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Katherine Heigl @ Emmys 2007

Katherine Heigl (in Zac Posen) arrives for the 59th Primetime Emmy Awards Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. Jewels by Ryan Ryan (they also did her engagement ring), and minaudiere purse by Mary Norton. She did admit to having a stylist named Nicole. Nicole Chavez?

Heigl picked up Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series for her role as Isobel ‘Izzie’ Stevens on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. Congrats, Kat!

25+ pictures inside of Katherine Heigl @ 2007 Emmys

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  • Nina Simone

    Gorgeous. Best look of the night by far.

  • [~Famous~]


    where’s her butt, sold it for the award?

  • Noelle

    I don’t know if I thought she was funny or a b*itch.

  • Lisa

    WTF! I can’t she won. Her acting sucks.

  • jamie




  • KB

    I like her and all, but I really don’t think her acting deserves an Emmy.

  • ashley

    Her skin looks nasty and her mouth is always open….winning an emmy won’t change my opinion of her.

  • yes !!!

    So happy for her !!! I hope for her all the best !!!

  • confused

    am i right in thinking that sandra oh has been nominated all three years and not won, while katharine heigl has now won the first time she was nominated??

    i like her, but i still think sandra’s acting is better.

  • Sofie’s Choice

    She did not deserve the nomination or the win. Her acting sucks, and a total fake. Any other actress in that category deserved it more then she did. She comes off as being a nice person but really she hides who she really is.


  • mark


  • Katie

    She’s fantastic. And she looks freakin’ amazing. But I think Sandra Oh should have won this year.

    Now, Katherine should have won last year for the season 2 stuff with Denny…that was powerful stuff.

  • kath

    gorgeous girl! love her dress

  • flo

    I agree with you noelle:
    “I don’t know if I thought she was funny or a b*itch.”

    My words exactly.

  • S.

    Congrats Katie. So much more deserving than the three times nominated colleague.
    Is she trying out bridal outfits? Looking good, though.

  • JT

    i’m sorry but Sandra Oh definitely should have one. Boy, they are just handing out the emmy’s to all sorts of people this year, huh.

  • n

    She should send a note of thanks to Isaiah Washington because her win was part of the controversy. Too bad it didn’t work out the same way for T.R.

  • C.

    Sorry can’t stand Sandra Oh, Katherine deserved it more

  • Jamie

    Beautiful. Definitely best dressed and best looking woman of the evening.

  • lisa

    get some of her and T.R. Knight! :D

  • VeryConfused

    OMG! She is such a BISCH! Did anyone else see her face when the Sopranos won?? She sux and so does that god awful show she’s on. EW!

  • clara

    Did not deserve to win at all, her acting is not good. UGHHH!

  • [marie]

    I think she played up the whole Isaiah Washington situation to her benefit. Sure Washington f*cked up, but, she didn’t have to rehash it 47037805 million times in her interviews. Chandra Wilson was robbed. Heigl YOU SUCK!!!


    I am sooo happy katherine heigl won. I am her biggest fan! When she won i was soooooooooo freakin happy. shes looks the most gorgeous out of alll of them and she soo frikken desereved that award. she earned it! and to all you haters. she is deffinitly 50 times more beautiful than you are so stop hating you jelous losers. I LOVE YOU KATIE!

  • Julie

    People really need to let the IW thing go already.

    She looked great and gave a great speech but I still think Sandra should have won.

  • Tina

    So friggin ugly. She’s a great actress????

    The glory days of TV are really gone. Since Friends,Frasier,Raymond and the classic generations of tv came to past this crappy TV stars and reality shows are on and its never the same.
    Look at how CW sucks now compared to theWB.
    I even miss MUST SEE NBC thursdays.

  • Blair

    I love Katherine Heigl. To me, she was the best dressed tonight. I think her category was a tough one and am happy that she won. Can I just quickly comment on her skin? It’s freaking beautiful. I want to know her skin regimen…it’s flawless and luminescent. Loved the red lips!

  • Coco

    Open wide Kho, that Emmy should be a nice fit, you’ve been practicing for years. Mommy thought you well.

  • :)


  • Coco

    Yes she will be huge in Heigl does all of L.A.

  • Laura

    It look alright, nothing amazing. I think Sandra Oh should of won though.

  • Nancy

    I think Katherine is awesome; I’ve liked her since “Roswell” (and that is pretty old!). That said, I still think Sandra should have won. Sandra has always been amazing on Grey’s Anatomy.

  • T

    She is so great inside as well as out.

  • Thank You

    I definitely think Sandra Oh deserved the award. She makes the show. She and Chandra Wilson are definitely the best! Katherine Heigel is very beautiful and she will probably be a major star, but to me she comes across as being full of herself. Sorry, I’m basing this on her interviews. Every time I hear her talk I see her head get bigger. It’ll be interesting to see if she stays with the show next year or leaves to concentrate on movies.

  • angie

    congrats katherine, you deserved this award! she also looks stunning in this dress. i really like her classic looks, especially the red lips.

  • tickled

    i think the gays had something to do with this one.
    how is it good acting if she plays a spoiled whining brat on tv? that’s just the way she is…
    sandra and chandra make it look to easy

  • Coco

    T are you not only her bff but her internist? Lol. Girl is a fake hobag. She better thank IW for the win.

  • laila

    i CANNOT stand her…..i don’t even watch the show and she still gets on my last nerve. however, she does looks fantastic in that dress. it’d be nice if she’d keep that mouth of her’s shut though. that side shot of her with her snaggle tooth jutting out is priceless…..fug and priceless.

  • Patmycrotch

    She turned me off last nite, the way she threw her mother under the bus. She did not deserve it. She is the next Jennifer Aniston. Lets hope she does not marry a tool like Brad tho.

  • belo

    i agree w/ katie (#13) she should have won last year instead of sandra oh. kh acted her a$$ of in those scenes with izzy and denny. i was shocked that she wasn’t recognized for that.

    this season, sandra oh did a better job in the acting category. the emmy’s are arse backwards ;-)

  • Grumpy Old Troll

    Where’d her fabulous curves go?

  • Yvonne

    Helen Mirren is hotter than her and yes real talented.
    Her talent is just on the boobs and she looks old already.
    Her cast and her have major sucky attitudes.

  • Alex

    Her speech was great, and I loved that she had the balls to correct her name! lol.

  • Coco

    She was fat, she never had no curves.

  • Jen

    I have no hatred for Katherine Heigel, but I agree wholeheartedly , she excessively used the “Isiah W. situation” for the media attention. I always felt her acting is extremely overrated. I wanted Lorainne Braco to win-not only is she great, but she never won an Emmy. By the way, the best thing about Heigel’s “Knocked Up” was Seth Rogen(and his buddies), the funny Asian chick , and the hilarious Leslie Mann- Heigel’s character was the least interesting part of that movie. Now, I understand why Anne Hathaway turned down “Knocked Up” because it wasn’t a great part. Katherine still hasn’t found a vehicle to prove her acting chops

  • bebe

    She used to look prettier before she dyed her hair this color. Now she looks artificial. Can’t stand her Izzy character on Grey’s.

  • just me

    Really cannot see how she won. I can’t stand her or her character. Sandra Oh should have won hands down.

  • soysauce

    sorry i know most people thought her dress was gorgeous but i thought it was blah

  • eh

    Sorry, I can’t believe she won an Emmy for her acting. I never enjoyed her blah Izzy character at all. I couldn’t even get past her acting (non)ability last year to get into the Denny story. Just seemed to contrived to me. As someone else mentioned, Sandra and Chandra make the show. Now that is acting.