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Drew Barrymore is a Pirate

Drew Barrymore is a Pirate

Arrrgh, matey. There be Pirates afoot!

Drew Barrymore puts on a fake mustache and pirate gear earlier this week on the Los Angeles set of her new romantic comedy, He’s Not That Into You.

The Baltimore-set movie of interconnecting story arcs deals with the challenges of reading or misreading human behavior. This film is based on the self-help book of the same name and is also being produced by Drew‘s Flower Films production company.

Drew, 32, has been seeing “Mac Guy”/Live Free or Die Hard actor Justin Long, 29. The pair will co-star together in He’s Just Not That Into You, along with along with Jennfier Aniston, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Connelly, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Connelly and Ginnifer Goodwin.

10+ pictures inside of Drew, who’s just not into you…

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drew barrymore hes just not that into you 01
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 02
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 03
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 04
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 05
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 06
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 07
drew barrymore hes just not that into you 08
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drew barrymore hes just not that into you 10

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  • katie


  • drews nice da rest zzz..zzz..zz

    another romance comedy ..all d&z-listers..except Drew…the rest ..blah..

  • McDesperate

    Chinnifer Maniston will ruin this movie!!!!

  • ?

    jennifer aniston again wants to play comedy,oh can`t she do something else.this time she is not even first woman role which is sad.

  • Yeah, right

    Jennifer’s about as A list as you can get. Sorry. And you can tell your pathetic idol, HOHO, that very fact. Too bad you can’t deal with it, and I bet Jennifer’s next films will do better than HOHO’s extensive list of BOMBS. A mighty heart anyone? And it goes on and on and on…

  • Someone


  • truth

    among them I just like drew and ben,oh we will wait to see how is jennifer`s come back after two years hope it won`t be like britney`s one.although she has very small part in this movie.what is her name in this movie?hope won`t be Rachel.

  • movie stars an tv stars

    Drew I want to see, she’s A list. Ben we shall see. Aniston, I just see Rachael Green ,the tv actress that’s it. I think of her as television atress. Drew and Ben I think movies. All of us are not JP fanantics,I like them though, when I do see JPs I think movie actors. A listers. Not familiar with the others to comment.

  • d.j

    Jennifer will play Drew`s grandma here?or Drew`s mother?which one of them?

    she will be good in both of them.Is this true that she won`t play in Marley&me movie,I mean is this true that they put her behind to work with another actress?just curious.LOVE YOU JEN.

  • Yeah, right

    actually I think they tried to get Jolie to play Drew’s grandmother, since she looks that old lately, but she had some more kid pimping to do before she starts filming her next bomb.

    And for those who knock tv, its atually more difficult than film acting, and that’s a fact. Just look at how poorly some major movie stars do on a tv show. And Jennifer’s proven she can do drama as well. Can you imagine Jolie in a comedy? Now THAT would be comedy, watching her attempt that. Pathetic.

  • d.j

    10 Yeah, right

    DON`T BE ANGRY.I`m her fan,I heard that and I want to ask about it,I`m sure she is better actress than that iceberg`s one.but the iceberg actually did comedy in MAMS but you are right she is not A-list actress,Jen is A-list actress.

  • AJ

    Isn’t Scarlett Johansson in this movie as well?

  • curious

    I never understand Dreaw`s body?Is she fat or thin?in some photo she seems fat but in some of them she is thin.

  • alone

    I hate all the actors and actresses in this movie.

  • alone

    10 Yeah, right

    excuse me.which Drama Jen play that we missed that?it should be hilarious.

    although I hate Jolie too ,Adoptelina ,but you should assume that she is better actress than anyone in this least she can act but these women can`t even act.

    just love Cate and Charlize.They are real movie stars.and JD

  • Gawd dont like ugly=alone haters

    #15 alone you will stay because no one will adopt your heavily large size @ss. Hate is a strong word ,,4 someone u dont know. Shows you have very low self esteem and self hatred. But hags usually do.
    Advice try da local zoo or pound, lots of animals like yourself need homes they can help. Btw return the computer back to the pawn shop and get your teeth back. Id rather you put your teeth back in, instead of talking ignorance out of your mouth. Now theres some attention 4 you,,desperate.
    Drew will make it a good show.

  • Patmycrotch

    What is wrong with TV actors/actress? It is called a job and there is plenty of good actor/actress on TV. How many movie actors have gone TV now adays? Hey freaks of nature (jp fans) run along to the Jp thread and get to worshiping. I think I hear Angie swinging her vile of blood so mass should be starting at any moment.

    PS. Angie could never pull off comedy or romantic comedy .. that is funny

  • I smell crotch it stank hey 17

    Pat my crotch ..who would touch that crab-infestation>??get to a doctor.the blood cra.p material is soooo 2000.
    Too bad you cant wash being so dirty and all -no fun having to creep up on bath water..try washing-your-crotch..soap is da key.

    One more thing stop worshipping the Jenhag she’s not one of those great tv/movies actresses.,, there is lots of talented actresses just not dusti. That’s why Drew is the lead player. Jenhag has a small part.

  • Patmycrotch

    Hey 18 you must be a nutjob from the JP thread. When all else fails insult the poster personally, classic JP trait. JP freaks are the biggest joke, mental headcases like their idol.

    PS. I worship no, unlike you. Oh yeah another trait ASSume ppl that do not like AJ like JA. Sad and old attempt

  • espinosa

    Do you know scarlett Johansson’s plays in this film?
    an answer please ???

  • http://yahoo MAMS

    d.j and yeah,right. i feel sorry for you. you are pathetic. supporting MANston is like eating dogs sh!t you get it????? Jen is not an A-list she is a g-list thatnk God for that cos otherwise withought brad she was a z-list.

    Go to hell with you loser idol, she stinks

  • wow

    Drew is cool and young, JA is an OLD HAG

  • so true

    #13 I can’t believe you said that. I’ve been thinking that for years! It sounds crzy but I always think that when I see her in pics. She looks soooo thin….then you think – oh did she gain weight in a week? Weird huh?

    BTW love Drew.. Talk about a come back! Look where she came from to where she is now. Love her attitiude too!

  • MM

    Looks like it will be a good movie. I love Drew Barrymore. I don’t understand all the talk about the difference between TV and movie actors. A lot of actors started in TV including Brad Pitt (soap opera), George Clooney and Will Smith.

  • mE

    Oh my God, the thread is about Drew and AJ and BP fanatics are here!
    This is so boring. Please move on to AJ and BP threads, leave Drew alone you haters!

  • ummmm 19

    19 wash wash/ wash ,then scrub that crotch in bleach and use lice powder..yuck gurl,, go 18..Drew rocks..

  • just saying

    Drew I thought it was said recently she was 110 lbs.,pics are confusing. I’ll see it on dvd,maybe.I support Drew she’s cool.

    my 2 cents bout #19 crotch is:
    Scrub your crotch if you are not a nut case yourself,why do you live on JPs thread day and night? know -cuz we know you do..snap,snap, stenchy. Your’e the joke big gurl.

  • db kc ja fan

    Hey… post some of the adorable pics of Kevin Connolly and Drew Barrymore kissing.

  • JD

    Is it form to bang your every co star?