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Mary-Kate Olsen @ Conan

Mary-Kate Olsen @ Conan

Mary-Kate Olsen makes a guest appearance on Wednesday’s episode of Late Night with Conan O’Brien. The Olsen twin shared about her love for coffee, being constantly followed by paparazzi and pick-up lines guys have used on her.

The most memorable pick-up line MK recalled: “Can I make you tomato soup?” And she gladly accepted, saying, “I. LOVE. TOMATO. SOUP.”

MK made her return to the small screen on Showtime series Weeds on Wednesday night. Watch the video of MK‘s interview with Conan below!

Mary-Kate OlsenLate Night with Conan O’Brien, 9/13

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  • magnolia

    I went out with her costar of when in rome, he was the dumbest pretty boy you could ever meet but he would not stop raving about her, he had nothing good to say about Ashley tho but who knows what was true coming from his mouth, her cured me of dating actors

  • LUKE

    creepy ugly
    her voice suxs

  • katie

    love her outfit

  • T

    love her.

  • M

    I was wondering how do you watch the videos on this site? Where’s the link to the conan interview?

  • Julie

    Just click on the play button.

    She was very cute on Conan.

  • Reader

    She looks very pretty.

  • julie

    she’s amazing

  • a

    she’s so cute. still a supporter of teh mka twins. for life

  • Mehrz

    It’s kind of weird how she never turned away from Conan almost the whole interview. I love her though, her outfit’s cute, and she was really funny.

  • remember da truth

    She looks a little like Kate Hudson in that photo.

  • http://no paris

    she looks so prety

  • Onurenu

    she looks awesome.she is so cute
    thank uu jared

  • mkkkk

    Umm, she has issues. Not that I think she is a cool laid back chick..i think she is…but , its kinda like she wants to be masculine. That’s a sign of anorexia, trying to have a body of a young child…and not adhering to the idea that you will grow boobs and have a womanly form…maybe she is a lesbian. Idk, all I know is she seems very insecure about herself which she shouldn’t because she is pretty and VERY rich! And that “I’m petite” bs…to cover up her anorexia scandal..give me a break….

  • laura

    Lol I loved it. I especially love when she talks about full house and starts doing the theme song and ashley is like full house is on!

    That was so cute

  • creativegirl

    yes – she was so funny. you hardly ever get to hear them “talk”, she seems to have a real funny personality, good sense of humor. Hopefully they will come into their own. They could be drop dead gorgeous if they weren’t into this whole grungy, goth thing they’ve got going on. But they are young and i guess they want to set themselves apart somehow from being typecast. They have enough money that frankly they don’t need to fit into anyone’s ideal mold of them.

  • kevin

    she seems pretty cool..

  • Andrea

    It’s weird because I still can’t tell Mary-Kate and Ashley apart.
    Which is which and how do I tell? They look they same to me.

    I don’t think the skinny thing is on purpose. One of my daughters is 21 and weighs all of 99 pounds. Pure muscle though. She’s always on the go and is walking, walking, walking.

    To have that “problem” again. The “problem” of not being able to get fat. I would love that.

    Mary-Kate seems like a normal young person to me – well except most don’t have her bank account.

    Hey, try my work at home site out:

  • MiKa

    she’s so sweet.
    I admire that soup guy too. hahahaha.

    wich M-K the best!

    kisses from Brazil

  • Tina

    Awww that was sweet… she’s well pretty and I love that Mary-Kate and Ashley do their own things now :) does anyone know if that show will be aired in the UK?? xx

  • Mo

    She looks great!

  • danace

    she is soooo funny…she seems very cool to hang out with..
    anyways,thanks for the video.

  • Ava

    i can’t believe so many of you think she suffered from anorexia. it was a drug problem. the cirque lodge, where she went to rehab, did not and does NOT treat any eating disorders. only substance abuse problems. i emailed there facility and recieved a message from one of their counselors. he verified this. substance abuse issues only!

    the tabloids need to do their research. Oh, and if any of you will recall, Mary-kate has never come forward and said, “yes, i suffered from anorexia.” she has only acknowledged that she has had her fair share of “issues” and has dealt with them accordingly. I think she is doing ‘Weeds’ to be like, “hey, i had a drug problem and no one knew! Look what i can get away with!” its like she’s mocking the press. I think she’s a great actress tho and i hope she gets an emmy nod for her role on ‘Weeds’.

  • Sophia

    She’s sweet. That Weeds clip was great. I’ve never watched the show though, what’s it about?

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Melinda

    tomato soup? i dont get it…

  • oo

    “tomato soup? i dont get it”

    It has been rumored that she’s pregnant,pregnant people love Tomato Soup..but she was only being sarcastic when she says: “I love tomato soup,and now I’m pregnant”

  • dancingqueen

    mkkkk…who made you the authority on who has an eating disorder or is a lesbian? Some people are petite, nothing more.

    She has said she dealt with her issues, which doesn’t mean she had anorexia. She could have just noticed the warning signs and decided to change before it became a problem. She hardly sounds or looks insecure, but hey neither of us know for sure.

  • Katie

    “’tomato soup? i dont get it’…It has been rumored that she’s pregnant,pregnant people love Tomato Soup”

    The joke isn’t that pregnant people supposedly like tomato soup. The joke is that guy used the line “do you like tomato soup?” to pick her up. And since MK happens to “LOVE TOMATO SOUP,” the pick-up line worked, and now she is pregnant b/c the guy picked her up. He was just so smooth, she couldn’t resist, and that’s how she got pregnant.

  • Melinda

    oo…thanks for clearing that up. although i didnt find it very funny =P

  • gus

    Man.. I’ll marry this girl one day! Or maybe her sister, who knows..

  • Hannah

    It made me laugh!
    awww it made me remember the old full house times
    she seems really cool actually, It’s been a long since the last time I hgot to hear her, she has grown up voice now

  • hehe

    she drank coffee when she was young, no wonder she’s so never grew much.

  • Maya

    Surprisingly she didn’t make a fool of herself and seemed completely normal.

  • Anna

    To whoever said that Cirque Lodge does not treat eating disorders:

    Detox Services and Drug Rehab Programs

    If needed prior to admission, detox for prescription drug addiction, alcohol abuse or other substance abuse issues, including cutting edge protocols for herion addiction detox, is offered with a separate local licensed drug detox facility. Upon arriving at Cirque Lodge, an assessment is completed and based upon our drug treatment philosophy, an individualized treatment program is developed. Special attention is given to provide the best treatment protocol for each resident, including an individualized drug treatment program and dietary considerations. Cirque Lodge also treats co-occurring disorders such as eating disorders and mood disorders. For more information on co-occurring disorders, please visit our dual diagnosis page. Rooms are assigned depending on each resident’s requirements as determined by the staff.

  • Alexiz

    SHE is soo awesome!;)…Loove her;)haha I ate tomato soup yeasterday:))