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Kanye West VS. Rainn Wilson -- Emmys 2007

Kanye West VS. Rainn Wilson -- Emmys 2007

Kanye West played up his “I never win” status and competed in a rap-off against The Office star Rainn Wilson à la Don’t Forget The Lyrics with host Wayne Brady.

Kanye and Rainn rap to Kanye‘s smash single “Stronger.”

Watch the video below!!!!!

Rainn Wilson vs. Kanye West
The 59th Primetime Emmys 2007
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  • Kanye

    SILVIA did you even watch the video?



  • Fat-girl

    That’s why we can’t stay mad at Kanye, right after he makes an ass of himself. He does something like this to poke fun at himself. He’s a lovable bipolar!

  • dancingqueen

    Kanye may be an unapologetic brat, but that was probably the funniest part of the Emmy’s

  • ivi


  • Nina Simone

    I agree with dancingqueen — funniest bit of the show! Wayne Brady wasn’t even annoying, amazingly. I love that Rainn took the lyrics a step further at the end . . . “Let’s get lost tonight. You can be my black Kate Moss tonight.”

  • WhereSheShops

    Kanye drama aside…I loved it! They were so funny!

  • Lovin it

    Goes to show when a black person whines, they world gives them what they want.

  • Carol loves JJ

    #9 you need to put a suck in it.

  • Idlemess

    #9 I would like to see your @$$ off of this thread right now. Yap like this is what is wrong with this country. People talking out of their butts and not getting to know who they want to talk about. Black people whining and getting they own way if only you knew. It goes to show and hopefully you that you do not have to whine, WHY because you get what you want?

    Stop with the generalization of race.

  • pelon1

    i love kanye and his album is amazing

  • Nana

    Word #12

  • me

    Great way to diffuse some of the negative publicity that he received after his meltdown at the VMAs. Better to laugh with everyone than to have everyone laughing at him. Good job Kanye.

  • clara

    this was one of the only like three worthwhile things to watch on this boring show.

  • Amandaaa

    I adore Rainn.

  • [~Famous~]

    SILVIA, “HE IS A BLAH” ugh lol huh..?

  • Michelle

    Although it is obvious Kanye is trying to cover up what a self-absorbed douche-bag he is. Kudos to his publicists! This was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable moments of the awards ceremony.

  • Michelle

    Although it is obvious Kanye is trying to cover up what a self-absorbed douche-bag he is, (Kudos to his publicists!) this was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable moments of the awards ceremony.

  • Sam

    it must be been REALLY sunny in that room. good thing he had his shades on.

    what a douche.

  • Zac’s girl

    VERY funny – I usually skip awards shows b/c they’re SO boring, but this bit was actually entertaining!

  • Claudia

    LOL Stuff Kanye I love Rainn Wilson :)

  • Smiley

    Hey, I actually enjoyed that part of the emmys, no drama at all and it’s better than seeing/hearing Kanye having another breakdown; Rainn even pulled it off w/ his last bit of ‘skills’. Love them both.



    Kanye West is one of the best out there.. He is smart – articulate and he does everything for shiock value.. He is also self absorbed like 99.99 of famous people..

    BUT KANYE is also GENUINE, that is why I love him. He says what people need to say.

    He also called out MTV on what they did to Britney.. I am not Shitney fan, but they set her up and fed her to the wolves..

    That aside, the man’s album is HOT!!

    I really can’t complain because he is entertaining is all types of ways, even sometimes NUTS..

    @ #9

    that has to be the most bigoted comment ever.. But you are entitled to your IGNORANCE!!
    my explaining how dumb you are wouldn’t help unless you go out in the world and live and experience life with PEOPLE!!! PEOPLE!!! Not fantasy Aryan stories fed to you by others who were fed the same bile..

  • lolia

    Kanye rocks!! love him!!

  • writingb/ci’mbored

    Umm, okay, since when is Kanye smart?! I am surprised with all the censoring done on the show that they even let a stupid fuck like Kanye on (hench his awkward “George Bush hates black people” comment). He is not apologizing for his behavior when it is scripted, and only poking fun at himself because it is scripted and his “people” advise him to do so.
    He is a douche, a sellout, and I really hope that 50 Cent beats him. It is hilarious that even another artist sees that Kanye is such a joke that he is making such a statement against him.

  • writingb/ci’mbored

    hiliarious, this thing has a censor… lmao
    I swear I didn’t put a bunch of ***
    so funny

  • Nancy

    Of course Kanye is self-absorbed. Nobody can deny that. And he had no reason to wear shades indoors. However, he is also an amazing artist. That said, that was a very entertaining clip. =) Love “The Office”!


    To number 26, “writingb/ci’mbored” and the rest of the HATERS

    First he said George Bush doesnt care for black people not hate, get it right if you gonna talk sh*t.Kanye is pretty smart. He is talented and he knows what people want to hear. Just cuz the guy speaks his mind quite often , he has to be arrogant. He has a big ego and he deserves it. He can back up his reasons. 50 Cent does the same damn thing except he really is a dumbass and doesnt have talent. Only talent he has is drinking vitamin water and surviving 9 shots. You got to be a dumbass to listen and want a dumbass to beat a pure artist. When it all comes down to it, its about who makes real music.50 wants to make money the quickest and legal way while Kanye wants to inspires someones life. 50 is stupid and sounds retarded and always talking about hoes and gun play and glamourize that life style whereas Kanye actually talk about the struggles and the ups and downs of normal people. How the hell is he a sellout? Oh i know maybe if he wore baggy jeans , a white t, a hat tilted to the side and have some battle wounds and cover them with tattooes then he wouldnt be a sell out. But like Kanye said Hated N***as marry hated B*tches and have Hated Kids, You fit somewhere in that statement.


    Number 9 go suck on a scrotum for being so damn ignorant. Stupid Idiot.

  • Goddess

    Kanye is a whining douche bag. He needs to shut the f**k up and get off of his damn high horse. Self absorbed ass.

  • Missy

    #28 Nancy. I share the same thoughts. Self absorbed- yes. But, an amazing artist- Certainly! His album sales prove it. I own them all. That said as well, I was laughing my butt off watching that clip!

  • KW@WI

    Love Kanye his music is the sh!t!

  • jen

    Kanye showed up at Justin Timberlake concert last night and performed stronger

  • ?

    I love when Kanye finishes and Wayne says ‘you pick the wrong night to speak properly ..I think that’s what was said..good one..Kanye/audience like that..Rainn the ‘you can be my black Kate Moss’ lyric ,good one .,You don’t want any of Kate Moss ..not with what she’s been with..Good skit…

  • Patmycrotch

    Rainn is very kewl, Kayne is a bonehead. I wonder if he feels ok that he got to be on stage bcuz of all his crying? Loser

  • sarah

    tht was by far the best part of the emmys.. and fyi ppl…the only reason y kanye got the line wrong was cuz they had to rehearse a script

  • Twist

    That was the only funny part of the whole night. Luckily it was on my DVR while I was doing other stuff.

  • http://none Pamela

    GOD BLESS YOU KANYE.My prayers goes out to you and your family.