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Kate Walsh is on the Fence

Kate Walsh is on the Fence

The newlyweds want their privacy!

After being photographed in a bikini last weekend on her front lawn, Kate Walsh opts to heighten her fence and/or plant shrubbery around her new home in Los Feliz, Los Angeles on Saturday.

The Private Practice star new movie exec hubby Alex Young took measurements and discussed possible layouts with a builder.

Don’t forget to catch the Emmys tonight on FOX! Kate, 39, is supposedly wearing a stunning red dress but has said, “It’s all a surprise, but it’s simple, elegant and beautiful. I can’t say the color. I’ll say this – you won’t miss it!”

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  • Jackie

    Love Kate and love that dress!
    It’s understandable they want more privacy but I’ll miss seeing Kate in a bikini.

    Thanks JJ

  • S.

    JJ you are lucky you’re getting hugged over the internet, or you would have bruises and cracked ribs by now. Thank you for picking up the builder photos. I really wanted to see more that just the thumbnails.

    Kate’s looking good and aiming high.

  • jamie

    Thanks JJ:) Nothing but hugs from the Kate fans:)

    Im glad they are building a wall they should have their privacy at home. However, lets all mourn the blue bikini.
    They look pissed the paps are there again.

  • Emily

    oh thats so funny..

  • Lucy
  • jen

    she’s too old to do crappy series, which will be obviously a downfall bec it’s just a spin off…39 going on 40

  • Mary

    Tks for the pics, JJ!
    Kate’s so pretty, loved her dress. And Alex is a cute too! :D
    too bad that now we wont be able to see kate in bikini! lmao

  • Matt

    How old are you jen – 13 ? LOL.

    Kate looks amazing for someone approaching 40. Private Practice isn’t aimed at your immature teenage audience anyway & I doubt it’s going to tank.

    Re. spin-offs – they have as much chance of succeeding as a new show – CSI spinoffs, Law & Order spinoffs, Frasier (bigger hit than Cheers) etc.

  • Kate fan (the British one)

    Thanks JJ for the pics. Ha! No more bikini Kate, if i were an editor, i’d get Kate to be my cover star in a bikini in December. She can heat things up that way.

    Loving her dress. Can not wait to see the Emmys later tonight.
    Alex looks lovely! We love The Youngs!

  • Anonymous

    They look cute. I love that she always wears dresses.

  • BrainySmurf

    Too old? Too old?! Let’s see, Jen. Kate is 39 that’s just three years older than Ellen Pompeo was when Grey’s Anatomy began(I may be off by a year or two but you should be able to get my point) Let me continue: Grandma Moses was 70 when she painted her first masterpiece, Abraham Lincoln was 52 when he was elected president, Jacqueline Kennedy was 49 when she began working as a book editor for Doubleday–do you think these people were too old? Let me tell you my favorite story: When I was graduated from college, one of my fellow classmates was what we like to refer to as 81-years young. I’m sure you think his diploma was a waste of money but he certainly does not.
    I don’t mean to dismiss your opinion, but I’m trying to make you understand that for some people like Brittney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Gwennyth Paltrow, success and fame comes when you are young.Then there are those of us who have to work hard and pay our dues for a long time before success is rewarded. Age is just a number-we don’t think we’re too old. Again, you all are entitled to your own opinion-I just like to make you all think.
    I for one will happily watch Private Practice because Tim Daly will never be too old in my book.

  • Courtney

    amen brainysmurf!!!!! I dont know how you can say that ( jen) when you see britney spears and linsey lohan they are famous at a young age and look what they do with they’re fame ,drugs and shit, which will make them look 20 years older then Kate does when they are 39. would you rather her be doing drugs or anerexic??? Many people look up to her and if she was doing drugs, what kind of role model would that be, Its people like you jen that are one of the reasons people throwing up or getting dangerous sergeries or taking pills to look younger or whatever! I hope your proud!

  • S.

    *Hugs BrainySmurf*

    She is lucky that she came to fame now, actually, because she looks great for any age, and she is free from the pressure of chasing after the fans image of a younger self that takes to many Hollywood women through the botox hell or worse a very bad face jobs.
    She is lucky again that the character she is playing is her age so she doesn’t even have to worry about how she looks even if she does look terrific.
    She is three times lucky, she is frightfully intelligent has a great personality so people like her in spite of her looking fantastic.
    She is four times lucky, with all the luck she has she also is extremely talented, now that people know her she’ll never lack work.

  • OMG!

    Thanks for the pics JJ!! And thanks Lucy, too!

    She looks greaaat!!!


    thanks 4 the pics JJ keep bringing more kate!!! We just canĀ“t get enough!

  • http://justjared e

    JJ you win at life. TY TY TY for all the kate goodness.
    oh how i adore her.

  • Rae

    I’m glad she’s taking actual steps to regain her privacy since she seems to want it at home. She, as always, looks great too! I love when they’re trying to decide how high it should be and finally Kate’s like, all the way above our heads.

  • Izzie

    thank goodness she is getting a higher wall, those bikini pics were way too invasive for my liking.

  • KB

    I agree with you, Izzie, they were invasive but not less hot.
    About the fence, it’s a pity since her house looks nice as it is, but well…
    Love her anyway

  • TK

    “after being photographed in a bikini, kate opts for a higher fence” – hahahah that’s hilarious. btw, the flowery dress is hot

  • TK

    god bless the paps.

  • salute
  • kate

    That dress looks so good on her. Im glad you reported on her getting the builder, its better than photos that are slightly invading her privacy.

  • anti kate walsh

    Her bikini pics were ridiculous. She’s old and fat. I’m tired to read that her haters are Pompeo fans. I’m not a Pompeo fan! I hate people like Kate Walsh. She wants privacy? Shut up w.h.o.r.e. You love the publicity. Dear Walsh, you are an exhibitionist. Vomit.
    Dear Walsh fans, why anti-Walsh fans hate her for stupid reasons? You hate Oh, Knight, Dempsey, Pompeo and others for stupid reasons. Maybe it’s because they are actors and Walsh can’t act!

  • S.

    WOW. We know that the one word poorly written posts bashing Kate come from the dempopo camp of very young teenagers that are jealous that Kate is getting so much attention while nobody seem to care about Ms. Pompeo.
    The well worded articulate ones come from the fans, AKA close friends and family, of that cast member that thinks she was the one deserving the spin off, and it’s not Katherine Heigl.
    The fact is that Ms. Walsh is the most talented of the GA women, on top of being nice on the eye.
    She gives the spectator a different person in each of her works, no matter how small the part. She doesn’t play safe like some that have the technique to display emotion but they and the character are basically the same person. That will give you nominations for supporting roles, and a long working career doing the same character over and over, which is good since most of them can’t do more, and they are quite good at it. It doesn’t get you a lead role in your own show, and the undying admiration of extremely devoted fans.
    Yes We love that she looks gloriously great, but that would mean nothing if it didn’t wrap an immense talent.

  • jamie
  • BrainySmurf

    Dear Anti Kate Walsh:
    Why is there so much hate in your heart? Why do the anti-Kate fans only seem to know the word ‘vomit’? Did you never listen in reading class when you were in school? Your teachers must cringe at the thought they did such a terrible job with you. And saying Kate Walsh is old and fat? Is that the best you could do? How pathetic!

    When I read that you think Kate is not a good actress I just have to laugh-mostly at how naive you are. You have no idea what a good actress is. I promise you this: Kate is very respected with people who do know good acting.She has studied to be an actress unlike some people who get by on their looks and popularity. I don’t like stooping to your levels, but because I am so sick of the blind obssession with Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey and the obvious fact that you cannot seem to separate the character Kate plays from real life then you give me no choice so here goes: Ellen Pompeo is not a nice person and she is not a good actress. She is popular-that is it.It’s fine that you like her, but understand you like her publicist more. It still baffles me that for people who claim to dislike Kate so much you spend an awful lot of time looking for her. If only we could channel that energy into reading a thesaurous…

    I have to say I’m proud to be a Kate Walsh fan! We do have the best posts!

  • sarah

    thanks so much JJ !!!!kate is so cute, i love her dress!!!and alex is a MAN!!!!!hihihi!!!I like him too!!!

  • sarah

    oh!!helllo calliope anti kate walsh!!!!how are you? you seems great!!!!!!

  • jamie

    Hey BrainySmurf!

    Great post!

  • jamie

    Now we need more Kate pics. I need to see that she is ok, and the stress is not getting to her.

  • S.

    Bows in awe at BrainySmurf, and another great comment.

  • jamie

    BrainySmurf is amazing:)