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Christina Aguilera's Emmys Performance 2007

Christina Aguilera's Emmys Performance 2007

Pregnant powerhouse Christina Aguilera and the legendary Tony Bennett performed “Steppin’ Out (With My Baby)” together at the 59th Annual Emmy Awards airing tonight on FOX. Watch the video below!

Christina Aguilera’s Emmys Performance 2007

15+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera @ Emmys 2007

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  • gisele

    u guys r fastttttttttttttt




  • Nina Simone

    She looks great! She should’ve donned this dress/look on the red carpet, instead of that hideous white/black get-up she wore. She looks great sans that red lipstick, too. I wish she’d wear more subtle makeup.

  • WhereSheShops

    Wow! She looked fantastic, but still hiding the belly! Celebrate the pregnancy, Christina!

  • Katie

    i cant see the video

  • Kelly

    love her so much in this …pregnet ornot shes beautiful and wonderful..thankyou u guys r fast!

  • Ben

    I love Christina. She looks amazing. And Tony Bennett is so cute. We love her at, too.

    Check out the Christina post here.

  • gonz




  • You/Me

    She rocks!

  • J3$$!C@

    She actually does look beautiful in these pictures. Great voice too.

  • brandy

    she looked and sounded great!

  • aBSMaD

    Aguilera should stop shouting and start singing…
    About her 40′s looks… well Madonna did it before !
    Not impressed !

  • Skyfa

    She rox!! Take that Britney!! Both her dresses are great and it is her prerogative if she wants to share about her baby.

  • JOHN


  • Eli

    Britney should sit and learn from Christina!!! This is a great performance, Christina has a wonderful voice, she’s the best!!!
    I agree with Nina Simone, the red dress is better then the white one

  • wow

    she does sounds better & better!

    she is at her best now….

  • laura

    It’s a boring song but she looks great!

  • kc

    Christina sounds and looks great but the hair is a little too blonde. Love her!

  • Nana

    G L A M O R O U S

  • anon

    I really don’t like her singing technique, I know she has a voice but what she does with it is totally unnecessary. She just need to simply sing the song.

  • http://deleted daph

    she’s good but don’t compare her to madonna…

    madonna is a legend, christina’s good but not a legend.

    let’s take another look in 15 years, then we’ll talk again…

  • Dave

    I just looooooved her! thank u guys for the vid! I didn’t watch it on TV…10X

  • kc

    Madonna is was and always will be overrated. She’s legendary because of her controversies not because of anything she’s contributed to music though I do like a lot of her old songs.

  • Kay

    Yes, Madonna is a legend b/c she’s been around for a long time but comparing Christina to her is like comparing Britney to Whitney. Christina got the voice Madonna doesn’t thats why Britney is most likely compared to her.

  • liza


  • Cristia

    She is and always will be “the voice of our generation” beautiful and classy LIVE performance …

  • DUI

    Slightly OT, but did anyone else see how hairy her arms were when she was standing on top of the piano (@ 1:45), the light was shining down on her and her arm hair was glowing!

    PS- Tony Bennet Rocks! That man is pure class.

  • Michelle

    I think Christina sounds and looks amazing. I feel she toned herself down for the mediocrity that Tony performs at given his age. She did her thing without feeling the need to prove how much better her voice is than Tony’s. Pure class with a voice that has no rival.

  • sexyboi

    omg….love her so much…
    great voice ( agree that she’s the best voice of our time )
    & beautiful young lady!!!!
    she’s superb!

  • NJS06

    I like her dress. And her bump looks cute!

  • patricia night

    She is gorgeous!
    Great voice!

  • J

    Her voice sounds out of place with Almost sounds like a joke.
    Oh well, she looks pretty for being his wife. How old is she? 58?

  • alisha

    Im a huge CA fan..I was so excited when I found out we were pregnant at the same time!! sounds crazy but I don’t care, I have like 4 months on her and I was kinda dissapointed to see she barely has a baby bump!

  • me

    Christina did a pretty good job tonight with a slightly boring song. I commend her for not oversinging this song although there were flashes of it. There is one thing that can’t be denied, this girl can sing; oversinger or not.

  • Donna

    I’m so proud of her! I’ve been waiting for her to adopt a more mature singing style to compliment her awesome voice, and she hasn’t disappointed, maturing into a talented, classy performer. Nice to see someone in the entertainment business getting married before starting a family. I wish her much happiness and success. Her voice is second to none.

    PS. What’s the marking on her inner arm, is it a tatoo? Of what? What’s the story?

  • Stripxtina

    Christina Aguilera is a legend!!!She is amazing!

  • familiar

    her dress w/the black bow reminds me of angelina’s when she appeared at the UN w/her brother and there was only speculation of her pregnancy…ange is the trendsettor

  • mossy

    she was amazing! she’s so consistent. such a relevant and important voice.

  • Silly

    The dancers weren’t necessary but they sounded great. She’s definately not Britney, that’s for sure.

  • BBperfume

    She should step down a notch on her peroxide blonde..Her air loks dry and unhealthy in the close-up..She’s not wearing make-up, but she’s painting herself. Hasn’t she heard less is more. She has natural beauty why do this to hersel?

  • WOW

    love her! first time heard her singing in totally old soul way, very sweet!

  • Mary

    WOW I haven’t seen christina in a while..but she’s SOOOOO pretty!!

  • Jennifer

    I loved Christina’s pink dress and her performance was great. Christina is very pretty and I wish her all the best of luck with the baby.

  • jane doe

    last sunday britney HUMILIATED HERSELF

    this sunday it was christina’s turn and she ROCKED IT with a legend

    once again christina has WON !!


  • Emily

    Eww! One of the worst performances I’ve ever seen. Sooooo boring! Is that the best she can do? So much for the ‘legend’. LMAOOOOOO dumbass Christina fans.

  • Zokar

    Hermosa como siempre y su voz genial

  • Maggie

    She looks like a million but is anyone else tired of the “blowing this kiss routine”? So tired of it…

  • all

    oh haters you guys stop…”I really don’t like her singing technique, I know she has a voice but what she does with it is totally unnecessary. She just need to simply sing the song.”… AT LEAST SHE’S ACTUALLY SINGING THE SONG! the “trainwreck” can’t even lipsync right!


    beautiful like always

  • mary

    i love christina!! beautiful, classy and talented!