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Joaquin Phoenix Looks Hotter with a Hat

Joaquin Phoenix Looks Hotter with a Hat

Here are some pictures of Joaquin Phoenix arriving at the Toronto Airport on Tuesday. Phoenix quickly exited the plane and ran outside to light up a cigarette (he supposedly has a fear of flying).

Joaquin, 32, didn’t look so great at the Reservation Road press conference at the Toronto Film Festival but somehow miraculously looks better with a hat on!

Reservation Road will premiere into the Gala Program tonight at 6:30pm. Co-star Jennifer Connelly will join Joaquin on the red carpet.

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  • katie


  • sowhat?

    love him! hot hot hot!

  • Iris

    Jared, you have good taste.

  • Patmycrotch


  • Marina

    I LOOOOVE Joaquin!

  • Marina

    I love that he is always with family…
    He must be so happy to be with Rain, Summer and little Indiana.
    Can’t wait for him to have his own family, wife, children.. He will be an amazing dad.. not so sure as a hubby… let’s leave to Teuta to find out!

  • spooky

    OK, he looks A LITTLE better with a hat…

  • lili

    wow Rain looks gorgeous as does Summer in some other pics i have seen of her recently! they certainly changed for the better. the whole family is gorgeous and talented. i hope joaquin is just tired and not drinking because he used to be an alcoholic. i hope he is doing well and i cannot wait to see reservation road. i am reading the book right now as we speak and it is wonderful.

  • Paula Grace

    Not only is he the most HOTTEST actor on this planet he is also the most talented. He got robbed for best actor for his portrayal of Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line”. Really did anyone even go see
    “Capote”? That’s Hollywood politics for you and Joaquin just does not play their game. And that’s another reason why I love him so much. He is the Ultimate Bad Boy, so dark and mysterious. YUM!
    Cannot wait for “We Own The Night”, which he stars in along with another hunk Mark Wahlberg. It’s being released October 12th.

  • Amanda

    He looks so much better him. I love him to pieces.

  • Me

    Paula- I couldn’t agree with you more! He got robbed for Walk the Line! I hope he wins for We Own the Night or something. He’s so good!!

  • wow

    he does, too bad he’s crazy.

  • [~Famous~]

    river would have been a much better actor than joaquin, if he didn’t pass.

  • jenny

    awesome to see some pics of joaquin, he is one of my favorite actors ever!!!!!

  • ori

    SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annoxious

    He’s Tinseltown kwel…

  • evie

    He looks hot in these pics. I wonder who the blonde is, lucky girl!!! 

  • Aline

    I love himmm always!

  • Jade

    I love Joaquin! He is a great actor and I hope he gets some awards.He
    definitely deserves some!!

  • aj


  • Liz

    HE SHOWERED! or it looks like he might’ve, anyway…

  • Jules

    What is this shower business? Jeez people, just because he is uncombed or shaved doesn’t mean he is physically dirty. That’s snobbish and mean. I think he looks great, dressed up or down. He has a very raw sexuality and it seems like he has a true beauty from within. Aside from that, he is a brilliant, brilliant, magnetic actor. And if the Oscars meant anything in terms of art, he’d have at least two.

  • the_original_nika


  • Kathy

    he’s a lot hotter in person. he was filming a movie in a hospital i work at…with eva mendez. it’s coming out soon. :)

  • evie

    I bet he is!! :-) I believe you!!

  • ana

    great joaquin!!

  • Julie

    Are you allowed to smoke in airports?

  • evie

    No, he isn’t smoking, I think he is on his way outside and smoke….

  • Jessica

    Liberty is also in Toronto. And thats cool to have the whole family roghether.

  • evie

    Yup it is! I just watched Ladder 49! That one always brings tears to my eyes!! I know it is a movie…

  • evie

    Yup it is! I just watched Ladder 49! That one always brings tears to my eyes!! I know it is a movie…

  • lindsay

    Please #6…if you actually think him and teuta are gonna last you’re sad.

  • Anon Infinity

    Found one of Teuta’s myspace comments
    on a friends blogs and the profile goes right back to hers. we have alot in common with her girls she likes to read gossip too

    Teuta M. Jun 28 2007 10:54A
    haha. why yes, everyone whos anyone calls me tooty frutti..god its really slow at work today, im doing nothing but reading gossip and sipping hot chocolate in this freezing office..holla at me later chiqita mamacitA

    ok so now i know im a terrible person but here’s a site that has personal photos with tuti. she’s a canditate for laser hair removal if ever i saw one.

    friend profile
    Jan 1, 2007 11:17 PM
    Thanks. Happy New Years to u guys. Hope all is well. :)

  • Anon Infinity
  • Anon Infinity
  • Mary

    Wow she is ugly! I am surprised he even picked her out of a crowd! To be honest, I really really don’t want to be hurtful. But in my ture honest opinion..I don’t get how he found her pretty. She looks like a little boy almost. She just isn’t pretty…I don’t get it.

  • Gen

    Wow…so she is ugly then…I just don’t get what he saw in her either. Then again his g/f’s aren’t always cute. Topaz had yellow bad skin and looks old and emaciated. At least teuta has some meat on her. I just don’t think she is pretty at all! She looks like a little boy for got sakes! Like..Oliver Twist or something! I don’t get how anyone would find her pretty.

  • sofia

    yikes! she looks a mess. she really isnt cute at all. everywhere i go now people are saying she looks like a little boy too and i totally see what you guys are talking about. lol. she looks like a little boy with that haircut and her masculine features. yuck. thank goodness he dumped her, or will dump her. she is gross

  • snowangel02929

    He seriously must of just been fooling around with chicks on the side…I now believe the claims that he was. Sorry she isn’t pretty she looks like the wicked with of the west. I just don’t get why some celebs date so far beneath them. I don’t know if it’s admirable or if they jusdt have low standards. I’d f*ck my dog before I’d do her.

  • anonymous

    Yikes…she is a disgusting man in drag

  • http://justjared fee

    He certainly is the hottest guy, with or without the hat.
    He should have won the oscar for Walk The Line. He is brilliant and HOT.

  • .♥(¯`·._.·:.☆OMG☆·:·._.·´¯)♥

    Hey, sister

  • ♥(¯`·.☆OMG☆.·´¯)♥


  • .♥(¯`·.☆OMG☆.·´¯)♥


  • ♥(¯`·.☆OMG☆.·´¯)♥

    This be me.

  • ashton dietrick

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