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Halo @ Emmys 2007

Halo @ Emmys 2007

Hayden Panettiere and Heroes co-star Milo Ventimiglia, aka Halo, party together at the 4th Annual Entertainment Tonight Emmy Party at the Walt Disney Concert Hall on Sunday in Los Angeles. Hayden (in Marc Bouwer) busted a move to Duran Duran with her other costars Masi Oka and Ali Larter.

Earlier in the evening, Hayden and Milo sat next to each other during the Emmys ceremony.

Heroes star Greg Grunberg denied there being any involvement between Hayden and Milo. Hayden also shot back at cameras after photogs caught Hayden locking arms with Milo after the ET Emmys party. She said, “I’m holding onto him because I’m about to fall over in these heels!”

15+ pictures inside of Halo @ Emmys 2007

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Photos: John Shearer/Michael Caulfield/Wireimage, Charley Gallay/Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty
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  • stillthereforme

    Milo is so hot!!!

  • Babysis

    halo! hahaha!
    that sounds funny but they are cute together.

  • Erin

    They’re so cute together :D

  • Gambita

    Look at his hand gently resting on her back ;)

  • cookie

    that flirty bitch!!!!

    MILO = HOT!!!!

  • miss wanker

    he is too hot for her.

  • cl

    I think that she has a crush on him but it kinda looks like he is protective of her but in a sorta brother way. He’s protective of her and so is all the other guys in the cast. I hope their not together. I think he knows that he is too old for her.

  • Amy

    Yeah, I think she has a crush (because who wouldn’t) but the 12 year age difference puts him in big brother stance. Not to mention playing her Uncle on a show would make a relationship awkward.

  • marisol

    I now she is 18 and he is 30 but they luke
    soo cute,they are soo and sister no way
    they luke like couple.

  • Jamie

    They’re definitely doing it.

  • [~Famous~]

    im sure she has a cruch on him.

  • Shannon

    I really don’t care about the age difference between them. People are so judgmental, live and let live. As long as their happy (either together or not)…

    Though I do think they would be super cute together!

  • marisol

    I saw caught the gay is so stupet he ask are you gays together
    hooooooooo yeaaaaaaaa they going to say yes.

  • yami

    UMM they were caught living the after party together and holding hands. After getting caught by the paparazzi, she switched her hands…….I don’t know man, i know i shouldn’t speculate, but i mean they came together to the EMMY’s then sat together, then they leave the party together. Didn’t she come with her mom?? where is her mom?

  • Kiki

    they would be so cute together!

  • Orange Clockwork

    guh, she’s fug

  • BeJealous

    Totally agree with you #13Shannon !!!!

  • BeJealous

    and lol but what people where expecting Greg to say??It’s not his business..

  • Noelle

    I personally think they would look really cute together. I know they’re not together, but if it turned out they were, I totally would not be against it. They are both mature people and I think that in their case, age is only a number because if they do, in fact, like each other, it’s because they actually like each other, and not because of each others money. They both have their own money! lol. So I wish them luck no matter what is going on behind the scenes!

  • Babysis

    ok, they are like 12 years apart!
    He really looks like 19 or 20 or something like that. I’m mean she’s 18 and all but that a long age difference or it just seems that way because I’m younger, that like me and Bryan(a certain guy in my life) that seems like a lot.
    But i still think be so cute together.

  • the_original_nika

    He´s so banging her. lucky b!

  • coolgirl

    I agree age doesnt matter, but Milo can do better, IMO, he’s too hot for her.

  • Noelle

    Hello! Personally should count for something people! It’s not all about how hot Milo is (because he most certainly is HOT), but if they did like each toher (which they probably don’t) I’d like to think it’s because of each other’s personalities, not their looks.

  • Nana

    Milo can do better

  • suzy

    Milo is hot. i would bang him can’t blame her

  • LOL

    \ milo get someone your own age.. i can’t watch the show the same if these two hook up. that’s the cheerleader uncle!!

  • Kate

    I honestly think there is sexual tension between the two. Its obvious!! …I find it funny how some ppl are regarding to their age difference, hello its Hollywood!! age does not matter in any shape or form. I bet he was looking forward to her turning 18 and making his move. And just to add to the speculation she has broken up with her boyfriend, so these two are either already secretly making out between takes or will start.
    PS , they would make a hot couple and hot babies ;-)

  • pelon1

    i hate to say this but they do look cute together

  • Amanda

    They are so hot together.

  • irrelevant

    Ew, that’s just gross. Isn’t that incest? I expect adoration from Hayden as a typical teen. She’s consistently acted like someone exactly her age. I think that’s refreshing. If I were 17, I might think it cute. But I’m not, and he’s not. If this turns out to be true, my perception of him was way off, and he’s just an immature gross fool. Seriously, the only 30 year old guys that want a relationship with an 18 year old need their brains checked. They’re cute in the same way that my niece and nephew are cute together – like brother and sister. I still won’t believe this. Ever since his Gilmore Girls days, I had the sense he was more mature than his age. This would prove him more immature. I just don’t see it. I see her adoring him, but not the reverse. She has nothing for him. (It’s not like he’s unattractive and can’t hook up with someone a million times more womanly.)

    Oh, and it’s not that I care if there’s a 12 year age difference. If the younger is considerably more mature, and the older is considerably more immature, I’m sure it works out well. Or if we’re talking about 32 to 44, not much difference. But with an 18 year old that acts like a teenager, and a 30 year old that seems to act like a 30 year old, there’s nothing they can share. But maybe he’s really got the mentality of an 18 year old and he’s just hidden it. I’m still saying no, though.

  • Sophia

    He looks very young for his age so I don’t the age gap is weird at all. Besides, look at Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher! Age gaps don’t matter, if they’re happy then that’s all that matters.

  • HALO

    aww they’re so cute…saw the vid. hayden and greg can not lie ;) !! :lmao:

  • V

    Okay, you know this goes beyond insane and stupid! Ali locked arms with Sendhil and took tons of pictures. I guess he’s cheating on his wife, right?

    And AGAIN I don’t see Milo playing grab ass with Hayden. This is SUCH A FREAKIN’ PUBLICITY STUNT it’s insane that anyone actually buys into them being together.

    C’mon. Milo isn’t necessarily ugly and Hayden is like everyone’s freakin’ golden girl because the Lohans are in rehab, Britney is crazy, and well Paris is playing out the role of the good Samaritan these days.

    Who the hell do you think the press are going to choose? Duh. Of course Hayden. Her face is plastered everywhere. People say it’s good but it’s such overexposure.

    Anyone who believes seriously these two are together are buying into the hype of clearly VERY well staged and clearly biased publicity stunt. Reminds me of old Hollywood. I am sure there is more suspicion in the fact that neither Milo or Ali are rarely seen together in any of the group photos all of the sudden than the redundant/incessant clinging of Hayden on Milo, Sendhil, Jack or whoever the hell she apparently touches.

    I’m just calling it like it is…there’s nothing new about the type of photos she’s taking with Milo that she hasn’t done on queue countless other times. You think it was an ACCIDENT she turned around? Please. It’s the freakin’ emmy after party. They know people are watching them.

    I’d sooner believe Emily Deschanel and David Boreanez from Bones were canoodling than Hayden and Milo…and anyone who has seen Emily’s and David’s photos know what I’m talking about here.

  • V

    quick correction: since I can’t edit my post and it posted before I could fix it.

    “I am sure there is more suspicion in the fact that *Milo and Ali are rarely seen together in any of the group photos all of the sudden than the redundant/incessant clinging of Hayden on Milo, Sendhil, Jack or whoever the hell she apparently touches.”

  • angie

    they’ll make a good couple. dont really like hayden but yeah…she does have a pretty face. not the most attractive blue dress hayden has on though. the other one she wore to the emmy’s was a disaster.

  • Galia

    They look nice together, no matter the age difference and maybe they will be the next hot Hollywood couple ;) I’m a Heroes fan, so i read their bio’s and i bet that they have a lot of common things, not only the nice outlook.

  • Sapphire

    Wow…that video was sad… People should really lay off celebs. I personally don’t care that they’re together or not. If they are, they do make a cute couple.

  • klutzee

    i can’t make up my mind about these two. i’m pretty bothered by the fact that she *just* turned 18 and he’s 30. then again, it could just be jealousy. honestly who doesn’t want milo………..?

  • A Person

    And they say the homos are to open. This is offensive and hetrosexist.

  • StraNGeLaD

    I have it on very good authority that he’s doing her up the wrong ‘un.

  • Lindsay

    Kate: well said. i hate it when people make a big deal about their age. that’s why i’m happy the cast and both of them are mum about it. its better that way.

  • Regina

    I’m not surpised she wanted to get rid of that ugly dress from the Emmys…but the funny thing is that her 2nd dress is even fuglier!

  • Emilie

    OMG! I hope they’re not dating! Milo is MINE! XD

  • reality check

    I laugh at all the teenage girls believing this rumor. This is a good publicity stunt if I ever saw one. Hello! Season 2 is just around the corner. This especulation will keep them on the media and maybe attract more viwers to the show. Not to say that Hayden is not interested but Milo is a super focused guy who is in the brink of stardom, and he’s too smart to throw it away.

    Wake up, girls.

  • Miss Vex


  • Anne

    + MILO……..
    I LOVE MILO!!!

  • Nde

    @ reality check : if this thing between HALO is only for promotion,I dun think it’s a good idea since they played as uncle-niece
    that’s why Im sure it has nothing to do with the show

    So what if they like each other, they’re only human they have feelings too
    poor them if they cant be together just bcoz some jealousy fans

    if they want to be together it’s their rights we cant stop them,
    for now Im sure they tried to keep it low,coz they know it will affected the show and Im also sure the other casts actually know bout them

  • Mila

    Nde: i’m totally agree with you…

    hope this isn’t just publicity stunt….
    they look cute together…..

  • Mr. Conrad

    she just went for an older, hotter version of Stephen.