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Rumer Willis @ EW Pre-Emmys Party

Rumer Willis @ EW Pre-Emmys Party

Rumer Willis plays up her fit figure at Entertainment Weekly‘s 5th Annual Pre-Emmy Party at Hollywood’s Opera/Crimson on Saturday.

The 19-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has been busy filming I Know What Boys Like with BFF Idol Katharine McPhee. In the film, Rumer plays an insecure young woman who wears a backbrace even though she could have had it removed years ago.

10+ pictures inside of Rumer in her LBD…

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rumer willis ew pre emmy party 01
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 02
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 03
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 04
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 05
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 06
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 07
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 08
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 09
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 10
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 11
rumer willis ew pre emmy party 12

Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • anon

    poor girl, why is her head so big??????

  • Sue

    Unfortunately, no matter how nice her body looks, her face can not be fixed.


    ^^that was mean! She is cute! She is a mixture of Bruce, and demi! I just wish that she could have spiked that hair up a little! This is a nice dress, and she does have the body for it! Somewhere I know that smiling..knowing that her baby is doing her thing..on the carpets!

  • Liz

    Uuuhhhhhh….no. In the words of Jodie Foster, where is her mother????

  • Mediterranean

    She looks like her mother before all those operations.

  • Erin

    She looks like a vegatable.

  • anthony

    great body…too bad about that face

  • Maria (Shorty)

    The girl is just not very attractive. She’s got no lips, and it doesn’t help that her do is non descript. She does have pretty eyes.

  • delilah

    At some point, Demi and Bruce should help their daughter get plastic surgery on her ears.

  • Mycah

    Anyone notice the scratchy pits lol

  • mildred l

    yeah… hairy pits -______-

  • [~Famous~]

    I’m still amazed how those two made such a funny looking child, mind-boggling. she’s not even ugly, kind of cute – heads to big though, and shaped funny – fcuked up!

  • Regina

    Damn, she’s ugly.

  • Clarise

    Oh god… She’s so ugly!

  • Miranda

    uggh i’ve never seen a photo of her before. not a good one anyway!! it’s amazing how two people, not ugly, could have made such a hidious child!! but heyy, sometimes two ugly people make georges babies, like this one couple my sister knows – both ugly as hell but their children are adorable and are going to grow up to be more prettier than their parents :D

    but if we look at the bright side of all this, maybe rumer is going to make cute babies..i mean if some guy actually wants to screw her

  • [~Famous~]

    holy fudge brownies! she looks like Mr. Incredible! damn..

  • kat

    very nice body
    bad bad face.
    nothing can fix that.
    looks like from all her other sisters she came out the ugly one

  • Ginger

    She needs lip injection and grow her hair long. She looks pretty with long hair…

  • kat

    btw- her makeup is totally not the right color for her skin
    look at the rest of her body
    its darker
    and her face are too bright and white :S

  • Carmel

    she has Bruce’s big round face with Demi’s nose and lips. Needs help with hair. And a better dress may be. Uglier girls make do with all the help out there. She has hope.

  • mossy

    she looks good!

  • me

    I’ll have to agree with #5, Rumer looks just like Demi did before she paid tons of money to overhaul her face. Let’s face the facts, before going under the knife, Demi was as unfortunate looking as her daughter. It just goes to show that you can change your outward appearance, but the genetics will always be the same.

  • wouldn’tUlike2know


  • Caro

    Ugly , beurk !

  • carmen

    Shoulder down look okay but the face look like a

  • Jess

    She has Demi Mooore’s tiny facial features in Bruce Willis’ big head. It looks akward.

  • jane

    I don’t know why everyone is so shocked that Bruce Willis’ children aren’t gorgeous. While he does indeed have a lot of charisma, he is not a pretty face.

  • jimmy

    Looks like I see some hair under Rumer’s arm.

  • julia

    poor girl she’s ugly

  • ZzaRaZza

    Hmm, I think she is cute. Great eyes, very nice soft smile and excellent skin. A bit heavy in the jaw but she can fix it like her mom did.

  • minxx

    it’s unfortunate, but she looks like one of those Conan O’Brian’s “If They Mated” heads.

  • BBperfume

    Lord have mercy,tt’s unbelievable to see someone”s child who actually looks like a version of a computer generated image of both faces of the two parents combined in equal proportions!

    If Bruce and Demi analised a computer preview of their spawn before Rumer was born, the computer never lied!

  • mirka

    she is one ugly girl. she needs a new chin.

  • Nona

    You guys are hilarious. Maybe if her hair were longer or at least bobbed at the chin, her head wouldn’t seem so massive.

  • anna


  • tequila29

    Rumer needs to get her chin shaved down now. I read it is a painful surgery but if she got about 60% of it taken down she has star potential. I think she has a nice figure. She’s really slimmed down.

  • gisele

    can we call her “box” head or robot “head” (?)

  • gisele

    mannnnnnnn, we are all such haters on this girl!


    isn’t it creepy how if she switches heads with the mother…the mother looks the same with both bodies????

    that poor girl…is very obvious that her only “talent” is gonna be to sell her body…like mommy!

  • Mimi

    She looks great! Very pretty face/smile…banging body like her mom’s. You keep doing your thing Rumer!

  • laura

    Why do women stand like that, they look like they need to go to the bathroom. Her head looks photoshopped. I’m sorry, the only thing pretty on her is her eyes and body. Oh well, life moves on.

  • nikki

    ha..i noticed her armpits too. she should’ve waxed them!

  • elementary dear watson

    Rumer secretly must be cursing her father for her egg shaped face. I don’t think even surgery would help make her beautiful. It would just tone down the more unfortuate aspects of her face. Poor girl.


    The only way she shoud ever procreate is if the man is from west Africa with high cheekbones, full lips, a broader nose and a shorter chin! that is the only thing that could counter balance her weird face.

    Rumer has beeny eyes with a thin nose, LONG face and horrific CHIN and NO lips. everything on her face is TOO long and TOO thin!! I feel bad for her.. The body is slammin’ though!

  • joan

    She’s so ugly! And the only reason she is walking down that carpet is because her parents are famous, she has NO talent what-so-ever!

  • Nana

    Hate her face! Yuck

  • Crica

    Odd face!

  • NJS06

    I like her dress…

  • Yorick

    To all the people calling her ugly:

    It must be easy to say all these horrible things where you can’t be seen eh?

    Also hypocritical since many of you aren’t beauty kings and queens yourselves

  • black

    I actually have nothing against her.(or her face for that matter)

    I just wanted to say that all those actresses should make sure to use make-up that matches their body color.