot ALL THE TIME! Why, if that is the “appearance” she is potraying to the public can the public not deduce that in reality she truly is a STUCK-UP, CONCEITED SNOT!- Exactly what she appears to be! Geezz.. it has NOTHING to do with being a “home-psycologist”, as you put it… it has everything to do with HOW SHE POTRAYS HERSELF!

  • http://Justjared daisy424

    She should have those implants removed and put behind her chest muscle, they would look more natural.

  • vicky

    you obviously blind !! Victoria looks much more healthier than skelator Angie ! I love Victoria..She is always cool !

  • #26 STFU vic is starving..ok

    >>>#26 >>>STFU..>>>and go complain on AJ’s site,,so they can kick your@ss down this is bobblehead ‘Vic’s’ thread ‘HELLO’..

    she should of done her roots but thats the least of this ugmoes problems..take her some dam food..she says she only digest a few veggies a day and thats it, if that, she’s starving herself,
    google it..

  • Davids lover is coming

    Stop dragging other celebs on others threads ITA. Btw Posh is probably miserable cuz David’s lover is coming to America and she is hotter than Posh and younger. Posh I cant stand those fake plastic rocks on her chest looks disgusting..

  • anno.

    Posh is Scary thin… But it works for her! David love her and she has a beautiful family. Good for her! She is a Sassy Business woman! Go posh!

  • Dan

    I have more meat on my toe than on Victoria Beckham. She looks like a boy. Seriously GROSS. Why does she try so hard to make herself known?

    Victoria Beckham = Media wh*re.

  • strange

    LMAO she thinks she looks good.

  • Anna


  • Professional anorexic !

    I will never understand why a once beautiful woman graced with a slim figure with great legs, great hair, soft face had felt the urge to make herself ugly spoiling all her physical assets…all of them, from her face, to her hair, to her figure !.

    She decided deliberatly to put some fake oversized boobs. She decided that she wasn’t slim enough (she doesn’t even have an excuse like stress or, diet, or personal emotional shocks after an illness, a death of a closed one, ect) and the worst : she spoiled her once beautiful thick hair with that blondish, stupid mane that has made them brittle , lifeless and unflattering when it comes to the cut for her now emaciated face.

    And for the one who brought Angelina. Firstly, where have you been ? I don’t know any other celebrity who gets bashed left and right because of her skinny figure than Angelina does even though the woman, unlike many others has excuses (death of her mother) and second : she herself acknowledged that it is not right and has to put some weigth. Any objective looker can tell that she had getting back some pounds and still do eventhough it needs years to get back from a trauma.

    But what about Vic who has maintained her skinniness for years (even before the conception of her last child) though she was slim with a more chubby face ? I bet Vic makes herself throwing the excess food because SHE is the one who think that the more skinny, the better !