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Cate Blanchett: Queen Cate

Cate Blanchett: Queen Cate

Cate Blachett stays soaked in a wet shirt on the October 2007 cover of W Magazine. Here are some highlights from her interview with W:

On not being easily persuaded on accepting the role in the highly anticipated Bob Dylan biopic, I’m Not There: “The script was verging on impenetrable. It’s like an algebraic equation. You think: This makes sense in the mind of the mathematician. I knew that if you assembled it, somehow Bob Dylan would emerge, but only Todd knew how.”

On what she calls her two songs Dashiell, 5, and Roman, 3: “Sweet-smelling little dumplings”

On enrolling Dashiell in what she calls “a proper school”: “He’s five now. He needs to be settled, and I need to respect that.”

On a couple more children being part of the larger plan: “We’re not going to wait forever. God, I’d love it to be now. I’d love it to be next week.”

To read Cate‘s full interview with W magazine, click here!

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Photos: Michael Thompson
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  • Meg

    She has botox!!!!!i can’t believe it!

  • Guillen

    she has such a strange nose. I don’t thinl she is beautiful, but she is ok as an actress and that’s what matters!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    WOW!! Queen Cate indeed ~HOT~

  • Noah

    I don’t like her as a person.she tries to be perfect and she also tries to immitate the great Katherine Hepburn!she is fine in those photos, but nothing special.

  • Edward

    What happened to her nose (look at the cover!) ???

  • mooshki

    She’s beautiful in a unique, interesting way instead of a generic way like most Hollywood girls.

  • the_original_nika


  • free

    These pics are about how Blanchett looks, and she does not look
    like herself at all – I’d never guess.

    Maybe if she would not try so hard…in everything.

    Isn’t she only 39? looks old here, plastic and sort of manly.

    I’ve seen her in The Good German and Babel, and didn’t really
    like her. She never has chemistry with people. But I am looking
    forward to see her as Bob Dylan, she sort of looks like him! lol

  • SqongoBalongo

    Whatta bootifull Dame!!

  • H

    another one.. FATALITY… Finish herrrrrrr

  • Here’s The Deal

    Jared, I think you meant her SONS, not her SONGS. ;)

  • Susan

    Love her! The cover does not do her justice.

  • Tijen

    Thank you Jared. I love Cate. She is a great actress. Classy lady.

  • Tijen

    She was born in 1969. I guess she is 38 years old.

  • Tealeaf

    One of the few good actress left in Hollywood!

  • Ha!

    She is amazing. Truly one of the great talents of our time. She is all class, grace and mystery and part of that is because we don’t know everything about her and her life. She is an actress, not a celebrity. I could just gush about this woman – she is phenomenal in everything she does.

  • JustJass

    Stunnig..I love Cate as an actress.

  • Gerodine

    Very beautiful… Very clever… Very talented woman! Beauty – isn’t the ideal body – it’s something inside and she has it!!

  • Ali

    One of the most gifted actresses, and one of the most unique and interesting women, in the public eye today. Quite refined in her sensibility and intelligence. Love her!!

  • Jessica

    i used to like her, but no anymore. Clearly she had botox, and she tries to seem sexy or sensual, but that woman is “empty” of it!

  • Hottie boy

    I totally agree with n4! you read my mind!

  • Slayer, The

    Cate is the most overrated actress in history of Hollywood!

  • Vespa

    She is one of my favorite actress, after the great Jennifer Jason leigh and after Kidman, but i have to agree she is changed. Her forhead is different. I don’t know if it is botox or not, and it’s not a big deal, but why she made it????

  • Collin

    Queen of what??????botox???even with that she is ugly!

  • josephine

    Cate doesn’t use botox, she’s publicly condemned the use of it. WOW, she’s gorgeous.

  • dustin Kenney

    lol i didnt know morons posted on blogs other than perez hilton…

    a. cate blanchett has never had any work done.

    b. she is the meryl streep of my generation and she pretty much shits on any working actress i dare you to name.

    c. just because she won an academy award for her spot on portrayal of katherine hepburn does not mean that she spends all her time trying to imitate her. whens the last time you saw her wear a pant suit? lol

    and i really dont see what you all are saying about her nose, or her “trying too hard”. in fact, if you read the interview she talks about how relaxing it was to just sit down and take pictures. she nearly fell asleep.

    you look brilliant cate.

    can’t wait till you win your next oscar.

    for future reference, lets save the “overrated” title for the nicole kidmans and angelina jolies of the world

  • McAvoy

    Since when does a 5 year old need to be “settled”? i don’t think 5 year olds even know what being settled means.

  • Rae

    Beautiful! The cover photo hardly looks like Cate but I don’t think it’s Botox or anything. She’s always had the ability to change her look completely for each of her movies and many photo shoots. These shots are sexy. She’s such a talented actress- I can’t wait for the new Elizabeth.

  • tiger

    Finally a woman in Hollywood that is truly talented. Classy, clever and talent all wrapped up in one.

    And most of all a smart parent that puts her childs needs before her own. She is an inspiration and all the other parents in Hollywood could take an example from her.

    On enrolling Dashiell in what she calls “a proper school”: “He’s five now. He needs to be settled, and I need to respect that.”

    Amazing! Thanks Jared.

  • Krung Krung

    cate is a very good actress i agree but i don’t find her pretty at all, she looks like more of a man side but her acting is superb.

  • Milanese

    Where was she “superb”?
    Blanchett is CLEVER, not intelligent. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is like a small water that wrecks mountains. Then, what?

  • bold and beautiful

    There was no need to bring Kidman and Angelina
    into this.
    Angelina is an excellent actress, and her beauty
    is MORE than skin deep. It’s not fair that she
    went through inferno with the tabloids b/c of
    other people’s already failed merger.
    Just saying.
    I certainly hope she will get another Oscar for
    her deeply moving portrayal of a “common” person
    (although Mrs Pearl is everything but “common”!)
    I DO hope so, and I am certainly not alone, simply
    b/c she deserves it.

  • anon

    I think she is the best actress around at the moment, never a bad performance maybe not so good films but she is amazing and the camera loves her. She glows. Love her and she seems normal maybe because she lives in Australia. Also not some cookie cutter blonde/blue eyed… all American look.

  • anon

    no 27 you must not have kids, routine is the main thing and you need it earlier than 5yrs old.

  • Ha!

    Cate manages to lose herself in any role she plays. She is amazingly versatile and I think that shows a great deal of sensitivity and intelligence. Not to start a war with the people who love AJ, but if you saw Pushing Tin, Cate acted circles around AJ. And she won her oscar for playing someone other than herself.

  • bold and beautiful

    I am not starting any childish wars, but that
    is the 1st that I’ve ever heard that your fave
    actress was better than mine in Pushing Tin – on
    the contrary!
    Angelina certainly made some bad choices, but has
    always had an undeniable strong presence on screen.
    Directors that choose to work with her, prove that.
    Your words re: Angelina’s Oscar are “learned”, and
    nothing but plain mean!
    To me, Angelina looks more composed and easygoing than
    Blanchett. WHAT do you really know about Blanchett’s
    “past”, or her “now” for that matter?! So? What’s
    your point exactly?!

  • tiger

    Bold and Beautiful I think there are plenty of other threads to idolize Jolie in. This one is about the amazing talent Cate is.

    I like that I don’t know much about her. Presents the characters she chooses to play with much more appeal.

    In my opinion, and just because you brought it up. No way are you comparing apples to apples, Jolie can’t hold a candle to Cate. Hard as it is for you to swallow, Jolie should stick to the characters that portray her true self. That is the only time she is at the top of her game.

  • bold and beautiful

    This is ridiculous. I am not trying to
    “have the last word”, but you should read
    my post again. You cannot deny what I
    said. After you, what is Angelina’s “true
    self”?! What is, after you, Blanchett’s
    “true self”? Ridiculous.
    Nice way to devalue someone’s work. Not.

  • Sara

    @ #26- She was terrible as Katherin Hepburn, not spot on at all. I would know, as I have been a life-long Hepburn fan. I thought her portrayal of her was awful and I was annoyed by the fact that she dared portray such a legend. Definitely overrated, over-acts and tries to come across as literate. In truth, if she really were literate, she would not address the public, as a movie actress, in that way.