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Zac Keeps it Caz

Zac Keeps it Caz

Zac Efron and BFF co-star Nikki Blonsky keep their arms wrapped around each other during a photocall for Hairspray on Wednesday at Hotel Santo Mauro in Madrid, Spain.

Zefron kept it casual in a henley, shorts and flip-flops while Nikki stayed classic in a black top and pants.

You can watch this video interview of Zac and Nikki chatting up Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph.

UPDATE: Yes, it’s true. Vanessa Hudgens has canceled her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Hopefully she’ll be back another day!

30+ pictures inside of Zac and Nikki looking cozy on the red carpet…

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Photos: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
Posted to: Nikki Blonsky, Zac Efron

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  • leona

    i agree with #25

  • Flisbeth

    #45 – so in order to be a good rolenmodel you need to be perfect?? Well good luck finding one then!

    And in regards to being a Vanessa fan and by default a hypocrit for “supporting” her, I really don’t think so! Even if I think saying I’m a Vanessa-fan is maybe taking it a bit far, seeing as I think I fall a little outside the demographic being close to 30(!), I would not come down on anyone in a smiliar situation.
    It is so easy to judge, but truth be told we know nothing about what really happend and until you’ve walked a mile in someones shoes you really can’t know their reasoning and there for shouldn’t judge so harshly. Real ppl do stupid things in their lives (not all of a sexual nature), most of us are just luck enough to get to keep them to ourself..which is a luxery she as a celebrity does not have!

    But she is 18, give the girl a break! She really only answers to herself and the ppl close to her and I really don’t think she needs the rest of the world to tell her what she did was really stupid…I think she pretty much has that figured out all by her pretty self.

  • Kirk

    Just some thought on Disney and parents reaction to Vanessa’s photos… Lemme see… Britney, Christina, Lindsey, Vanessa, now, stories are coming out about Ashley and her Nipple, Miley in her underware, and Kirsten Storms arrested for DUI. If parents are going to crucify Vanessa- they should crucify all of them for their naughty behavior.

    here are some links:

  • stacy

    hey stace
    back off vanessa
    u dont know the real story
    who r u to judge
    she not hurting you
    leave her the ****alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    talk about being 12
    how dare you pass judgement

  • Erika


    Vanessa made herself into a Role Model. Had she not said she was a good role model, people would have judge this episode (nude pictures) differently.

    She set the standard, and picked the kind of relationship she wanted with her young fans. She set herself up for the fall.

    What she should have done, is just say, she’s not a role model, and children should look at their parents if they want to find a role model.

  • Amy

    JJ start using the term Zikki!!! I think it’s funny. It doesn’t have to have any romantic conotation behind it. They are BFF.

  • jenny

    you dont know anything
    forbes even comented on this
    and they werent as idiotic as you
    if she canceled leno thats her business
    not yours
    you dont know if zac had anything
    to do with it no one knows but them
    let her deal

  • Flisbeth

    I am not saying you don’t have a point, and the whole episode is unfortunate, but sorry I would still consider Vanessa a good rolemodel…still better than the likes of Britney, Miss.Lohan and Paris…not trying to be judgemental, as I don’t know what posses them to act like they do, but I would stille rather have my teenage daughter looking up to Vanessa than those other girls any day

  • No Longer a Zac Fan

    I personally think that Zac and Vanessa are no longer a couple. They may have been at one time, but not anymore. Now, I believe their so-called relationship is all for publicity. They created quite a buzz as “Zanessa”, and rather than admitting that they no longer have a relationship, they (or should I say their PR team) instead decided to use their popularity as a couple to boost their careers and HSM2.

    I believe this mainly because we never see any “affectionate” candids of the two. I only see the affection coming from Vanessa because I think she does truly care for Zac. However, I don’t see Zac returning that affection. For example, even though Beyonce and Jay Z don’t discuss their relationship, it is evident how they feel for one another from the candids that are taken of them – you can just tell they are together. However, with Zac and Vanessa, there are no signs whatsoever, especially on Zac’s part. People have even noticed that Zac doesn’t seem as enthusiastic when taking photos with Vanessa as he does with other female co-stars.

    Also, in times like this scandal, that is where the truth usually comes out. You would think that if Zac was truly in a relationship with Vanessa, he would be more passionate either way. However, he has shown no emotions whatsoever, other than he doesn’t talk about his “friend’s” personal business. Yes, he may be displaying the so-called friendship ring, but isn’t that so much easier to do – just wearing a ring – rather than declaring any kind of feelings verbally? Zac is a smart guy. He knows the power of symbolism. He knows that wearing the ring will let Zanessa fans assume that he is commited to her without any words having to come out of his mouth.

    Also, if I were to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is actually in a relationship with Vanessa, I would be so disappointed in him as a boyfriend. He seems “whimpy” as a boyfriend, not a man – because a real man would stick up for his girlfriend. It’s ironic because Zac has mentioned numerous times that the one thing he’s learned about being in this business is the importance of the celebrity’s persona. However, I am not at all impressed with the persona he is projecting of himself.

    I hope that what I have just expressed is wrong. I truly would like to believe that Zac and Vanessa still do have more than just a friendship – that they are still a romantic two-some. However, from what I see and read about them, I just don’t believe that they are a couple anymore.

  • Jess

    Where do all of you find the time to write such long posts? Shouldn’t most of you teens be in school right now??

  • Brit-ta-nee

    Gah. I am so in love with these pictures and I can’t stand how cute Zac and Nikki are together when I know he’s dating Vanessa. I doubt that will last long considering right now she’s not good for his image. Does anyone know how long they’ve been going out? Because I don’t doubt that if he wasn’t dating Vanessa while shooting Hairspray him and Nikki definitely hooked up. Oh well. I’m rather bummed that Vanessa canceled her appearance on Leno, I can’t stand the girl but I definitely had it set on my tivo to see if they brought up anything about the nude pictures. Oh well hopefully she’ll come out of hiding and actually talk about her skanky ways.

  • vss

    #52 I totally agree with you.
    I’m close to 30 too and I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes as most of the people in this site judging Vanessa will. Luckily, our mistakes won’t end up in the Internet and the world’s press.
    And again, if anyone finds a perfect role model, you haven’t done your job well. NOBODY’S PERFECT. Parents/old brothers and sisters/celebrities make mistakes, because they’re simply HUMAN.

  • stace

    #52 (Flisbeth) – I respect your views and can see reasoning behind some of your thoughts but I was just putting forward my opinion which I am entitled to have, as are you. I was not implying that a role model needs to be perfect, and I agree with you in saying good luck finding one because that is exactly right. Of couse nobody is perfect but come on, posing nude for photos when you are working in an industry where most aspects of your life are made public whether you like it or not, is absolutely ridiculous. She was not THAT young not to know what she was doing. And any person working in the entertainment industry can tell you, you have to keep a check on your actions because whether you like it or not, you will be scrutinized constantly and unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about that.

    #49 (Lynn) – No I don’t think that’s wrong, you are quite right. If she did that I would without hestiation commend her on her actions but cancelling on Leno doesn’t help the situation. She is just choosing not to face the music. If she does not speak out about it sooner rather than later, it will just tarnish her image further. If she comes out and speaks about it now she can move on and try to recover from the situation.

    Sorry for the double post earlier on!

  • a

    zac looks hot. but i wish he’d go home cause i want another zanessa sighting. anywayssss, sucks vanessa cncelled haha, although ti would have been surprising if she had shown up so soon after the incident. oh well, she’ll have to comment about it one time or another

  • Jess

    Sometimes I think that Vanessa’s scandal was made far worse because of the fans of HSM, who saw her as Gabriella and wanted her to be that kind of person. Oh, how we wanted her to be the good, innocent, role model she talked about. Not like Britney, Lindsey, or Paris. But, the fact of the matter is that she is HUMAN- not this made up character. and Human beings are not perfect and they make mistakes, poor judgements. No matter, there will be more scandals form many more celebrities tomorrow and the near future and we will talk about those as well. They are ONLY HUMAN after all.

  • wtf with this

    LOLOLOL! You gotta love Vanessa fans. Taking nude photos of yourself when you’re around 15 = that’s normal/okay/fine. Being chubby like Nikki and putting your arm around or holding your co-star’s hand makes you fat cow ho. LOLOLOL!!!

    I think everyone who seems to hate Nikki so much for no valid reason is just misguiding their true anger and disappointment at her. I feel bad for Nikki. She HAS to know about the nude pictures. A lot of so-called friends, especially in show business with their own career literally just starting off, would go out of their way NOT to even be seen with Zac right now, since he’s a part of the whole scandal through no fault or real doing of his own. She’s actually being a good friend to him, and look at the price she’s paying for that from people who have the maturity of 12 year olds but the hypocrisy of adults.

    It seems okay to Vanessa fans that she canceled her Leno appearance so she can deal with this all in private since she’s already apologized and it’s a private matter and yada yada yada. But Zac is a bad boyfriend and person because he won’t speak for her? WTF?

    I don’t think Zac held a gun to Vanessa’s head and made her take those nude photos. It’s NOT his problem. You guys THINK they are dating and he’s her knight in shining armor, but he’s NEVER publicly admitted that so WHY does he have to now just because VANESSA made a mistake? Are any of her other HSM friends/cast members or Kenny Ortega issuing statements to defend her or being seen with her right now? Are you guys crucifying them too?

    And uh, seriously, Vanessa’s not the brightest bulb. She knew about these pictures since before HSM. She’s had two years to talk to her people who know people, etc. to prevent this all. Once HSM became the HUGE thing it was, she and her people could’ve SO made the loser who took them and the pictures go away WAY before it ever came to this. That’s what Hollywood does best — bury stuff that never sees the light of day to protect people’s images and careers.

  • stace

    I wrote this in the other thread so I thought I’d put it here to. Just so you guys know – truthfully, I have no problem with Vanessa what so ever. I didn’t really know much about her, Zac and Nikki before all this stuff happened, it was only when I found out about the photo situation I read up about them a bit more. I was just expressing my views/thoughts on the situation and how I personally see it. Obviously not everybody is going to agree with me and vice versa but hey, all I can really say is I just analysed the situation from my perspective. Like I said at the end of my post, I apologise if I offended anybody with my opinions.

  • natalie

    You guys don’t need to talk sh*t about Nikki’s weight, I’m sure she’s heard plenty of people make negative comments about her body. She’s just 18 or 19, isn’t she? She’s young, talented, and I’m sure she’s gonna try to get healthy now that she is in the limelight more.

    Zac looks kinda cute when he’s natural, without all that make up and hair product. He’s growing on me. =)

  • Flisbeth

    #62 (former #45) sorry wasn’t having a go at you and I do see “the deeper meaning” in your post, just think some of it was a little harsh – because I have enjoyed Vanessas work and have “stood by her” as I do realize that she is only human, I don’t consider myself a hypocrit as time has thought me that when you don’t have the whole story you really shouldn’t I try my best not to :)
    I agree that it might sound a bit hollow now looking back on her saying that she found it easy to be “a goof rolemodel” if you ever thought that she was perfect!
    I enjoy watching the interviews with the High School Musical cast as I laugh quietly to myself and think..Uh in 10-years mate you are going to look back on this and want to dig a very big hole for yourself. I can easly remeber how sure of myself I was at 18 and now some 10 years later I laugh at myself cause I knew sh..!
    But I still say she is human and it is some how in our DNA to do stuid things..some more than others and some more stupid that should really be allowed. Should she not have done it?! Well that is really for her to strugle with, but if the worst thing she ever does is this…I will still like to think of her as a good girl!

    #61 vvs, that was really the point I was (badly hehe) trying to get across in there somewhere…we are all just human beings at the end of the day and we need to find rolemodels that are real and that we can respect stupid actions and all.

  • jenny

    u know the only reason i said something
    is this girl is all alone on this
    and this has been spoken even in china, south america
    its been blown soooo out of purportion
    she needs some words of encouragement
    i know no one should judge zac and nick but i think
    we are r all hoping vanessa gets thru this
    its not like she was caught ina dui or delibratley flashing like
    most celebs do its just heart breaking how her phots r been used to sell mags
    shes been exploited over and over again
    not cool

  • Mo

    Thanks for uploading!

  • Daniel

    Alright you tabloid hounds. According to this article Zac as declared that he supports Vanessa and is hanging in there for her.

    And the Nikki pictures with Zac are no more flirtasous then a lot of pictures that close friends of opposite genders have of each other.

    I think Zanessa is still together, but they are having a tough time right now.

  • bettybaby

    25 Leslie :

    agree, agree. zac appears to intentionally showing the ring. love him. zac looks hot, but tired.

    and stace: we’re not all 12 years old, or hypocrites!

  • Vale

    Oh man!..
    Pleasee! don’t bash anymore…
    not Nikki, not Zac, not Vanessa..we have and see a lot in the last blog! guys have plenity liberty to express your ideas, but do it with respect!..please?

    and with #25, #52 and #55…i agree with you guys!
    and to #30..LOL that make me laugh a looooot!!..


  • Reality check!

    Ummmm… Hello! The girl posed nude! she did not get caught with a DUI- where she could’ve killed someone by doing that. She did not get caught snorting, shooting up, drugs, which is illegal. She did not do anything malicious to hurt another person. WTF- I am tired of all this Vanessa is horrible because she posed nude in the privacy of her own home! what’s wrong with that sentenc?????????? EFFIN WAKE UP AMERICA AND GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    is he gay?

  • wtf with this

    Glad to see National Ledger is as hypocritical as always, since they also report the photo scandal is pushing Zac into Nikki’s arms, LOL:

    And for the people who are upset Vanessa’s being so attacked, no one’s saying that’s necessarily right. But she DID do something by her OWN doing that has upset some people who are expressing that. But Nikki is being attacked WORSE than Vanessa is, and she did NOTHING. She’s NOT the reason Vanessa’s photos got out, she’s NOT the reason Zac is in Spain instead of with Vanessa, she’s NOT the reason Vanessa canceled her Leno appearance. All the girl did was promote a movie with a co-star as they were both contractually obligated to do so, and she touched him, just as Lucas, Ashley, Corbin, Monique, Amanda, Britney, and Queen Latifah have done. Everyone keeps saying “Vanessa’s only 18!!! Give her a break!” Um, Nikki’s only 18, and she did NOT do anything, so give her a break! You don’t have to hate Nikki or her weight to be a good fan to Vanessa. If SHE has a problem with Zac saying Nikki is his best friend or holding her hand on a red carpet, let her deal with it. Your attacking Nikki as some misguided attempt of loyalty or love for Vanessa is only going to make it worse for her, trust me.

  • john

    he looks so gay ^^ but he’s vanessa’s boyfriend —Grrr :(!
    i^m so sad because i love vanessa ^^

  • malibumom

    Work it Nikki-Keep listening to him and he will be yours. I hope you haven’t taken any questionable pictures girl-work the magic that is friendship!

  • jenny

    #72 is rite
    lay off niki
    pls show some humanity for vanessa
    we r seeing how one humiliation
    brings millions to those who exploit it
    whose suffering one girl Vanessa Hudgens
    as the world watches and point figers and smerks
    someone has to help her
    the world against one girl not fair not fair at all

  • bettybaby


    i’m loving your posts. are you the only guy in the world who doesn’t think zac is gay?????

    i just read that article, and at least its positive. i’m kinda surprised vanessa canceled jay leno. but if he was going to grill her, i don’t blame her. she has already admitted she made mistake and apologized for it.

    oh, and in case of forgot to mention it, zac looks hot in these pics. nikki looks cute too.

  • monster

    I agree with about half of what you said, but then you ruined it with you last paragraphy. I wish people would stop assuming that just because you are a Vanessa fan you automatically hate Nikki.

    I honestly feel like I’m stuck in the middle of the mess. I actually like Zac and Vanessa together, but I also like Zac’s friendship with Nikki.

    What people need to learn and remember about Zac is that he is a very private person. He doesn’t want the whole world know everything about his private life. Zac started being less touchy feely with Vanessa during red carpet events once people found out they were dating. And to tell you the truth, Vanessa seemed somewhat hesitant to be near him at the HSM2 premiere at Disneyland.

    Zac is a flirt. Everyone always talkes about how he can make any girl feel like he is their boyfriend. Zac was also very touchy feely with Vanessa before anyone knew they were dating. He was also very touchy feely with Ashley Tisdale, so much that people thought they were dating too. So I don’t really care much that he is touchy feely with people he is friends with. It is nothing new to me.

    I’m glad that Nikki is there for Zac. It must be hard for him to promote a movie and look happy while your girlfriend and personal life is being dragged through the tabloids. I do wish that the Hairspray promotion team would give him a break. The poor guy has been going non-stop since February this year and it doesn’t look like he is going to be stopping anytime soon. Hairspary has a pretty big cast and its kind of annoying that no other cast members are helping at all.

    And why must me always instult people. I just love how people get mad when someone calls Nikki fat and then in the next sentence implies that Vanessa is a stupid or a slut for taking some pics of herself. And the sames goes for Vanessa fans calling Nikki fat pig.

    And as far as being a rolemodel, I think Vanessa is a good rolemodel. It takes a lot of guts to admit you made a mistake. Most people were actually suprised that she admitted it so soon. Vanessa seems like she went through a wild stage during her early teenage years and she seems much more mature now. I’m not going to judge someone on their mistakes from 3 years ago. I’m going to judge them on their current actions. And I haven’t seen anyone from the Hairspary cast or the HSM cast drinking, doing drugs, or getting arrested. Pretty good rolemodels to me. Taking a picture of yourself for a boyfriend that you trusted at the time is not a crime. The real crime is the boyfriend that couldn’t at least respect the time you had together and not post the picture on the internet.

    And my final thing, I respect the fact that Zac likes Vanessa and Nikki and I don’t feel the need to trash people he is friends with. I don’t know Zac, Vanessa or Nikki, so I shouldn’t judge them.

    PS: People who are fans of Nikki. If you think this is bad, why don’t you check out the numerous celebrity blogs, tabloid and forums that have spent the past 4 days or so calling Vanessa a whore for a picture she took 3 years ago. I would rather be called fat than have the whole world seeing a nude pic of me on the internet and questioning my grooming habits.

  • wtf with this

    Well Monster, I think the difference is, if you take a nude photo of yourself and send it to someone, you sorta have to accept once it gets leaked to the net people are going to crucify you. Sure it sucks, but it’s more “warranted” even expected than being attacked for a PRESS PHOTO of yourself on a red carpet premiere like Nikki is. The photos/context/situations are so not the same, so really, you can’t compare.

    It’s easy to avoid taking nude photos of yourself so as not to have your grooming habits discussed, it’s not as easy to avoid your movie premieres and press photos and then have to worry you’re going to be attacked when actually, I think Nikki loves lovely!

    I am sure Nikki knows though that these attacks actually have very little to do with her weight or even her personally!

  • ricky

    i’m really impressed with zac’s loyalty to vanessa, although after seeing the nude pic of her i can certainly see why! i did read a really sweet article in Life&Style mag about the two of them in australia, and i was really touched. there were also some really great pics of them in the same issue.

  • jenny

    i agree but again i must say
    lets be human here on jared site
    vanessa one girl against the world
    someone has to say enough already
    the pics were leaked
    no one has confirmed how they got them
    if vanessa sent them
    or if the person had them waiting to harm her
    the bigger she got the more money rhey were going to be worth
    its just heart braking to htink someone could be so cruel

  • KrungKrung

    he needs to cut his hair, he looks like clay aiken y’all.

  • Jeanette

    Zac looks so hot!

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, that fat girl is really feeling it with zac, i betcha she’s in this illusion that her and zac are bf and gf y’all.

  • Vale

    #82 Monster…totally agree with you!

  • james

    Nikki is so damn hot, I can’t stop staring at those curves, she must feel SO good

  • Sheriden

    Zac is gay. Sorry, but he is. I wish he and the other half of Zanessa would stop putting up a front and reveal that everything that’s happened is all some sort of publicity stunt. Zanessa was publicity for High School Musical 2, a ploy that obviously worked. He’s gay. I don’t have a problem with gay people, but he just needs to admit it.

  • Erica

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but even though Zac does smile, he doesn’t really flash the kind of smile that he usually have, and he doesn’t have that spark in his eyes that he seem to have every time he’s around Vanessa. Besides, not in one of those pictures Zac is actually looking at Nikki while smiling, actually, he doesn’t really look at her much at all. Although, then I don’t count the interviews, because then he looks at her when she talks which is normal but hardly never when she doesn’t.
    Besides, Nikki did say that they all were like one big happy ‘hairspray’ family, so why don’t someone else be a good family member and step in for a while so that Zac can go home, I mean, sure he’s a good one to have to attract the young audience but he’s been out there for almost a month soon and it still doesn’t look like things will be cooling down, hopefully he will be done until Vanessa’s birthday, because he better not ignore that…

    And look:

    “Even with all the bad buzz surrounding the Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal, the High School Musical 2 soundtrack is the first album this year to remain at #1 on the Billboard albums chart for four consecutive weeks. WHAT TIME IS IT? SUMMERTIME!!!!!”

    It was posted here today, I really hope that it, if something, will make Disney understand that even with Vanessa’s Pics, HSM is still a huge success if that is what they were afraid of, sure it might loose some fans but most of us is still here, well, I will be if Vanessa is in the third one, or if she doesn’t want to do it on her own account, but I don’t want HSM without her.

    I have to agree with almost everything you guys say, and until I know for sure weather they are still together or not, I’m going to continue to hope they are.

  • Le

    OMG OMG.

  • http://justjared Bri

    That is sooo true Erica well said, and Zac sometimes looks at V when the host are speaking , and he did that in a recent interview hope they are stil togather they are the cutest!!!

  • Sharon

    *84 Ricky – Is that the Life & Style article that #72 mentioned? So it’s out on news stands now? I’m anxious to read it. I need to hear something positive about them amongst all of this drama going on.

  • Mariana

    I so love how every single Zac fan seems to have double-standards when it comes to their guy. I know for a fact that if Vanessa treated one of her male costars, like Brady, the same way Zac treats Nikki, she’d be called every single cruel name in the book and would be accused of cheating on Zac. People are already calling her names, and she hasn’t even done anything.

    But since Zac’s a GUY he gets off the hook. It’s ok if he acts like he doesn’t care about Vanessa because he’s Zac. It doesn’t MEAN anything when he makes out with another girl on television, it’s just Zac being Zac. He’s a very private person, that’s why Zac will never admit he’s in a relationship with Vanessa, but Vanessa will. It can’t be Zac, Zac doesn’t do anything wrong. Bull. Shit. Just like when a guy cheats on a girl. It’s always the “other” girl who gets scolded, never the guy.

    Don’t blame Nikki for “getting in the way”. Don’t blame Vanessa for not being a good enough girlfriend to keep his attention. She’s more loyal to him anyways. The only person who forces Zac to act inconsiderate to his own girlfriend in public IS Zac. But every Zikki fan, every Zac fan, every Vanessa hater will never own up to this fact. They’ll keep on making excuses, through every stupid move he makes.

    And the blame will always find it’s way back to Vanessa and Nikki, simply because they’re girls and he’s not. I’ve been a diehard Zanessa fan ever since I first saw the two in HSM. But now all that chemistry that was once there seems to have disappeared. Maybe they should just break up. Vanessa deserves someone who’s willing to give her the time of day.

  • Val

    Nikki is beautiful, and besides you can be stick then and be completely ugly on the inside. Looks only get you so far in life. If you can’t think of something nice to say then shut your trap. L8R for you, much!

  • wtf with this

    So, I’m curious… are any of Zac’s fans actually fans of his acting??? Because even if he’s not the best boyfriend in the world, which would actually make sense since he’s never even claimed to be her boyfriend let alone the best boyfriend, does that make him less of an actor? I mean, are people only fans of his because of how he looks or who he dates and if anything about either of those changes from what you see/want/have created than suddenly Zac’s lost you as a fan completely?

    Will you not go see High school musical 3 unless Zac and Vanessa are publicly engaged by then?

    Just curious because for a guy who himself says he’d rather be admired for his work on screen than anything he does off screen, no one seems to talk about his acting, let alone respect him for it.

    Where can one get this job of being a pretend boyfriend = tons of fans, LOL?

  • LOL

    you guys do not buy into those tabloids! whether positive or negative their evil. you should only care about official statements made by zac or vanessa or their reps. you are only feeding the tabloids just by discussing it here YOU ARE ONLY MAKING IT WORSE! this is one of the place they get their “SOURCES”…if your really a fan of any of these stars just be supportive of them instead of bashing them all the time SHEESH

  • clara

    Really hate the unattractive fat bitch.