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Does Gavin Rossdale Have a New Woman?

Does Gavin Rossdale Have a New Woman?

Did rocker Gavin Rossdale dump Gwen Stefani and move onto a new woman?

HECK. NO! In fact, Gwen and Gavin celebrate the fifth year of their wedding anniversary. Congrats to the happy couple!

Gavin was spotted enjoying a lovely afternoon in a North London park with niece Jade on Thursday (Jade is the daughter of Gavin‘s sister Lorraine).

UPDATE: No, it is not his daughter, Daisy Lowe. It’s his niece!

10+ pictures inside of Gavin and Jade

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gavin rossdale new woman 01
gavin rossdale new woman 02
gavin rossdale new woman 03
gavin rossdale new woman 04
gavin rossdale new woman 05
gavin rossdale new woman 06
gavin rossdale new woman 07
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gavin rossdale new woman 09
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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • N

    Your post is incorrect Daisy Lowe is his DAUGHTER not step-daughter

  • Uggg!

    Daisy Lowe is his biological daughter not his stepdaughter.

  • carly

    Daisy is not his step daughter…she is his full biological daughter.

  • Rex

    Well he doesn’t want to be her father so does it matter?

  • Babysis

    Daisy Lowe is his biological daughter who he didn’t know was his daughter till like a few years ago.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, peeps!

  • Uggg!

    This girl here might be a god-daughter of his.

  • Roxy

    Hmmm…I wonder who she is? She looks pretty young, it looks as though she is wearing a school uniform – could be a niece or other family member. Anyway, Gavin looks hot!

  • biscuit

    That would be so weired to have a really hot god father. Damn.

  • Lillianne

    I hope they get to have a relationship without a lot of baby mama drama. She’s just as cute as she can be.

  • colewoodson

    I can so see these pix all over the tabloids. Poor Gavin.

  • carolina

    Not Daisy-Gavin has not been in contact with her since he found out he was the “real” father. Shame too because he and Gwen both used to spend time with her in London and LA….She must feel badly that they rejected her when Kingston came along and Gwen found out Gavin had fathered a baby with someone else.Daisy is a beauty too.



  • kimmie

    I bet it is Kingstons babysitter.

  • biscuit

    What’s with the school girl outfit?

  • joleeen

    That’s his niece Jade. She looks a bit like him. I’ve seen her in other pictures

  • anonymous

    New woman?. This is a child. This is probably his daughter or a family member. Pleeeease!!!.

  • Semora

    WTF!! This is disgusting! She looks like a child. I really hope she’s just a friend.

  • Amber

    I was going to say that it looks like his little sister- they look kinda similar- but neice makes sense too. How cool would that be to be his neice!

  • Dollina

    “That’s his niece Jade. She looks a bit like him. I’ve seen her in other pictures”

    There is a definite resemblance. I wonder how much Gavin and his brother or sister look alike.

  • me

    “whats with the schoolgirl outfit”

    eh … she’s just finished school dumb ass! in the u.k most schools have uniforms … some more formal than others … this one is pretty informal.

  • Passing Through

    15 biscuit : 09/14/2007 at 6:29 pm
    What’s with the school girl outfit?


    DUH! She’s a “school girl” that’s why! Almost every private school has uniforms and in the UK even some of the public schools have uniforms.

  • ads

    What a bizarre tagline/headline for this story. Light hearted or not, Gavin is a married man and most importantly the ‘woman’ in the pics is cleary a child. Incredibly weird and a bit tacky Jared.

  • ads

    What a bizarre tagline/headline for this story. Light hearted or not, Gavin is a married man and most importantly the ‘woman’ in the pics is clearly a child. Incredibly weird and a bit tacky Jared.

  • joleeen

    I think the girl is 14 or 15 years old. She is the daughter of his older sister (who I believe he is close to). She’s a cute girl.

    Today is Gwen & Gavin’s anniversary.

  • joytothehurled

    Yeah, giving this article a “New Woman” header is a little lame. They clearly look like family. Not cool to make something innocent look scandalous. ESPECIALLY when a young girl is involved.

  • Kibbell

    Yeah Jared, it’s really tacky and nasty what you’re assuming. Either update or change the article. Eeewww….

  • Kate

    Have you guys seen this video of Dane Cook and Jessica alba,it’s so funny. Poor penguin

  • js

    Awww it’s Jade. It’s been a while since she’s been seen in pics. Gwen talks about her quite a bit. :)

  • suzy

    why do people have twisted minds? can’t a guy walk with his niece without people thinking strange things.

  • I always was the jealous type

    I hope she is a family member because if she’s not and I was Gwen I would have a serious problem with these pics.

  • ispy

    I think her smile sort of resembles Gwen’s smile.

  • Jamie

    He’ll stay with Gwen because she’s rich.

  • Jamie

    I wonder if he cheats on Gwen? I get a bad vibe about him.

  • Marie

    It’s sooo puzzling to me that Gavin is not close to his daughter. And look – here he is obviously nuts about his niece. Shouldn’t he be doing all he can to mend his relationship to his daughter? I mean, he seems like such a great guy and father to Kingston. I hope he feels an ache for daughter, poor girl. Deep in her heart she must want to know her father too.

    If I were Gwen I’d make that a number one priority – for the sake of the whole family.

  • Justitia

    Maybe Gavin is a paedophile….

  • carla


  • sharon

    You can’t even hang out with your uncle any more without sick and twisted folk dreaming up in their evil minds the worst.

  • laura

    Um, hello people, Daisy (Gavin’s daughter) has said that she doesn’t want to be in contact with Gavin…she’s old enough to make that decision, so why should Gavin try to pressure her into liking him??

    And I think it’s cute that Gavin hangs out with his niece, except that the park is also where he and Gwen..uh..”hang out!” haha

  • steph s

    i think that jade is really pretty and she does resemble gavin quite a bit, for the record she is just his neice, does it really matter who he spends his time with anyway? why are people so bothered dont you have your own life to get on with, neices to visit, uncles maybe?

  • kan