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Wentworth Miller @ Ellen

Wentworth Miller @ Ellen

Wentworth Miller will be making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Monday (he wears a shirt similar to his favorite red and blue plaid shirt). Set your TiVos now!

Went fan kellythern was lucky enough to be in the studio audience. Here are some tidbits of Mr. Miller‘s interview with Ellen:

Wentworth gives Ellen a gift of a bright yellow “drinking bear” (similar to this one). He referred to something she used to have on her table, a smoking camel, and said he found the bear at a pawn(?) shop outside of Dallas, it was vintage.

Wentworth smoked for 10 years but quit because both his grandfathers died from smoking. He didn’t want to use the patch because it was chemicals. He opted for an ionic foot spa — you put your feet into clear water, they slosh some ions around, and it pulls the chemicals and toxins out of your body so you’re left with, “pond scum.”

Ellen asks Wentworth about former co-star Lane Garrison, who was convicted for vehicular manslaughter. He says he hasn’t talked to him recently, but discussed that he was a nice guy on set and that there’s no excuse for it, but he’s proud of him for taking responsibility. He then said something like, “Wow, this is really serious for Ellen….don’t smoke….don’t drink.” And she said, “Yeah, let’s lighten it up. Take your shirt off.” He motions like he was sitting up and going to take it off… but doesn’t. What a tease!

To tide you over until Monday, below are six full minutes of Wentworth talking up season 3 of Prison Break. Enjoy –

Wentworth Miller talks Season 3 of Prison Break
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Photos: Michael Lavine/FOX
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  • ver

    wow FIRST!

  • ver

    lol first time and on went’s thread too… pretty psyched about that haha anyway, I love Wentworth and I’m definitely going to watch Ellen on Monday!

  • belle

    i soooooo love this guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Canadian Fan

    Can’t wait for Monday!!! This summer has flown by, but not fast enough for PB fans. Look forward to the interview. Always enjoy listening to him speak and Ellen is sure to bring out a bit of his comedic side!!!

  • Ally



    I think the show may have jumped the shark? It’s going to be tough to get back into it, but with T-bag and Bullock…i’m sure it won’t take long.

  • Maja

    He has not taken his shirt off? What a shame :-(

  • Ali

    Oh! I can’t wait for Monday! :)

  • nicole

    I love wentworth. great actor,terrific. soooooooooo sexy

  • [marie]

    Prison Break and Wentworth interview…. [hee hee] =)

  • one’s

    there’s one thing for sure I know is true is your mind & soul !

    Your heart is true & this is the precious thing that make you special !!

  • Abigale

    Sounds like ball of an interview *rolls eyes*.

  • Laura

    Congrats Wentworth on quiting smoking! I can’t wait until Monday!

  • simi

    I’m so happy for him :)

  • nicole

    better than beckham. this is a real man. wentworth should do motoraz ad. I wanna see him shirtless

  • CARO

    i love you went great actor and so sex very hot

  • *

    WentWorth Is tooo Delish

  • dddarl

    too bad he’s a fan of the ionic footbath. that’s a hoax and he’s too smart to fall for that! the sludge has nothing to do with the toxins in your body. the water (full of impurities and metals already) is responding to the electrode in the water. the water would turn to sludge even if his feet weren’t in it, once the machine is turned on. i would pay for some wentworth sludge, but this ain’t it.

  • Mama Bear

    dddarl said:

    “too bad he’s a fan of the ionic footbath. that’s a hoax and he’s too smart to fall for that! the sludge has nothing to do with the toxins in your body. the water (full of impurities and metals already) is responding to the electrode in the water. the water would turn to sludge even if his feet weren’t in it, once the machine is turned on. i would pay for some wentworth sludge, but this ain’t it.”

    This is truly the most interesting and compelling thing I’ve ever read on this site (and I’m not even being sarcastic). I’ll scratch the ionic spa off my Christmas wish list now, thanks! :)

  • LL

    I just LOVE his voice!!!! He could read from the phone book and make it sound sexy! Lovely! Somebody (Jared, that is) please, please, please add the Ellen show onto your site once it’s aired, for those of us that don’t live in the States. THANK YOU!!! :)

  • ck

    The ionic footbath isn’t a hoax at all. You’re right that the water does change color even if feet aren’t in it but not nearly as much as if the machine is used correctly. If you got your information from quackbusters, know that they think acupuncture is garbage too. I have been giving footbaths in New York City for quite awhile now, and they do everything from remove yeast & tobacco from the body to help insomniacs get a good night sleep. In fact, when I do a smoker I can tell they smoke because the “sludge” actually smells like an ashtray. Do you live in NY? Stop by & I’ll give you one, you can make your decision if it’s a hoax or not then.

  • NZee

    I concur, the iconic foot bath discussion is truly compelling! What r we talking about again? Oh yeah WENT’S HOT! *squeeee* Can’t wait 4 double treat Monday!

  • dddarl

    no, i don’t rely on quackbusters. never heard of it. i just think that many of the sites selling these ionic machines are leading the users to believe that the sludge is from the person, representing toxins. this just isn’t true. otherwise, distilled water would be allowed in the footbath, but it’s not allowed because it won’t cause the sludge to form. i’m sure there is probably some benefit to these foot machines, but i think the sludge provides the right amount of drama to sell many sessions. i would just hate for people to run out and invest in one of these sessions or the purchase of these machines (very expensive) without knowing the truth about them. i’m sure they make one’s feet feel great, and thus make a person feel better. however, it simply is not true that they remove the toxins that appear floating around the foot bath. this is the dirty water reacting to the electrode. science 101.

    i am a fan of alternative health solutions, but not a fan of quackery, which i believe this is. just my opinion. again, if you could get the toxins out of wentworth’s body, that would be some good dip for my chips. smackalicious.

  • libraesque

    christ on a cracker does this guy EVER EVER smile. I’ll give someone 100 bucks if they can post a link to a picture of him smiling

  • angela

    of course he smiles! he smiles all the time in pictures but only if something is actually going to be interesting enough for him to crack a smile, i bet.. he’s got a gorgeous smile :)

  • emily

    mmmmmmm Wentworth

  • MIa

    During the course of an Ionic Spa Foot bath session, the water will most likely change color and bits of foreign matter may appear as sediment. This is to be expected. It is caused by a reaction between the material from a user’s body and particles in the water, salt added to the water, the metals in the ionizer array, and the acidity or alkalinity of the user. It is important to understand that the water will change color and particles may form even if the unit is operating without feet in the water! This is because of the fact that the color change and objects in the water can be caused by so many factors: for example, the consumption of the metal inside the array; the sea salt added; substances leaving your body through your feet; dissolved material or toxins already present in the local water supply you are using; and even the air surrounding the spa water!

  • lana


  • Hanan

    Congratulations Wentworth… Clack has finally come!!!
    I am proud of you…
    This guy is so perfect I love him!!!
    Three days to see the interview as well the saison 3 of Prison Break!!!!

  • linda

    he is so him

  • esmeralda

    is he gay?

  • elementary dear watson

    32 esmeralda
    Is the Pope catholic?

  • Arabian GulfGuy

    His a perfect guy on prison break interview .. good luck and keep it up .. but don’t lose your time with ladys .. (waiting for S3)

  • Nick

    When is Wenty going to come out of the closet already! Ellen should ask him about his hottie boyfriend, Luke McFarlane.

  • EM

    Why is it so important for people that he come out of the closet? We don’t even know if he’s gay. Besides, his private life is none of our business.

  • Charlene

    oh my most lovely Went~!
    he is just so brilliant,sexy and insanely good-looking!
    love his voice,his eyes,his smile,everything about him!
    good to know that u quit smoking,Went.
    Keep rocking,Went~

  • wtf

    Sorry number 36, he’s already out of the closet for about a month now. BUT HE’S STILL ABSOLUTELY DELICOUSSSS

  • EM

    #36, I’m sorry but pics of him walking with a guy don’t automatically make him gay. I don’t care if he is or isn’t, I like him regardless, but let’s not talk about it like it’s fact, when it’s not.

  • Mink

    Thanks so much for the new vid, JJ! Seriously, I could watch and listen to this man talk all day. He is beautiful and just as sexy as hell.

    I do hope S3 is gonna be as good as he seems to think it will be.

  • Mama Bear

    Yes, thanks for posting the vid, JJ. I just woke up from the best nap I’ve ever had, which begs me to question if I should consider this a positive (b’cuz Went’s voice is soothing enough to make me sleep like a baby) or the negative (b’cuz I was bored out of my mind having heard these canned responses ad nauseum). At this point, if in the future I have to hear him say that thing he’s fond of saying about throwing X amount of alpha males in a box and shaking it up, I’m going to lapse into a coma…or hibernation as the case may be.

  • Mama Bear

    Oh and LMAO about the raging debate on the merits of ionic foot spas. Maybe Went was just testing the waters (HA!) with his fan base to see if he could drum up enough interest in the product to advertise it in the future. Hmmmm…he does have pretty feet. ;)

  • Tilly

    25 libraesque said:
    “christ on a cracker does this guy EVER EVER smile. I’ll give someone 100 bucks if they can post a link to a picture of him smiling”

    Mr. Miller is smiling in some of these photos:

    Essentially, I think Mr. Miller smiles when Mr. MacFarlane is around ;)

  • jessica

    wentworth quit smoke …GOOD JOB…
    i always support you

  • meemee

    I’m looking forward to seeing the entire interview on Ellen and the season premiere of PB on Monday Yay!!!!

  • LL

    Mama Bear, have you got a fan club? I just love your sense of humour! Easily the funniest person on this site!

  • Mama Bear

    LOL…thanks, LL, but I’m really not that funny – I’m just whacked…LOL. :) And I do have more serious moments…like the thought I had this morning regarding the reference to Lane Garrison:

    I’m very surprised and dismayed to see that Ellen chose to touch on the tragedy involving Lane Garrison instead of focusing on something compelling that’s directly related to Went himself such as the controversy swirling about him.

    I know that Ellen isn’t opposed to talking about homosexuality and its perception in Hollywood with her guests since (A) she herself is a lesbian, who came out in the public eye and (B) she talked about the topic easily with Neil Patrick Harris on her show that aired on 9/13.

    I’m not saying that Ellen should have put Went on the spot and asked him if the rumor is true, but if she was guiding the interview in a more serious direction anyway, why not ask Went in general what he thinks about being the target of online speculation? He could’ve answered it in his trademark insightful way and moved onto talk about foot baths and pond scum (LMAO!)…heck who knows, he could’ve possibly even put the rumor to bed once and for all. OK, I’ll fess up, I don’t believe that would ever happen even if he HAD re-confirmed things one way or the other…lol.

    I mean no disrespect to Went or to his camp when I say this, but I have to wonder if the Lane Garrison story will always be the “compelling talking point” of his interviews so that journalists will not ask the BIG question that’s on everyone’s minds. I’ve seen/heard him talk about this very subject on several occasions now and as time draws farther away from the actual tragedy, I have to wonder why it’s even brought up (especially since Lane is no longer among the cast of PB and Went doesn’t even communicate with him).

    I know that talk show “talking points” are covered with guests beforehand to avoid embarrassment and surprise, so the Garrison story was anticipated. I think it’s time for the media to let Lane, the passengers in his vehicle, and the victim’s family move on with the business of grieving in peace once and for all.

  • young

    lovely went.. my favorite star..

  • Miho

    GOD. I can’t even finish watching Wentworth talk. I prefer looking at still pictures of him. If only he was as interesting as he is hot.

  • Kitty

    Re the ionic foot bath — I have no knowledge of this device, but I CAN vouch for reflexology (the application of pressure, stretch and movement to the feet and hands to effect corresponding parts of the body). Find a good reflexologist, Went, and I think you’ll get better results than with the foot bath.

    Oh yeah — and I’m looking forward to S3. Remember, when all else fails, you can get out of jail this way: