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Wentworth Miller is Hot and Sweaty

Wentworth Miller is Hot and Sweaty

A hot and sweaty Wentworth Miller sits down with a Dutch TV talk show host Jensen on the Dallas, Texas set of Prison Break. The host apparently brought along 150 people to be in the “studio audience.” That’s like an entire plane full of people for Went!

The funniest line of the interview is when Wentworth says, “There are an awful lot of hooters here.” Went says hooters! Watch the video below. Thanks, Ruud!

Prison Break Season 3 premiere episode “Orientacíon” airs this Monday, Sept. 17 @ 8PM ET/PT on FOX!

Wentworth Miller is hot and sweaty
For part II of the Jensen interview, click here.
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  • angelina_mmm


  • Lillianne

    He has that certain something. I’ve never seen him smiling.

  • Donna

    cute and hot!!!

  • angelina_mmm

    oh, yes he is HOT and sweaty ;)

  • angelina_mmm

    I don’t believe one word he’s sayin
    he is so lying
    boring weekends…. yea.. with Luke

  • Wendy

    hhaha no he didn’t take 150 people with him for the ‘studio audience’. That was a joke!!! He only has audience when the intervieuw is taken place in his dutch studio, and it didn’t soo….

  • Inex

    I could listen to that guy speaking in such an articulate way for ever. Of course The Pretty is damn sexy, but I just love his eloquence.

  • Donna

    yea jared, if they got 150 women there, went would have been raped.

  • angelina_mmm

    I like how he said “bugs” :)
    he is beyond sexy

  • ZZ

    Oh my god Pretty!He is so articulate and eloquent and well spoken geez that sexy voice, I could close my eyes and listen to him speaking hours long and I wouldn’t get enough!!
    Love you Went

  • AngieFAn

    You can tell his pretty smart but he is too DAMN calm don’t yous think? But that can also be a good quality.And plus why is his voice always so low? I love the interviewer hes just so damn upbeat. Good interview.

  • noortje


  • nicole

    I love went. soooooooooooo sexy, beautiful and talented.thank u jared

  • Fleur

    I love wenth

    But the interview isn’t over yet there is also part2

  • Miss Vex


    (PB3 will premier on the 17th, right?!)

  • applejuice

    Jensen didn’t bring 150 people to Texas! They were in the studio in Holland. And I know it, because I was there!

    Went is HOT HOT HOT!

  • jib-jab


    (Just kidding…I couldn’t care less about her.)

  • geniass

    Hooters with a capital H. I’m sure he’s there for the wings ;)

  • Tara

    He is such a beautiful being! OMG-Yum

  • liz

    somebody should really put up jensen’s interview with dominic, that one was a lot more fun, dom couldn’t stop swearing haha, loved him :D

  • Mink

    The whole of this interview can also be seen at the show’s own website:

    Great interview! Went is on fabulous form, and really relaxed and laughing by the end.

  • liz

    Somebody should really put up Jensen’s interview with Dominic, it was a lot funnier, apparently he was happy to swear on Dutch television haha, loved him :D

  • curly hair lady

    cant believe he has a white mom and a black dad, just goes to show you, one of you racist people get to talking junk and he might slap you because you are talking about his half race. so shut the hell up racists.

  • Nika

    thannnnnnnnx for Went news, Jared. Always welcomed! Love him, his voice is unbelievable!

  • meemee

    I loved this interview and I think it was one of the best ones so far. I couldn’t stop looking at Went’s eyes during the interview and I love his freckles. He’s soo beautiful.

  • martine

    I’m dutch, so ofcourse I saw it on tv =D He’s so so so so so HOT!!!!
    I LOVE HIM =D, The next day they interviewed dominic =D =D
    lots and lots of dutch greetings =D (no I’m not high=D)

  • martine

    I’m dutch so I saw it on tv =D I LOVE WENT!!! he interviewed Dominic the next day, but still went is so so so so hot!


  • Zara

    He is definately one of the hottest men on the planet. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Ally


  • Steffi

    what is hooter?
    the interview is amazing, thank you Jared!

    Went is the best!

  • Seattle Slim Baby Cakes!

    Lawd I love Wentworth Miller. That’s a fine brother right there……
    So sexy! :) I’d smash.

  • Mama Bear

    While this is my FAVORITE Went interview to date, it doesn’t top Jensen’s interview with Dominic Purcell:

    Click on the link “11-09 – Dominic Purcell”

    Why couldn’t Went talk about porn on his segment? *wailing*

  • Mama Bear

    Oh yeah, and let me just add that there hasn’t been an American celebrity reporter yet who’s been able to draw out so many aspects of Went’s personality in one interview like Robert Jensen AND he’s bilingual (probably multilingual too).USA media, you should be shivering in your boots.

  • You Know Who I Am

    He’s been in Dallas all of this time and I didn’t know about it?!?!? I guess it’s time to go “Wentworth” spotting!!

  • Ruffian9

    Hot, sexy….don’t forget gay!

  • http://n/a Da Buzz

    lol Sweet man!

  • Mink

    “Hot, sexy….don’t forget gay!”

    Your point being? *yawn*

  • eve

    ahaha go jenseeen

  • Cathy

    hmm yum love the look, the voice…everything :) wish i had been there :)

  • anonymous



  • EM

    He’s so amazing. Smart, sexy, sweaty. Can’t top that. ;)

    Wow, anon (#40) that was SO profound. *golf claps* GTFO. Seriously. I feel sorry for you. *eyeroll*

    #35, what exactly IS your point? lol

  • Brit Chick

    30 Steffi…

    Hooters is a restaurant chain!

    This interview was fab I just loved how Wentworth appeared more relaxed and outgoing in the second half, he was so funny, especially that impression he did of himself when mentionining being 6 ft or 60 ft lol! so many lol moments!

    Much love to Jensen, he is really personable, likeable and funny too, I enjoyed this interview alot!

  • liz

    Yes, he’s cute,sexy,hot…but GAY!!!¿Have you forgotten the pics with Luke? These pics made me sick. ¿How can you admire him,yet? He lay us
    (his faithful fans), he cheated us,well, the gay community must be his fan now!! Women haven’t to be fans of a GAY!!!Yes, he’s gorgeous, but we don`t like him, he likes men, well, gay men must be his fans!
    I’m sorry Went, but your game is over… your career is over!You get so much time to play scrabel, watch The Simpsons, Law and Order, and drink Frapuccinos with your “lovely” boyfriend!

  • Natural

    Number 43 That was such an immature commint about someone sexuality. How would feel if someone based that sort of statement about your immature thoughts. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marymi

    oh i hope the mornig show with mike and juliet invites wenty back for another interview even if they have to talk to him via satllite like they did when the M&J show first came on back in january!! BTW TMZ tv show stinks! they are too updated! and i thought i was gonna see that lane garrison PSA on there ..but noooooo!! they had to talk about britney’s goof ups at the VMAs on the first episode! and PEREZ HILTON does not deserve to be on the M&J morning show ether!! his website stinks too because i cant leave comments on it…you tell em’ jared!!!

  • Tara

    The pics. with Luke made you sick…Get real, it’s the year 2007… HELLO.
    Have you ever had your picture taken with someone from the same sex?
    He cheated us…get real we are just fans of a tv show.
    His careeer is so not over, PB is just a building block for this guy.

  • Natural

    Thank you #46 from #44….

  • http://no han02

    absolutely Went is cute, kind and smart.
    maybe it’s look like so so so hot & humid day..
    it’s time to rest for him..and so many question talking about
    are over and over again before..

    but Went makes good answers and cozy mood.
    that’s why i’m like & luv him.

    he is very different..other celebries..
    his passion for the show..i can feel.

    i’m die hard to waiting season3^^

    wow~ next mon!!!!

    there are very very lots of people loving and trusting you.
    also i’m one of them.

    take care^^

  • NZee

    Jared, you tease! Thx 4 all the Went news. He is terrific and damn hot in this interview. Cant wait 4 Monday, Went on Ellen n PB3 premiers – YUSSS!

  • mimi

    He loves saying “if you will” hehe. Its cute. The interviewer is melting!