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Kate Gets a 'Kate' Facial

Kate Gets a 'Kate' Facial

Newlywed Kate Walsh strikes a pose for photographers in her denim dress on Thursday. She stopped into the first Medi Spa in Los Angeles, Kate Somerville Skin Health Experts, for a ‘Kate’ facial. Kate stayed hydrated with Voss Water.

Set your TiVos, the Private Practice star will make a guest appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday, Sept. 25.

Check out the video of Kate, 39, and hubby Alex Young‘s honeymoon pictures here.

Catch the extended version of the sneak peek promo of Private Practice here. The medical drama series premiere “In Which We Meet Addison…” airs Wednesday, Sept. 26 @ 9PM ET/PT on ABC.

10+ pictures inside of Kate getting her ‘Kate’ facial…

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kate walsh facial 01
kate walsh facial 02
kate walsh facial 03
kate walsh facial 04
kate walsh facial 05
kate walsh facial 06
kate walsh facial 07
kate walsh facial 08
kate walsh facial 09
kate walsh facial 10

Photos: Dave V/Zfi/Dean M/Gabo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • rachel


    anyways i am in love with her dress :D

  • jamie

    JustJared, you are my favorite person today:) Thank You!

    Kate looks so cute! I love the dress. Awww..I love her!



  • KateFan

    Adorable. I love her so much, she is a sweetie.

    Thanks JJ.

  • BrainySmurf

    I love how she takes the media attention in stride. From her facial expression you can tell even though she is smiling, she almost finds it amusing that people are taking her picture. I know some people get annoyed when they see Kate out and about doing her daily errands(I really don’t know why-to me it just makes her seem more down to earth because she doesn’t feel the need to hire someone to do everything for her just so people could think she’s ‘private’), but I love the fact that Kate just goes on with her life. I love that she is not one of these ‘ooh, I’m too good for all of this’ type person. Believe me people, I live with people who have work in television and trust me when I say there is no such thing as a shy actor-what they are, are lazy actors or actors who think they are too good for normal people. Jennifer Garner also seems to be like this too.I also love how she is always photographed just doing her chores. I really don’t see them as fame-whores-I see them as ordinary people like you and me. Anyway, I did not intend to give a lecture, but I knew there were going to be some annoying-think- they- know- Kate haters and I thought I would give you something to think about.

  • KateFan

    I must say her legs are fabulous!

  • the_original_nika

    looks shinny, good. cute dress.

  • Izzie

    yay for new candids, today has been a good day

  • AB

    It’s pretty crazy how great she looks with no make up on. It’s hard to believe she is going to be 40 in less than a month.

  • jamie

    BrainySmurf, Word. I love your posts. You are so right. Kate is a real nice person, who does not think she is to good for everyone. She is always so nice and so real. She is NOT a fake nice person who talk like they memorized everything their PR person told them to say like some people. She is true and real. She goes about her business and puts a smile on her face. IMO. Kate seems like the nicest person in Hollywood. Someone who if a fan walked up to her, she would talk to you like a real human being and as a friend. She is amazing:) Not to mention Gorgeous!

  • BrainySmurf

    Thank-you, Jamie!

  • H

    hmm hot stuff

  • Anonymous

    She is looking really thin. She has lost alot of weight. Love her though.


    i know she is so thin, but still so freaking beautiful!

  • Ugh

    She looks old and worn out.

  • Jessie

    She looks happy. Good for her.

  • meagan

    I know it’s weird but I like that she has fine lines in her face, it suggest that she hasn’t gone botox-gaga yet.

  • tam

    I heard she sold her HONEYMOON phtoo’s to OK magazine, thats just sad. I mean wedding photo’s okay everyone does it but seriously honeymoon photo’s thats just sad that she wants so much attention she’d sell pictures of what is supposed to a private thing@

  • tam

    Sorry i cant spell photo’s, lol!

  • kali

    I’m also a bit iffy about those honeymoon photos in OK mag. I like seeing photos of her, promo or candids but I wish the honeymoon photos didn’t come from her camp. :(

    Oh well, I still love her though.

  • Ichie

    Spoiler clip from Private Practice episode01:

  • silverpink

    i love her!!!

  • divine

    she lost a lot of weight and she was skinny to begin with. stress maybe.

  • S.

    *gives JJ a big hug* Thank you.
    BrainySmurf, great post. You are right.She looks like a normal person trying to keep it normal in spite of the attention around her.
    She looks so gorgeous and fresh without any make up. She looks so natural.

    Kate will be on The View on Sept. 26.

  • Lucy

    Thanks for the pics JJ.

    I LOVE the fact that whenever we see candids of Kate she is always au naturel, without make-up. She has fantastic skin & it’s such a refreshing change to see a celeb looking so relaxed.

    Can’t wait to see what Kate wears to the Emmys on Sunday as a presenter.

  • Matt

    A scene from the first ep :-

  • Natalie

    Lovely pics thanks JustJared :)

    Check out this blogger’s Kate picspam

    Made of awesome !!

  • sabine

    aww she just glows with happiness. there’s no air of superiority about her at all. i agree with the post saying it’s like she’s amused anyone would want to take her picture. she’s handling the fame thing really well. thanks for the pics JJ! kate is love!

  • sabine

    oh and i almost failed to mention, kate has lovely clear blue eyes! she’s looking very fit too. yay kate!

  • Mary

    tks so much for the pics!
    Kate’s gorgeous and i loved her dress!

  • Free me

    Thanks for the candids JJ!

  • LanieCroft

    Jared, you made my day, another set of cute Kate pictures. Thank you. Cute dress.

  • ally

    Thanks JJ! We love you Kate!

  • Cleo

    Kate Walsh is an horrid person

  • Calliope


  • gabe

    nice clear complexion with a happy smile :)

  • Patmycrotch

    She is a TV actress, she is suppose to be hated and defined as dlist

  • jamie

    Cleo and Calliope, you dumb fool you are the same person. LOL. Do you know any other words? You must be pretty dumb you dont have a good/wide vocabulary.

  • jamie

    I was just like to say that the honeymoon pics in OK are not actually honeymoon pics, they took their honeymoon before the wedding because Kate had to go back to work right after the wedding. Those pics were in the deal with the wedding pics. I for one like seeing official pics. You know like when people sell their families and baby pics to People and OK.

    Also, Kate and Alex gave all the money to charity. So do you really want to deprive that charity of the money?

  • sarah

    Words jamie!!it’s (cleo calliope) the same moron person!!hehe!!!stupid!!anyway, thaks JJ for the new pics!!kate is so cute, and I like the dress!!But it’s the same we saw in the red swimsuit foto in an other blond girl? right?

  • Tealeaf

    She isn’t pretty to me

  • lyn

    Tealeaf, then you are blind go get your eyes checked.

    Kate is gorgeous!

  • Izzie

    thanks for that tidbit of news jamie, I never knew she gave the money to charity where did you see that? That was so sweet of them.

  • jamie

    Izzie, I heard it on some entertainment show.

    All Im saying, So what she sold the pics, everyone real celebrity does it. It is quite flattering to be asked by a magazine and given money for your pics. It shows how big she is and that she sells magazines. Plus, it was all for a good cause, charity. So if she didnt the charity that got the money possibly would not get any money. So do you really want children or whatever charity got the money to be deprived of that money that could help them and so many others? If so, you are selfish. Kate doesnt need the publicity she already has it, she is on magazine covers and doing interviews making talk show appearances and being followed by the paps.
    As fans we should be thankful for the pics we get and not be so damn high and mighty.
    As for the haters, green with jealousy is not a good color on you because Kate is getting the attention your little GA favs are not getting. Get Over it.

  • KB

    Love her!!!!!

  • ally

    Can’t wait to see the new OK! pics! Could somebody scan them please?

  • BrainySmurf

    You tell ‘em Jamie! I have not seen the honeymoon pics just yet, but I can’t wait! See to me I like seeing a non-anorexic, non-crazy, hard working actress get attention rather than any of the other things the tabliods print. Sure, some of you think the honeymoon pics are too personal. I have to disagree. I happen to think posing on the cover of People with your newborn is too personal mostly because the newborn is not consenting to the picture, the child is has not chosen to be famous and also I’d always be thinking some crazy lunatic now knows what my child looks like. But hey, I guess I’m just weird like that.
    Anyway have a great weekend everyone!

  • jamie

    Thanks BrainySmurf! ITA. Posing with a nonconsenting child/baby is way worse than a pic of two consenting adults.

    I have the OK Magazine. Sorry I have no scanner. The pics are harmless, and there is only few, and mostly of the resort. The pics are innocent pics of just them together posing, nothing nasty at all. The interview is really cute, and is just an extension of the Wedding interview. Mostly about how busy they are are and how they enjoy their time together. Kate also talks about the show alittle. Nothing personal at all. Totally innocent.

    It is quite a honor for a magazine to want you in two issues of their magazines. When they could have just included it in the first issue. Just shows how big Kate is.

  • Tammi

    Um its not good that she’d sell her honeymoon photo’s it just shows how much she wants attention that she’d sell something so private and its sad! They may have gone on the trip before her wedding but still it was supposedly her ‘honeymoon’. Its sad she’d sell something thats meant to be private. I’ve never heard of a celeb selling honeymoon pictures. Wedding and baby ones yes but not honeymoon!