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Johan Samuel: I Have One Yummy Mummy

Johan Samuel: I Have One Yummy Mummy

Supermodel Heidi Klum starts her Thursday morning by taking her three kids – Leni, 3, Henry, 2, and Johan, 9 months – for a walk through Beverly Hills with mom Erna and nannies to boot.

Johan rode in a Bugaboo Frog in red ($760).

This picture cracks me up the most. Everyone has one of the children… except Heidi!

15+ pictures inside of Heidi and her cute kids…

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Photos: Arshamian/Most Wanted Pictures/Flynetpictures
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  • the_original_nika

    Thats sweet. After 3 kids shes one hot mommy.

  • the_original_nika

    Jared, mummy!? LOL.

  • anon

    Waiting to see if anyone will post “look how she parades her kids around”.

    I’m conducting an experiment to prove a point that I’m gonna write about.

    Her children are adorable and she looks great.

  • anonymous

    JOHAN is the CUTEST baby on earth!! What a lovely chubby cutie pie!! Awww!
    Leni is a sweet little girl too. And Henry is turning into a very good looking toddler! Love them.

  • Patmycrotch

    WOW she does look good for 3 kids. Not sure about those boot tho, yuk!

  • Ha
  • Sara

    They look great and Leni is sooo cute and but of course Henry and Johan also are. I find it funny that on almost every picture, they have changed kid (;

  • Tealeaf

    That baby is cute, but I think Heidi is a overrated bland lady.

  • Ha!

    anon – It’s doubtful anyone will since we don’t get hourly updates on their whereabouts.



  • snickers

    those kids look like monkeys

  • Anon.

    Did she give any consideration to what her children would turn out looking like? Guess it’s true about beauty being in the eye of the beholder!

  • E

    Johan is soooo cute.

  • luvmebabe

    I saw her at Disney back in August. I have to say… she looks really pretty in person.

  • Nicola

    Hell Yeah! I’ll say it! It is ridiculous that everyone but her is toting those kids around. I understand having a nanny for something legitimate, but if you are too lazy to walk your own kids down the street it is pathetic. I can’t stand Heidi Klum and she has the ugliest kids in Hollywood – right up there with Rumer Willis and Adam Sandler’s kid.

  • jackh

    Let me tell you something about gnetics, light eyes are recessive genes, which mean both parents have to give the genes fro light coloured eyes for a child to have light eyes.

    Well, Leni’S dad is claimed to be Flavio Briatore

    but in reality she is the daughter of heidi and a married german TV presenter Johannes Kerner – wonder where Johan comes from, and how seal let’s that go through

  • PinkRose

    2 the_original_nika : 09/14/2007 at 1:28 pm
    Jared, mummy!? LOL.

    Maybe Jared has some British upbringing. The British (and some countries of the British Empire) say Mummy, North Americans say Mommy.

  • [~Famous~]

    no hip-dysplasia in this familia.

  • KrungKrung

    ohmigod, those kids have curly tops, seal have a very strong blood y’all, i think, heidi is vain.

  • ava

    ok, shiloh has nothing on johan. he is THEEEE CUTEST baby! look at that face. just presh.

  • cc

    oh my god where are all the racist with the comments about how ugly the kids are and how pretty heidi is. pulease she is not all that. i just saw a picture of flavor flav with his white girl friend and ugly as he is and the mother is fugly too, the baby is real cute.

  • cc

    told you sometimes mother nature tricks you, cute people make ugly babies and sometime ugly people make cute babies. dont get fooled by the hype. and all babies are cute to me. some more than others.

  • cc

    post no. 17 thats a lie about both parents have to have light eyes for the light eye genes. i have a cousin (she is black) and her mother nor father have light eyes and she has grey eyes. medium complexion with grey eyes. go fiqure. nothing is 100 percent.

  • cutie pie

    i rather see a kid look like a monkey than a little ole bald head alfred hitchcock, or a space alien. cute kids if they look like monkeys than monkeys are cute.

  • Omar

    She really doesn’t appear to be a very good mother – she pops them out easily but rarely takes care of her own kids. Her mother and nannys are always seen caring and carrying the kids.

  • eh

    #17, you need a lesson on genetics. Two brown-eyed people can have a blue-eyed child if each of them carry the recessive gene.


    Why can’t she get a black Nanny to take care of Henry’s hair?? It is cute but it looks like a comb hasn’t been in his hair for months! How could they be so careless?


    Johan has the yummiest cheeks!! But I am still in love with Henry Gunther!!

  • 007

    Gosh, I know Heidi, her mom, and her brood of white nannies don’t have a clue as to what to do with black hair, but for goodness sakes can’t they at least cut Henry’s hair? He doesn’t have curls for it to be growing that long. He looks like he has a matted rat’s nest. Sheesh!!!! Can’s she hire a black nanny to help her son’s hair situation???

  • Moi

    Three pretty babies!! but they sure know how to pull an ugly face!! their still gorgeous though so don’t kill me!

  • Lillianne

    Heidi and her family are big walkers. Good exercise. I think all of her children are adorable. I would love to give baby Johan a pinch he’s so cute.

  • Michaela

    That’s a whole lot of bracelets for one arm. And those shoes belong in a Pochahontas movie. It just goes to show you that models can get away with anything…if I wore that get-up my family would not leave the house with me. Cute kids though, they are all adorable.

  • Shasta shrugs

    Those little munchkins don’t need a lot of chemicals and straighteners on their hair to ruin it. They should stay natural while they are young. If they were girls, I’d say put in some cute bows and ribbons, but the boys can look like little “Rastas” and it doesn’t really matter — still cuties.

    This is all Heidi Klum’s family holding these babies. This is real family bonding. If you are going to have any help with your children, what could possibly be better than family? These children have A LOT OF LOVE.

    People, grow up!

  • Émilie

    OMG, the little chubby baby is so cuuuute!

  • Sandbitch

    That’s some heavy duty pacifier in Henry’s mouth! Either that or he’s swallowed a volkswagen.

    Henry and Leni always look so miserable. Have we seen them smile yet?

  • I wasn’t going to do this……

    I have a few points to make!

    1. Heidi looks fantastic to have had 3 kids!
    2. We are only seeing what the tabloids want us to see.
    3. Why should the nanny’s race be an issue?
    4. Why can’t Seal help with the kids?
    5. Why doesn’t Seal help make decisions on the kids hair?
    …..oh wait maybe he has…….

    I just came to see the pictures but the comments really pissed me off!!!

  • bradisatool

    Umm Jared , you are such a tool for brangelina, she doesn’t have to prove anything to the world by holding her kids 24/7 unlike some other mom we know. I’ve always felt Heidi Klum could give a rip what you think about her. She isn’t in it for photo ops and prestige, or trying to sell a movie. Angelina is a narcissistic nut case and brad is a narcissistic puss y! period

  • cutie pie

    i said that on a nother site about the boys hair, and all these idiots got on talking about, leave his hair alon, alone my behind, the boys hair needs combing, what mother does not no how to comb hair, it is not that hard. take the damn comb and pull it through the damn hair. you white women shouldnt have mixed kids if you dont have sense enough to read up on black history anf learn how to comb your kids hair, ask a black women, but i dont think they want to do that, hum, go to a black salon and ask the shop owner what to put on the hair, damn

  • dee

    Biracial kids that are older walk around with their hair not combed and they don’t want to change it. They like to stand out and look different. Lenny Kravitz style.

  • Cindy

    Leni Klum looks exactly like Johnanes Kerner!! Nothing like Flavio Briatore.. I have heard this rumor before.. The kid should know who her birth father is.

  • cutie pie

    thats what older kids do, not babies and not all mixed kids go around with their hair not combed. thats a dumb ass thing tp say. i still think most mixed kids are gorgeous with best hair, its not too stringy and not too curly, and fuck all the racist comments about seal being ugly, white women must like ugly men , flavor flav just had a baby by a white women, so go figure, must be the sex because these women are popping out more babies then black women. flav already has 3 kids by a non black women. they love something about him and heidi does too, so i have no say so about it. its her damn business. not fucking mine.

  • blueberry

    I think johan will look like more his mother than his father

    he is cuteee

  • J

    Actually Heidi is a good mom. On Thursday morning she did a little shopping minus all the strollers(except Johan’s shortyly used red Bugaboo) because she was really waiting for her friends including their baby, they were running late. She brought along her nannies because they were invited (they have an awesome nanny). And her mom came because her friend’s mom was coming too. So get off her back, already! They all ate breakfast at a high-end low-key restrurant. Heidi and her friends kept the kids occupuied (waiting for their food) while her friends’s baby slept in it’s famous yellow Bugaboo. Heidi cut up their food, mashed up Johan’s, and even helped Leni color. After breakfast most of everyone went shopping. Heidi and her friend shopped for their and each others kids. They all had a great time tending to and playing with their kids (the baby woke half-way through the spree.) Even though had lots of help, it was welcomed and appreciated help, not needed help. So PLEASE stop talking about her because you all know as well as I she’s an amazing mom..and she has GREAT friends and an supportive family.

  • um

    where did she buy those two black kids? they look nothing like her….her mom must be so sad!

  • cassandra

    where did she get the black kids you ask? she had sex with a well hung black man and she loves it and she keeps popping out babies and she dont give a damn how ugly he so called is , the sex is evidently the bomb and the woman cant get enough. that the story st8 up no fibbing. and you people know thats the truth. that saying about a well hung black man was not made up and heidi mow knows its true. who would have ever thought a german woman in thid day and age of all this racism. huh

  • dont want to be white

    i dont like this race mixing bullshit because its for certain reason on each side and its fake as hell. stay with your own kind. white women listen up, stay with your own men damn you are everywhere, all ages of white women even the little young girls in middle school, high school, fat ones skinny ones old ones young ones. damn give me a break is it that damn serious. i couldnt believe i went to a mens style site and they have white men who hire mandingo black men and pay them to have sex with their ole overweight fat housewife of a wife while the husband watches. the site says the men have to be over 8 inches, i was just shocked out of my mind , what the hell kind of pervert does that, and what is up with these low down womn, you marry aman for his money then you want sex from a nother type of man for your gratification. what a bunch of perverted losers.

  • Ernie H.

    There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in this subject. So, just want to say great job!

  • ebony

    henry and johan are ugly african white freks leni is cute they hair nappy comb it heidi put braids and grease it hope the baby get cute hope everything go well with your pregnacy

  • ebony

    henry and johan are ugly african white freks leni is cute they hair nappy comb it heidi put braids and grease it hope the baby get cute hope everything go well with your pregnacy