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Mo' Angelina Jolie St. John Ads

Mo' Angelina Jolie St. John Ads

Angelina Jolie strikes a few more classy poses for fashion label St. John. Fantastic.

“After the kids are asleep, [Brad and I] will hang out together and relax – take a bath or something,” she smiles in an interview with UK’s Independent.

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  • max

    This Troll who said that Perez Hilton said that Suri was cutter than Shiloh is LYING!! because Perez has NO info on Suri or Shiloh in his website today!!

  • anustin

    yeah right!ted c.wants little jenjens back!!!after she shows the fats from her vajenjen,brad wants her back.pprrrttt!

  • max

    Today i was watching “Good Morning America” and they said that this Thursday, 20… Brad is going to be in the show!! So don’t forget to watch “Good Moring America” this thursday!!

  • thanks :)

    1750 (LOVE- J )

    Brad really seems worried about the paps and how they might endanger or harm Angelina and the kids.

  • To Max

    1750 max : 09/17/2007 at 10:05 pm
    Before accusing people of things you might want to take a look! I don’t agree with PH, but don’t make an accusation without doing the leg work yourself, page 2 on PH
    That Suri Cruise is so adorable. She’s even a bit cuter than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt!

    Here’s the little alien with mommy Katie Holmes as she says goodbye to her grandparents, Monday in Berlin.

    Maybe she’s a robot? Maybe they spice her milk with baby Ritalin? Maybe the Scientologists have crazy mind control powers?

    Whatever it is they’re doing, it’s working. That Suri has a lot of spunk, and we like it.

    She’s gonna be TROUBLE when she’s older!

    [Image by Dennis Gundlach via Pacific Coast News.]

  • guli

    1746—-Nope!!!!! Remember I am according to you trolls/haters happen to be a ‘big fat,black young woman’….You bigots/racists make me sick….

    Ohhhh the idea of Brad and Angie in a tub makes you go nuts ehhhh. OK, here is the reason why Bradley is in love with HIS Angie and forgot about what evers name for good :lol: :lol:

  • Montserrat

    He did. Check page 3 or 4

  • http://deleted peace to all

    Entertainment is getting ridiculous. Contest, competition unncecessary. Let people live their lives.

  • just saying the obvious

    Who the F*CK cares about who FAT PIG perez hilton thinks it’s cutter!!

  • anustin

    vajenjen is too dry,while papa pitts babies momma is too juicy.

  • max who are you

    max shut/it up and who are you really.perez said it.

  • max

    So Perez Hilton really said that??, Oops my bad!!

  • guli

    ooopss sorry for the double pos…, JJ is a tad slow tonight…I thought mine went to cyber black hol,e so I posted again :oops:

  • max


    F&CK OFF, B!TCH!!

  • Alexanderina

    sorry if this is already posted

    I really like this interview, and the kids did not go with them to Toronto

    Brad Pitt: Hollywood’s wanted man

    Famous face: Brad Pitt stars as the outlaw in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, out Friday. Like James, Pitt knows what it?s like to be an outlaw — he’s one of the world’s biggest celebrities and a constant target for paparazzi.

    By Donna Freydkin, USA TODAY

    TORONTO — There’s a reason Brad Pitt is as elusive as his latest character, slippery, sinister gunslinger Jesse James. He is today’s outlaw celebrity, living a nomadic existence with his family. There’s a sizable price on his head, as any paparazzo will attest. His face sells magazines, his presence inspires hysteria among fans, who abandon rational behavior for a glimpse, a touch, a photo. Like James and his gang, he travels with a posse of kids, security and a life partner.
    So it’s hardly shocking that Pitt, 43, relates to the desperado he embodies in the intense character study The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. The nearly three-hour film, opening in limited release Friday, just netted Pitt the best-actor award at the Venice Film Festival, though the film itself is getting mixed reviews. Pitt’s Jesse James is a mercurial, mercenary killer with a mean streak, murdered by a member of his gang.

    “I understand the essence of paranoia,” Pitt says. “I understand being hunted, to some degree. I understand a bounty on my head. But the movie is about so much more. The real tragedy is that there was a chance he could have gotten past this moment. He’s wrestling with himself and lost that battle.”

    If Pitt wrestles with anything these days, it’s the media and fan frenzy that encroaches on his life but is necessary to sell his films and promote his causes.

    For this interview at the Toronto Film Festival, Pitt at the last minute insists that director Andrew Dominik join him to keep questions squarely focused on the film. One thing is clear: He’s not interested in sharing touchy-feely details of life with partner Angelina Jolie, 32, and their kids Maddox, 6, Pax, 3, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 1.

    He’s dressed casually in a tan shirt and gray newsboy cap as he lopes into the room accompanied by a small entourage of publicists and stylists. Knowing the effect his name and presence have, he makes an effort to bridge gaps and connect by extending his hand and saying, “Hi, I’m Brad.” But he never once makes eye contact.

    At first, he tries to shift the attention away from himself entirely, pointing to a newspaper with fellow festival attendee Terrence Howard on the cover and saying, “That boy’s good.”

    He praises his Babel wife Cate Blanchett, exclaiming happily when he learns she’s at the festival for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, calling her “exquisite” and “gorgeous,” and adding, “you can’t take a bad picture of her.”

    He eventually does share a personal detail. He misses his children, who are back in New York: “Two days without the kids,” he mutters, shaking his head. But he’s not here to discuss his home life: “Personal anecdotes — what does that have to do with the movie?” he asks.

    Perhaps the actor is still shaken up by the previous night’s premiere of Jesse James, which metastasized into a mob scene. “We had to come back here. We had to get under a garage,” he tells Dominik. “Nothing was cordoned off. There were no barriers.”

    Toronto gossip columnist Lainey Lui (, who has covered the festival for years, calls what unfolded “the biggest celebrity mob scene ever. Ever.”

    Jolie and Pitt were in a car together, en route from their screening to the private after-party. “The crowd was so thick anyway, from people downtown on a Saturday night. And then, they were spotted,” Lui says. “The crowd started to find out that it was Brad and Angelina. People who were driving down on other streets left their cars and ran to see them. Seven people jumped on their car.”

    Pitt and Jolie’s vehicle tried to inch forward. “We saw all these people running. People were holding up their cellphones (to take photos). This woman appears out of nowhere, runs up with her child, and was pushing her child up against the (moving) car. The lady was like: ‘I want my baby to see Brad Pitt.’ ”

    Through it all, “Brad was yelling at the driver to drive, Angelina looked like a woman completely paralyzed. You could read her lips, and she kept saying, ‘Get back to the hotel.’ ”

    None of his buddies — Matt Damon or George Clooney, say — have to deal with anything near the furor surrounding Pitt’s life.

    The next day, Pitt insists that he and Jolie control and manage the fame and rarely find it overpowering. “I understand the deal. It got chaotic last night, but there was genuine happiness, and it meant something to them. It only bothers me when they get in the kids’ faces.”

    Yet they have no plans to stop adding to their family. He has talked openly before about wanting a fifth child. Now he adds, “We’re certainly not done. Sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth …”

    The family’s current base is New York because he is shooting the Coen brothers’ Burn After Reading. Jolie and Pitt globe-trot from movie set to movie set, stopping in at their homes in Los Angeles, England and New Orleans in between. It’s no accident their life starkly resembles the wandering existence of the James clan, which quietly shuffled from home to home to evade authorities.

    “It’s impossible for us,” he says. “We’re run out of every major city. There’s just too many paparazzi. There’s always cameras in the kids’ faces, yelling their names. Angie gets out of the car, and they take the camera down to the curb and shoot up (her skirt). It’s unbelievable.” That’s why “there’s a constant negotiation in how to survive and how to maintain a family life.”

    There’s also the maintenance of their charitable causes.

    Jolie famously advocates for refugees worldwide, while he is active in the ONE campaign to eradicate poverty and Global Green, which is replacing homes in New Orleans destroyed by Hurricane Katrina with eco-friendly buildings.

    “It’s dismal down there,” he says of the city. “We’re expanding to a larger project that we’re not ready to announce yet.”

    Bono, who sets the standard in celebrity activism and knows Pitt through their work on the ONE campaign, praises Pitt’s efforts and his “intellectual curiosity.”

    “He has another thing hardly anyone else has in his position: modesty. He never wants to be the professor and always wants to be the student. His modesty belies his capability. He rolls up his sleeves and gets to know the subjects. He’s not turning up for the photos, he gets into the trenches. There’s a striking candor about him.”

    Surely, Pitt isn’t perfect. Bono responds: “Would you give your house to him for the weekend? Absolutely, but you’d better check your scotch.”

    Dominik can’t quite believe his collaborator of four years is the celebrity world’s most wanted man. His first film, Chopper, starred a then-unknown Eric Bana. And Dominik is seeing firsthand the global sensation that is Brad Pitt.

    “I just realized how famous he was over the last two places (Venice and Toronto). It’s kind of thrilling, a sugar rush, but also really threatening. In Venice, after the press conference, a wave of 200 people ran at the table.”

    Pitt likens it to “a starting gun going off.”

    Moviegoers won’t find that kind of rush in the pair’s film. The movie, which Dominik admits is long and has no surging plot, moves at a saunter and lacks the furious gunplay of a standard Western. Both Dominik and Pitt acknowledge it could be a tough sell for mainstream audiences accustomed to big, brash action flicks.

    But Pitt clearly believes in his director: “Andrew understands the undercurrents that propel us to behave like we do, that don’t make sense. And through the whole process, he never wavered on his vision.”

    Dominik says after a few days of shooting, he forgot Pitt was the star of his movie. “I completely accepted him as Jesse. Even in the cast, they would talk about Jesse, not Brad Pitt,” he says.

    “The hardest thing about doing something with Brad is that he’s Brad. When you watch Brad on screen, you never really feel like you know him. He’s got an old-time mystery.”

    James could sniff out liars and traitors. Pitt, too, says he has honed instincts he didn’t know he had.

    “You develop radar. Like I know when there’s someone in the bushes 300 yards away shooting,” he says. “I know to recognize that feeling. (On the Canadian set), there was a guy in total camouflage, who commandoed his way on knee and elbow. And I know that feeling. It’s inexplicable, one of those instincts.”

    Confirms Dominik: “He would always spot the paparazzi hiding in the tree.”

  • Andrómeda

    Hello to all the fans!!…How are you people?

  • max

    Well, i have to go and remember to watch Good Morning America this thursday!!

    So, BYE… B!TCHES!!!!!!!

  • LLM


  • http://deleted originaltruth

    ‘Heart’ earns Frankfurt adaptation prize


    COLOGNE, Germany — Michael Winterbottom’s “A Mighty Heart,” the story of Al Qaeda’s 2002 kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, has been chosen as the year’s best international literary adaptation by the Frankfurt Book Fair, organizers said Wednesday.

    “A Mighty Heart” was based on the nonfiction book of the same name by Pearl’s widow, French journalist Mariane Pearl. Angelina Jolie played Mariane in the film, with Dan Futterman as Daniel Pearl.

    “We chose this film because it deals with a very current and politically vital issue and, at the same time, is a plea against violence and hate,” Book Fair director Jurgen Boos said.

    “A Mighty Heart” beat out Kevin Macdonald’s Oscar-winner “The Last King Of Scotland,” Todd Field’s “Little Children,” Steven Soderbergh’s “The Good German,” Richard Eyre’s “Notes on a Scandal,” Billy August’s Nelson Mandela biopic “Goodbye Bafana” and Pascale Ferran’s “Lady Chatterley” for the €10,000 ($14,000) award.

    Winterbottom will collect his prize in person in Frankfurt on Oct. 12. The Frankfurt Book Fair, which runs Oct. 10-14, is the world’s largest book market and has honored film adaptations since 2004. Previous winners include Francois Dupeyron’s “Monsieur Ibrahim,” Atom Egoyan’s “What Lies Beneath” and “Willenbrock,” from German director Andreas Dresen

  • CB

    He praises his Babel wife Cate Blanchett, exclaiming happily when he learns she’s at the festival for Elizabeth: The Golden Age, calling her “exquisite” and “gorgeous,” and adding, “you can’t take a bad picture of her.”

    OMG HE IS IN LOVE WITH I said he will run into her as soon as she divorces from his husband which I say will happen 2 or 3 years later.but I`m sure If he finds out that Cate is single,he will run into her as soon as possible.

    he never talkes about his own woman such as this.gorgeous,exquisite he only can`t say how much he loves her because of jolie around him.

  • Love Angies new nose

    Guli you wish you or anything on your sagging body was as perky as Jens tatas, why else would you have a naked picture of her?

    I wouldnt believe the bath story until you hear it from Brad, he speaks like he barely know who Angie is.

  • anustin

    1746….guli is russian,from kiev.5″11-vital stat.35-25-35.AND YOU ARE.4’1-45-48-45.

  • Tijen

    “He has anothe thing hardly anyone else has in his position: modesty. He never wants to be the professor and always wants to be the student.”

    I love that about Brad Pitt.
    He has the looks, great family, material wealth, and great success. Yet, he manages to stay humble. I think his mom has done a good job raising her son.

  • Tijen

    These trolls are hilarious.

  • Love Angies new nose

    Guli is a lesbian and has the hots for Jennifer Aniston

  • mEbAlls-so-s0re-ree

    1771, i believe angie’s is still the same except tht it changes when she’s gaining weight. u just hate becoz she is plain beautiful!if u think guli wish jen’s perky tits, i think she much prefer to wish angie’s face and SO ARE YOU! , u are so enamored by angie’s nose, becoz no matter , how many surgeries and how good the surgeon is, it won’t be perfect like that. just ask jen, she can attest to THAT……as jen is my witness! or maybe her surgeon can tell you the truth, if not maybe mr. huvane.

  • hey y’all

    NEW BRAD PITT THREAD !!!!!!!!!

  • mEbAlls-so-s0re-ree

    1776 if guli is a lesbian, ur a transvestite who’s dying to hv angie’s nose.

  • loser B

    1771 CB

    You are one sick bitc*.

    Brad is always complementary about his costars. He said wonderful things about CaseyA also, but you choose to ignore those things.

  • jq

    1711 Mrs. Smith

    Count me in as one of those who could never understand how GC was given a Best Supporting Actor nod for that role in Syriana. He may be handsome, suave, cool, funny, and many other wonderful things, but did not deserve that oscar. I can only surmise that it was, as you say, a year that did not have many other contenders, whereas last year, Brad had some more serious competition. That won’t be the first, or the last, time that the Oscars are awarded to actors for reasons other than their acting ability in the role.


    ITA. Jake G. was also nominated that year, I think he was better than GC. but anyway,I’m keeping my finger cross that both Brad and Angie will be nominated in the coming award season. and I think Angie had a bigger chance. Aside from Cate B., we didn’t heard much oscar buzz from other actresses on recent TIFF.

  • KK1

    1771 CB

    Silly silly troll. Brad didn’t even know Cate was in Toronto until he was told she was and they did just complete BB which they will have to promote next year. He always says nice things about his costars, always. His heart is with Angelina and that appears to be driving you insaner than you already are. And you are insulting Cate oh stupid one.

  • Per think positve!

    This poster CB is CCCC.

    BRB to find think positive! post.

  • sam p

    new thread

  • AddictedtoBAMPZs

    Wow, Doug is really, really a cutie. A very handsome man who — in any other family — would be getting lots of attention. But, wow, I am surprised he is doing that commercial. I am saying that because his family is so off-limits, and they do nothing to capitalize on his fame. Doug must be acquiring recognition on his own as a business man in that area, since it is a local ad. He is shown golfing, so maybe he has some local following.

    Josephina, O.K to remain anonymous, but please stay on board. You have so much to contribute, although you rarely post.

    I have a thought about Brad’s comment on his “deep friendship”, which I think is the result of his christian conservative background. I think even though Brad is not active in his parent’s denomination, he was raised with their ethic, and part of that is to turn the other cheek, etc. I think that is what he is doing. Trying to extend the olive branch, out of decency, as a genuine good soul uncomfortable with the way things are. He is so above the pettiness involved, he would like to mend the fence and know that if their paths ever cross in the future they can face each other. I extend this thought to the interactions and comments made by his brother and mother, both of whom are devout in their faith, on Brad’s former wife’s behalf. JMHO.

  • anon

    please! can someone tell me where they have gone? btw i need a bampzs thread soon or ill go mmmaaaddddd!!!!


    36 JEN : 09/14/2007 at 9:11 pm



  • team jolie

    62 anon : 09/14/2007 at 9:45 pm
    When someone has to keep reminding others who don’t matter, that their relationship is intimate and sexual, that is a true sign that no intimate or sexual relationship exists. Frankly Ms. Jolie ye doth profess too much.

    For someone who does not read tabloids, she sure feels the need to rebutt their rumors. How sad it would be if these two people are really putting up appearances because they’re too embarrassed to admit that this sexual affair/attraction no longer exists. Could it be that they mistook sexual attraction for love and ran amuck and brought children into their lives thinking this attraction would last forever and a day ?.

    Can you imagine how sad it must be to wake up to a life that you no longer want and feel trapped, angry and filled with shame. You would resort to lying to hide your shame- it’s a viscious cycle.



  • irma

    You can tell that Brad is content & happy with Ange & kids, you can see when he talks about his family, his face changed, he glows & smiles. He is a very private person unlike Ange who is vocal & talks about anything. That’s why their union click. A new interview of Brad in People mag. read it & you will see that he is always worried about his family. He is a family man & a very loving partner for Ange. She is his great love.

  • WTF?

    You dumbass stalkers to get a life.

  • $$$$$$$$$

    kids need real stability wherever it may be. as i see it, its a swirling cloud of chaos…parents who aren’t married with a record of changing their partners around every few years, work that takes them away to far away places for months on end, and a very busy schedule which clearly has its priorities set on the two actors who need to work it all the time to stay relevant.

    As much as I love the Brad, it seems like others here have stated already he has the choice and resources and awareness of this situation. If it is such an issue, (for him mind you **** HER), having limitless options including getting rid of her I am tired of the spoiled actors syndrome of pissing and moaning about it.
    Do we need know about the 9 foot bed? I mean yippee skippee for him, I guess the space still technically means they SLEEP only together.

    I have noticed the couples that are as high profile as these two that DON’T make the cover of every mag are the ones with the Good relationships and have nothing to “prove”…..

    He keeps talking about his private life, every time he got a chance. When he is going to have a baby, how many they going to have, what kind of bed they going to buy. But he turn around complain about paparazzi, who they are in to his private life. Can we call this hipocrat.

  • http://deleted DeeCee

    How can one woman be so stunningly beautiful..she leaves me in awe. Who can be jealosu of her..she’s so beautiful is almost bizarre.

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