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The Hollywood Actress-Male Model Trend

The Hollywood Actress-Male Model Trend

Male models are scooping up Hollywood actresses right and left! Notice how the last three entries just happen to have female stars paired up with male models?

Natalie Portman & Nathan Bogle

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry

And now Kate Bosworth, 24, and model boyfriend James Rousseau, 26, were just spotted out and about in New York City’s West Village on Thursday afternoon. The couple wore matching black skinny jeans just like Nat and Nat!

Kate wore a yellow GAP v-neck seater, her fave brown Chloe flats and toted around a Marc Jacobs bag.

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  • hot

    Same with Selma Blair. Where has she been lately?

  • yukamunga

    her bf is fug….and unlike Orlando seems to love the attention that they get as a couple and oftern goes with her for pap pics. If she wasn’t dating him we would not know who he is. the look of her pretending to notice the papps if she didn’t know they were there.

    If anyone reading here did not see her latest posting on
    under the Then and Now section there the comments there are links to where it is proven she set up all those pap pics from the summer trip to hawaii..and who knows which other ones as well.

    Her PR are in overtime trying to get her noticed. Why does JJ have pics of her almost 3 times a week at least? She isn’t that high profile of a person ..she is just begging for it

  • henry


  • Kelly

    Is there actually anything in her purse? It’s so flat!

  • yukamunga


    My grandmother just called and she is ticked!!
    She wants her purse back asap!
    She had been wondering where that went.

  • Rachel

    Her boyfriend looks like a dusty fag. If your going to get a model at least get a good looking one. DOWNGRADE

  • selwyse

    the bf is kinda ug. anyone have any good professionial model pics of him? yea . . he’s definitely waaaaaay behind int he looks dept compared to Gabriel Aubry and NAthan Bogle ..

  • Me

    whats up with his haircut?

  • raquel

    What happened to Slema Blair and her man. I think he was a model or something. I liked his face. His body was god too from what I remember of an old jared post.

  • fat guy in a little coat

    “If she wasn’t dating him we would not know who he is.”

    Somehow I get the feeling he repeats this line over and over as a way to psych himself up to spend time with her.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t models supposed to be attractive? Just wondering, cuz he ain’t.

  • [~Famous~]

    yes – bosworthless really needs to disappear.

  • Slayer, The

    The new trend is for actress to date male fashion models. What next?

  • mossy

    yikes! lotsa haterade on here. i bet all of them are just drop dead gorgeous people with uber hot lovers and tons of cash. i for one am a fan of these two. kate’s pretty, stylish, and has a respectable career repertoire. james, oof, yeah the haircut is a not but oh my can he step up to the plate on the runway and off.

    i want her marc jacobs bag!!!



  • nots

    They both are always trying so hard to look “cool” or “sheek” They look like that eurotrash Iwould make fun of walkingdown the street in the city

  • Anon

    The definition of irony: He’s dating her to be noticed – the same reason she dated Orlando. And it was (still is?) one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood that she or her ‘people’ alerted the paps/gossip columnists. How else would they know when to be at a particular non-celebrity restaurant or looking at a piece of property. Pretty sad. Just glad Orlando got out when he did.

  • nots

    The girl is a vacuous self absorbed moron, who believes her life is so important to the outside world because she is an actress. A horrific one at that (go see superman) She gets roles because she is pretty. Shelf life for girls is short (meaning youre almost over) Good luck in your 30s when you have to be able to act to get roles. You and youre boyfriend are perfect for eachother two self absorbed vacuous shallow people, both using each other for different things. Sounds like love. Looks like it too. They hold hands in pictures. :)

  • lol

    Fug times infinity.

  • yukamunga

    what do you mean about the property? Were there pics of kate looking at property? are you talking before or after orlando?

    and to the other poster..yes, I do think I am prettier than Kate..and I am older then her!!!
    My forehead isn’t nearly as big either.
    I dont think her bf is ‘red hot’ by any means.
    yes, I think I see much better looking peeps here in sunny cali everyday.
    okay..she may be making more money then me right now. Got me there,,but her days are numbered in teh business.
    Although I would be willing to bet I make more then the bf. Haven’t seen him doing much lately.

  • shenanyginz

    ehw…. he is not hot… MAJOR DOWNGRADE… Though I’ll completely agree with that statement when Orlando shaves his pornstache…

  • shar

    sting got caught leaving a brothel…check the pix at

  • ~*Leah*~

    Gabiel Aubry is THE hotness, but something about this dude sets me off…that creepy Ken doll blank face. Looks like he found his barbie…

    Honestly Jared how much cash do you get paid to overload us w/ pics of this girl doing anything from standing beside a parking meter to dry-humping Helena Christensen?

  • sophie

    her stylist is doing a FAN.TAS.TIC. job. she’s been looking REALLY REALLY chic.

  • blackfriday1978

    only thing look good in the picture… the bag… plus, a guy and a gal both pairing up in tight jeans, look kind of… uncomfortable (for viewer)… like druggies…

  • jd

    I agree with #23… she has excellent taste in fashion…

  • nots

    Excellent taste. For someone who has someone else dress them. Nicole Richie is chic too right? lol. None of these girls have any originality just what some douche they pay tells them to wear. Skinny jeans look awesome on gay guys. :)

  • Katherine

    Gabriel Aubry is so amazingly gorgeous. I hope him and Halle work out. As for Kate, that ‘publicized’ weight gain seems to be winding back down. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were back to true form by the time GITP press is over. And James is just not hot; he has huge jaws and a thick neck, very distracting.

  • Dear Lord!

    Excellent taste, my AS*! If I was running around like this people would laugh at me – just the way MOST commenters her are laughing at Kate!

    And for her BF – he’s a fame wh*re and it’s certainly not love that keeps him with bobblehead. He has this kind of annoyed look on his face everytime the anorexic chick tries to grab his hand or his arm, did you guys notice this? but hey, at least she now has a BF that can compete in ugliness with her. Orlando was way too good for her.

    And, I agree with Katherine #27 – she’s loosing all this weight again! Lolz, I wonder who she will be blaming this time….Orlando again??? She’s such a joke!

  • Sienna

    Kate looks BEAUTIFUL! Thanks so much for posting!

  • Patmycrotch

    He is a model? Ugh

  • Regina

    Why do I get the impression that she tries too hard for the paparazzi to look at her?

  • joan

    This glasses looks SUPER stupid…

  • lana

    Another french canadian model :P

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • agatha


  • stacy

    he’s getting bigger by the day