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Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together?

Andy Baldwin & Tessa Horst: Still Together?

The Bachelor‘s Andy Baldwin and Tessa Horst are still together, the Honolulu Advertiser reports.

The Pearl Harbor-based naval doctor and his leading lady biked together at the Audi Best Buddies Challenge Charity Bike Race last Friday in San Simeon, Calif. The day after, the couple joined legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood at the First Lady’s Reception, Chateau Julien, in Carmel, Calif.

These events were all before Andy was spotted canoodling with Sepideh Gaftgoli, former Miss Iran.

So does Andy love Tessa? Miss Iran? Both? This is all so confusing!!!

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andy baldwin tessa horst still together 01
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 02
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 03
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 04
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 05
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 06
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 07
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 08
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 09
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 10
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 11
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 12
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 13
andy baldwin tessa horst still together 14

Photos: Steve Jennings/Wireimage/Getty
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  • lory

    Jared! i honestly dont know who this two are, but i want to congratulate you because of your constant updates! you are hnestly the best!
    i hope you will be posting some new vanessa’s pics, but with a smile in her face!
    see ya!

  • christa

    how rad! linking cat’s blog! i’m going to die. she’s FAMOUS now!!!

    ps: they together man

  • checkers

    when were these taken? I am not a fan of this Andy, I think it’s all to be famous!



  • Hope

    Andy loves Tessa! They’re still together and going strong!

  • anan11

    If you would stick to the facts, there would be no confusion about who Andy loves!!!! He has made it abundantly clear to anyone who wants to hear that he loves Tessa. And, yes, they are still together!

  • Pinot

    I’ve always loved Tessa. Andy, not so much. If you look at the writing on the side of Tessa’s bike helmet, it says, “best buddies.” Maybe she and Andy are just good friends now? IMO, Tessa can do MUCH better than Andy Baldwin.

  • Lalala

    WTF are they doing in Carmel???? That’s my hometown! There’s literally NOTHING on the Monterey Peninsula…but Clint Eastwood is pretty chill.

  • rh

    Andy has always loved Tessa !!Tessa has always loved Andy!! They are very much together! Best Buddies is an organization which helps individuals with intellectual disabilities. Andy has been involved with this charity for some time and now Tessa has joined him. It’s a great organization! If this site would get it’s facts correct to start with there would be no confusion about Andy and Tessa’s status. Andy and Ms.Iran have been friends for years. That’s all!

  • rh

    This bike event actually took place on Saturday, Sept 8

  • required

    who are these people?

  • R.B.

    Finally, some truthful information! Andy and Tessa ARE still together! Ms. Iran is just a friend of many years! Get the facts correct next time!!

  • Skb

    ha ha i finnally get to comment it oh yea im so cool

  • Michaela

    Yes indeedy, an explanation for why that chick is riding Andy in almost every pic, even the one with Clint Eastwood in it!, is totally needed here! Just look so bizarro-world. And if these events were taken BEFORE the pics of him with Miss Iran that why are you suggesting that they support the idea of he and Tessa being back together??? Yes, so confusing…

  • Cindy

    The only ones who seemed to be confused are the haters and Just Jared. I doubt that Andy would take another woman to a public place, if he was cheating on Tessa. Andy is smarter than that. I thought you had more common sense than that Jared. If you want the truth, just ask Andy. I am sure he would be more than happy to tell you.

  • Michaela

    Oh Jared, You have been pegged a Spammer! This is what page shows up when we click on the Honolulu Advisor link now! :

    403 Forbidden
    Please stop referer spam.
    We have identified that you have been refered here by a known or supposed spammer.

    If you feel this is an error, please bypass this message and leave us a comment about the error. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you are actually doing referer spam, please note that this website/b2evolution no longer records and publishes referers. Not even legitimate ones! While we understand it was fun for you guys while it lasted, please understand our servers cannot take the load of all this cumulated spam any longer… Thank you.

    Also, please note that comment/trackback submitted URLs will be tagged with rel=”nofollow” in order to be ignored by search engines.

  • rh

    The young lady on Andy’s shoulders is a spokesperson for Best Buddies…a charity helping mentally handicapped individuals. She is not a woman! This event was on Saturday the 8th. Andy and Tessa have not broken up! Still going strong!!

  • Michaela

    Cindy, you wrote: “I doubt that Andy would take another woman to a public place, if he was cheating on Tessa. Andy is smarter than that”

    Don’t you mean that Andy would never cheat on Tessa?? The way you worded it makes it sound like he would just be better at hiding it!…cause he’s too smart to get caught. If you are defending him that is not exactly a complimentary argument!

    Anyway, I am so over these people!!!! Their 15 minutes is UP UP UP already!!! I mean, does anyone even watch The Bachelor anymore??? Apparently not, hardly anyone on here even knows who they are! Good for you people, you have a life :-)!

  • eira


  • Cindy

    What I said is if Jared wants the truth, all he has to do is ask Andy, but of course we know he doesn’t care about the truth. He just cares about printing what gets him the most hits on his website. Of course Andy would never cheat on Tessa, I thought people already new that. I guess I need to spell it out for some.

  • http://none AGD(visitor)

    To whom this may concern:
    What benefits do you get from being so nasty about Andy & Tessa? If you do not know these people, then don’t say anything that will hurt them as you do not know the truth about them. These pictures are not for you to make criticism butfor people that loves them dearly. They are two people that met and fall in love in a reality show but who cares maybe for naysayers but the fans do care. So unless your stories are the truth, please be human enough to watch what you say or print. nuff said..

  • George

    course Andy would never cheat on Tessa, I thought people already (new) that. I guess I need to spell it out for some.

    How can we count on you to spell it out for us about Andy cheating on Tessa, whoever they are—when you can’t even spell knew correctly?

  • susie

    Please, Jared – GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!! Andy and Tess are still together and probably more than you know. Stop being such a sleazy tab and start reporting responsibly! And some of you people commenting should really take some lessons in “Nice” – calling someone ugly is just not cool and doesn’t make you look very smart.

  • Uggg!

    Just Jared is the best!

    Tessa looks pretty in this pictures.

  • tina

    i hope they’re together!!
    she’s the perfect girll for him!

  • visitor

    Well thanks for report what someone else already has reported. It is the truth this time. You need to interview Andy/Tessa to get the true facts and not be reporting trash or adverse reports. Please know they are human just like everyone else. They have feelings. Do you? How would you enjoy articles being reported about you or your family that are false? Don’t believe you would enjoy reading trash about your friends either. Well just make sure what you are reporting are facts. Do a job to be proud of and not have to always be retracting or restating things that are incorrect. Investigate what you are publishing and know when it is printed, it is true facts. Be a journalist, not a spammer.

  • Dalidah

    Tessa is so beautiful. Andy is so handsome. Together, they’ll have incredibly gorgeous babies!

  • carmen

    Enough about this Andy..

  • Mo

    She is too pretty for him.

  • Cindy

    Thank you so much for correcting me George. I never knew (correct spelling this time)that if somebody spells a word wrong, that makes them wrong. I never knew (it’s the right one this time) that we were also taking a spelling test while commenting on Andy and Tessa. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. I will try to make you proud next time.

  • Pinot

    Thanks for the info about Best Buddies. Makes sense now. Love the pics, Jared, but a few facts to go along with them would have been helpful.

    And, yes, Tessa looks lovely in these!

  • Tom O’Neill

    Everyone knows that Andy and Tessa only get together for publicity pictures. There is no romantic interest–it is only a financial contract they still need to fulfill. Tessa is a very private person; Andy is looking forward to a modeling and acting career and needs to have his name and pictures in the news so he can become a celebrity. He didn’t even ride in the Hearst Castle event–only showed up to be seen with the rich and famous. He is an insult to the Navy and to the Bachelor Show. A real cad or jerk. I hope the Navy either sends him off to war, demotes his rank or plain lets him go as his actions show he is so ego-centered and truly not either an officer or a gentleman.

  • Andessa

    What’s the latest of these two, anybody knows? Never heard any statement directly from them about the controversial of Andy and Miss Iran. I wish they’re still together but I’m still in doubt. I’ve been searching for new updates of their relationship everyday like crazy but can’t find anywhere that satisfies my curiosity. I’m crossing my fingers for both of them… hope they can make it to the altar.

  • Anna

    I see the usual contingent of Andy’s family members has shown up to assure us that Andy and Tessa are still together. I dont believe any of those people any more.

    They should know by now people are pretty much “over” Andy Baldwin. A lot of us think about the young people serving 2 and 3 tours of duty in Iraq and contrast that with the cushy duty the toothy Dr. Baldwin has in Hawaii (with frequent breaks to appear on TV and compete in triathlons). It would serve Andy’s interests well to drop out of the public eye and at least give the appearance of doing a little of the doctoring that taxpayers are paying him to do.

  • Producer_guy

    The images below the article are from the Best Buddies Challenge that took place on Sept 7 at Hearst Castle. Goole the Best Buddies charity and learn something about them. Maybe even open up your wallet and do something good with what’s inside. There is a link on the Best Buddies website to 368 pics from the challenge event. In one, you will see Andy with the Governor and two other reality “stars” who also hail from Pennsylvania: Sarah Kozer and Tammy Sheffield.

    Andy and Tessa left San Simion, CA separately. Andy headed south to LA on a private charter aircraft with a group of Hollywood Celebs. Tessa returned to San Francisco. Tessa knew he would be seeing the former Ms Iran when in LA, and she was no more concerned about that than she was with him being in the company of a number of the “Hollywood beautiful” on aboard the private jet arranged by the Shriver/Kennedy family who are central to the charity.

    There were a number of people with Andy in the park in Beverly Hills on Sept 9. He was not alone with Sepideh; they are not dating. They have been friends for some time.

    In the Aug 16th edition of the Lancaster, PA newspaper, Andy’s mother was quoted as saying that the engagement was off, but they were continuing to date. Since Andy and Tessa were together at this event in Sept, it lends credibility to his statement and his mother’s that he and Tessa were still together in some capacity. It was not a contracted ABC publicity event, so neither was required to be there to satisfy a legal obligation under their Fleiss/ABC contract.

  • Nona

    Andy an Tessa are perfect for each other ..Hope you’ll get married soon..