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Backstreet Boys - "Inconsolable" Music Video

Backstreet Boys -

The Backstreet Boys just released the music video for their first single “Inconsolable” from their upcoming album “Unbreakable,” out Oct. 30. Watch the music video below for the piano driven power ballad!

For behind-the-scenes pictures of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, and A.J. McLean from the “Inconsolable” music video set, click here.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of BSB’s new music video?????

Backstreet Boys – “Inconsolable” Music Video
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  • Jennie

    i love it, i love this song. too bad it’s not the five of them.

  • Pam

    It’s BS…..they should disappear already.



  • bulsara

    i grew up listening to them. nostalgia.

  • Melinda

    nsync for life

  • edrhpp

    always the same

  • Tim

    listened to them when i was a kid.

  • Tuta

    nice song, but they are too old for “Backstreet BOYS”:)))

  • Jess

    I used to be a huge fan.

    Ahhh, memories. Those were good times.

  • Bri

    I like it, but I miss Kevin a bit. I love AJ’s mohawk, reminds me why I used to write his name in a heart on all my notebooks in junior high LOL :O)

  • EM

    It’s not a bad song.. seriously – but yes.. they need to steer away from backstreet boys.. and come up with a new name for the group!!

  • Tuta

    # EM
    may be not with new name, but new image definitely.

  • Gillian

    i like the song and video. and i personally don’t see why they need to change their name. granted none of them are “boys” anymore, but that’s where their success stems from…and it’s not like they’re a whole new group. it’ll be weird if they changed their name to something else, imo. and i love me some brian littrell!

  • Andrea

    I really like this video. It looks like Nick has lost weight…he looks really hot now! Thanks for posting this Jared, I knew there was a reason why I couldn’t sleep tonight! I love BSB!

  • Andrea

    To those of you who say they should change their name…What??? Why would they do this??? Should the Beach Boys change their name? What about the Beastie Boys or the Spice Girls. Sorry, I don’t get why anyone would suggest they change their name.

  • Maria

    Great video, i go to united states soon :)

  • Lidiah

    I love the video and I love the song!! Nick u are very hooooottttt!!!

    i dont know why you say they should change their name

    keep the bsb pride alive!

  • NesseGirl

    I like it!! I’d forgotten how much I used to love Brian when I was younger until I heard him sing again. *swoons*

  • sexyboi

    i love it so much…grea8 song!

  • Holly

    WOW…awesome video!!love it=]!i agree with Gillian and Andrea about the whole name change thing, they should’nt have to change the name that everyone knows them by!Nick,AJ,Brian and Howie all look amazing, still kinda missing Kev though, but the band is still phenomenal!Can’t wait till ‘Unbreakable’ comes out!!!

  • Stephanie

    I’m a big BSB fan and I Love the song and the video.
    Can’t wait to see them again

  • Lilly Rose

    I agree that they shouldn’t have to change their name.. that will do them in, and their sound is unique… and it changes and gets better with each album..

    BTW… the song is Awesome… the video rocks!!

    I miss Kevin but I wish him and his wife all the best….

    Nick looks great… now I remember why he was my favorite :o)

    Brian… he still yummy… and his Son is adorable :o)

    Howie… awe he still is adorable!!

    AJ… gawd that mohawk… when I lost interest in Nick Aj won me over and he still looks fly!!

    ~ Lilly Rose ~

  • Ben

    it’s just okay. i would have loved it if they had tried to do something completely different…maybe quirky…and just surprised us all.

  • NesseGirl

    Weren’t there five? Where’s the 5th one? Did he die?

  • KarenA

    I still really like AJ’s voice. It’s even raspier. But, I wish the song was better. I don’t much care for it and I remember when they used to dabble with some writing on their own. I heard some better tracks back in the day than “Inconsolable.” Hopefully they’re happy though. That’s what’s important. Miss Kevin though. :/

  • miriam

    i agree with andrea…stupid ppl!

  • john

    they used to suck before and they still do …kill the boybands.

  • miriam

    if they dont like you, simply dont answer!
    go to see britney!!!

  • perla

    i LOVE the song they were and still the best

  • Opal

    I really like this song and the video. I wasn’t a big fan of theirs before, but I did enjoy their music and it’s good to see them back.

  • Lily-Kay

    Backstreet’s back… Hmmm, it seems they’re trying to go a little musically enhanced with “more impressive music”. Incomplete sounds similar. It’s okay, nothing like those hits they had in the 90′s.

  • ed


  • VIRG

    They are gorgeous!!!! I didn’t even notice Kev wasn´t there. Nick is so hot, their voices are the same but their style is more mature. Want them in SPAIN soon!!!!


  • Cousinbettylousuebob

    The eclipse is a cool idea, and the camera angles and focus/soft focus are interesting. the striped sweater almost takes away from how Hot Howie looks now.

  • Faye

    I LOVE the song and voices!
    They all look YUMMY!
    Age makes them even hotter.

  • Flávia

    I love them, I love the music, but this video is too dark, there´s no good story to tell…
    And I really miss Mr. K!
    Should be better…

  • Galia

    Well, after they didn’t had succes with their solo carriere they decided to reunite and they sound exactly the same like some years ago. Pls grow up boys !

  • Lisa

    YAY !!! I love those boys

  • parv

    omg…i grew up listening to these guys…my first music tape was BSB…lol! granted, i dont listen to them as much as I did when i was in my teens and music tastes has definitely moved from their style of music…but either way…i still love and support them. i think its more for the emotional support i had when i was younger every time i listened to their music. and you guys who want them to disappear…theres nothing wrong with them singing. u mite not like them, but there r still lots and lots of supporters out there and they’re doing their own thing…so lay off! and as for changing the name…no way! they started as the backstreet boys…thats wat they stay as!
    ive been waiting almost over 10 years to see these guys live…maybe now ill get the chance…:-)

  • Susie

    they all look amazingly hot. long live bsb!!!!

  • Maria

    Great song! I love the video… but I miss Kevin, it’s not the same without him

  • Giselle

    Nostalgia is indeed the word of the day.

    I too grew up ‘with’ them, and this video just put a smile on my face. Lovely to see them back. I’m happy for the boys.

  • Jessica

    Love their music. Been a fan 13 years and never once did I stop listening to their music. I am glad that they are back! Great video and now I’m highly anticipated for their Oct 30 release! ;D

  • J.M

    Is it terrible that I really liked that song. They’ve really grown up and I like that their not trying to be their oldselves with the dance moves. They all seem happy and comfortable

  • dd

    never liked them before. but I like this one :P

  • Mandy

    I have to say that is a beautiful video but its sooo over..sorry guys :(

  • Cocoaartist

    Not bad actually. Better than most of the drivel out there!

  • whatever

    Sounds good.

  • Babysis

    i really like it!
    He’s wonderful!

  • Andrea

    After listening to Inconsolable it seemed to me much of the same old school Backstreet Boys sound. Come on guys give us something fresh and different.

    The song is old school Backstreet Boys as opposed to the now sound – 2007. I was disappointed. I wanted a little hip-hop or even rock. All I got was bland.

    I hope all their new songs are not like that one.

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