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Britney Will Lose Custody of Her Children

Britney Will Lose Custody of Her Children

Britney Spears will temporarily lose custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James to ex-husband Kevin Federline, according to FOXNews.

The ruling giving K-Fed temporary custody of his and Brit‘s kids is said to come from Los Angeles Family Court later Monday.

Earlier in the day, Britney was dropped by her management, Jeff Kwatinetz of The Firm. He issued a statement saying, “It saddens us to confirm media reports that we have terminated our professional relationship with Britney Spears.” The Firm is reportedly is sick of Britney‘s “recent erratic behavior.”

Earlier Monday morning, Britney‘s lawyer Laura Wasser bailed on her.

WOW! Three hits in one day. Lawyer, management and the kids! POOR BRIT BRIT!!!!!

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  • a

    first! poor brit :(

  • T

    Well they were only her management team for one month so it’s not that devastating.

  • Angela

    omg no w?e i still like her shes not doing anything wrong anymore its like you people dont realize the a** that made her that way was k-fed fiken retard

  • spooky

    Honestly, it’s no surprise at all.

  • crystal

    poor brit she should lay low and make a comback like christina aguilera

  • T

    x17 is saying britney dropped them not the other way around. After a not-so-great VMAs performance organized by Britney’s under-the-radar manager Jeff Kawtinetz, an X17 source tells us Brit Brit has let go Kawtinetz and his management team, The Firm, and is again without representation. Calls to Kwatinetz’s office were directed to Wendy Washington, senior VP of media relations for Universal Music Records and that call was not immediately returned.

  • crystal

    YOU figgen retards that diss celebs stop picking them apart its not like we have any buissnes in their lives so if your gonna be mean dont even comment if you hate them so much dont comment on them save your time go screw yourselves

  • LOVE

    She needs to take a break .

  • Dr. Phil

    Dr. Phil = new manager.

  • anonymous

    POOR BRIT???!! Are you kiddin’???! This IMMATURE c.u.n.t doesnt deserve any sympathy! She can’t take care of her kids properly!!
    That’s the best thing to do for the children!!!

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    hopefully this will be the last straw for her and she will crawl back to her mother and beg for forgiveness and move back to the sticks and live “country” as she calls it and everyone forget all about her.

  • G

    /too bad it’s not permanent!!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    This can’t be good…

  • salk

    I hope that she gets better. She is definitely going through a lot in a short period of time. I know what it is lke to be in a hole and everyone critizing you. It takes a lot to crawl out of that hole.

  • Just Lurking

    The sad fact is K Fed is no better. How well will those sweet little boys be when Brit’s money runs out and K Fed is not rocking the big shot loot ?? really sad.

  • tickled

    if she wasn’t wealthy, those chillrens would have been removed from her care ages ago.

  • coolgirl

    How low can she go before she finally gets to see she needs clean up her act?

  • Gambita

    Yeah, Mr Federline ruined her life, but she chose to get married to a man who jumped from his girlfriend’s bed to hers in a matter of month.
    How dumb can you be not to see that he’s a pathetic excuse for a man? I take it back… at least he’s taking care of the kids.
    He’s not running around dressed like… I mean, Lindsay Lohan has more dignity and taste than Brit Brit! :(

  • [~Famous~]


    they better put that bish on suicide watch, cause I swear I think she’s going to try and off herself.

  • coolgirl

    How low can she go before she finally see she needs to clean up her act?

  • eira

    doesnt surprise me..she was careless.!




  • laila

    her “fans” act as though she’s been pulled along every step of the way by things that she has no control over. she, because of her fame and fortune, has had the ability (if not more of an ability) to make decisions about things we can only dream about. she, and only she, has made some very bad decisions in regards to her life/career. she made these choices and she should be held accountable for them. aqre we not held responsible for the decisions that we make every single day? if your children were possibly going to be taken away from you what would you do? most people would consult with their lawyer about the steps they could take to ensure that this didn’t happen. they would, if they weren’t, at least pretend to be model citizens to show that they would be a stable figure in that child’s life. what does britney do? like a child or someone with a mental disorder, she acts out and behaves in the opposite way that she should. i could go on and on. any way you look at it, she is unstable and should not be allowed to be the primary gaurdian for these children.

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    Maybe the JP’s will adopt them? Nah, they are white.

  • d

    some of yall without sympathy are pathetic…the reason most of yall label her as a bad mother is because the media is portraying her as a bad mother…if you USED YOUR BRAINS as oppose to what the media is feeding you, and if you observe other mothers you’ll see she is NO DIFFERENT…hopefully she’ll rise from this, and even if she loses her children she can always get them back

  • Magda

    I hope there is somebody left in her life who has her on suicide watch.

  • Kelly

    That’s It! She’s Gonna Kill Herself She’s Gonna Begin Taking Lithium If She’s Not Already! Poor Britney! My Prays Go Out To Her Every Night!

  • Don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    HAHA!! She deserves it!! Pathetic excuse for a mother.. I agree.. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to kill herself.. If not, then she should be shot! Can’t wait for her to die.. She’s such a hopeless bi-atch!!

  • You/Me

    That really sucks, Kevin is a dirtbag and is only using his kids for Britney’s money. But maybe this will be a wake up call for Britney and she will get her shit together and start acting with some self-respect.
    Britney’s parents are the worst kind of betrayer, they turned on their daughter and mark my words they are going to try and get her money next. The fault for alot of this lies with Britney’s sorry excuse for a mother.


    It is not low can she go, but the scumedia is all in her business, and making up lies to sell magazines! Her management team was crap anyway..she can find another! Sometimes people have to sink so low, that they can’t do sh*t, but comeback up! I don’t understand why she is losing temp custody of her that is bullsh*t! anybody can see through k-fraud! He is the biggest loser than I have known about! He just want those kids for his payday! I think that she should move away from FAKEFORNIA! It is later what is the deal! I hate to see anybody dragged through the mud like she is!

    I can’t believe this world is so EFFED up! Everybody want people to suffer, and die on the inside! What is up with that? You might as well get a knife, and stab her in the back! in the chest..h@ll all over..that is what the scummedia is doing! I pray to god that She get full custody of her kids! Where is k-fraud other kids? why hasn’t he broadcasted the other partied for his other kids?

    I know that they birthday..has either came up, or past! what is the deal on that! Why haven’t we seen Shar with her their kids? WHO IS KORI, and KALEB? I haven’t seen that little girl, and boy for 2 years now! Can someone tell me if I am wrong..saying that they planned this bulls*it! together! Shar, is a dumb @ss wh*re!

  • Mary

    Maybe this is the rock-bottom that she needed to get her act together, maybe even start taking some meds to help.

    KFed is licking his lips right now, what a sponger.

  • laila

    OMG!!!!!! the media must have found a white trash girl who looked just like her to walk around with her ass sticking out of the bottom of her dress and to get out of cars with her hooch showing!!!!!!! someone quick! call the police!!!! it wasn’t really britney! she’s innocent. she didn’t even preform at the VMA’s, it was THE IMPOSTER!!! britney was actually locked in k-fed’s basement. britney fans UNITE and rescue poor lil’ brit brit before it’s too late!!!!! oh god, the humanity!!!!!

  • T

    “I don’t want anyone to perceive that we’re dumping Britney,” Wasser added. “In a lot of attorney-client relationships, there comes a time when some fresh blood is necessary.”

    Wasser also confirmed that Spears and Federline’s current 50-50 custody arrangement for Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, will remain in effect for now.

  • Terry

    are you kidding?? KFed is such a gold digger. Its pretty obvious that he wants more $$ in child support because its not like he has a JOB. He basically gets $20,000 a month from Britney until November. A pre-nup is a pre-nup. It’s not the easiest thing to fight it. And its not like he deserves the $$. When she was married, she didn’t come out with any CD’s with all new material. (only her biggest hits album) She lost out on a lot of money because of him!

  • Gambita

    The mothers I know wear underwear most of the time!

  • Madison


    LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • a

    poor britney! :( :( :( :(

  • crap

    f*ck1ng k-freakin’-fed. i hope he dies a slow and torturous death. what a loser. i don’t see him fighting for custody of his other two kids. it’s all about money, what a f*ck1ng d1*ckwad. he was given the chance of a lifetime to make it and yet he can’t achieve jack. he’s a f*cking good-for-nothin’ gold-digger.

  • Gambita

    Shar is currently a contestant on MTV’s reality show Celebrity Rap Superstar.
    Has anyone seen Da Brat giving making this comment about Shar’s performance? Awesome comment! ROTFLMAO

    “Your kids are probably at home saying, ‘at least my momma know how to rap,’”.
    (source: Wikipedia)

  • bri

    They wouldn’t have taken away the custody from her if she was suitable as a mother, i hope Federline does a better job! I feel sorry for the boys!

  • Liz

    This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen…Britny the teenager was used and exploited by adults that wanted to make money off of her…and now she is suffering what seems to be some sort of post-child star syndrome. She seriously needs to be admitted for psychiatric evaluation and treatment. Lindsey Lohan is the other saddest case.


    which was stupid! she just want to screw shar! shar sucks @ss!

  • shar

    Amy Winehouse back to being bloody. check out the pix at

  • MB

    I feel for Britney now. Before I was one of the people who would say ‘she’s a wreck’ but this is sad. She had a new song ‘Gimme More’ which brought her back into the MUSIC spotlight & it looked like everything was getting good but it fail.

    I just hope she’s OK.

  • Shoes4life

    I hope Britney comes to her senses and realize this is no longer a joking matter. This girl has fired and disassociated herself from everyone that truly loves her, tried to help her and care about her image. She has been going down this spiral for I know over 2 years now. As far as the media goes, X17 is her supplier when it comes to staying in the news. From what I understand she contacts them when she goes out and she is constantly on their site it seems like everyday and every hour on the hour there is Britney. Therefore, she is the one who is whooing the media so she can stay in the limelight but unfortunately she did not utilize them to set up a new good career image for herself, instead she literally ruined her own career by her personal choices.

    I do hope she gets it together I’d hate to see anything happen to her and I hope Keven Federline is sincere in his heart about his boys. I know people say he just want the money and that he is not trying to take his kids from Shar Jackson and the reason may be is because Shar is taking good care of their children and there is no reason for concern. However, he may really know how Britney is treating the children and feels that they are not safe with her or that they are not receiving the proper care. I mean her own parents baby sit for Kevin when he needs them to, therefore I doubt that this is just about getting more money from Britney. I believe if her parents thought there was something other than Kevin wanting his kids because of his concern over their care I think they would bypass any ill feelings with their own daughter and would come to support her to keep her children. I think he is truly concerned about the welfare of his children.

  • laura

    You live and you learn, hopefully Britney sees this as a life changing thing and fight for her children more than her celeb status.

    Kevin is no better than Britney, they both need to lose custody of the kids.

  • lilo

    i’m no britney hater yet i have to say she deserves everything that’s been happening to her lately: getting married with the first untalented, ass-kissing, golddigger weirdo… having kids every year like a vending machine to get some more attention (let’s B honest about it)..being surrounded by good 4 nothings suckups as management team,hangin’ out no panties on with other troubled so-called celebrities like Bitch Hilton, abbrrussive drunking, smoking etc… WELL JUST HOPE THEY GET THE KIDS OUTTA THAT MESS! Bye Bye Brit!

  • Jennifee

    She’s a victim, too. I hope she’ll be ok. :-(

  • Charlie

    I don’t feel sorry for her at all. She had all the opportunities in the world, but she blow it all by herself.

  • Lyn

    @ sunshine: the reason you don’t see kori and kaleb is because they aren’t britney’s kids. people only cared about them as long as they were britney’s step-children. they’re not anymore so the media doesn’t care. if you actually read any of the reports about sean and jayden’s bday party you would have seen that kori and kaleb were there. kevin’s even a father figure to shar’s other two kids that aren’t his. he’s a good dad and he deserves custody of those boys. britney did this to herself by burning all her bridges. she’s cut out everyone that cares about her. bitch needs help…fast.