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Hilary Duff Vaseline Ads

Hilary Duff lathers on Vaseline all over her body for her latest ad campaign.

“Skin is a part of you, and you have to be proud of what you have. I feel comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes showing a little is fun. It makes me feel sexy and girly,” Hilary says of her new petroleum jelly gig.

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  • Michelle


  • C

    Yeah..that just made guys happy everywhere..if you get the drift.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    If I had flawless skin like that, I would be proud too =)

  • tina

    Petroleum jelly? Doesn’t sound appealing.

  • delilah

    nasty! that crap is made from fossil fuels.

  • no way

    I thought she was to good to show skin like the other singers..huh..,ms.horsey face goody 2 shoes keep your agvice 2 yourself,, who wants to look like her..yuck..

  • moi

    Personally, I think she’s gorgeous. Joel Madden definitely took a step DOWN to Ms. Richie.

  • [~Famous~]

    if i had a jar of vaseline right now, i’d smear the whole thing over my eyes so i wouldn’t be able to see those fug pictures!!

  • Kat

    she’s not showing off her skin in a slutty way dumbass and if you see the video she’s fully covered just not her shoulders, her skin really is flawless when you see her in person

  • Christa

    I loved and still love Hilary. She’s not slutty like most pop-like musicians are. She’s beautiful and she seems like a beautiful person on the inside as well.

  • Uggg!

    I think she has beautiful skin anyway, even candid pictures of her show it.

    Nice pictures here!

  • meme

    Photoshop is a good thing!
    Please go look at paparazzi shots of her for how she REALLY looks.

    She is so determined to take off her clothes these days. She is on the Hilary Duff H.O. tour!!!!!!!

  • Ugh

    Very photoshopped. Hilary doesn’t even look like that.

    Now Angie’s commercial is flawless.

  • [~Famous~]

    This is less photoshopped than Angie’s bullsiit commercial.

  • de Cosmod

    I rather see her covered in Astrolube as in this example:

  • Nana

    Her skin is fucking flawless!

  • the DQ

    That’s SLATHERS, not lathers.

  • Bella

    Of course her skin is beautiful, the chick is like 19. (18, 20?)
    My skin used to look pretty good at that age too.

  • her fans are children

    shes butt @ss ugly ITA with whoever says shes fug.Most are much better looking than this horse face buck tooth vaseline wearing thang.& he stepped up hon., he dont want her, why are you still harping on almost 2 years ago.

  • operaghost

    Honestly, this is the best I’ve seen her look in a couple of years. Remove the pound of eye makeup that they use for the “smokey eye” look, and she is quite lovely. Good pics, Hil!

  • katherine

    hilary duff is GORGEOUS! anyone who says otherwise is jealous. and stop saying she looks like a horse. she fixed the problem with her teeth years ago and now she is absolutely flawless.

  • susie

    that is not photoshop people. she actually looks like that! and don’t assume anything if you don’t really know the facts. she is wearing a strapless top. and you call that s1utty? HAH. she is showering her shoulders for crying out loud. if you want to see some skin, take a look at vanessa hudgens.

  • vicky

    i love so much Hilary ;) i think that shes look likes so amazing!
    i would like that she commig to brazil
    and shes so beautiful and clean!

  • Cynthia

    She looks amazing! She has really grown beautiful. Vaseline is the cheapest yet best beauty aid ever! I uses it every night before I go to bed. Go Hilary!

  • http://none NONE

    she looks soo pretty in these ads. her skin is soo flawless – i wish i had her skin!

    jared, please post more hilary duff and less vanessa hudgens!

  • shell

    lmao at people saying her skin is photoshopped here. she always has amazing skin, go look at the new candids of her shopping on the 14th…flawless!
    love her.

  • the_original_nika

    Not everyone has a good skin, whether your a teen or not. You people forget, she has money therefore alot of trips to the spa. Shit.. If I had that money, my skin would be perfect too.

  • Whateva

    She should fix her fake horse teeth.

  • the_original_nika

    the spa, the beauty treatments*

  • Nancy

    Before she was comfortable in her own skin, she used to diss other celebrities her age for showing their skin. I guess until Hilary feels comfortable with her own body, no one else is allowed to feel comfortable with theirs.

  • Jasmine

    Man she looks incredible she exquisite skin flawless natural beauty i love Vaseline man she really turned into a beautiful woman

  • Cheryl

    She fixed her teeth a long time ago. She only showed her shoulder = A LITTLE SKIN. And she never dissed anyone about showing their skin. Even if she did, she meant those celebs who like to pose nude and stuff

  • Jasmine

    If people would actually see the video of this photo shoot they would see she’s not naked she’s just showing some skin she has a top on it’s not a big deal she’s not a little girl anymore

  • shiny

    why is everybody talking about her teeth?? she isn’t even showing them in these pics ^^ I think she looks good, and yes, she’s showing skin but what do you want, skin is what this ad is all about.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • sofia

    she looks wonderful as always
    luv her

  • For all you unbelievably cruel haters:

    I can’t believe you people. Damn. Wtf!? Look, she had an accident when she was youger with her mic and got fake teeth put in. LEAVE IT fucking BE! If someone YOU admired or LOOKED UP TO had the same experience would you treat them the same way!? NO! Give it a fuckin rest already! Stop judging her! You expect stars to be so fuckin perfect! NEWS FLASH BITCHES! NOBODY’S PERFECT!

    C – First of all, she was fully covered durring that shoot. and second of all, keep that to yourself. Nobody wants to know about your wetdreams. Other than that, no badness vibe towards you. You were one of the non-cruel people.

    no way – Ok FIRST OF ALL, superficial much!? Second of all she’s fuckin 20! She can do whatever the hell she wants! And third of all it’s an AD promoting something GOOD. It’s not like she’s nude!

    [~Famous~] – Go fuckin kill yourself you pathetic dumbass.
    meme – you too.

    Ugh – Everything is photoshoped. Get. OVER. It.

    de Cosmod – >__> That’s just… eww.

    her fans are children – Pathetic. Learn to SPELL, dumbass.

    Whateva – you should fix your atitude and stop being so damn mean.

    Nancy – I’m not gonna jump on you, for I have no proof against that statement, but still, the sarcastic backing is concidered judging. Which isn’t right.

    What is this, Jr. High School!? Get a life and stop dissing others.

    In concerns to the pictures, gorgeous. :)

    I’ve said my peice. Now you can all make up bitchy comments about me now to give me a good laugh. Go on. You know you want to *smirks* *gives the middle finger*

  • gfhghgf

    she has amazing skin. vaseline is awesome. marilyn monroe would use the stuff all over her face and look at how great her skin was!