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Orlando's Mystery Blonde

Orlando's Mystery Blonde

Orlando Bloom and a new mystery blonde enjoy a date night out (along with Bloom’s pet pooch Sidi) in London on Thursday night.

Who is she?????

Check out the jumbo-sized pictures below, maybe you can take a stab at her identity..

Orlando is currently appearing in the play “Celebration” at the Duke of York’s theatre.

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orlando bloom mystery blonde 01
orlando bloom mystery blonde 02
orlando bloom mystery blonde 03
orlando bloom mystery blonde 04

Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • ricki

    Probably a friend. He does have those you know.

  • http://JustJared sal

    Looks like that chick is married…..see the ring

  • Just Jared

    Doesn’t look like a wedding ring, though.

  • moi

    Looks a bit like Sluttiena Miller and I agree on the wedding ring – it’s a band so it could be.

  • Just Jared

    Yeah, I thought it might have been Sienna, haha. But I know it’s not.

  • [~Famous~]

    cool, pictures of the back of some chicks head.

  • leh duh

    orlando doesn’t have friends, duh.

  • Uggg!

    I thought it was Sienna too.

    If so, that wont be a surprise.

  • who knows

    How do we know it was a date? Looks like she is just going to visit him at his play.No sign of a date here.

  • Hmm

    huh i dont care about the girl but orlando shudnt do dat to his offense but he looks like a nerd that way.he looks beter with it down

  • kc

    Maybe it is a date. I would hope the guy is enjoying dating and such.

  • Mercy Me

    That ring does seem to have diamonds in it so I agree with those above who said it was a wedding ring. I think Orlando has had many many friends visit him at the theatre he is at. That is actually where they are even though Jared has called this a date.It might be one but you can’t tell that from these pictures.

  • lt

    I’ve seen pictures of Sienna Miller wearing that ring before (not to mention the jacket), it’s not a wedding ring. If I’m not mistaken, I believe it was a birthday gift from someone last year. Sienna’s in London filming and it’s never been a very big secret that she and Orlando have maintained a decent friendship since they split up. I wouldn’t doubt it’s Sie in the least. Especially considering the clothing and the hair, it seems very much her style.

  • kc

    Wouldn’t the paps who were there taking the pictures recognize Sienna? I don’t think it’s her.

  • rockgirl

    It’s not Sienna. Sienna was somewhere else last night. Grouchos. Can’t you get those pics, JJ?

  • kelly

    That’s not Sienna. Sienna was photographed the same night in London leaving the Groucho club and her hair’s roots are much darker than this girl’s.

  • Mercy Me

    Did he and Sienna even ever date? I thought was just one of those rumors since they are good friends.

  • kelly

    There were lots of rumors that he and Sienna dated but both he and she say they didn’t. Sienna specifically said in an interview that she met Orlando before he was famous and they had pizza together once.

  • Milo

    He’s been linked to SOOOOO many different random women.

  • Mercy Me

    thanks Kelly. I didn’t think they had actually dated.
    I think the girl’s calfs in this picture are too big to be Sienna’s. Not calling her fat so don’t jump on me anyone. I’m just saying Sienna’s legs are smaller

  • lies

    Orly is a beautiful man luv him.dump the blonde.

  • oooba dooba

    He’s notoriously private, so why would he bring an actual date to the theater? He must know she’d get snapped by photogs.

  • libraesque


  • testing

    why aren’t my post posint Jared????

  • oooba dooba

    Yes, Milo, he’s been linked to soooo many women. Question is, how many has he actually had any real relationships with, including even dates?

  • Jared-fix the dang thing

    Jared if you’re reading here you need to fix the posting. It doesn’t register half the time and you have to do it a few times. Sometimes the post show up about 20minutes later.

  • bl

    that is not kate bosworth she has chicken legs and is much skinner than the girl in this picture. besides she is not in london. its a fan he’s taking home for the night.

  • Punky Brewster

    Who cares? Jared, normally I enjoy your site, but why must you immediately assume it’s a date because she’s female? You’re better than that bullshit. Make sure you have your facts straight before running with it.

    Like the fact the play is called “IN Celebration.”

  • K.

    Isn’t Sienna at TIFF?

  • Whiny Bitches

    Why do Orlando fans get so bent out of shape every time he’s pictured with a girl? JJ is probably just quoting the paparazzi site and so what if he is on a date? I would hope he does date, it is normal for people to do that you know. Hopefully he got laid too…..while the dog watched.

  • Mercy Me

    I dont think people get bent out of shape over him having a date or not. It is more about the fact that there are never any real facts behind the gossip. He has been linked to about 15 women in the last few months. None of those have facts to back it up. So people just learn to ask questions before they beleive anything. I also think Orlando fans know he is private and most likely would not bring a date or girlfriend if he has one- to one of the last nights of the play when the press and fans are there in droves. Thats why it seems more like a friend. Saturday night is the last night so I am sure many of his friends are coming out to celebrate with him.If he has a girlfriend he is doing a great job of hiding her and most likely has left the theatre without her for a few months. Why would he do it now when it is even more busy?

    If it was a date-that would be great for him. However, if Orlando is being consitent with his past then it is most likely a friend.

  • Whiny Bitches

    Mercy Me you don’t know what the facts are. Fact could be he was on a date. Do you know otherwise? Stop assuming you know the man because you read his interviews and study his pictures like obsessive freaks. You have no idea how factual Just Jared’s information is and since you claim Orlando’s so private why don’t you stay out of his business anyway and not come to sites known for celebrity gossip and news.

  • Mercy Me

    I know that there aren’t any facts-!
    Just assumptions.
    If he is on a date great.
    I’ve just learned that one picture doesn’t mean much.
    Tomorrow they will have him linked to someone els.
    As for JJ, he had the name of the play wrong for starters.
    Sorry, no obsessive freak here. I don’t study his pictures.
    I just know not to assume two people in a car are on a date.
    Especially one whcich appears to be wearing a wedding band.

  • Whiny Bitches


  • lt

    Sienna isn’t at TIFF, K. Jude Law is there, so naturally she’d be as far away as possible. She’s in London filming Hippie Hippie Shake. As for her being at Groucho’s, I didn’t realise it was so completely impossible for a person to do more than one thing in one evening.

  • BFD

    Didn’t splashnews have him back with Penelope Cruz on Wednesday?

  • ~*Leah*~

    Well if it’s a friend, good for him…and if it’s not good for him! (It’s about time he got laid).

    You can’t believe anything these days since he’s been linked to a Paris Hilton-impersonator (that’s seriously her job,) Bimbo Stewart and a random girl standing 5 feet away from him at a party, all in the same week.
    If he shagged the all the girls he stood by or the ones paps “claim” they saw him “canoodling” w/, then wow he’s a man whore!

    (I thought it was Kiki Dunst, but her legs aren’t so tan…)

  • Katherine

    Perhaps this is the blonde friend he was snapped with a few months ago, and the one he took to that charity event who’s name I can’t recall right now. Neither time did the photogs take the time to actually get her face in a normal way. But seeing as how he’s a regular person going out with friends is not so far-fetched…

  • ann

    Looks like he even did his hair and put in some UNO hair product..this could be love.. GOOD FOR HIM …

  • brenda

    A few pages back there is a picture of kate bosworth wearing what looks like the exact same ring on the exact same hand.

  • brenda

    Sienna’s hair is not that blond. Wake up her picture is right above the photo of orlando.

  • BFD

    yeah, the pics of kate you are seeing are of her in New York and she is with her new boyfriend.

  • rockgirl

    Ann, you do realize this is after his play where his hair has been done for the show? And yeah, totes Kate Bosworth. She transported herself from NYC. Pathetic.

  • fat guy in a little coat

    “Why do Orlando fans get so bent out of shape every time he’s pictured with a girl?”

    You’re absolutely right. People really need to start believing every word that is printed in the tabloids and in gossip blogs, because everyone knows they never lie, get their facts wrong or make things up. Critical thinking is way overrated. /sarcasm

    At any rate, I hope he got laid, too. He really looks like he needs it.

  • Sup jared

    speaking of kate-what’s the deal Jared. It’s been a day since you’ve posted pictures of her. Hasn’t she done anything important like walk her dog or get her car washed* again in the last 24 hours?
    Is she late on her payments to you or something?I’m sure the check is in the mail.

    *of course like last time she was seen having her car washed, she will be dressed in designer clothes for all to ID and smiling at the paps who ‘just happened to find her there’.

  • oooba dooba

    Well, if it’s an actual date, she managed to go shopping before seeing him. Her white shopping bag with red tissue paper is visible between her body and Orlando’s. She’s wearing what appears to be a ring with bagette diamonds. It could be an engagement ring or a wedding ring of some kind. IF this is an actual date, Orlando’s dating skills are seriously challenged: He got into the car FIRST, instead of letting the lady enter first. Either that, or he let her enter on one side while he entered on the other – not very chivalrous for a date. In England, they drive on the left side of the road and in the right side of the car, if I remember correctly. She’s also putting her shopping bag *right inbetween her body and his.* I think on a REAL date, the shopping bag would go near her feet. Otherwise, it can function as a kind of divider between two people. Why put a shopping bag inbetween your body and the body of the person you’re hot for? Sorry, but I’m just not picking up the romance or date vibe. I like the woman’s legs – they’re shapely, and I like her yellow shoes. I just think she’s a friend of a friend (and possiby already engaged), or a personal assistant who shops for Bloom. Since her face is (conveniently) turned away from the camera, she could be very attractive for all anyone knows, or she could have the face of a dog (no offence to Sidi!) And Kate isn’t the only celebrity to use the paps on occasion. Think about it: This might shut the tabloids up regarding Naomi Harris, Penelope Cruz, etc, and it might stop the snide remarks about how Orlando only goes home at night with his dog. A man can only take so much of that, you know. Orlando’s human after all.

  • portland rain

    oooba dooba:

    while I agree that it doesn’t seem to be a date at face value. Especially to those who have seen tons of pictures of Orlando leaving the play the past few month. However, my first guess about the bag was that perhaps it is her carrying the daily presents that Orlando gets from the fans when he goes out to sign autographs.She might have been moving the bag when the picture was taken or holding it for him all along.
    I doubt he set up the pictures. Why would he do it with someone wearing a ring? There are many photogs out there every night and if he just had one or two in on it then he just got lucky that no one else got her face. I think he may have been in the car already -maybe meeting the fans like he does-then he had the driver come around back and pick her up.

  • lydia

    > least this time he has the dog in the front seat. Last time someone was with him in the car they had to share the back seat with with the dog.
    Must be love! (just kidding-i agree it doesn’t like much like a real date-whatever that is)

  • LaFrench

    Kimberly Stewart?

  • Katherine

    LOL #43. She’s just like Hiro.