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David Beckham Goes Shirtless For Motorola

David Beckham Goes Shirtless For Motorola

David Beckham goes shirtless in the latest ad campaign with for new Motorola RAZR2 phone. And Becks‘ latest blog entry:

Hope you’re well? I have been trying to recuperate after my knee injury, and I’ve just started working out in the gym over the past week, getting treatment, lifting weights and doing some cardio work to keep my fitness levels up. Just taking it slowly and seeing how it goes for the time being. The upside of being stuck on the sidelines is that I’ve been able to spend some extra time with my family, which has been great.

Speaking of sidelines, I watched the Galaxy play on Saturday and was really pleased to see them beat the Colorado Rapids 3-1 – the guys will definitely want to build on that win.
I’m looking forward to watching the team play their next match tomorrow (Thursday). It’s another derby against Chivas USA which I’m sure is going to be a close one.

I was also delighted to see my England team mates put in a great performance against Israel. To win 3-0 and keep a clean sheet stands them in good stead for the next match against Russia, and I’ll certainly be cheering them on from home.

Before I go I’d just like to wish all the very best to the Women’s England squad, who are competing at the World Cup Finals in China. Good luck to you all, I know you’ll do your country proud.

Take care,


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  • quen

    nuff said

  • Mandy

    WOW just WOW!

  • http://d brit

    he is such a whore he’ll go shirtless for any ad. i love it….

  • sd

    He’s everywhere, so annoying!

  • tita

    Heart attack coming…..
    What a body!!!!!!

  • vicky

    awwww he is so gorgeous !!! I want more Daviddddd !!!

  • lara

    hot stuff

  • ~*~Get Real~*~


  • Andrea

    He’s a good looking guy! Posh got herself a good looking one there.

    Work at home jobs:

  • BBperfume

    David has to make up his mind whether he’s a a model or a footballer.. no wonder he’s fucking up on the field.. But it amazes me how he got good looks after his marriage to Victoria Bechkam, bcoz if u all refer to his before photos, HE wasn’t as handsome. He probably had plastic surgery like his mannequin wife!



  • TangoK Design

    That tat on his arm really makes him look thin. Bulk it up a bit baby, if you really want to look tough.

  • depeche

    Im allways need to wommit when i see that zgly chest and face.

  • madingley

    yummy hella hotlol

  • angelina

    he’s not that hot or even that good of a soccer player

  • Cynthia


  • creativegirl

    gosh – he’s so fine, as long as I don’t hear him talking – it’s all good. just give me the eye candy and don’t say a word baby.

  • michele

    he’s hot but when he opens his mouth…..yikes, that voice. it’s like God said, “OK, You’re too hot so I’m goingto give you a chipmunk voice”.

  • mitcha

    oh my god .. he might be an ass .. but…whatta a mannnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Linda

    Hey Michele (#18),
    You stole my line! I completely agree. He is OK looking but that squeaky voice of his ruins it all.

  • Patmycrotch

    This is someone that respeacts and value’s his fans.

  • Go Back, Back, Back!

    What a FAKE!! Hey Becks, even though we Americans are basically getting laughed at right about now, for “scoring” you with one of the dumbest, worst spent contracts ever- you are not getting paid to SPEND TIME WITH YOUR OVER-RATED FAMILY! Get over yourself and your massive EGO and get on with getting on the pitch! Enough of these over-rated, no talent, over-exposed, richy-rich SNOTS!

    Go back to ENGLAND, ALREADY!

  • Liz

    Uggghh…not interested!

  • blip

    I like the part about how he’ll be watching from home. Must be nice to get paid to watch the game on tv. He has had lots of plastic surgery. Search around the internet for pictures from about ten years ago. He was cute in a Guy Ritchie kind of way but not hot.

  • Lee

    #22 what are you talking about? The Galaxy have actually already earned back the money spent to get him just in merchandise sales. And as for him not being on the pitch, if the crappy American players playing against him will actually play the ball instead of trying to hurt him, maybe everyone will actually get to see how much of a great football (soccer to you) player he actually is!!!

  • Deb

    OMG Can someone pass me a biscuit to sop him up with! YUM!

  • Ellie


  • Katie

    Motorola ads, huh! This is exactly why he is not playing ball!!! How should he possibly find time for that (besides he already got paid anyway), when his schedule is full of promos and more $$$$$$. He and his pretentious, wanna-be-never-will-be wife should just go back to England!!!!! So sick of these full-of-themselves snobs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lulu

    this ad was shoot way before he arrived in LA, oh and players don’t get paid when they play for their country, they only have bonuses for when they play, the wins and stuff, so don’t talk when you know nothing.

    And FYI, a person changes over 10 years, i don’t look like i did in 1997. go check some pics of him 10 years ago, OMG can you believe he’s 10 years older, some people are so stupid.

    And the most stupid is attacking their kids by calling them an over-rated family, do you even think before you type.

  • john

    this dude should come out of the closet already!

  • sowhat?

    David is sexy, talented and a good husband/father. HE DID NOT EVER HAVE SURGEY fool! He works out! He is a true athlete!

  • Go Back, Back, Back!

    Lulu: Are you on the Beckham payroll??? The way you defend your “idolized” version of the “perfect family” is sickening… Grow Up… it was a COMMENT I made regarding this family who I see as being completely Over- Rated and not worthy of all the press they generate- my opinion, we all have them, hon- you don’t like it- too bad, get over yourself and off your high-horse!

  • the_original_nika

    Why does everytime I see him, hes getting naked =|.

  • angelah

    holy hot papa!!

  • laila

    all looks and no substance. that’s not a “real man” in my eyes. i find him very one dimensional and therefore….BORING! a truly attractive man has just as much to offer on the inside as he does on the outside.

  • Lica


  • Sean

    What is with this man???

    Does he play soccer or doesn’t he?

    Do what you do Beckham and cut out all this bullshit.

  • ME

    BECKS IS LIKE THE HOTTEST SOCCER PLAYER ON EARTH!!!!!!!!THE BECKHAMS RULE!and everybody who hates them,why did u even come to this page?????

  • ME

    owh..yeah and his BOD,Oh wow..IM speechless

  • Lulu

    #32, I’m not on “the beckham payroll”, i’m just a person who doesn’t hate everybody who has money and success.
    You should try it and you’ll feel better without all this shitty hate towards somebody you know nothing about. (not only the beckhams).

  • belle

    HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • Passing Through

    Who runs around without a shirt more – Becks or McConaughey? I call it a tie…no pun intended.

  • Abigail

    I’m definitely a Beckham fan and I like what he’s doing for soccer. You can’t deny that he’s a good player and he’s bringing more fans to the sport. Plus he’s not bad to look at! Have you seen the adidas videos of him? He looks good in a football uniform!

  • Bump Gossip

    Wow, he looks hot, it must be the result of moving to America. LA isn’t all bad then!

  • Ellie

    Lulu I totally agree with you.
    Stop hating on celebrities and get on with your own lives. Which obviously need work, might I add.

  • kymmie

    i agree with you Lulu!!! seriously this ad has been out for a while now a long while. yall are so freaking late!! besides hating on someone you dont even know is really retarded. haters just hating on him cuz he got money and fame. keep doing what you do David!!

  • mar

    i luv u as a footballer david
    first and foremost

  • Rayy

    He’s DEFINITELY had a nose job at some point… stop denying it.


    Haters… SHUT UP!!!


  • Bee

    Saying he’s too injured to play soccer, but yet stands doing a photoshoot for probably 12 hours! way to go tosser!

    He should take his overrated ass back to the UK, oh and don’t forget to take your anorexic wife with you too.