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Halle Berry Goes Baby Superstore Shopping

Halle Berry Goes Baby Superstore Shopping

A three-months pregnant Halle Berry shops for baby clothes with her mother, Judith Ann, at baby superstore NoMi boutique on West Pico in Los Angeles.

Over the weekend, it was announced that soul singer Aretha Franklin has Halle in mind to play her in an upcoming biopic.

Aretha said, “For television. My autobiography, From These Roots. Hopefully it will happen early spring. I have verbal commitments from Billy Dee [Williams] to play my father, and Terrence Howard to play Smokey Robinson. I’m not sure yet [who will play me]. Jennifer Hudson came to read for me. I also have an interest in Halle Berry possibly doing it. And Fantasia.”

Say wha-aaaaaat?

10+ pictures inside of Halle and grandma-to-be baby store shopping…

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halle berry baby store 01
halle berry baby store 02
halle berry baby store 03
halle berry baby store 04
halle berry baby store 05
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Photos: JP/Flynetonline
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  • Lulu.B

    mmmmm… yummy mummy to be..

  • Lillianne

    Every new mom wants a few baby things around to start imagining what it’s going to be like. I’ll bet Grandma’s looking forward to the new baby too.


    Halle’s momma is rough in the face..

  • laila

    can someone please tell me why this woman is considered anything more then cute in appearance? i just don’t understand why she’s considered beautiful.

  • essie

    I think maybe Aretha should pick Jennifer H. to play her since Halle looks absolutely NOTHING like Aretha. And I mean even back in the early days when Aretha was small(er). She was never considered a beauty, just ordinary. And, besides, who will sing for Halle to lip synch? Better pick JHud Aretha!!!

    Crazy – Halle’s Mom is about 70 years old. She not “rough in the face” just old!!!

  • ana

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
    To me she is beautiful and if to you she is not, we should agree to disagree.
    No need to be nasty.

  • Patmycrotch

    By far the hottest momma!

  • anonymous

    Jennifer Hudson should play Aretha, it would much more credible! Halle is too pretty and can’t sing. Hudson has an amazing voice and is closer to Franklin physically.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    I don’t know why Halle has gotten less interesting. Her pregnancy is boring! She used to be top choice A-grade meat back when she won oscars and was shooting 007..

  • DrunknMunky

    What a HOT milf!

  • laila

    if you found either i or my comment to be “nasty”, you have been fortunate indeed to not have experienced true nastiness. i find your comment regarding my alleged nastiness to be nasty.

  • # 1 Fan

    to everybody here who has some thing in the least bit critical to say: be warned the Fanatics on this blog with hang you from the trees if you don’t agree that Halle is the cutes most beautiful most accomplished woman on the planet and that Gabriel is the most perfect looking perfect acting most loyal man on the planet… say what you want as long as it is all nice and neat… NOT

  • Naomi

    halle iz PURRRRFECTION! i luv this woman ^^ she’s gonna be a supermom!

  • laila

    #1 Fan,
    i think you’re right! i got attacked for sommenting that halle was merely “cute” and not “beautiful”. jeez, and i was being nice. i always find it humorous that people on these gossip blogs get so offended when someone doesn’t agree that so-in-so is anything other then wonderful in every single way. especially b/c these celebs do not know or happen to give two shits about this person who has defended them with all the love and passion that that they are capable of. sooooo funny. so on that note, i’ll say what i really wanted to say….halle is a repeat offender in the love department. can’t get a decent upstanding man and can’t hang on to the bad ones she has had to save her life. she’s knocked up and unmarried which sets a horrible example to anyone who actually considers her a role model. she is also an average actress (at best) who won an oscar because all the stars were alligned in her favor and not because she actually deserved it. oh yeah, and she’s not cute. she looks like just another dumbass having a baby on her own because no one wants to marry her. no amount of money in her bank account can blur the truth.

  • curious

    I luv her so much,hope she will have beautiful and healthy baby.

  • Tealeaf

    Halle looks alot better then most celebs in candids, that’s why she is considered beautiful, She has a nice bone structure, huge eyes and great skin, plus she doesn’t need TONS of makeup to look good. J-Hud looks more like Aretha…Aretha needs a reality check.

  • Katie N

    Aretha should choose Jen. Hudson. What was she thinking that people would think she had been thin and really beautiful when she was young. You were given an awesome, unmatched voice. Why do you want to look like a thin, sexy, beauty? Be proud of your body. It projects a marvolous voice that most skinny people can only dream of.

  • Tealeaf

    Yeah Aleast J-Hud could sing her songs..

  • liz

    DAMN Laila!!! You rock!

  • laila

    thank you, Liz, thank you very very much. you’re not so bad yourself. :)

  • Linda

    Hey Laila—can we hang out some time? You are very funny and very correct in your observations. I agree with all you say.
    I don’t find Halle Berry to be such a great actress. We all know why her performance was so acclaimed in Monster’s Ball: plenty (too much) tits and ass! That’s all.
    Call me for a play date, Laila. We’ll have some good laughs.

  • # 1 Fan

    Right on… I agree with everything and in addition I’d like to add that it only took Halle about 20+years of shaking her ass to get that oscar and jennifer came along, a mere no body and took one in her first movie role… can’t be that hard… the acadamy was under pressure to give the oscar to a black woman… and if you really want to see these fanatics at work …go back a few pictures on this website and see how these crazies, which is probably Halles’ asst, Gabe himself and his agent or somebody who likes to roll around licking his Ass attack someone names SO Bored… a few nights ago… I finally had to say something…

    Also their camp moved fast to get info on a girl he’s having an affair with cause she Halle’s prego and doesn’t want to risk anything so she’s probably not giving him any and they agreed he can get it somewhere else, I’m guessing… removed from another web site and then they blamed this So Bored person for planting the story, it was crazy .. I think it’s all from their own camp.. I think they call paps themselves to tell them where they’re going to be… becasue there are so many celebs who never get photographed and you wonder, why don’t paps get this much pics from the likes of Elizabeth Shu (She had babies, she was nominated for an oscar, etc..) or even Uma thurman, they never get her coming and going and so many others, and somehow they get Halle at every turn… nice try but some of us don’t live in Kansas, some of us live in LA and know how things work…

  • Naomi

    oh great, so now all married, childless women are role models?
    just cuz you think HB is a bad actress doesn’t make it the ‘truth’, it’s your truth, your opinion but it’s not ‘THE’ truth. an why do you care anyway? if you don’t like her, why spent time on these blogs bashing here an tellin’ how much you don’t like her?

  • Naomi

    oh an oscars are shit. all the prizes in hollywood are fake an just an ego boost. it’t great for her that she wun 1 but it wuzn’t necessairy. hollywood is thin air.

  • laila

    my friends….my dear dear friends, i think we have taken control of this evil place!!!! halle fans, get the hell out!!!! reason, in the forms of liz, linda, # Fan and laila, has taken up residence here and there’s no room left for you.

  • laila

    Naomi, i think you may be internalizing a little bit. if i’m not supposed to care/blog then why do you care that i care/blog? get a grip and follow you own advice if you want.

  • E

    Hello So Bored aka 1 Fan..

    That’s your opinion.

  • E

    I think laila, so bored,#1 Fan, and Naomi are the same person…

  • Tealeaf

    J-Hud played a freaking, big boned black woman who can sing and get mad… stereotypical, Her and Halle both won Oscars playing stereotypical black women…I don’t think J-Hud is a great actress give her material that doesn’t have singing involved…She won’t be accepting another Oscar.

    Also I don’t care much for Halle acting, but she is one of the more beautiful women in Hollywood. She is 41 and looks younger then alot of 21 yr old woman.

  • A Certain Smile

    I can tell the fools are here. It is pretty pathetic that the only person your kind can post about is someone you dislike and disrespect. It is idiotic to think Ms. Berry only won her Oscar for nudity. You obviously did not see the film and only base it on 1 scene in the entire movie of many great scenes. Ms Berry is a very beautiful woman. Unless you have been w/ her what do you know about her relationships. When an ex says negative things about you then you know why they are exes. Do any of your ex-boyfriends or girlfriends have nice things to say about any of you? I doubt it. She has managed to accomplish a lot w/ her career, a lot of actors would luv to have her “crazy secret” and have her success. There are plenty of pretty people in LA who have gone no where. It takes more than prettiness or cuteness. plenty of people whjo have worked w/ her respect her.

    She looks very pretty w/o much makeup, pregnant and dressed plainly. Not too many people wcould pull that off.

    Let’s see a picture of any of you losers. This is my opinion and I have every right to disagree w/ your BS as you have to say it.

  • A Certain Smile

    By the way, you obviously don’t live in LA w/ this know nothing BS your spouting.

  • E

    # 1 Fan-

    I am just curious. Have you posted some Silly comments on Celebrity Baby Blog like last May/June?

  • laila

    E, wow. you are so smart ( if feel the need to explain that i am being sarcastic here since you are actually not very smart). i’m not going to ask how you would even start to make a connection like that because i do not care. i just feel really bad for your family, friends (highly doubtful that you have any) and neighbors. do you have tin foil on all the windows of your house and think that aliens and/or the people who “really” killed JFK are coming to get you? is your roommate a stuffed animal with telekinetic powers? keep it up and don’t forget to lock your doors, you freaking freak.

  • E



  • Lady

    Halle has come a long way, and I am happy she is pregnant. He went through a lot being Biracial in our society…and also diabetes – HALLE YOU ROCK!!!


  • # 1 Fan

    sorry I was gone for the afternoon but thanks guys.. this E guy is Gabe himself and his little brain thinks we are all the same, but of course we all know that we are not so it’s a pleasure ladies to meet like minds and he’s so sad because he’s here checking the blogs on himself… So Bored called him on that and he went on and on about some conspiracy theory So Bored may have against a male model… there isn’t enough material there to conspire against… so self absorbed still… but you’re right about his family and him, he’s very sad and lonely and his family is just as messed up as he girlfriend… I actually think they’re perfect for each other… two disfunctional beautiful people… perfect…

  • HalleGabriel

    Laila and so bored, a loser and and an ugly twat- perfect match.

  • Roberto

    Halle looks gorgeous as always

  • Nikki

    I find it sad that people have to come on a blog and be mean about celebrities. It just makes you wonder how empty your life must be that you have to take the effort to get on the net, come to this site, and repeatedly post negative comments. And then, you bash the people that don’t think the way that you do, which is pretty hypocritical given that you complained about them bashing you.

    If you don’t like Halle Berry, don’t come and post here. Plain and simple. It’s not like any of you bashers have anything intelligent to say. At most, you’re highlighting your own ignorance with your comments, and I’m sure there’s something quite a bit more important that you could be doing that bashing somebody that has never done anything to hurt you.

    For the record, I love Halle Berry. I definitely look up to her, because she has faced obstacles in her career that the average actress couldn’t even dream of. No, not all of her movies have been huge successes; that just comes with the biz. But she’s made some great movies, too. Two of my favorites are Losing Isaiah and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (both of which she should have won Oscars for). Nobody in the Black community was happy about her an Oscar for Monster’s Ball, not because it wasn’t a good movie, but because she has better works out there like the ones mentioned that were overlooked. It’s just like when Denzel got the Oscar for Training Day. He’s done much better movies than that… basically came off as “we need to give some black people some Oscars because we don’t want anybody thinking we’re racist.”

    Irregardless of that, Halle is a good person, and if you knew more about her (which you apparently don’t) you’d be able to see that. As far as looks, not everybody is going to agree that she’s beautiful, and that’s fine. I personally think she’s gorgeous, but that’s not just the physical, it’s her as a whole person.

    And the role model thing? That’s completely subjective. It’s ignorant to think that she’s a bad person solely because she’s not married and pregnant. Take a look at the marriage statistics. Marriage nowadays means nothing. It’s basically just a piece of paper so that the government will cut you some tax benefits and you can share insurance, neither of which Halle needs. She’s already had 2 bad marriages, why should she go through it again? Being married doesn’t make you a better person, it doesn’t mean that you have higher morals than the next person, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a better parent. It’s just a piece of paper. When you look at all the people that don’t marry for love, that cheat on their spouses, that abuse their children or neglect them or push them off on other people……why should she or anybody else get married? Just to prove something to you all? When did any of you get imporant enough that she needed to prove anything to you? Oh, that’s right, you’re not.

    Spread your stupidity somewhere else. All of us here already know that you don’t have the sense that the good Lord gave you.

  • # 1 Fan

    what are you writing a book honey? why don’t you get a life and stop living through Ms. Halle….

  • laila

    it sounds like you’re unlucky in love. why else would you subscribe to the belief that marriage is just “a piece of paper” and “marriage means nothing”. that’s very sad and i feel sorry for you. you have no understanding of one of the greatest experiences life can hold. also, you are one of the sorry individuals who probably is teaching these same things to children. taking away from them the belief in something good just because you have been unfortunate in your experiences with it. you are part of a group who is leading to the moral decline of this world. you speak of ignorance and stupidity. you should be using those as adjectives to describe yourself. why don’t you focus on making your life more positive and meaningful. then perhaps, these “celebrities” wouldn’t matter quite so much to you that you feel such a need to defend them. good luck in improving your life and the relationships you should have in it and don’t count on halle to be a shoulder for you to cry on b/c i assure you that she couldn’t care less.

  • # 1 Fan

    Hey Nikki, if you think Laila’s response was unintelligent, then you’re dumber than you sound…

  • laila

    #1 Fan,
    Thanks! I think we (cross our fingers) have heard the last from “Nikki”. I think the rest of her day will be spent finishing construction on her single mother celebrity shrine, constructed out of candles, pictures, empty dorito bags and broken dreams, collecting her checks for welfare, WIC and unemployment while also catching re-runs of Divorce Court and Jerry Springer. should be a VERY busy day for her!

  • # 1 Fan

    Oh My God that was funny… you gave me a good laugh… I think everything you say is true if that actually wasn’t Halle herself, cause she admited she gets on these things and blogs..further making life sad for her…I hope she’s concentrating on having a safe pregnancy..because obviously the rest of the lonely hearts club members are defending her sufficently… still laughing… thanks hon…

  • A Certain Smile

    Nikki good post. Don’t let this idiotic fool get to you. They are just pathetic racist bitches who are trying to run off decent people who are Halle admirers. The it even answers itself to give the impression it is more than one. you know that’s what you get when inbred racist bitches mate. This concerted effort to denigrate Ms. Berry proves the idiocy and mental instability of the it.

  • # 1 Fan

    oooooooo…. boooooo…hooooo…. you’re so tough…a certain smile? can you get less creative… how bout Ramblerrrrrrrr

  • ana

    All you haters (same person laila, #1 fan, Naomi, Linda) come to this thread just to pick fights and to run Halle’s fans out. Sorry, you are not getting one from me. I been out for a day and you are (all) still here.
    and Laila, (if you found either i or my comment to be “nasty”, you have been fortunate indeed to not have experienced true nastiness).
    My comment was trying to put sense in your coco but I know now that you are nothing but just a plain trouble maker and has all the true nastiness this thread can handle.(You said it yourself).
    I am just happy Halle found a great guy to be with now. She was down on her luck with those two (ex) other nincompoops. Why can’t you just be happy for her, beautiful or not. Why all those unsavory comments?
    I will be back in a day and I’m sure your reply will be an attack on me.

  • Gabriel Aubry Lover

    Those losers doesn’t want to see Halle happy maybe they are so miserable
    in their life and it makes them happy to see Halle and Halle’s fan sad God forgive them.

  • # 1 Fan

    what’s sad is after a few days this Halle blog has 48 hits and Brangelina has 388 hits in just a few minutes and even forgotten Aniston has 147… if you think all the negative is one person, then I think all the positive are one person too….One of them Halle or Gabe… that’s truly sad…

    Hey E … do you have an Entourage complex? do you wish you were E? do you wish you had a set of friend that are that tight with you? I think you have multiple complexes…

  • A Certain Smile

    Truly sad is the pathetic miscreant who has been on this blog all day. Truly feel sorry for you. You are a waste of air and space in the universe.

    Halle and Gabriel will have a happy baby and will live their lives. You will be forgotten.