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Rachel Bilson: I LOVE 'CHUCK'

Rachel Bilson: I LOVE 'CHUCK'

Rachel Bilson totes around her classic Chanel 2.55 handbag while out and about in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The former O.C. star will reunite with O.C. creator Josh Schwartz for a guest spot on NBC’s new comedy Chuck. Bilson will play a romantic option for Chuck (Zachary Levi) in a multi-episode arc scheduled to air in late October.

Chuck is about an “average computer-whiz-next-door” who receives an encoded e-mail from an old friend, a rogue CIA agent, which embeds the world’s greatest spy secrets in his brain. The series is scheduled to premiere on Monday, Sept. 24 on airing on Monday nights at 8PM ET/PT leading out Heroes.

10+ pictures inside of Chuck‘s latest guest star Rachel

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  • Andrea

    Love her! and her clothes..

  • Violette

    Definetly loving the outfit, what a cutie.

  • alika

    there is noone better than she is…. love her……

  • Andrea

    Yes, I agree, her outfit is nice. It goes to show, a woman can dress conservatively and still look great. No need to wear short dresses and minis all the time. And no need to wear clothes so short your undies are showing – or in Britney’s case, unfortunately, not showing. Gross.

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  • hanna

    she is so beautiful!!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • check:


  • katie

    love her outfit

  • katie

    love her outfit

  • Patmycrotch

    I agree her outfit is very cute and casual

  • lida

    she’s so pretty i love her

  • Perhaps_F_Off_Mite_B2_Kind

    According to tv guide, Adam Brody was supposed to play the leading character of the show: Chuck himself. He was also supposed to play the leading man in the ABC drama Pushing Daisies. But, he turned down both offers.

  • Sheldon

    It’s so cool that Rachel Bilson is going to be guest starring in “Chuck”.. Hopefully all of her fans and OC fans will tune in!!


  • Ms. Scorpia

    Good for you Rachel, I was beginning to wonder where your career was headed. Jumper doesn’t ome out until next year, hopefully it will be successful. Where’s Hayden?

  • bengourion

    like I said in other post,like all jewish girls she’s beautiful!

  • Dirty Cougar

    Damn! She looks good!

  • yam

    it’s true ausiello confirmed that adam brody turned down chuck and pushing daisies for the lead role but adam is now filming death in love with josh lucas and another one after that while access hollywood reports rachel turn down 2 teen movies that were 1st offered to kirsten dunst and lindsay lohan, she siad she don’t wanna be typecast..people here are just judgemental, rachel only wants roles that she wants, i love her eversince the o.c. maybe because she accepted the role because josh convinced her so hard…i saw in an unscrpted interview when access hollywood ask her after the o.c. what would you do?? she said” i don’t know lay low for a while then do movies but not another tv”…

  • tessa

    Rachel is so beautiful

  • jenny

    she looks awesome!

  • peter

    I’m so happy to see her again, She looks so amazing!!!

  • the_original_nika

    shes doing something now.

  • Ashley

    She can’t keep counting on the same person to give her work. Josh Schwartz keeps making her play the same character, the love interest for his nerdy lead. What is she going to do when Josh Schwartz doesn’t have a show to cast her on? She’ll have to continue on with her other job, being Hayden Christernsen’s beard.

  • yam

    keep on judging her..for her scandal free and being grounded girl in the industry….your barking at the wrong tree my dear….

  • Lacey

    “” maybe because she accepted the role because josh convinced her so hard…i saw in an unscrpted interview when access hollywood ask her after the o.c. what would you do?? she said” i don’t know lay low for a while then do movies but not another tv”"

    Or maybe she said yes because she wasn’t getting any other offers she wanted to take up. I love Rachel but she hasn’t gotten another movie other than Jumper for nearly a year. It will be good for her to get herself out on another prime time show (provided CHUCK isn’t cancelled before her arc of course) playing a different character. Or maybe it’s a favour to Josh, you never know.

  • yam

    i think she took it bec..she has jumper to promote next year, so that she stays on the screen…

  • hc

    Fantastic news. Thanks Jared

  • marta

    I love her clothes

  • Hoopa

    Josh, his girlfriend and Rachel are good friends, they have been spotted doing some jogging together. Therefor it isn’t a big surprise for me that she will occur on one of Joshs new projects. Actually, I hoped that she would get a leading role but if she doesn’t want to stay in a long-running TV series, a guest star role is just what she needs right now to keep her on-screen. :)

    Her look is sooo simple and yet sooo beautiful, love it!

  • Priss

    Does anyone know what brand of jeans she is wearing? I am always trying to find jeans for petites.

  • matt

    She looks great!

  • Dirty Cougar

    @ Priss,
    I think they are 7-For Mankind. I want a pair myself! I hope I can find some in a long length since, I’m 5’9″! I love the jeans, blouse tucked in, belt and boots. She loves her boots and, she can wear them too b/c she is petite. I like her style. Simple, elegant and stylish without, being overdone!

  • yam

    here’s a link:
    rachel just needs to be on a screen so that when the time to promote for her big-budget movie, jumper she’ll be remembered not just on her character in the o.c. but also on chuck!!!!

  • Chez

    @ 14 Where’s Hayden?

    Oh he probably went back to his hometown coz their obviously “staged & scheduled” paparazzi shots solely on downtown LA have been thru already – and these would probably would take a awhile coz their movie’s still up for next year. So just wait for a month or so and they’ll be back on!

  • yam

    Rachel’s been traveling all over the world shooting a big Doug Liman action-movie ‘Jumper,’ and she was going to be in Los Angeles for a little while. We were talking and thought it would be fun to work together again, even for a few weeks. Having worked with her for four years, I know how funny Rachel is and what a good match she’d make for the show, and for Zach Levi. For a first-year series, it’s really hard to get big name guest stars, so we’re all really excited and grateful that she could do this.”
    i think because josh wants chuck to have good ratings and maybe rachel could help,,you know cause she has still fans

  • Keane

    # 22 – She can’t keep counting on the same person to give her work. Josh Schwartz keeps making her play the same character, the love interest for his nerdy lead. What is she going to do when Josh Schwartz doesn’t have a show to cast her on?

    And dont forget too the movie Jumper that she snatched from Teresa Palmer just becoz she got that much connection to the former OC creator Doug Liman…

  • Reis

    I have no clue why she is sort of famous in this BLOG. She looks soo average and just full of blah. I guessed homely celebs deserves attention too no matter what it takes…

  • jen

    century fox decides to recast tom scurridge and theresa palmer cause they were afraid that the movie with a 100m budget will flop cause they’re not known…they said in an interview: patriotism is what the audience are looking for in a movie…well do you know theresa?what movie do you know her from? her claim to fame?!!! and yes it’s true doug liman was a producer before of the o.c. but did you know that evan rachel wood, mischa barton, scarlett johannson and hilary duff were also considered and when they screen test it they liked rachel for the part…

  • elle
    Rachel Bilson has signed on to star in the sci-fi adventure, Jumper for 20th Century Fox and Regency Enterprises.

    She takes over the role from Teresa Palmer and will play opposite Hayden Christensen. Doug Liman is directing with Samuel L. Jackson and Jamie Bell also in the cast; it’s based on the Steven Gould novel, which follows a young man from a broken home who discovers he has the ability to teleport. Variety reports Jumper is planned as a trilogy; this first film was adapted by David Goyer, and rewritten by Jim Uhls and producer Simon Kinberg.

    Jumper is currently shooting in Toronto for February 15, 2008 release.
    it’s a 100m big-budget and trilogy movie…
    well do you think theresa palmer would attract that much audience to watch this movie?..and even if you keep on bashing rachel and obviously has not done anything wrong to you(scandal free from nude pic,dui,drugs and excessive partying)…
    and if you were the producer and you want this film to be a big hit so that the money will return much than the budget? will you replace your lead casts with a much popular stars?!!!! i bet i agree to what century fox did to replace theresa and tom…

  • Jinn

    She just looks like that latest ho, VANESSA HUDGENS. Cant really tell the difference…

  • Kayle

    Humpty Dumpty calls out the paps coz she’s donning out for her photo opps again in the shopping mall…

  • Abe

    Wow isnt she that “talented” that she cant get any projects w/o the help of either Liman or Schwartz?!

  • Susie

    She’s copying Kate Moss’s style

  • schue

    But Kate Moss is NOT a midget!

  • mandela

    This is Bilson paying back Schwartz for allowing her to film Jumper at the same time as the OC Season 4. Her storylines on the show were cut down to allow her to go off and do the movie. Not all TV producers would do that for a cast member.

  • Mars

    Of course she’ll be back on TV w/ that so-so face & talent. She doeent even deserved to be in the movies in the 1st place but w/ her obviously well-paid & connected PR people, nothing could be that impossible…

  • henry

    well what does she done bad in hollywood? do you see her partying too much like paris? have you seen a nude pic/sex video of her in the net recently like vanessa? did she forgot to wear panties like britney? and attempt to commit suicide like owen,or an addict like pete and kate and does she have a dui record in the police like lindsay?
    if you keep judging her…you’ll see she’s the one that should be a role model to the youth today…
    midget,troll and all that you says about her will do nothing that will degrate her personality…we see her pics having lunch, babysitting her sister, fixing a flat tire, out with her mom,out with her bf (hayden), hanging out with josh and filming jumper in rome…hey that’s just normal stuff that ech celbrity and every human being is doing on a normal basis..she’s human too like all of us…if she do a bad thing like what the other girls i’ve mention…i will stop to defending her!!!but right now you cannot call her jobless? cause she has a trilogy movie and a guest stint in chuck and if your all jealous of her style why don’t you go shopping too and copy a celebrity style that you like…kate moss and sienna miller is her inspiration in her style that’s it…. and hey what’s wrong with shopping?!!that’s what mall for! and she’s not gonna winona ryder the clothes that she likes…and she has money for it…

  • gnome

    Jumper is not a trilogy movie. The cast signed contracts to do three films, but the movie will have to make money first before they even think of doing a part 2 or 3.
    It has the potential to be a trilogy, but isn’t actually one yet.

  • jen

    # 41 didn’t you read # 17..she turned down 2 movies that were first offered to hilary duff and kirsten dunst accroding to access hollywood…
    i’m sure that she only agreed to josh because they are close friends…
    well what’s wrong with having acting stints because of connections…
    there are many stars in hollywood today that have jobs because they have a connections to the producer or creator…hayden got the role of tom in jumper because samuel jackson recommend him to doug liman, same as shia la beauo from michael bay’s reccomendation in indiana jones with steven spielberg, woody allen likes scarlett to do his films, jessica alba got her 1st big role in sincity because of the producer is also one of the staff in her dark angel series, kate walsh got her own series because of shonda rimes, etc….
    it’s hollywood baby,you need to have a connections so that you’ll stay long in the business…and 10% because of the effort and auditions they also go through to get the part they want!!!

  • henry

    yeah i know!!! the 1st movie needs to make money first…that’s why she’s doing all the publicity and guest stint to make it work…hayden doesn’t exactly doing much effort to make it big… i mean where is he???doug liman is a good director, he directed the 1st bourne film and mr and mrs. smith!!!~

  • Dyson

    Such a breaking news! As if that she had bagged a TV series that she’s in the lead role where in fact it looks more of those another NBC shows that will most likely to last only on its 1st season. Just feed us then when she’s “already” on a hit TV show or movies…